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The Enticement

Tara Sue Me

  “Red, Master.”

  “Very good.” Nathaniel’s lips took mine in an unexpected kiss, his lips claiming mine with an intensity that seemed to come out of nowhere. He lowered his head to my breasts and sucked a nipple, biting it lightly.

  I jumped in surprise. Or I tried to jump. Jeff had done an excellent job of tying me up and I couldn’t move very much. Where was Jeff? Was he watching while Nathaniel enjoyed my body?

  Nathaniel pulled away. “Hand me the first item.”

  The first item? That didn’t tell me anything. Besides, I thought they were asking me questions. An item could be anything. My thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain on my left nipple.

  “Holy fuck,” I gasped. Clearly item one was a nipple clamp.

  “Next one,” Nathaniel said.

  This time I held my breath and tensed.

  “Kind of kills the surprise for the second one. What would you do?” he asked Jeff.

  “She’s too uptight. I’d relax her.” I hadn’t noticed until he spoke just how close Jeff was to me. Every word he spoke sent warm breaths of air across my neck. “Tease her. Tempt her.”

  While he whispered, Nathaniel nibbled his way down my body, swirling his tongue at the crook of my elbow, nipping the skin of my wrist that was not covered by rope.

  “That’s it,” Jeff whispered. “She’s getting there. I can see the tension leaving her body. You like it when he bites you, Abby? Like having his mouth on you? I bet you really want him back sucking on you, don’t you?”

  As he spoke, Nathaniel slowly made his way up to take my other nipple in his mouth. He ran his tongue over it, flicking it back and forth. Between what he was doing and what Jeff was saying, I felt like one big jellyfish. If I hadn’t been tied to the chair, I’d probably have slid to the floor.

  I was so focused on Jeff’s words and Nathaniel’s mouth, I didn’t notice any additional movement until Nathaniel pulled back and the other clamp came down on my nipple.

  “Shit,” I groaned again.

  “Worked like a charm,” Nathaniel said.

  “That’s the way to distract her. However, I’m trying to decide if that was a reward or a punishment?”

  “I don’t know about her, but it was certainly a reward for me.”

  Jeff stifled a laugh at Nathaniel’s remark and I smiled, enjoying the banter between the two men. Even if nipple clamps were involved.

  “Think she’s ready for the second question?” Jeff asked.

  “I sure as hell am. Can you check the cart and make sure everything’s clean?”

  Clean? That was good, but why would something be dirty?

  “Looks like everything’s spotless.”

  There was a muffled shifting of the two men. Or at least that’s what it sounded like. But when a pair of hands brushed the skin along my upper inner thigh, I recognized them as Nathaniel’s. Jeff spoke once again from behind me, his heated whispers teasing my ear.

  “I’ve got to warn you, this one’s tough,” he said. “Good luck to you.”

  Nathaniel’s hands grew more urgent and insistent. Then, ever so slowly, he pushed two fingers inside me.

  “What’s inside you?” Jeff asked.

  “Master’s fingers, Sir,” I replied.

  “You like his fingers inside you or would you prefer something larger?”

  I squirmed as much as possible, which, to be honest, wasn’t a lot. His fingers pumped slowly in and out of me, each time teasing that one spot that drove me wild whenever he touched it.

  “I like his fingers, Sir, but I wouldn’t be opposed to something larger,” I said.

  I imagined him crossing his arms. “Very safe answer, Abby. I’ll have to see if your Master and I can’t shake you up a little.”

  “Or at least fuck it out of her,” Nathaniel added.

  “Agreed. Thinking along those lines, why don’t you go for the second one?”

  “You think she can handle that one? You don’t think it’s too big?”

  “Only one way to find out.”

  Jeff dropped back behind me. “Your Master is going to slide something else inside that hot pussy. You have one chance to guess what it is. If you’re wrong, we’ll be fucking your ass with it.”

  I whimpered.

  “Of course, maybe you’d like that.”

  “She would,” Nathaniel added. “But you’d have to untie her and you wouldn’t like that.”

  “Hell, no. All that work I’d have to redo? I wouldn’t like it at all.” Jeff squeezed the back of my neck. “I suggest you guess correctly the first time, understood?”

  “Yes, Sir,” I whispered. I didn’t know Jeff all that well, but from the little I had seen and heard, I got the impression a submissive did everything she could to follow his commands to the letter.

  “Here it goes,” Jeff said and I felt something large and smooth rub against me. “He’s going to ease it in slowly, so relax and take it.”

  “Oh, fuck,” I said as it stretched me going in. Nathaniel pushed the object with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other.

  “Not even halfway,” Jeff said. “I like that he’s going slow, his only goal to get more of that monster inside you. And watching your pussy split so wide around it. Fuck, it makes me so hard.”

  The feeling of being penetrated by something so large was sweet torture. Especially with Nathaniel working my clit the way he was. The only problem was he was moving too slow. I wanted more. I wanted it deeper.

  “Oh, shit, please,” I cried.

  He withdrew it slightly. “What do you want, Abigail?”

  “More, please, Master.” He withdrew it even more. “No, not yet.”

  “Your call, Jeff,” Nathaniel said.

  I tried to get more of it inside, but I once again found he’d bound me way too securely. “Please, Sir.”

  “I do love it when a submissive says please,” Jeff said. “But I only like begging when I ask for it.”

  He didn’t say anything else and the silence seemed to pound like waves in the room. Nathaniel kept the object just at my entrance so it was barely inside of me. I felt so empty and it was right there and I needed it. I bit the inside of my cheek so I wouldn’t beg and forced my hips to be still. My breaths came in short pants as I waited.

  “Fuck her.”

  My mind hadn’t registered the words before Nathaniel pushed the object inside me with one smooth move. I groaned as the fullness of whatever it was filled me completely and then he started to pump it in and out.

  “Like that, Abby?” Jeff asked.

  I couldn’t form a coherent thought. My focus was on the sensations flowing through my body. “Ahhh . . .”

  “Is that a yes?” he asked Nathaniel.

  “I think so. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that sound.” Nathaniel shifted the object just slightly and it starting hitting me in a different, more sensitive spot.

  I grumbled something and even I wasn’t sure what it was.

  “I think that means she wants it harder,” Jeff said. “Is that right, Abby? You want him to fuck you harder?”

  Nathaniel didn’t wait for an answer, but immediately started thrusting the object faster and harder. My fists clutched at the empty air and my body rode the crest toward release. I was almost there when I realized I didn’t have permission. I sucked in a breath and started reciting the German alphabet backward and since I was so close to coming, I intentionally left out every other letter.

  “What’s she saying?”

  There was a smile in Nathaniel’s reply. “She’s studying German, and she recites it to keep from coming.”

  “Then it’s time to get her mind on something other than her pleasure. What’s inside you, Abby?”

  Nathaniel didn’t slow his movements and I took several deep breaths. “What, Sir?”

  “Tell us what your Master is fucking you with. Keep in mind that if you’re wrong, it’s going up your ass.”

  Oh, no it wasn’t.

  All thoug
hts of climax left my mind as I turned my entire focus on what was inside me. Nathaniel had several dildos and vibrators, but none of them felt like what he was currently using. Whatever it was didn’t feel like glass and it hadn’t carried temperature like metal.

  Could it have been something the deliveryman brought? I concentrated on the feel of it moving inside me. Smooth.

  “We didn’t give her a time frame, did we?” Nathaniel asked Jeff.

  “No, that would have been a good rule though.”

  “Who’s to say I can’t change the rules? You have twenty seconds, Abigail, or else I’m bending you over the couch arm and I’ll strap you before making your ass take this thing.”

  Smooth. Hard. Rounded at the end.

  “Ten seconds.”

  “Cucumber!” I yelled. “It’s a cucumber.”

  Nathaniel pulled it out and I groaned at its loss. Damn it. They weren’t going to let me come. Not yet anyway. Maybe soon.

  I hoped.

  Why were they silent, though? Had I gotten it wrong?

  “Very good, Abby,” Jeff said, but he didn’t sound pleased. “It was a cucumber.”

  I beamed from under the blindfold. Ass saved.

  “There’s only one problem,” he continued and my smile left. “Do you know what that problem is?”

  I racked my brain, trying to think. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I hadn’t come and I’d guessed correctly.

  Jeff’s voice was close to my ear. “You forgot to call me Sir or Master Parks and now I have to punish you. Shame to do it. You were doing so well. But I told you what to call me and gave you the consequences if you didn’t. I have to follow through.”

  “Agreed,” Nathaniel said. “Have to be consistent. What are you thinking you’ll do?”

  There was another silence as he thought. “The item in the bowl.”

  Nathaniel sucked in a breath. “We’ve never done that. I’ll have to put a time limit on it.”

  “Of course.”

  Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. What was in the bowl that made even Nathaniel hesitate. It couldn’t be a hard limit. I tried to run down the last checklist we’d done, but my mind went blank.

  “I usually put it in a sub’s anus,” Jeff said. I heard the metallic clink of the tray. “But since Abby is so beautifully bound, I think her pussy will work just fine. We can even have her guess what it is.”

  Nathaniel laughed. “You truly are an evil bastard. No wonder we get along so well.”

  Well, hell. That didn’t tell me anything. Just that I was having something else put inside me. And that I’d have to guess what it was. What could be put inside me that Nathaniel and I had never used?

  “There we go,” Jeff said. “Nice and smooth.”

  I suddenly had a very bad feeling I knew what was in the bowl. I tried to stand up.

  “Abigail?” Nathaniel asked.

  “I just thought . . . I don’t want . . . We haven’t . . .”

  “I didn’t hear a safe word. Thank you, Jeff.”

  Something wet was right at my entrance. Fuck. And I was bound to the damn chair spread wide-open for whatever it was they wanted to do to me. I took a deep breath. I wasn’t going to safeword over this. I could do it. I’d do it for Nathaniel.

  “I think she knows,” Jeff said.

  “Probably,” Nathaniel answered; then he addressed me. “There are a few submissives who can orgasm from the sensation. On the off chance you’re one of them, remember you don’t have permission.”

  I nodded and clenched my fists so tightly my nails dug into my palms. I would bet our house on the fact I wasn’t one of those submissives. “Do it, Master.”

  Without saying another word, he pushed the wet object inside me. Jeff placed his hand on my shoulder and I waited for the inevitable.

  It started out feeling cold, which I wasn’t expecting. Maybe I had guessed wrong. But as it stayed in place, it slowly got warmer and I knew I’d been correct.

  “It’s ginger, Sir.” Nathaniel and I had never played with ginger before, but I’d spoken with enough submissives to know it was called figging.

  “It is, Abby. And it’s going to start feeling really uncomfortable in just a few seconds.”

  “Thank you for the warning, Sir.” It was a bit of a sassy reply, but he was silent. No doubt thinking the coming sensation would more than correct my behavior.

  Gradually, just like he said, the ginger felt hotter and hotter and before too long, I was wiggling in my chair trying to get some relief. I cursed under my breath.

  “What was that, Abigail?” Nathaniel asked, sounding mildly amused.

  “I said, get this damn thing out of me!”


  “I think she can take more.”

  Easy for him to say—he wasn’t the one with a hunk of ginger stuck up him. “FUCK! It’s hot!”

  “Why did we have to use the ginger, Abigail?” Nathaniel asked.

  Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. It was too hard to think about anything other than the hot, burning sensation between my legs. “Please, just take it out, Master.”

  “Answer the question.” He gave my pussy a hard smack and that somehow made the burn even worse.

  “Okay, okay.” Anything to get it out. “I neglected to treat Master Parks with the proper respect. Master.”

  He smacked it again.


  “Is that the way you treat a guest I invited over?” he asked.

  “No, Master. I’m sorry. Owwww. I’m sorry, Master Parks.”

  The burn had reached new levels of intensity. I squirmed uselessly, even trying to wiggle my arms free. I had just opened my mouth to yellow when Nathaniel said, “There we go,” and slid the ginger out.

  Relief came almost immediately and I could have wept with joy. Instead I repeated, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” over and over.

  Nathaniel pressed a kiss to my lips. “You’re welcome, my lovely. But that was fun. We’re going to do that again in the future and I think I’ll fuck you while it’s inside you.”

  “Oh, shit,” I said, but inside I wondered, how would that feel?

  “Can you unbind her?” he asked Jeff.

  “Will do.”

  He started with my ankles and as always it was accompanied by the feeling of being unwound. It was such an odd sensation, but one I enjoyed.

  “You handled the ginger so well,” Nathaniel said, still very close to my lips. One of his hands grazed my hip and drifted toward my belly button. “I’m going to let you come and Jeff’s going to watch.”

  I’d thought my arousal was dead after the ginger, but hearing him and knowing Jeff was watching proved to be a turn-on. With just that one sentence he sparked a flame deep in my belly. “Oh, thank you, Master.”

  “Hold on,” he teased. “Let me make sure I use the right hand. Wouldn’t want to use the one that held the ginger.”

  Behind me, Jeff snorted, but continued with his unwinding. “Did that once. Had my mind on how well she’d done and wanted to please her. Needless to say, that didn’t happen.”

  “I’m certain it was my right hand, so I promise to only use my