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The Enticement, Page 15

Tara Sue Me

  in answer to his question.

  “No, though the suggestion is tempting. But I’m not going to fuck you during lunch.” He stayed quiet for a long moment, making me wonder what his plans were before. “I’m going to watch you fuck yourself.”

  I loved and hated when he watched. Loved it, because I knew it aroused him, and nothing pleased me more than knowing he became turned on by something I did. Equally, though, I hated it because if he was simply watching, he wasn’t touching. And the selfish part of me wanted his hands on me.

  “Don’t stop,” he said. “Keep it up.”

  I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. I imagined I was on a stage with a group of people watching. Their eyes were riveted on me while I pleasured myself. I slid my fingers through my wetness and ran one lightly over my clit. As I pictured in my mind how the audience reacted to my display, I started to work my fingers faster.

  Not being able to bring myself relief was borderline painful. I kept waiting for Nathaniel to undress and join me on the bed, but when I cracked an eye open to peek, he was still fully clothed. Suddenly afraid I would push myself over the line if I kept my actions up, I slowed my fingers.

  “Smart,” Nathaniel said. “I was starting to think you were going to come without permission.”

  He hadn’t told me to stop, so I kept teasing myself. “It was tempting, Master.”

  “You can stop now.” He stood up and walked to the closet, talking while he shuffled clothes. “There’s been a change in plans. We’re staying in for lunch. It’ll be delivered shortly after our guest arrives.”

  My body had somewhat relaxed since he’d told me to stop, but I tensed at the word guest. “A guest, Master?”

  “Yes, it’s not a stranger. You’ll recognize him.” He pulled out a lightweight blue sundress and held it out. “No bra. No underwear. And you’ll be serving us both.”

  I think my heart rate jumped to about one hundred forty beats a minute. We both agreed not to play sexually with anyone else, so any serving I did wouldn’t involve anything intimate. And still the thought of interacting with another Dominant appealed to me.

  “Go ahead and change,” he said, with a muffled laugh that told me he picked up on exactly what I was thinking. “You don’t have time to take a shower.”

  I climbed out of bed, took the sundress he selected, and hurried to the bathroom to get ready. I kept my hair down because I knew he preferred it that way. I applied only light makeup and, lastly, I slid into the dress. Seconds later, I found Nathaniel in the living room.

  “Very nice, Abigail,” he said. “I can’t wait to show our guest what an excellent submissive you are. Especially when you’re sober.”

  I could count on one hand the number of times I’d been drunk, so I didn’t understand his comment until I answered the knock on the door.

  “Hello, Abby,” Jeff Parks said, his voice just as gruff as I remembered.

  My mouth moved soundlessly for several seconds before I remembered how I was supposed to act. I pulled the door open wider, allowing him to enter the room. “Very nice to see you again, Sir. Please come in.”

  He nodded and walked inside to shake Nathaniel’s hand. “Nathaniel.”

  “Welcome, Jeff. So glad you could join us.”

  I took my place by Nathaniel’s side and slid closer to him when he placed a hand at the top of my ass.

  “Would you like something to drink, Sir?” I asked.

  “Not right now. I’m fine,” Jeff said.

  There was another knock on the door.

  Nathaniel’s touch on my back grew rougher. “That’s lunch, Abigail. I need to discuss a few things with Jeff.”

  In other words, lunch setup was mine.

  “Yes, Master,” I said and stepped away to let the deliveryman in.

  The only table in the suite was the one Nathaniel caned me on. It’d been cleaned since then and there was nowhere else to set up. We just wouldn’t tell Jeff. I took the china and silver from the cabinet nearby and set the table for two, not wanting to assume I’d be invited to eat with the men.

  I left the food covered and on the pushcart beside the table, thinking that would enable me to serve better. I idly glanced at the clock and then the closed bedroom door; almost ten minutes had passed. Whatever could the two guys be discussing that took that long?

  I went to the middle of the living room and knelt to wait for them. After all the time I’d spent kneeling earlier in the day, it actually felt more natural to wait for him on my knees than it did to stand.

  They entered the room quietly. Only the faint scuff of shoes against carpet gave them away. Neither one of them spoke to me as they walked by on their way to the table. Maybe they were going to serve themselves and I’d stay on the floor the entire time.

  “Look at this,” Nathaniel said to Jeff. “My Abigail has set the table up for lunch. What do you think?”

  “I think she went a bit overboard, since we won’t be using all that dinnerware.”

  I wasn’t sure I heard that right. They weren’t going to use the dinnerware? They would if I put the food on it.

  “I believe you’re right,” Nathaniel said. “And we’re missing something.”

  “I wasn’t going to mention it, but since you brought it up. Yes, we are.”

  Missing something? What had I missed?

  “Abigail, Come here, please.”

  I mentally went through everything I’d put on the table, but couldn’t figure out what I’d missed. The plates, silver, napkin, glasses. Everything was there. What had I missed that was so huge both men picked up on it?

  I rose to my feet and walked over to him. He didn’t look angry; he looked calm and relaxed with just a hint of sexy promise in his eyes.

  He stopped me before I could kneel. “Remain standing.”

  Jeff stood behind him, but I kept my eyes on Nathaniel.

  “Thank you for setting lunch up,” Nathaniel said. “I didn’t give you any instructions and what you did would be exactly what I’d want you to do if we were sitting down for lunch. But we’re not.”

  I looked over his shoulder to Jeff, but his expression was neutral. Like the weekend we met, he wore all black. He still looked intimidating and stern, though at the moment his arms weren’t crossed.

  “Take the dress off, Abigail,” Nathaniel commanded.

  I wanted to protest that I didn’t have anything on underneath the outfit, but of course he knew that. I’d been naked in front of people before, but never with only two men present. This was very close to my fantasies. I shot a quick glance Jeff’s way, but he looked completely unaffected by Nathaniel’s instructions.

  My fingers trembled with anticipation as I reached behind my back and unzipped the dress. Hadn’t I just put it on? I should have just remained naked.

  Though that would have given the deliveryman the shock of his life.

  I drew the dress over my head and let it fall to a puddle on the floor. As it fell, I sank deeper into my headspace. For now, I existed only for my Master. I was his to do with as he pleased and if he wanted to show me off to his friend, I’d make him proud.

  “Leave the heels on,” Nathaniel said and his voice was rougher than it had been minutes earlier. He leaned close and whispered, “You look fucking hot wearing nothing but those heels and my collar.”

  “Thank you, Master.”

  “As you’re aware, Master Parks is a Dominant. But what you might not know is that he has a certain fondness for bondage.”

  “Very interesting, Master.” I was surprised at how calm my voice sounded. The fact that he was telling me Jeff was into bondage could mean only one thing.

  “Yes, I thought so, too. Which is part of the reason I invited him over.” He looked over to Jeff. “Can you get the chair ready?”

  Jeff nodded and moved one of the chairs into the middle of the room. His eyes met mine and the corner of his mouth lifted into a half smile. He was a good guy; I felt safe and comfortable around him. But
of course, I knew Nathaniel would have never staged this scene with Jeff if we couldn’t trust him.

  Now Jeff turned away and went through a bag I hadn’t noticed before. One of the men must have brought it into the room while my head was bowed.

  “Safeword if you feel the need,” Nathaniel said. “Otherwise, I want you to listen and obey. Master Parks is here by my invitation as my guest and he is well aware of my rules and your limits.”

  “Yes, Master.” My eyes were fixed on the chair Jeff was entwining with rope. Nathaniel might have informed him of rules and limits, but it was like a line in the sand. You could toe it without crossing and I had the suspicion that line was getting ready to be toed.

  Jeff stood up and nodded at Nathaniel.

  “Abigail, go sit in the chair. Master Parks, will you bind her?”

  “It would be my pleasure,” Jeff said.

  I hesitated for just a moment. Though I’d figured out he would be the one to bind me based on what Nathaniel had said, my mind was still caught up on the fact that someone other than my Master was going to bind me to a chair.

  “I didn’t hear a safe word,” Nathaniel said. “You better move faster unless you’d like to show our guest how nicely you handle a discipline session.”

  I hurried to the chair. Jeff stood beside it, waiting.

  “How do I sit, Sir?” I asked Jeff. “Facing the back or the normal way?”

  His eyes widened briefly; I guessed he didn’t get questioned by submissives on their way to sit in a chair very often. But I’d been tied up enough to know not to assume anything.

  “I think the normal way will be fine,” he said. “Hands to your side and slightly behind you.”

  The chair in question had a cushion and high back. The one Nathaniel had in his playroom had a lower back and he’d tied me to it before with my arms over it. That would have been a difficult, if not impossible, position with the hotel chair.

  “Should we tie her legs?” Nathaniel asked.

  “If there’s a question between tying and not tying, I always go for tying,” Jeff answered.

  Nathaniel laughed. “Good point. I think I want her blindfolded before we go any farther. Will you do the honors?”

  “Of course.”

  My heart pounded. They were going to take my sight away? How would I know who was touching me?

  “Don’t look so frightened, Abby,” Jeff said, blindfold in hand, and his voice was soothing and kind. “One word and you can stop everything.”

  Though his words didn’t say it, in my mind he still saw me as a drunk submissive who’d wandered away from her Master. I lifted my chin. I’d show him. “I’m fine. Bring it on.”

  “Bring it on, Sir,” he said, securing the blindfold around my head. “Or Master Parks. Either one works, but I expect that level of respect. Otherwise, I have permission to punish you, and since I’m limited with what I can do, it’ll be very creative.”

  I decided I’d rather not experience his creative punishment. “Understood, Sir.”

  He silently went to work binding me to the chair. His touch differed from Nathaniel’s, but both men had a firm and sure touch. I took a deep breath and focused on his fingers. It wasn’t often another Dominant was given permission to touch me. Jeff’s touch spoke of nothing but confidence and strength.

  When he went to work on my arms, he moved behind me and began to whisper. “Your skin is so pale. I bet these ropes leave a mark.”

  And Nathaniel joined in. “They will. Her skin marks so beautifully.”

  “I once played with a blonde who had skin like this.”

  A finger traced the inner plane of my arm and I shivered.

  “Mmm, she shivered like that, too.”

  Jeff’s hands were rough as he tied my wrists and then my arms to the chair. He didn’t veer from the parts of my body necessary to touch in order to do his job. Nathaniel was in front of me, and while his hands gently stroked my body, Jeff continued his whispers.

  “Do you like being bound for your Master? And blindfolded so you can’t tell what’s going to happen next? Does it turn you on knowing I’m going to ensure your body is at his complete disposal?”

  Nathaniel’s finger swept along the outside of my pussy. “I can answer that one for you.”

  “Nice,” Jeff replied. “I like knowing my efforts haven’t gone unappreciated.”

  Nathaniel pushed his finger inside me and I shifted my hips, surprised by the sudden invasion. “Definitely not unappreciated. But I think some of it’s due to the fact that you’re here.” He held his finger against my lips. “Clean it.”

  I parted my lips and tasted my arousal on his fingers. It turned me on even more when I imagined the way we looked. Me, naked and bound to a chair, one man behind me, whispering naughty tidbits in my ear, and my Master in front of me, caressing my body. It was sinfully decadent. And I wanted more.

  “I’ve finished with your arms. Now I’m going to tie your ankles to either side of the chair.” Jeff was once more whispering in my ear. “You’ll be at your Master’s mercy, unable to move or close your legs. So beautifully vulnerable.”

  He shifted to one side of me. I couldn’t tell where Nathaniel had gone; he wasn’t talking and I couldn’t feel him near me. But I knew he’d be somewhere close by, watching me.

  “I’m using a black rope,” Jeff said. “It stands out so nicely against your pale skin. And once I take it off, the red marks from it will look even better.”

  I loved it when Nathaniel unbound me. It felt like I was emerging from a cocoon. And if I was lucky, he would trace the rope marks with his finger or, better yet, his mouth. Would he still do that if Jeff was the one who unbound me?

  “Tell me what you’re thinking,” Jeff commanded. “I don’t know your body language or your gestures, so I’m going to have you talk to me.”

  I licked my lips. “I was thinking about the last time Master bound me and how much I enjoyed him tracing the rope marks after.”

  “The way your breathing changed, I thought it was an arousing thought.” He tightened the rope around my left leg and I heard him stand. “There we go. Are you ready over there?” he asked Nathaniel.

  “Just about,” he replied, and it sounded like something dropped onto a silver tray. Seconds later I heard the unmistakable sound of the pushcart being brought close to me. “All set.”

  “Nice spread,” Jeff said and I couldn’t tell if he was talking about me or whatever it was Nathaniel had brought over.

  “It only gets better,” Nathaniel said and then he addressed me. “Look at you, Abigail, naked and tied to a chair in front of two men. Your nipples are pebbled and you’re wet just thinking about it. We haven’t even done anything yet.”

  One of the things I loved about being his submissive was the mind games he’d play with me. We’d been together long enough that I could trust him utterly. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would never intentionally hurt me or violate my limits.

  Knowing that allowed me the freedom to anticipate whatever it was he had planned. It was similar in some ways to watching a scary movie; I could watch it knowing he was with me and would keep me safe. I could give him uninhibited access to my body because he’d proved over and over that he’d protect it.

  “I thought we’d play a little game this afternoon,” Nathaniel said. “Master Parks and I are going to ask you some questions. You get them right, you get points. Answer them wrong and we’ll take them away. Any questions?”

  “No, Master.”

  “We’ll start easy,” Jeff said. “What’s your name?”

  “Abigail West.”

  “Very good. One point. What’s my middle name?”

  What? How was I supposed to know that? Then it hit me—I wasn’t. The best I could do was guess. “Um, Robert?”

  “Wrong. Minus one point. See how it’s played?”

  I saw that they could ask a bunch of questions I didn’t know the answers to and I’d wind up with negative points. �
��Yes, Sir.”

  “This is a black scarf.” Something gauzy passed over my breasts, pebbling my nipples even further. Nathaniel chuckled at my gasp. “What color is it?”

  “Black, Master.”

  The scarf swept over my nipples again. “This is a red scarf. What color is it?”

  I had a feeling it was the same scarf. I couldn’t see how they could have switched it so quickly. Did I say it was black because I thought it was the same one or call it red because that’s what he said?