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         Part #2 of Broken and Screwed series by Tijan

  She groaned. “I have to go. If you need drinks, come to the edge of the bar. Only you two.” She pointed to Jesse and me. “I only like you two. Gotta go.”

  And just like that, she was swallowed up by the crowd. Expecting her to emerge from behind the bar, I was surprised when she merely climbed on top of a barstool. A large muscular guy from behind the counter lifted her over the bar and sat her down beside him. He ruffled her hair, which she slapped away and then she started filling orders right away.

  Jamie sidled up next to Jesse. “Holy shit! That’s Braille on stage.”

  Tiffany stood next to him. She was captivated by something beside the stage. I followed her gaze and saw Hannah had already taken root there. Beth was next to her, biting her lip, and casting wary looks at the crowd behind them. More than a few scantily clad girls were pushing forward for a better spot.

  “Oh my god,” Tiffany groaned. “She’s dating a rockstar? Those guys are the worst guys to date.”

  Her boyfriend threw his arm over her shoulder and pulled her close. He shrugged. “They’re a match made in heaven. Hannah doesn’t stick with the same guy two nights in a row and my guess he doesn’t keep the same girl long. I heard they’re all manwhores in the band.”

  “Something you have in common with them?” Cord joined the conversation. His date looked unable to form words, much less thoughts. Her eyes were bulging out at the band.

  “Not anymore.” Tiffany gave him the snarl instead. “That’s changed since I caught him with my sister.”

  Jamie had the decency to show a little shame. He pressed a kiss to his girlfriend’s forehead. “She’s the only one I want anyway.”

  Jesse had been quiet beside me, but Luke caught sight of him. Still singing, he lifted his head in an acknowledgement. Jesse gave one back. Everyone caught the shared greeting. Cord was the one who asked, “You know the band?”

  “Remember that night I almost got arrested because I helped a guy out in a fight?”


  “Luke was that guy.”

  “Holy shit!” Jamie exclaimed again and shook his head in irritation. “What? Do all you famous and rich people know each other? Who else do you know? I want to know them.”

  “I’ll make a list.”

  “Good. I want to be rich and famous someday.”

  “He was being sarcastic, asshole.” Cord shot him a dark look.

  Jamie frowned but kept quiet. His arm tightened around Tiffany and an awkward moment filtered among the group. Derek and Kara were the first ones to break it as he gestured to the back area. “We’re going to go look for a booth back there.”

  “I want to be closer to the stage.”

  Everyone knew Tiffany wanted to keep an eye on her sister.

  Derek said again, “We’ll look for a booth in the back.”

  She looked ready to argue, but Kara leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. After a few seconds, the elder Chatsworth’s shoulders loosened and dropped in defeat. She nodded and was tugged behind Kara. Their fingers were interlaced. Derek cast a shrewd glance over Cord to Jamie, but followed them. As they disappeared, Jamie frowned and asked, “What’s your problem, man?”

  “Nothing.” But Cord took his date and went after them.

  Jamie looked to us. “What’d I do?”

  Jesse shrugged and clapped him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. Cord’s been off lately. Just give him space.”

  “I give everybody space. Am I that bad to be around?”

  The cockiness fell away and a flash of vulnerability replaced it. I was given an image of a five year old version of Jamie. It was as if he’d lost his favorite puppy as he waited for our answer. I held my breath, but Jesse spoke up, “You’re asking me that? You just got back into the house.”

  “Oh yeah.” The little boy was gone and he winked, full of his old self, all slimy again. “Never mind then. That’s awesome that you know Braille. Really awesome. Thank god too. I didn’t want to have to be nice to Hannah to get in an introduction. All right. I’m off for shots. You guys want some?”

  Jesse shook his head. “No, but take a bunch to those guys back there and stay away from Cord.”

  As Jamie left, I moved closer to him. “What’s wrong with Cord?”

  He shrugged and put both of his arms around my waist. He pressed a kiss to my forehead. His lips brushed against me as he answered, “He gets like this sometimes. These are the nights when he winds up in jail.”

  I frowned. “Why?”

  “I don’t know. We’ve never talked about it. Why?” He moved away so he could peer down at me. “Are you worried about Cord?”

  “No, but he’s helped me. And I know he’s the closest guy friend you have here.”

  “Oh.” His expression softened and he pulled me close again. He rested his cheek against my forehead. “He’s not family, Alex.”

  Warmth filled me. He meant Ethan and me. At that thought, the small grin slipped. I had tried blocking all thoughts of my brother over the last month, but they snuck in. This wasn’t a time to start dwelling so I pulled away. “I’m going to get some drinks.”

  Jesse frowned, but didn’t say anything. Instead, his hand held mine firm and he adjusted so he led us through the crowd. We went to the edge of the bar. It was where the other staff could go behind the bar, but Brielle saw us right away. We had our drinks almost as soon as we told them to her. She flashed two fingers in a greeting to us before she was off, filling more orders. Jesse gave her a five for a tip before we went in search for the others.

  The band took a break an hour into their set, but I was drunk by then. After our entire group settled into a table closer to the stage, Hannah and Jamie declared themselves in charge of drinks. She kept putting shots in front of me. Jamie tried, but I slid those over to Jesse. When he reminded me that he was the sober driver, I pushed them to Hannah instead. She took half and made Beth take the other half. It wasn’t long before Beth disappeared. When I asked her cousin where she went, she leaned close and yelled into my ear, “She called her fuck buddy. He came to get her. He’s not working at Club T tonight.”

  I still wanted to know who he was, but I was starting to figure out that Beth would never tell me. Only Hannah knew, but she wasn’t told. She’d followed her cousin one night to find out.

  Thinking about that, I started giggling. I couldn’t stop. Even when Jesse pulled me onto his lap and nuzzled underneath my ear, I kept going. That was when the band descended on us, or Emerson swooped in on Hannah. She’d been dancing by our table and he merely lifted her in the air and carried her through the bar.

  Luke came over and extended his arm to Jesse. The two shook hands as the lead singer slipped into my abandoned seat. He folded his arms over the table and leaned forward. I didn’t know if he was hoping for incognito. It wasn’t working. Every set of eyes were on our table. Because of Braille’s presence and because he was only in a simple shirt and jeans, not many had recognized Jesse, but a few guys came over for autographs. More started over now, but both Jesse and Luke were being handed napkins to sign. A few bras were thrown on the table. After the first rush died down, Luke was able to signal for a drink. Then he turned to us, “Sorry about that. I wasn’t expecting to see you guys here tonight.”

  “Your guitarist is dating one of Alex’s friends.”

  Luke grimaced. “Sorry about that too.”

  “Bri had the same sentiment.”

  “Emerson doesn’t do girlfriends. Not in the committed sense.”

  Bri shoved her way through the crowd and plopped a pitcher on the table. When Luke moved to pay, she shook her head. “It’s on me. Just do me a favor and keep my brother out of my hair. He’s already in the back trying to bartend.”

  Luke grinned. “He’s getting in the way?”

  “He tried to use the megaphone to start a stripping contest. I’m not having one of those again.”

  “Yeah. Tell him I need to talk to him. He’ll come over here.”
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  She nodded and turned. But instead of having to push her way through again, the crowd parted for her. A few girls seemed scared of her even. It wasn’t long before the drummer sauntered over. His shirt was gone. I started giggling. I thought he’d been wearing one on stage. Images of girls ripping it off him came to me and I pressed my nose against Jesse’s chest. I couldn’t hold the laughter back. As Jesse adjusted so I was more comfortable on him, he leaned back and I heard Luke comment, “I met your dad the other day.”

  Jesse stiffened underneath me. “Oh yeah?”

  “We’re doing a song for one of his movies.”

  His tension only doubled before he heard the drummer comment, “Your dad’s a dick, man.”


  “What? He is. Makes total sense why your dude hangs out at The Shack with us.”

  Now I was the one that had stiffened. Had Jesse been going there again? Without me? He swept a hand down my back as if sensing my concerns and murmured in my ear, “Only once when you weren’t talking to me. I got drunk with these guys that night.”

  The drummer spoke up, laughing, “And we met his new girlfriend. She’s a piece.”

  “Braden, you’re drunk.”

  “Whatever, Luke. You said he was a dick too.”

  “And you’re talking to his son. We don’t want to piss him off.”

  “You said Jesse was cool.”

  “It’s fine, Luke.” Jesse’s voice rumbled from deep in his chest. “And you’re right. My dad is a dick. I hope he wasn’t too much of a douchebag to you guys.”

  “Nah.” Luke sounded relieved. “His girlfriend’s a fan and when he found out I knew you, he was really nice. Not that he’s going to be mean to us, you know. We’re doing the theme song for his movie.”

  “Hey, man.” I heard Jamie interrupt. He sounded like a gushing schoolgirl. “Can I get your autograph? I’ve been trying to hint to Jesse to get it, but he’s not taking the hint.”

  “On purpose.”

  “Yeah, whatever. So how about it? My girlfriend would really love it.”

  “I’m sitting right here,” Tiffany chimed in. She sounded annoyed but also dazed at the same time.

  My giggles had stopped so I turned around, more in control of myself. But when I saw the same glazed look in the drummer’s eyes and he still wasn’t wearing a shirt, a fresh batch of laughter bubbled up. I doubled over. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

  “Uh.” Kara got up from her chair and came over to us. She took my arm. “I’ll take care of her. Excuse us.”

  She pulled me to the bathroom and into a stall. There was only one empty, the rest were full, and she darted in front of the line. Ignoring the curses and yells, she locked the door and then said loudly, “I have explosive diarrhea. Back off.”

  That set me off and I was wiping tears as more giggles rippled from me.

  “Kara? Alex?”

  Tiffany pounded on the door. It was unlocked again and she hurried inside. As the door swung open, I saw the line had moved down a foot. They were now only waiting on the other two stalls. Ours was ignored.

  More chuckles came from me. I shook my head. I couldn’t stop them.

  Tiffany wrinkled her nose up as she smoothed out her dress. “What’s wrong with her?” She ran her fingers through her hair before tossing it back over her shoulders. “Did you hear Jamie out there? Autograph my ass. He wanted that autograph. Although, I wouldn’t mind more than an autograph from those two. Holy shit. I can’t believe Jesse knows them. Alex, how’d they meet again?”

  “Tiffany.” Kara took a deep breath. “Be nice.”

  “I am. Aren’t I?”

  Kara gestured to me. I was now sniffling, trying to muffle my laughter into a roll of toilet paper. “She’s been like this since she got drunk.”

  “So. Hannah gets horny when she’s drunk. Alex will be fine.” She swung her gaze to me. “Right? You’ll be fine. She’ll go to bed, make sweet, sweet love to that fine man of hers and tomorrow she’ll act like none of this happened.”


  “What?” She shrugged. “That’s what she does. I mean, my god, it’s been a month since that fiasco with her parents and she hasn’t broken stride. The chick is a survivor. She can handle worse.”

  Kara pressed her lips together. “You’re not being supportive.”

  “Yes I am. I’m here.” Then she frowned. “Scoot over. Since we’re here, I need to pee.”

  We shuffled to the side and Tiffany took a squat. As she peed, she looked up. I caught a little glaze in her eyes as well and chuckled, “You’re drunk too.”

  “Yeah.” The corners of her lips curved up. “I’m like Hannah. I get horny too.”

  Kara burst out laughing alongside of me.

  Tiffany scowled. “When I’m drunk. When I’m drunk! My sister’s always horny.” Then she grew somber. “That’s how she copes. It’s not good. Not me. I cope by being a bitch.”

  More laughter boiled up in me. I couldn’t stand upright and I started sliding the wall. Kara gasped and grabbed for me. “You can’t sit on the floor. That’s disgusting.”

  “Yeah.” Tiffany was still so somber. “That is disgusting. Oh gawd. I’m drunk.”

  Kara sighed. She had a firm hold on my arm. When Tiffany was done, she steered both of us out of the stall. I meant to ask what had been the point, but I couldn’t get the words out. We were ordered to wash our hands and then we shuffled back to the table. Cord and his date were gone. Derek was frowning at Jamie, who had a worshipful expression on his face. He was listening to the conversation between Jesse and the drummer. His head was even propped on his hands. He looked ready to propose marriage.

  Kara went over to Jesse. Her hand was still firm on my arm. “Your girlfriend needs to go home. She tried sitting on the floor in there.”

  Jesse grinned and scooped me into his lap. “She’s fine. She’s just letting off steam.”

  “Yeah, well.” She sighed. “Derek, I think I’m ready to go?”

  Jesse turned to him. “Take Jamie and Tiffany.”

  “What?” Jamie protested. “No way, man. The night’s just starting.”

  Tiffany swayed on her feet, giving him a sultry grin. That was all it took. He stood up. “Never mind, I recognize that look. I’m going to get lucky with my girlfriend. It’s been a damn while.”

  She giggled when he pulled her close and the four of them left. As Jesse held me on his lap, he rubbed a hand up and down my back. The giggles eventually faded and my eyelids grew heavy. I must’ve fallen asleep because when I woke, he was carrying me outside. When he buckled me into the seat, I asked, “What time is it?”

  “It’s late. Bar closed an hour ago.”

  “Where are we?”

  “Leaving the bar.”

  “That makes no sense,” I mumbled, but I didn’t care. I fell back asleep. When I woke again, Jesse was carrying me into the house. My arm curved around his neck and I pressed a kiss there. “I had fun tonight.”

  “Good.” He kissed me back.

  “Kara called me your girlfriend,” I whispered. It was important, but I was so damn tired. I wanted to go back to sleep. I loved when he held me. I felt safe.

  “Because you are. And you are safe.”

  I frowned. I hadn’t meant to say that last bit out loud.

  “It’s fine.” Jesse kicked open his door and set me on the bed. As he did, my eyes opened further. I was still struggling to keep them focused. He didn’t turn the light on. I was so thankful for that. I could hear him moving around before he moved me underneath the sheets and crawled in beside me. I was too tired to do anything except snuggle into him. But as he skimmed a hand down my arm and went to my waist, he started to lift my shirt up.

  I was suddenly wide-awake. Desire built in me and I moved to help the shirt off.

  Then we were kissing. I pulled Jesse on top of me and it wasn’t long until he was sliding inside of me. Arching my back,
I closed my eyes and gave into the sensations. I loved him. Everything would
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