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Wanting him back, Page 2

Mary Norton

  The comptroller is empty. All are gone, there are more than five. And as always, I'm still here. Collect the entries and protocol before anyone lose them. A knock on the glass scare me. IT Thiago puts his head into the room.

  - Girl, one day this work still ends his life. Do you wanna a ride?

  - If this happens, the compensation will be great for my family. Thanks, but I have my stock billet intact taxi.

  Bite mocking tongue.

  - Nerd.

  - That you love.

  - Fifth? - Question.

  - But of course, my love. I undertake not to go.

  He walks away laughing, while back at the papers in front of me. I grab my new baby and put on the table. Open Spotify with the selection of second music.

  It's not depressing, it's just La Devotte. My passion thirteen, Brendon Urie, knows compose dramatic music, but that raises your spirits.

  After thirty filing documents, two packages of M & M, and fifteen songs, turn off the computer. I'll call the concierge asking them to call a taxi for me. Playing everything in my Kipling.

  - Do you ever close the company too?

  Son of the Heavenly Father!

  - Seriously, please. Do not do that ever again. - I mean ducking me with his hand on his chest and collecting things that fell.

  He smiles and helps me up.

  - You are one of those people who are the first to arrive and the last to leave?

  Take a deep breath, feeling her perfume.

  Our Lady of the girls who do not fuck for months, please have mercy on me.

  - No, I just do it when we are integrating someone great job again. You also are to this hour here. - I look at the clock. - I have to go.

  - So come on, I'm even going.

  Here comes the hand on my back again. I step away. If he realized that I fled, he hid well. Human contact is either slap or when finally happen.

  Augusto opens the glass door so I pass. He goes to the car while I go to the concierge waiting for my taxi.

  - Good night, Julianne.

  This was my body shaking as he said my name for the first time?

  No. It was just the rare wind of the city that hit me.

  The horn of the taxi scares me. I give goodbye to his uncle the concierge as I walk to the car.

  First day successfully survived.


  I do not care if I have to pay an electricity bill of horror - of course I do not, because I am all day in the company, few hours I am in my little apartment in the south. - Since I live in the small sample of the hell called Manaus.

  And give me that luxury any photos finished reading the next book of the friend. I already want to kill this little minx who want to separate the couple.

  My phone rings three times. And three times I ignore. If someone important, the type matter of life and death, will call my home.



  Yeah slutty? Off my Kindle aside and picked up the cordless phone.

  - Which was?

  - I'm sure this was not the education I gave you, Juliane. Meet the way I taught you.


  - Hello, who is this? - I say in a polite tone that I just hate.

  - Hi, honey, this is Mom! - Eliza says across the line.

  Even if it do me this kind of thing as being the girl she created to be a girl, I love her and miss her.

  - Hello, Mrs. Eliza! He recalled having daughter? - I say leaning on the bed.

  - So you hurt the heart of the mother, jujube. You are always in my thoughts, dear, every second.

  - If I say you are in my at all times I will be lying mamusca because there are times when only think of planning and numbers.

  I hear the laughter of my father in the background.

  - I'm on speaker?

  - Yes.

  - Papusco! Miss you.

  - I also miss you, my strawberry.

  - Hey, Julli Bobona! - My sister Cassandra says.

  - Hello, Cass Travosa.

  Dad and my sister end up in laughter.

  - Honey, when you come on vacation? - Mom asks.

  - As soon as I finish my nanny operation with the new boss. Do not worry, mamusca, I'll be there and you'll kick me out after a few days.

  - Never my Love.

  Mom held me for two hours on the phone. And when I found myself, I was time to play on the bed and sleep it.


  So I went down to the small condominium out where I live, Mr. Joseph was waiting for me in the parking lot exit. He gets out and opens the door for me.

  - Girl Juli.

  - Good morning, your Joseph.

  How not had breakfast, I invited him to breakfast we take the road that leads to our work. As a tapioca with cheese and your José with me.

  - Does not it bother you to have to take me home? - I ask wanting to have one of the answers have always wanted to have.

  He looks at me like I was some freak.

  - Of course not, girl. - He shakes my hand gently. - Having company in one of the many trips that I do during the day, is certainly the best.

  - I thought you found me a flat.

  He laughs heartily.

  - Juli, you are the one, true, sincere, do not you hide your feelings and this today is so difficult. So do not change. They can say that this is a defect. But I think this is the best defense that a person can have.

  With his words and with a mood so light, it leads us to the company. The way all desperately pressing key on their computers, I know I'll be on the phone most of the time.

  Once you sit, the phone starts ringing.

  due you stand notes, lost documents entries, two containers with important materials that were stuck in customs, three notes that went unnoticed by me and materials manager.

  To complete your Duarte is out of business until after lunch.

  - Juli, I need this material today. - Henry is begging.

  - I can not speak to Gonçalves. - Leo messes on your phone again.

  - I do not believe you missed it, Juliane.

  Of course! I am the daughter of a bitch who screwed up.

  - Henry, ask the HR release four overtime today. - He does not waste time. - Leo, try to put me Gonçalves Andrade or as soon as possible. - I turn to the shrew. - Katya, you can try to talk to Silvia to change the notes so you're all right, you can give me. My mistake, I have to fix.

  I say this and I'm going to my desk trying to contain the fire.

  I leave my phone in silent even. I lock myself in the room as long ago did not. The bina my extension says I have the sub Superintendent of Customs in line.

  - Andrade, you owe me a favor, I'm charging it. - I mean before he can say hello.

  - If you did not give me your cool Hello, is because the business is serious, what I can do for you, girl?

  After asking him to release my stuff, promising myself I will take the documents to him today, I can have Leonardo Henrique and with normal blood pressure. My boss came sooner than I expected.

  - Sometimes I like to solve problems, Juli, but I know I would not do as fast as you.

  I give him a face.

  - My burrada, nothing fairer than myself ready.

  - We both know that's not the whole truth. - Said sitting on the edge of the table. - Katia has her assistant for it. Or she still uses Lorraine to schedule beauty treatments for her?

  - No idea, but you know what? Whatever. Me or not, will always run to me when they do not get something.

  - This job will still leave you crazy.

  I look at him laughing.

  - More than you already are, of course.

  - That's better. You had lunch? Shall I ask something?

  - Do not worry about me, go eat, take a deep breath, and please do not hardly want for my materials manager.

  - Sure, I can eat anything.

  A fact well made in my life: My addiction to potato chips.

  Oh really! Wars could be forgiven and chips with cheddar sauce and
a tiny bit of bacon. And to make peace, a cold Coca-Cola for the toast.

  And that was my lunch. Seriously, I had to hold the meeting room attached to my boss's office to finally breathe after three hours resolving confusions for the entire week.

  My mobile extension rings and do not answer.

  He plays three more times.

  - Lunch time. Do not be boring!

  I ignore the mood the phone, I still lack forty minutes lunch. Devour a portion of fries and a cheese sandwich with bacon, when you are stressed, it does not take much to swallow orgasm size in the form of food.

  I lie in the small armchair is in the corner. I put my headphones with the volume down I hear my pacification list.

  Open WhatsApp and see the messages coming one after another. I hope the application upgrade and the first group to see is my family. Mom with their usual good day flowers, dad complaining about the traffic going to work, my sister with her days and no more than that.

  And my brother truly making me smile when you send a picture of my niece three years. Joaquim de Saudade, my younger brother is always making my day when he shows me a small little angel that brought the world.

  Weekend I'm going to you.

  I can get away this holiday and to visit them. I have time enough for that.

  An unknown number I want good day, but I did not even give me the job of answering. Delete and leave it clear that I ignored.

  My brother replied that he is waiting for me with three pots waltz dream of ice cream, in turn, I have to baby-sit with my niece for a night.

  All for love.

  My brother playing the guy who makes time I do not know what a good night of sex.

  Thanks, brother, rub in the face that I'm an old maid of twenty-six who has the ability to get a guy so you can give her a bit of good sex, to improve to the mood. You know how to lift my mood. It's the truth, then left me to have a full night of Pina and Luna with my fofinha three years.

  My phone keeps ringing and I keep ignoring.

  I look at the promotions tickets for my vacation. My, airlines are enriching every day. God help me!

  I rest my body for a few more minutes. When missing ten minutes to finish my lunch I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I put a little lipstick on my lips and fix up my hair in a braid aside.

  As soon as I arrive in my office, I have the notes that the witch left on my desk. Totally disorganized, to end my day.

  - She did not win this purpose nickname, right, Juli?

  I say already connecting the computer.

  Would if I ask not bother me, will it? Most likely not. I giving the message of: I do not want to be disturbed.

  Not the other way around.

  I asked a thousand excuses to Andrade, but I can not take the documents to him. Today is the Leo session and my friend's recovery is more important than any material that got stuck in the port.

  At least the time went fast today. Eating a chocolate bar I get the signature with my boss who's on the phone with someone. Augusto walks past me and both work very well in the ignore.

  Augusto is opposite the table while I give the papers to my boss who scribbles hard roles. It just looks like when you talk to a person.

  The mother of it.

  - Are you all right? What Medusa created this time?

  His Duarte takes a deep breath.

  - Nothing I'm not used to it. - He gives me a smile reassuring me. - Do not worry, Juli, I already know how to handle it.

  - So I bought this phone for you. - Point to the gorgeous handset that sent bring Sao Paulo just to avoid it. - To ignore the Medusa of his mother.

  My boss just laughed, as he finishes signing the documents.

  - And you, Augusto? Have you met somewhere in the city?

  - Not yet! - He looks straight at me. - I'll still ask for some directions to Juliane.

  That! Throw me in the middle of shooting.

  - Juliane know wonderful places. She is always finding a new place for the city.

  I make a face. What he actually means:

  "Enjoy and take Juliane with you. So she comes out of her apartment in which he lives holed up. Take her to take a deep breath and introduce someone to it than that damned business. "

  That was what he meant.

  - If she wants my company, I'm sure it will surprise me.

  I smile to the face, but pinch the head arm discreetly, taking out a small moan of pain.

  - Are you all right? - Augusto asks him who shakes his head in denial.

  - Just my usual shoulder pain.

  Small traitor. Duarte meets my gaze and smiled. You know that in my imagination, he has suffered the worst kinds of torture that ever existed.

  - So you tell me then how was this tour. - My boss says closing it and rubbing the place where I pinched.

  - Step in your room before you go and combine things. - Augusto says down in a tone that made me almost break his neck just to face him.

  Narrow eyes at him, smiling, but not for long, since soon back to my boss.

  I leave them alone and go to my room, I picked up my stuff and then flee to the parking lot going to Leo's car, to go to your session.


  You know what pisses me in this world? It is person who intrudes in the conversation without even being asked. Okay, that's not the only thing that annoys me, there are several things that is impossible to be listed. Of course I close the face and go out before it can spoil my nails.

  And that's what I do most of the time in which the two managers are the time who I'm taking coffee when I arrive a little late in the company, as today.

  They start saying things that are annoying to me.

  I go to my room and finish my coffee here.

  But my peace reigns for a few minutes as Augusto enters.

  - Good morning, Juliane. - Says down. - I can?

  Asks if he can sit. My answer would be no, because I want to take my coffee in peace. But I'm too polite for that. My mother must're proud of me.

  - Of course!

  I say ending the little cafe that was left.

  - I noticed that you like a lot of coffee. - Said looking at my empty mug.

  It is a magic mug, my brother gave me. This and three more, and I brought this to the battery design to work. Recharging time.

  - I bought two boxes for me at the airport. - Said putting a box of Starbucks coffee beans. - I thought I'd give it to you.

  I look at the beautiful box in front of me.

  - I do not even know what to say. - I say taking her gently. - You made me the happiest woman in the world with this simple box.

  He smiled, as if pleased with it all.

  - Thanks! Seriously, thank it.

  - For nothing, Juli. - Says more relaxing in the chair. - So, what can we do some day? I've been researching good places to meet.

  No! Please do not! You could ruin the moment, man.

  - Lord Augustus. - How can I say that? - It's so hard that I can find a free moment.

  - Monday?

  - Yoga Class.

  - Tuesday?

  - My friend Physical Therapy Session.

  - Fourth?

  - Volleyball.

  - Fifth?

  - Movie theater.

  - Friday?

  - Day of friends.

  - Weekend?

  It does not change at any time and will insist until the moment that I will give to him.

  - The love of my life!

  He raises an eyebrow not very happy with my answer.

  - What would it be?

  - Netflix and can last in Hail or bursting my card on Amazon.

  He smiled.

  - I need to know some places in the city, would you accompany me. A walk in Orla? You choose the first place. Please Juliane do not make me go alone, running the risk of losing me.

  His eyes are like a dog that had his stolen bone. Why do they always have to have that look?

  - I can see something for this weekend, okay?

  He smiled more broadly.

  - I'll need you to answer my messages to update me of the plans.

  - I still do not have your personal number. Excuse me. - I try not to sound stupid. - But I need to contact you whenever you can.

  - You have it, but it seems that you have ignored.

  - As well?

  - You probably did not read the last messages.

  Messages from unknown number.

  - No, not read. I do it, sorry.

  - It's all right. - Said passing the indicator by his lower lip. - Since going to answer me now, I'll let you work.

  - Thanks again for coffee.

  - You can thank me by offering me some of it while taking. - Said getting up and packing up the button on his left sleeve. - I'm sure you can do better than anyone coffee so good.

  Says going without giving me a chance to answer.

  My phone beeps and know it's a message from him. So I saved the contact, I can see the photo of his profile.

  Oh my!!

  With all necessary ss.

  He's a white blouse. One hand is apparently scratching his head while the other rests on his knee. Your smile is the most possible boor. The expensive watch says that it is both relaxed as someone important.

  Never a picture of WhatsApp was so beautiful. The guy can be edible even for a picture.

  While it can be all that and a little more, I can be more Nerd than normal.

  My picture with the dog licking my father my glasses is what classifies me as the girl who will die unmarried with several dogs and a vibrator for each day of the week.

  - Well, Juliane!

  My peace reigns again until Katya appears wanting me to solve the problem with your ticket to travel south. She wants to trade for the first class and I do not know if the boss will accept it. And as my boss is not here, I'm going straight to Augusto serving me quickly.

  - You can come to me whenever you want, no need to bother to call.

  It's all right.

  - Katya wants to change her passage economical for first class. - Popping my tongue. - She can pay her money and then the company will refund, or you can authorize the change now ...

  - What do you think of lunch in this town a few hours from here?

  - As?

  He smiled.

  - A lunch near the waterfall.

  - That's cool, but I really need you to help me with this. Katya is not very patient and I ...