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       Caught By the Dragon, p.16

           Mac Flynn
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We slept together in his bed, and when the bright morning came I blinked against the harsh light. I willed my eyes open and looked up at the head of the bed.

  It was empty.

  I sat up and whipped my head left and right. My eyes found the objective of my design, and desire. Xander stood beside his dresser only half dressed. His chest was still bandaged, but the color of his skin was once more pinkish rather than white. He slipped his shirt on and turned to me with a teasing smile.

  "Are you prepared for the journey?" he asked me.

  I blinked at him. "For what?"

  Xander chuckled and walked over to the bedside. He picked up the rolled-up map. "We have a great distance to travel before we reach my domain."

  I frowned. "Is it that far to fly there?"

  He shook his head. "No, but as I told you before the dragon form is a great strain on the body. That is why we will travel by horseback."

  I winced and rubbed my behind. "Oh goody."

  Xander tossed the map onto the unmade bed and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pressed me against him and looked into my eyes. "Do you doubt your decision to join me?"

  I toyed with the strings that closed his shirt and smiled. "No, but I hope you enjoyed my butt. It might not make the trip."

  He chuckled. "I will be sure to protect it as much as I can." There came a knock on the door. "Enter," Xander called out.

  The portal opened. Darda stood in the entrance and bowed to us. "My Lord, the horses are ready and Lord Cayden awaits you."

  "Then that is our cue to leave," Xander announced. He looked to me. "I hope you won't be displeased with their following us. Cayden's kingdom abuts my own."

  I shook my head. "Nope."

  He grasped my hand and guided me to the door. "Then let us be off."

  The hallways of the High Castle were alive with servants. They flitted to-and-fro, some with luggage in their arms and others returning for more. The servants stepped aside and bowed to us as we passed. Many of them snatched looks at us, and some of them weren't too friendly.

  I stayed close to Xander's side and we navigated down to the courtyard. Horses and grooms filled the area, and somehow two dozen wagons fit into the space. People shouted and pointed, and others stumbled or rushed through the crowds. The luggage carriers dropped their loads into the wagons while the lords mounted on the horses watched over the proceedings.

  In the chaos I saw the three other woman chosen as Maidens. Alex sat on a horse with the brown-bearded lord close beside her on his own sturdy steed. Close behind them on horses sat Olivia and Cindy, the first beside the dark-haired lord and the second close to the white-haired lord. Olivia looked as cross as ever, and I didn't catch any affection from her as she snatched glances at her lord.

  Alex noticed me and waved her hand. "Miriam!" She urged her horse forward to us where she leaned down close to me and winked. "What do you think of my lord?"

  I glanced past her at the bearded fellow. He sat proud and erect, and then belched. I winced. "He's-um, nice."

  She grinned and winked at me. "Yeah, and nice in bed, too. And he's already promised to teach me how to ride all his stallions when we get to his castle." Her eyes flitted to Xander. "Not a bad catch yourself."

  I smiled. "He'll do."

  "Alex!" her lord called.

  Alex straightened. "I'll make sure to write to you, and you do the same for me, okay? We might be stuck here, but we can at least enjoy it. "

  I nodded. "Sure thing, and have fun."

  She laughed and turned her horse away. "Definitely!" She galloped away.

  I furrowed my brow and looked to Xander. "Couldn't she go through the Portal like me?"

  Xander pursed his lips. "You are the first of anyone from this world to survive the Portal's touch. I would not wish to see anyone else attempt the feat."

  I arched an eyebrow. "So how did I live through it?"

  He turned to me and gave me a teasing smile. "Because you are my Maiden."

  I rolled my eyes and they found our two familiar companions. Stephanie and Cayden sat on a pair of fine tan steeds not too far from the gate. Beside them were two riderless white horses.

  Xander offered me his arm. "Shall we?"

  I grinned and accepted his offer. "Definitely."

  And so began my adventures in this new world with my new dragon boyfriend.

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