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  “I can handle myself,” I growled. They were going to arrest me too? They took out a warrant on their little sister? The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. That’s something we used as a threat, a ploy to get people talking—no one wanted to go to jail. But knowing they’d actually followed through and gotten a warrant on me? That was low.

  I was going to bust my brothers up. “I could really use my Taser right about now…”

  Jax cracked his knuckles. “No need, Doily. Let me handle this.”

  “Wha—” He wasn’t going to take them all on....was he?

  Nope. Jax was looking past my brothers to where a set of headlights bore down on them, coming fast. When Dylan didn’t seem to hear the car behind him, Jax shouted, “Watch out!”

  Dylan, Deacon, and Damon all looked back at the same time, and they saw the same thing I did: my rented Camaro soaring right at them. The bass was going, and the engine revved.

  Haley had really meant it about the the Dukes of Hazzard entry, and I turned to warn Jax, but I didn’t need to. He wrapped an arm around my waist as my brothers scattered, and the Camaro barreled toward us. Haley slowed down just enough for us to see both side doors open and ready. Jax threw me into the backseat, and as soon as his hands left my waist, he leapt for the front seat, slamming the door shut.

  “Go!” I yelled, holding on to a seatbelt, and Haley jerked the tires around. There was enough room, just barely, for her to do a complete 180. Dylan and two of my other brothers had started into the street, but when they saw the Camaro coming back, they leaped out of the way again, and we sailed right past them.

  I wound my window open and yelled Dylan’s name. When he looked up, I extended my middle finger. For good measure, I lifted my arm as high as I could and hollered, “Merry Christmas to you, too!”

  Haley laughed as I pulled my arm back in. She slowed at the stoplight and turned right to travel to the police station. “That was the most dramatic escape ever to only go a few blocks, but it was awesome. I think your brothers are more pissed that they got outwitted by their little sister than anything else.”

  “Male egos.”

  “Hey.” Jax turned around. “Why do I feel like that was an insult?”

  “Because it was.” I gave him a grin. “But you’re exempt. For a guy who should have an ego, you don’t.”

  He laughed, turning back around. “I’ve messed up too much to get a big head.” He patted the dashboard. “Take us to jail, Haley. It’s a good day to wear orange.”

  She barked out a laugh. “I don’t think you’ll have to wear orange. You shouldn’t be in there too long.”

  And she was right. Once inside, Jax and I together, holding hands, found out all charges had been dropped against him. The assault on his sister’s boyfriend lacked enough evidence to prosecute. Apparently, the boyfriend had come in to the station earlier, escorted by guys known to work for the Monroe family, and he’d recanted everything. It had all been a big misunderstanding. His bruises were from a fall down the stairs, and Jax had only talked to him. Never touched him.

  There were no witnesses to corroborate his initial statement, so the clerk told Jax he was free to go. As for me, there was now no criminal for me to aid and abet, so that meant I hadn’t broken a law either.

  It happened so fast that Haley was still in the parking lot when we went back outside. She’d just started to pull out, but she saw us and hit the brakes. Turning the car off, she got out and waited for us to come to her. “What happened?”

  When we told her, she burst out laughing. “That must’ve all happened today. God, that’s going to piss off your brothers even more.” She held a hand up. “Please, please, please, let me be the one to tell Dylan. I constantly want to jump him like I have ants in my pants, but he’s just delicious when he’s pissed off. I think I like pissing him off the most.”

  “Sure.” I couldn’t contain my smile. “Have at it.”

  As if on command, my brothers’ black SUVs pulled into the station parking lot. There were four in total, and Haley took her time sauntering over to the one Dylan drove. She made sure to sway her hips from side to side.

  I started toward Dean, but Jax drew me back.

  “What?” I asked.

  “Just a minute.”

  “For what?”

  He slid a finger under my chin, lifting my head until our eyes met. “What’s going to happen with us now?”

  “What do you mean?”

  “You and me.” An unsure look flashed across his face. He tried to hide it, but I saw.

  I melted. I’d been angry at my brothers, but now, with that one look, I was a mess once more. I squeezed his hand and lifted my lips to his. He frowned and asked against my mouth, “Does this mean what I think it means?”

  Curling a hand up and around his neck, I grabbed hold of his hair and whispered, “You’re goddamn right it does.” Then I pulled him down and kissed him. I didn’t care about my brothers’ reactions. I didn’t care about college. I just didn’t care.

  I was still in love with Jax, and I wasn’t letting him go. Not again.

  Happy holidays to me.

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