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It's All Relative, Page 2

S. C. Stephens

  “Kai…with the beautiful eyes,” she murmured drunkenly and he shook his head, laughing a little. “Hi…I’m Jessie.”

  He grinned and leaned down on the waist high table, the move bringing his head closer to hers. She bit her lip. “Thank you for the drink, Jessie.”

  Surprising herself, she asked, “Are you here alone?”

  He looked down at the table, seemingly shy again, then he peeked back up at her. “I am…just got into town actually. I don’t really know anybody yet.”

  Jessie smiled widely at the unattached, beautiful man in front of her. “Well, would you like to get to know me?” A part of her slow brain couldn’t believe she’d just asked him that. It sounded way more forward than she generally was, but…there was just something about him.

  He looked down again, adorably, then met her gaze unwaveringly. “I think I’d like that.”

  Smiling and stroking his fingers against her stomach, she glanced at his nearly empty beer bottle on the table and thought to get this seemingly shy guy up to her level of carefree-ness. Taking a step back, she pulled his arm so he would follow her. “Come on, we need to get you caught up.”

  He smiled and willingly allowed her to lead him. Jessie carefully avoided the section of the bar where her friends were watching her every move. She didn’t need them drunkenly interfering in her flirtations, scaring the guy off. At the other end of the bar, a girl was tending to the customers and Jessie walked up, pulling her newfound friend’s arm around her waist. Sidling up behind her, he kept a slight distance between them. Jessie leaned back a little, wanting to feel that hard body along the length of her. His free hand trailed down her bare arm and she shivered, even in the heat of the club.

  She practically shouted a shot order at the straining-to-hear bartender, and stepped back with the beautiful boy once she was handed them. He tilted it back, closing his eyes again, and Jessie smiled, watching him and picturing those lips on hers again.

  He winced a bit as the strong liquid burned through him. She’d switched to hard stuff long ago, but he’d apparently not gotten there yet. Jessie spent the next several minutes…getting him there. By the time his smile was loose and easy, his hands casually slipping over her body, Jessie decided to move their foreplay to the dance floor, where his fingers all over her would be a natural thing.

  His tropical eyes never leaving her face, she placed one leg strategically between his. Draping her arms around his shoulders, she pulled him flush against her. He ran his hands down her back, pulling her hips into his body as he positioned himself in such a way, that they were straddling each other’s thighs. They moved together more naturally and perfectly than any of the frat boys she’d danced with earlier. As their hips briefly touched while they grinded together, Jessie was reminded of far more intimate actions, actions that she hadn’t had in awhile. Her sloppy mind could quite easily picture doing all sorts of intimate acts with him.

  As the music and other gyrating bodies danced around them, she let herself get lost in those absorbing eyes. Running her hands through his dark hair, she brought her face to his, resting her forehead against him. He stared down at her, his lips open as he breathed shallowly. Her eyes pulled away from that intense gaze, to stare down at those lips – full, soft, perfect. She was so close she could feel his light breath. She was so drunk she wanted to feel it closer. Letting her earlier fantasy of kissing him fuel her, Jessie shifted their heads until their lips connected.

  It was brief, a bare brushing of soft lip against soft lip. But for the heat in her body, it could have been an accident. His hand clenched her hip. Her hand tightened in his hair. This wasn’t something Jessie usually did, making out on a dance floor with a guy whose name her drunken brain couldn’t even remember, but she’d been denied a physical encounter with a man for awhile now. And, April had promised her that tonight would be fun. And…she was really drunk.

  She noted his eyes closing fractionally as they continued slowly moving against the other. They were in no way keeping time with the fast, thumping music, but making a beat of their own, perfectly in sync to the rhythm of their bodies, if not the world around them. Jessie sighed at the brief contact, letting the anticipation of more contact burn through her, igniting her. She could feel her drunken body responding, her arousal building, and hoped that he was feeling it too. Unlike the pervy older guy she’d danced with earlier, she wouldn’t mind feeling some of his hardness grazing against her thigh.

  When his eyes reopened, Jessie could see the desire in them. Maybe she couldn’t feel him yet, but she knew he was, at the very least, interested. She smiled and brought her lips back up to his; tentative and soft again, teasing him. He didn’t let her leave it at teasing though. As she ran her lips over his, he shifted his head, to fully enclose her mouth. The electricity was immediate. One of his hands left her hip to grab her cheek, holding her securely to him. His soft lips encouraged hers to part as the tip of his tongue slipped inside. She groaned and leaned against him, their already smashed together bodies connecting even more.

  Her hand grabbed a handful of his hair, shifting his mouth so she could feel all of his tongue sliding against hers. She felt the rumble in his chest as he groaned an approval. She hoped that if he hadn’t wanted her before, he did now. When his hand slinked over her backside, bringing her leg slightly up his hip, he confirmed that he did. As their lower bodies shifted slightly, she could feel his need for her pressing into her body.

  She moaned in his mouth, running her other hand up his shirt. Whoever this man was, he appealed to her, and she to him. Jessie wasn’t typically one to jump right into a physical relationship, but her inebriated mind and torn heart, just wanted to feel good. And his erection pressing just above her pubic bone, felt really good.

  Forgetting her earlier idea of not being easy, forgetting that her two best friends probably watching her make out with a stranger, she broke away from his mouth and ran her lips up to his ear. Over the loud music, she panted, “You live close by?” She really hoped he said yes; a long cab ride would probably douse her buzz and change her mind, and her body was screaming for this, she didn’t want to change her mind.

  With a movement that had nothing to do with dancing anymore, he pulled her hips into his. In her ear he said back, just as breathily, “Yes. A couple blocks up the street.”

  He brought her lips back to his, the hand from her cheek, slipping to her breast. She thought that if they didn’t change locations soon, April was never going to be able to show her face in this club again. She pulled back from him, his tongue lightly flicking against her lip as they separated. Hissing in a quick breath, she ran a finger down those amazing lips. “Take me there.” Again, she was shocked at her own forwardness, but she was still too drunk to care about it.

  His mouth dropped open at her words and she took the opportunity to playfully press her finger against his tongue. He groaned and closed his lips around her, his eyes closing as well. As wet warmth enclosed around her finger, she imagined that warmth on other places of her body. She let out a frustrated whimper and shifted against his hips, the ache in her core, shifting to a nearly painful throb. He removed her finger and crashed his lips back down to hers. Panting and grinding near uncontrollably, she heard him mutter, “Yes.”

  Pushing his chest back, they panted at each other, a foot apart. “I’ll meet you outside in five,” she said huskily, then moved in, to suck on his lower lip. He shuddered and his thumb sweeping over her breast, circled her nipple. Letting him go, she rested her head against his as she forced their bodies away from each other. With how badly she wanted him, staying on this dance floor would not be a good idea. Giving him one last kiss, she brushed past him. Needing to feel it, she ran her hands down the front of his jeans as she left. He did not disappoint her.

  Heading straight for the door, Jessie was suddenly halted by a curious looking redhead. “Going somewhere, Jess?”

  Jessie sighed, her body not wanting a concerned conversation at the mome
nt. She tried to walk around Harmony, but her bare arms were enclosed by her friend’s surprisingly strong fingers. “No, seriously, where do you think you’re going?” Her light blue eyes narrowed as she looked over her drunken friend’s face. Jessie sighed at seeing her concern, but knew that if the tables were turned, there was no way she’d let her friend leave with a strange man. Girls got killed that way.

  But again, Jessie was too drunk to really care about that. She leaned in and giggled into her friend’s ear. “I’m going home with the hot guy.”

  Harmony looked over her shoulder, like she was looking for the hot guy. Seeming like she wasn’t seeing him, her eyebrows bunched together. “I don’t think so.” Bringing her eyes back to Jessie, she shook her head. “That’s a bad idea.”

  “What’s a bad idea?” Jessie was assaulted from behind, arms going around her waist and a head of dark hair nestling on her shoulder. Jessie could smell the booze coming off of April and knew that her friend was feeling as little pain as she was. She giggled and leaned into April while Harmony answered her question.

  “She thinks she’s going off with some guy.”

  April brightened and twisted Jessie around to stare at her, surprised. “Oh, your first one night stand.” She placed a hand over her heart and crumpled her beautiful face. “I’m so proud.”

  Jessie giggled while Harmony sighed. “April, she shouldn’t-”

  Not needing a voice of reason at the moment, Jessie cut Harmony off. Slurring a little, she said, “I’ll be fine. We’re just going up the street a few blocks.” She pointed in the general direction of the front door. “I’ll have my phone in my purse. You can track me.” All the girls had downloaded an app for their phones that tracked each other’s locations, mainly for the fun of teasing each other when someone popped up in an odd place, say, the sex shop downtown that April frequented. They always turned the feature on whenever they went out together, just in case they got separated.

  Harmony sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, but April thought that was perfect. She clapped Jessie on the back. “Great, have fun! You need it after your last loser.”

  Harmony still looked unconvinced, but seemed torn on what to do. Jessie took that moment of indecision as her chance to get away. “Have a good night. I’ll call you later.” With that, she sloppily kissed Harmony on the cheek.

  Moving to walk away, Jessie’s arm was surprisingly grabbed by April. “Here.” She reached in the pocket of her skinny jeans and pulled out a silver packet. Folding it in Jessie’s hand, a smile blossomed on her face. “Fun is great, but safe fun is better.”

  Confused, Jessie unfolded her hand. Seeing a ribbed-for-her-pleasure condom packet, she looked up at April, incredulous that she’d had that in her pocket. April shrugged and smiled, twisting to rejoin her group of flirty boys on the dance floor.

  Harmony watched her leave then looked back at Jessie. “Call me.” Jessie grinned and nodded, clenching her prophylactic. As she scooted away, Harmony called out. “Within the hour, Jess…if I don’t hear from you after that, I’m calling your dad.”

  Jessie sighed and rolled her eyes. The last thing she needed was her dad finding out about what she was doing. Getting her things from the checkout girl, she stuffed the condom inside her purse and made sure her phone was on. Even sloppily drunk, she was still sort of cautious.

  As she slipped her coat on, the bottom slightly damp from her incident earlier, her foggy head started to wonder if this was a bad idea. But then she slipped out into the frigid air…and saw him.

  He was standing with his back to her, his hands in his jean’s pockets and his shoulders bunched up like he was really cold, even in his thick, dark jacket. Leaning into one hip, he looked out over the few cars flying down the street. His faded jeans perfectly highlighted the backside he was showing her, and desire nearly instantly trumped every other emotion in her head. As if he felt her approaching, he turned, and those sea-green eyes locked onto hers. She knew then, that bedding this man was the only thing that was going to happen tonight.

  He smiled when he saw her, desire and relief that she’d shown, clear on his face. She walked up to him, as seductively as her drunken steps allowed, and immediately tossed her arms around his neck. Their lips reunited, cold from the outside weather, but warming with their hot breath and needy, frantic movements. His hand slipped inside her trench coat as hers ran though his hair. She groaned as his palm cupped her bottom.

  “Where?” she asked huskily. He grunted and started pulling her up the street.

  It was the longest couple of blocks that she’d ever walked with someone. It didn’t help their progress that they often stopped to lean against walls or railings, or in some cases, windows. It didn’t help that every time he pressed against her, he seemed to be even harder, even in this chilly weather. It didn’t help that she was so ready for him, her underwear was a sodden mess.

  Just as she was considering pulling him into an alley and having him service her right there, he pulled her to a flight of steps leading to an apartment complex. He fumbled in his jacket to get his keys ready, his mouth still locked on hers, and somehow they managed to open the entryway doors. They stepped into an elevator and she immediately started taking his jacket off. As the metal contraption lifted into the air, he pressed her against the back wall and started nuzzling her neck.

  His jacket in one hand, he pulled her out of the elevator when it dinged open. As she leaned against him, rubbing the front of his jeans, he tried to unlock his front door without closing his eyes. Grunting in frustration, he practically kicked the door in. She gasped as he pulled her through it, and then groaned when he immediately slammed her back into the closed door.

  As she tossed her purse back into the apartment somewhere, he ripped off her trench coat. His eyes and voice needy, he exhaled around her lips, “God, I want you.”

  Anticipation, excitement and a good dose of alcohol surged through her. “I want you too.” She helped him shuck off her coat, then brought her fingers to the waistband of his jeans. Muttering to herself, she said, “God, I hope you’re packing. I don’t need another Jeremy.”

  He heard her though and pulled back a little. “Uh…I…well…”

  Her high head not feeling the embarrassment that normally would have given her, she unzipped his pants and ran her hand inside. He was incredibly hard, thick, and delightfully sized. “Oh, thank god,” she breathed. Her philandering boyfriend had frequently been none of those things.

  He laughed deep in his throat and attacked her mouth. Pulling her back from the door, his hands flew to the zipper of her short dress. Starting to walk through what looked like a kitchen, he flicked on a switch and they stepped through an open doorway, into a small square of a room. Jessie shucked off his shirt, tossing it to the shaggy carpet, and eyed his wonderfully colored skin. There was an intriguing black design coming over his shoulder, swirling down to his collar bone. She traced the dark tattoo, placing a soft kiss at the ending point of one of the swirls. The rest of his chest was as fit as his arms and she ran her fingers down the firm muscles, while he finished with the deceptively long zipper of her dress. Shrugging it off her shoulders, she let it fall to a heap at her feet.

  He took a moment to enjoy the sight of her scantily dressed body, her black bra and underwear matching the heels that she was still wearing, then he popped off his shoes and pushed down his jeans. She watched him breathlessly, her hands running over any inch of skin on him that she could touch. When he was just in black boxer-briefs, he grabbed her arm and pulled her forward. She stumbled into his body and then crashed into his lips. He shifted and then twisted her, the move making her fall over. Just as she gasped and expected to crash into a hard floor, she bounced on a springy mattress.

  Looking around, she noted that his apartment was a studio, he literally slept in the living room, and they were safely on a mattress in the middle of the floor. Just a mattress – no headboard, no box springs, nothing raising it off the ground. The
rest of the room was an assortment of opened and closed boxes; he really had just gotten here. Just as she thought to comment, he grabbed her thighs and straddled them around his hips. Settling himself in-between, he finally pressed that wonderfully full manhood against her. She wouldn’t have cared if they were screwing on the floor after that.

  She groaned at feeling that hardness firmly pressed against her, the scant silk of her underwear barely separating their needy flesh. He groaned as well, his hips moving against her as rhythmically as they had in the club, while his mouth lingered down to her jaw. Breathing heavily down her throat, those marvelously soft lips traveled down to her bra. He kissed her once through the fabric, then brought some fingers up to harshly move the lace aside. She gasped when her breast was exposed to the cooler air of his studio, then moaned as his hot mouth closed around it. His tongue swirled around the nipple, his teeth lightly tugging, and she arched against his hips, writhing in torturous bliss.

  She tucked her hands behind her and popped open the bra; it took a couple tries with her numb fingers. When the material was loose, he paused to rip it off of her, then brought his attention to her other soft peak. She moaned again and clutched his head to her.