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It's All Relative, Page 3

S. C. Stephens

  A deep groan rumbling in his chest, his lips started heading south. She arched her back and pushed his head down, wanting what he was suggesting. She was drunk enough that she could ask for it too. “I want you to taste me.”

  He paused, his head rocking against her belly, his hands clenching her hips. “Damn, that’s hot,” he muttered into her soft flesh.

  Her liquored head not feeling the slightest bit embarrassed, she pushed his head again, urging him to keep going. He groaned, and harshly ripped down her underwear. Kissing her calves as he pulled the damp material off of her, he left the heels on. She loved that. Breathing heavily, his beautiful, tropical eyes lustful, he watched her naked body squirm on the mattress. She ran her hands down her front, squeezing the breasts he’d placed so much attention on earlier.

  His mouth dropped open in a pant, then he settled himself between her thighs. As she dug her heel into his leg, he ran his tongue up her core. Jessie cried out, clutching his head to her again. Before closing her eyes at the bliss running up her body, she noticed the black streaks around his collar bone curved up over his shoulder, ending in a tribal design on his shoulder blade. It only emphasized his attractiveness.

  That marvelous tongue in that beautiful boy’s mouth brought her right to the edge of release. Pushing him back before her drunken body could go over the edge, she aggressively pushed him all the way to his back. His breath heavy, he let her take control. She gave his body the same attentions he’d just given her, starting at his nipples and ending with his core. When her lips were firmly wrapped around that glorious manhood, he cried out and clutched her hair.

  She used whatever parts of her body she could to bring him to the edge. When he was rocking against her and nearly whimpering, she pulled back. She looked up at his firm body lying beneath her, his head tilted back as he panted, his marvelous eyes closed. Just as he was opening those eyes to look at her, she crawled on his lap and pushed herself down on top of him. His mouth dropped open and his eyes shut for a second. Jessie’s did too. The feel of all that length and width inside of her was unlike anything she’d felt before. Even drunk, she appreciated it.

  Their hips moved together automatically, building to a rhythm that was increasing in speed and intensity. Jessie leaned back on his thighs, exposing all of her bouncing body to him. His fingers came up to feel that body gliding along his. While one of his hands cupped Jessie’s breast, the other slid down to where they were connected. His thumb circled around her core and Jessie cried out, tossing her head back as she instantly came. It was the deepest, most satisfying orgasm she’d ever had. Ten times what Jeremy had ever given her.

  As she came down, he sat up under her, grabbing her thighs and pushing her up and over. With a grunt and a couple readjustments, he had her on her back on the mattress and continued pounding into her from above. Jessie sighed, her body, numb from alcohol and an amazing orgasm, enjoying the sensation of his plunging deeply into it.

  As he breathed heavily in her ear, she trailed her fingers through his dark hair. Her head rolled off the edge of the mattress and looking up, she could see their tangled, naked bodies reflected back to her in a small television set across the room. She watched their bodies move together, watched his face as he approached his climax. He looked up then, his eyes drifting to hers watching them in the TV.

  “Are you watching us?” he murmured, his voice tight. She groaned and smiled, and he dropped his head to her shoulder. “Jesus, that’s hot.”

  Jessie continued her voyeurism, feeling and watching the way his body moved as he rocked above her. It was mesmerizing and erotic, and she felt her body responding again. Moaning, she moved her hips harder under his. He groaned in her shoulder, his hand on her waist encouraging her hard movements. He sucked in a quick breath. “God, I’m close.” His voice was tight as he added, “I’m…”

  He let it trail off and she grabbed his head, bringing his eyes back to hers. “Say it,” she panted, again shocked at her own aggressiveness. Hard alcohol did surprising things to her.

  He groaned, his beautiful face breaking into a look that men only got when they were about to release. On most, it wasn’t that appealing. On him, it was breathtaking. “I’m coming,” he groaned and then his hips slowed over her, a low cry escaping him.

  Feeling him, hearing him, the eroticism of the moment hit her all at once, slamming her into a sudden climax, and she started coming for a second time. They rode out their joint orgasm together, and as he spilled inside of her, Jessie’s slow head suddenly remembered the condom tucked away in her purse. Oops.

  Chapter 2

  One Morning

  No sooner had Kai emptied himself in the woman writhing beneath him then the woman’s purse started ringing. It took a moment for Kai’s mind to register the sound. Really, it took his slow mind a minute to register anything other than – ‘that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.’ Panting in her shoulder, he felt her shift beneath him.

  Not wanting to crush her, he pulled out and shifted to her side. She ran her hands through her dark brown hair, her dark as chocolate eyes closing. He’d been mesmerized by those eyes in the club. He’d never seen eyes that dark that had also been that alive. They’d trapped him nearly instantly, even before all the booze she’d poured down his willing throat. Combined with the way she moved and the aggressive way she talked, and he was hers, she could have done anything she wanted to him. He smiled as he considered that in a way, she had.

  He ran a finger through a ringlet of her dark hair, loving the way it wrapped around his hand, possessing him. Her satisfied eyes shifted to him, running down his body before flicking back up to his face. “God, that was…”

  She trailed off as she finally heard the buzzing in the room. Her face scrunched adorably as she looked around for the sound. “Shit.” Her hands started searching around his mattress, her lean, toned body twisting in intriguing ways as she started searching through their clump of clothes for the culprit. With an almost frantic look in her blurry eyes, she sat up and looked at him. “What time is it?”

  He sat up and scrunched his face, wondering why time was an issue. He wasn’t kicking her out or anything. “I have no idea. Why?” Thinking she may be looking for an excuse to leave, he added, “I know I don’t have much, but you can stay.”

  She started shaking her head as she slipped her underwear back on and attempted to slip on her bra. She had a little trouble enclosing those wonderfully large breasts in the fabric, and Kai brushed some of her hair aside to help her with it. She gave him a grateful glance but shook her head again. “She’s gonna kill me if I don’t…” She cut off as her phone stopped buzzing. “Shit,” she exclaimed again.

  Kai grabbed her dress as she ran a frantic hand through her hair. “What? Who?”

  She grabbed the dress and staggered to her feet as she put it on. Kai slipped on his underwear and stood beside her, feeling himself sway a little as well. His head swimming as he tried to focus on her frustrated face, he watched as she started looking around his boxes for the purse she’d flung in here earlier. “Harmony. She’s going to kill me if she can’t get a hold of me.”

  Kai came around the other side of the bed. On the way, he noticed a black clutch poking between his box of books and an open box of dishes. He carefully bent down and picked it up. Walking around to where she was now digging through his box of clothes, he handed it to her. Her wildly searching hands didn’t notice at first. “Here,” he said quietly, wondering if she’d take off the minute she had it. Still not hearing him, she started muttering that this Harmony person was going to call her dad, and then S.W.A.T. would be knocking down the door. Furrowing his brow at hearing that, Kai tapped her shoulder with the purse. “Jessie, here.”

  Hearing her name, she paused and looked over at him. Blinking, she stood straight and grabbed it. “Thank you…” She bit her lip and then dug around inside her purse. Kai noticed a small packet drop to his floor, but ignored it as he started to doubt that she even rememb
ered his name. Her eyes lingered down his body as she flicked her phone open.

  His head starting to spin, Kai sat back on his bed and then laid back. Hearing her press a couple buttons and then start stumbling back and forth, like she was pacing, Kai ran both hands back through his hair. He’d definitely overdone it and his pleasant buzz was starting to take an unpleasant turn. Breathing steadily in and out his mouth, he thought maybe her leaving now would be a good idea. He wouldn’t want to ruin the memory of their night together by chucking on her heels.

  As he tried to calmly breathe, he heard her exclaim into the phone, “Hey. No, I’m fine. I couldn’t find the phone. Yes, I’m dressed.” Her voice sounded a little put out and Kai peeked up at her. Her beautifully full lips were in an adorable pout as she sat back with a hand on her hip. Kai smiled, but then his vision of her started to twist and he shut his eyes. That made the whole room start to twist and he opened them to stare at the center of his ceiling.

  Over his shoulder he heard her say, “You’re in front of the building? Okay…okay. God. I’m coming down.”

  She shut off the phone and Kai risked a glance at her. She twisted in his sight, but he breathed through the discomfort. Stumbling on her feet, she stuffed the phone back in her purse. “I have to go…my friends are here.” She pouted like she really wanted to stay, and gave Kai another once over. Even drunk, tired, and on the verge of vomiting, Kai’s body reacted to that, just a slight twitch.

  Not noticing, she sighed and attempted to lean down to him. She ended up falling over his body. Laughing, she pressed her breasts nearly into his face. His body reacted even more to that. Still trying to not be sick, he let out a soft laugh and tried to help her stand back up. Pausing while she hovered over him, her long ringlets curtained their faces, for a moment, blocking out everything but them. She sighed, the alcohol on her breath worrying his stomach, but igniting his body. Bringing a hand to his cheek, she bit her lip. “I had a great time,” she whispered, leaning down to place those full lips on his again.

  Kai sighed, angling his head to feel more of her mouth on him, remembering, savoring. His hands dug through those dark curls, holding her head to him for a moment. She let him explore her, feel her, but eventually, and seemingly reluctantly, she pulled away. Just as she said, “I have to go,” Kai heard a car honking on the street. He released her, also reluctantly, and then nodded as his eyes closed, suddenly exhausted.

  She sighed and gave him a last lingering kiss. Then he felt her lips retreating and heard her grab her coat from the kitchen before opening the door. “Bye,” he whispered, before he started to lose consciousness. Before he completely did, he thought he heard her say, “Goodbye.”

  Kai’s thoughts tumbled in and out of coherence as he dreamed of the encounter over and over again. He would have dreamt about it all night and well into the morning, but way before it was acceptable for it to, his phone started ringing. His cell was set to an annoyingly loud ring, and right as his hand flopped over to find the damn thing, he vowed to change the setting.

  Cursing that he couldn’t find his phone any better than Jessie had been able to find her purse, he also vowed to get his place in order soon. He’d moved in a couple of days ago, and had only meant to go out last night to explore his new city. Not knowing many people here, he’d set out in the hopes of finding someone his age to hang out with. He had certainly never expected what had happened, to happen to him. One night stands were not his thing. His usual pattern was steady dates that eased into sexual relationships. But that girl. Something about her had appealed to every part of him. Plus, he’d been a little tipsy to begin with, and when she’d started pouring drinks down him, well, everything had sort of amplified after that.

  Sitting up, he squinted in the bright lights of his still lit studio, and brought a hand to his throbbing head. His annoyingly loud cell ring was not helping. Grunting in pain, he pushed himself to standing. He wobbled a bit on his feet before he gained his equilibrium. Seeing his phone on top of his old TV, he sighed and staggered over to it. Grabbing it with half-numb, thick fingers, he managed to flick it on with his eyes closed.

  “Yeah,” he mumbled, his forehead pounding in his skull. He’d definitely overdone it last night. On several different levels.

  A far too bright voice answered his slurred greeting. “Oh, hi, honey. It’s Mom.”

  Kai contained a sigh. She always announced that it was her when she called, like somehow, after twenty-three years, he wouldn’t recognize her voice on the other line. “Hi, Mom.” He grudgingly sank down to his bed, looking over his shoulder into the kitchen, where he could just make out the time on the microwave. Even with his blurry vision, he could see that it was hardly a decent hour. “You do realize I’m four hours later than you, right?”

  His mother gasped, just now realizing this. “Oh, right. Sorry, honey. Sometimes I forget just how far away Colorado really is from Hawaii… I hate you being so far away.”

  Kai stifled another sigh. He loved his mother, but it was entirely too early for this and his head was killing him. Lying back on his mattress, he yawned. “Why are you still awake? It must be past midnight there?”

  She sighed, drearily. “I just couldn’t sleep. I’ve been worrying about you. Are you alright? Is it nice there? Have you met anyone yet?”

  Kai blinked and stared at his ceiling. His hand trailing over his bare chest scratched a phantom itch and he finally let that sigh out. He couldn’t exactly tell his mom about his one night stand. He was pretty sure that’s not what she meant about meeting someone. “It’s fine, I’m fine. But I’ve only been here a few days, Mom. I haven’t even had a chance to see Grandma yet.” He yawned into the phone again. “I was going to do that tomorrow…er, today, I guess.”

  His mom sighed into the phone and he could easily picture her on their back porch, staring off at the dark Pacific Ocean. He thought he could even hear the waves pounding in the background. It gave him a surprising twinge of homesickness. “Right, I’m getting ahead of myself. I just miss you. When do you start work?”

  Kai stirred in his messy sheets, wishing he could fast forward both this conversation and his headache; both were paining him at the moment. “Monday, Mom.”

  “Right…of course.” She paused for a long time and Kai thought to sneak in a, “talk to you tomorrow,” so he could attempt to get back to sleep, but she beat him to it with, “Have you met your boss yet?” Her voice came out tentative.

  Kai frowned. His new boss was a friend or acquaintance of his parents. Well, Kai wasn’t all that sure what relationship they had with the man, other than they’d all worked together once, back in Hawaii. It was how Kai had gotten a job here, all the way in snowy Colorado. “No…I’ve only talked to him on the phone. I guess I’ll meet him Monday too.”

  Another long pause from his mom. “Oh, right. Well, I suppose I should let you get back to sleep. I love you, Kai. I’ll try not to call so early next time.”

  He grinned into the phone. “I love you too, Mom. Thank you.” Kai flicked off the phone and tossed it on the floor. Still praying for his head to stop throbbing, he shut his eyes and let exhaustion pull him back into his dreams.

  When he awoke, several hours later, a bright shaft of sunlight hit his eyes. Although it had to be near noon by now, Kai’s body was sluggish as he sat up and ran a hand through his dark hair. It wasn’t entirely the remnants of alcohol leaving him that made him sluggish either. While that was definitely making him slow and making his throat feel like it had been scoured with a Brillo pad, it was more adjusting to the different time zone that was throwing him off. His body still wasn’t used to it, and while the clock on the microwave confirmed to him that it was nearly twelve thirty, his body was trying to tell him that no, it was only eight thirty. He hoped that he’d finally convince his body to play along with Mountain Time by Monday morning.

  Standing, he shuffled to the bathroom, sticking his head under the faucet to relieve the thirst. Shifting through a box on the
counter, he found a bottle of aspirin on the very bottom and took four. His head was throbbing still and, although the room had thankfully stopped spinning, he needed some external help to get through this hangover.

  Having a natural affinity for the feel of water along his body, he decided to take a quick shower. As the warm water cascaded down his back, he again had a split second of homesickness. Whenever he and his friends had overdone it at some party on the beach, he’d just dive into the ocean to perk his spirits back up. There was nothing quite like the mix of muggy air, warm water, and pounding waves, to make you forget the throbbing, thirst educing torture of waking up from drunken night of debauchery.

  Sighing as he rummaged through a box in his living room, well, his only room truly, he thought again about the mysterious woman he’d slept with last night. That hadn’t been like him at all, bringing a strange woman home with him, tossing her down on his bed, and driving into her like both of their lives had depended on it. While not typical, he had to smile as he sat down and put on his shoes. Whatever it had been, had been amazing.

  Shivering a bit in the cooler than he was used to air, he threw on a second long-sleeved shirt and shuffled the three steps it took to get to his kitchen. Since he hadn’t gone shopping yet, and didn’t have a whole lot of food, he made his meal standard: a bowl of cereal. He had every intention of getting stuff he needed and putting his place together today…once his body stopped kicking him in the ass.