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  Chapter 1

  "Hey, baby."

  Corrigan Raimler was my school's most popular leech. He's the guy who's at the top of the food chain and hits on anything with two legs and a vagina. That's this guy. Didn't help he was stereotypically gorgeous to boot with shaggy blonde hair, green sparklers for eyes, and perfectly formed lips. They were sculpted by a goddess, or Corrigan liked to brag.

  He took two things seriously, his friends (Bryce and me) and women (sex).

  "Hi, Corrigan," I murmured as I grabbed my calculus book. I checked my mirror. I wasn't really vain; I just wanted to make sure that my hair didn't look like a bird's nest or something. It didn't, but I usually always had it under control. My hair grazed the tops of my shoulders. I turned my head and grinned when I saw the dark brunette color shimmer black from the light.

  Corrigan draped an arm across my neighbor's locker and ignored their weak-kneed protest as he turned his back to them.

  I didn't look. I already knew he wanted something and he had his trademark panty-melting grin on that face of his.

  The green eyes helped, trust me.

  "What are you doing this weekend?"

  "Why? What do you want?" I moved down the hallway and Corrigan snapped my locker shut as he kept pace.

  The flies flew around us and no one jostled us.

  "Harris is throwing a party."

  Shock. Not. Harris always throws parties.

  "So?" I drawled out, bored as I turned to my class. Corrigan followed behind and draped his arms across the back of my chair. He wrapped his arms around me and breathed into my ear.

  My table partner, Leisha, nearly fell off her chair. No joke.

  "I was hoping you'd go."

  "Why? Want to get laid?" Corrigan always wanted to get laid, but the joke was that he'd never get laid by me.

  "Well…." He glanced to Leisha and shooed her away.

  Leisha shooed and he dropped into her seat.

  "You've got the hookup with Steele, right?"

  Here it was.

  "You want to get laid by Denton Steele? I didn't know you swung that way," I teased. Denton and I weren't friends. We weren't even screw-buddies. It was a one-time deal and I wasn't looking to extending it to a two-time deal. He might've been the locally grown national heartthrob, but I hadn't wanted another go with the movie star.

  Corrigan ignored that as he leaned closer to me, for my ears only, "Word is that he's got a hot sister coming home for the summer. You should go visit, make friends, and bring her to the party."

  "Why would I go and visit the female Steele?"

  "No, no. Not her, but him. And then make friends with her!" Corrigan nudged my knee.

  "Mr. Raimler," Mr. Aldross barked with a frown. He wasn't a Corrigan fan, but not many were. Although, they liked myself and Bryce even less and that said a lot.

  "Yes, Mr. Aldy?" Corrigan returned smoothly and leaned back in his chair. He removed the arm around my shoulder and the one that had been kneading my leg.

  "This isn't your class. What are you doing here?"

  "Well, Mr. Aldy…" Corrigan took a deep breath, ready to jump into his charming act.

  Mr. Aldross shook his head and barked, "Get out before detention. I don't have time to play your game."

  There was a spark of disappointment in Corrigan's eyes, but he stood slowly, winked at me, and moved to the door. Just before he left, Mr. Aldross called out, "And Mr. Raimler…"


  "I enforce a no-mauling policy in my classrooms. You and Miss Jeneve can pick up your 'mauling' elsewhere from now on."

  Corrigan barked out a laugh and suggested to me, "What do you think, Sheldon? You. Me. Janitor's closet in forty eight minutes?"

  The classroom laughed. Mr. Aldross frowned.

  I winked and drawled back, "Which one?"

  "Get out," Mr. Aldross barked again and Corrigan left, satisfied.

  "Miss Jeneve." Mr. Aldross frowned my way.

  "Yes?" I yawned and stretched, knowing my breasts were nicely outlined against my thin top. Sometimes the game was so easy…sometimes.

  "Would you please write your answers to questions eight and ten on the board?"

  "Sure thing, Mr. Aldross." I stood and walked to the board. As I grabbed the chalk, I spoke up, "And Mr. Aldross?"

  "Yes, Sheldon?" He asked.

  "Corrigan can maul me, but I don't maul back." I sent him a seductive grin and whispered, "Just wanted you to know."

  Mr. Aldross shook his head, probably in disappointment while more than a few coughed behind me.

  Just then the door opened again and Bryce Scout strolled in to take a seat at my table. Bryce was Corrigan's exact opposite, but the two fitted the best friend duo perfectly. Corrigan smoozed anyone and everyone he chose while Bryce produced the same results with his silence. The quintessential gorgeous bad boy: black Mohawk, sea blue eyes, and cheekbones that couldn't compare to how the rest of his body was chiseled. Anyway, Corrigan talked and Bryce listened. It worked for the two and they were the top of the social hierarchy.

  I heard the swift intake of breath from nearly all the girls in the room, but I often wondered why half of them fell over backwards when Bryce was around. He didn't give so many the time of day.

  "Mr. Scout," Mr. Aldross sighed. "You're late. Again."

  Bryce greeted him by laying his head down on the table. He closed his eyes and the class watched as he promptly fell asleep.

  I laughed.

  A few others laughed and Mr. Aldross stood in shock. The disrespect was damning and it didn't help to come on the heels of the Corrigan and Sheldon show.

  "Mr. Scout, you will wake up as you progress to the principal's office." Mr. Aldross must've had enough.

  Bryce lifted his piercing blue eyes and grinned triumphantly as he looked right at me. He quickly grabbed his books and left, but I knew that's what Bryce had wanted.

  Mr. Aldross glared. "Miss Jeneve, please return Mr. Scout to the classroom. You can inform him that I've changed my mind." No doubt, he wanted to torture Bryce by making him actually stay in a class.

  Everyone knew why he sent me. Besides Corrigan, I was the only other person that Bryce would listen to. Whatever, I didn't mind. I wouldn't have to write the answers on the board for the homework that I hadn't done.

  As I strolled out the door, I glimpsed Bryce turning a corner that didn't lead towards the principal's office.

  "Bryce," I called out. A second later, as I turned down the same hallway, I saw he was at his locker.

  "Hey," I greeted as I leaned against the locker beside his.

  "Hey," Bryce greeted, his head still in his locker. A second later, he raked his eyes over me and grinned as he reached for my book. He placed it in his locker, grabbed my hand, and led me farther down the hallway.

  "What are we doing?" I already knew.

  "Why'd you come after me?"

  "Mr. Aldy wanted me to inform you that you weren't going to the Principal's office anymore." I left the rest out on purpose.

  "I wasn't going to go. You know that." He grinned as he pulled me into a janitor's closet. And when that door closed, no more words were needed. Once inside, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as his head dipped and took my lips in his, fiercely. Hot.

  This is what Bryce and I did. We weren't together, but most everyone assumed we were.

  Neither of us did commitment, but if we had, it would've been to each other. That was another unspoken agreement. If anyone wanted out of the situation, the other would let them go with an easy smile, but probably no well-wishes.

  Our clothes were still on, and would've remained on (I had some class), when the door opened abruptly and the janitor stood frowning at us.

  Before he could muster a lecture, Bryce pulled me out and we both mea
ndered towards his locker. He kissed me deeply once more before the final bell rang and the hallway was flooded.

  Our hands fell apart when he opened his locker and produced my book.

  "Thanks," I murmured, ruefully.

  Bryce looked to say something, but Corrigan interrupted as he bounced up to us and threw one arm over both of our shoulders.

  "How are my greatest friends?" Corrigan asked.

  Bryce smirked.

  "I'm not making friends with Steele," I retorted.

  "Oh, come on. I bet she's hot. She has to be hot. Be friends with her for me."

  "What's up with Steele?" Bryce questioned. I searched his face, but there wasn't a hint of anything. Bryce had been doing our thing for years and he'd known about the Denton Steele event. He'd never commented on it and I'd never offered any explanation, but—really—how do you explain that?

  "He's got a super-fine sister coming to town. I want Shell, since she's hot and heavy with Mr. Sexiest Man Alive to seduce his sister around to our social crowd."

  "Seduce?" I grinned. "I don't do girl on girl."

  Bryce chuckled as a bright smile lit on Corrigan's face.

  "That'd be perfect! You can do that too." Like it hadn't already been his secret hope.

  "Hi Bryce. Hi Corrigan. Hi Sheldon."

  Becky Lew was one of the head cheerleaders and the queen of the underworld minions. She ruled all her little queens: cheerleaders, dance team, some of the cross-country, yearbook, and all the skinny blonde girls who aspired for popularity. Some brunettes and redheads too, but there just always seemed to be more blondes than any other hair color.

  I didn't not like her, but I didn't like her either.

  Becky hated me, but was nice to me. I was pretty tight with Bryce and Corrigan so she needed to be nice to me. To tell the truth, I would've handled it on my own anyways. I could turn bitch when I was heated enough, but it didn't happen that often.

  "Becky," Corrigan grunted and turned his back.

  Bryce leaned his back on his locker and watched.

  Two minions gasped behind Becky and we all knew why.

  Corrigan had snubbed Becky Lew.

  I didn't care about that.

  Why had Corrigan snubbed Becky Lew?—that was the real question.

  "So, Sheldon—let's talk about this weekend," Corrigan continued. "I'm thinking that when you go to reacquaint yourself with Steele, you should wear one of those pink lacy thongs. You have about a million anyway."

  "How do you know what my thongs look like? You snuck into my room, didn't you?" I should've cared. I didn't.

  Corrigan looked affronted, but I saw the mirth that sparkled in his eyes.

  I swore, but it didn’t touch my grin.

  "I just went up once to look for Bryce. Any decent red-blooded male would've looked."

  "Corrigan," Becky spoke up. She had decided that she wasn't one to be ignored.

  Corrigan resumed, "And then you should ask if Steele's sister has a matching pair of pink lacy thongs. That'd be awesome. You could both wear them when you bring her to the party."

  "Corrigan," Becky said again.

  I laughed and shifted so my side pressed against Bryce's when I noted, "Someone's knocking at your door, Corrigan."

  Bryce snaked an arm around my waist and cupped my hip.

  Corrigan grew still and sighed. He turned to Becky and asked, "What do you want, Lew?"

  "I'd like to know when you're coming over tonight." A smile blinded us, she was so happy for her opening. "My dad's coming home for dinner and it'd be nice to make sure he won't walk in on us."

  Corrigan froze in place.

  Becky seemed so sweet.

  And hot damn—the minions seemed to preen.

  He said slowly, "Becky, if and when we hook up—you can be sure that your dad's going to be scheduling around us. Not the other way around." The statement made no sense, but it didn't matter. Corrigan was being his usual cocky self and to add insult to injury, he tsk-tsked her—such a dismissal.

  Becky tightened her mouth and started to retort, but I drawled, "Corrigan, I never knew. Were you hoping for a twosome with Steele's sister and Lew?"

  Becky hissed, but caught herself in time. She knew better than to play her games with me.

  Bryce must've grown bored because he straightened away from me and left the group.

  "Where you going, Bry?" Corrigan called after him and left to follow.

  I sighed. I already knew what had happened; Bryce had given him his 'out.'

  Don't ever say best friends never looked out for each other.

  "It's true, you know." Becky tore my attention from the guys back to her.

  "What is?" I asked, tired of the game now. Bryce and Corrigan were both gone. Baiting her wasn't fun without Corrigan to suffer the consequences.

  "Me and Corrigan. We hooked up at Bryce's party on Friday. You weren't there."

  No, I wasn't. I knew everyone wanted to know where I was, but I told none.

  "You and Bryce have a fight or something?" Becky shifted closer to me, like it was a whispered secret between the two of us.

  "Well, if we did then we just kissed and made up."

  "I don't get the two of you. You're on his arm half the time and the other half he's got someone else on his arm. What's the deal?"

  I smirked at her. Everyone wanted to know. No one would find out.

  "So…you and Corrigan, huh? Good luck with that." I patted her shoulder and pushed past to my own locker.

  I wasn't really surprised to see that Corrigan had waited for me.

  "Your girlfriend's a bit too nosy for her well-being," I murmured as I opened my locker and stashed my book.

  "She's not my girlfriend," he muttered.

  "Where'd Bryce go?" Spanish for second period wasn't looking too enticing. Sex was.

  "I don't know," he shrugged. "What am I going to do about Lew?"

  Spanish it was. Sadly.

  Corrigan fell into step beside me and I pointed out, "It'd help if I knew what happened."

  "We hooked up," he evaded. That was a given, but what else happened? There was always something else.

  "And went back for seconds last night?" I guessed the 'something else.'

  "Please," he puffed his chest up. "Thirds was last night."

  His cockiness rolled over off his shoulders.

  "And you suggested a fourth tonight?"

  "Something like that."

  "So Becky Lew is your new screw-buddy and she doesn't know it?"