The enticement, p.5
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       The Enticement, p.5

         Part #5 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  I yawned. “Almost.”

  “Take your time.” His thumb trailed across my bottom lip. “There’s no rush.”

  “Simon and Lynne still here?”

  “Mmm, either downstairs or outside. I sent him a text letting him know I was staying with you and they could either go for a walk or hang out inside.”

  “I hope Lynne’s still calm and the scene didn’t freak her out too much.”

  “Simon said she really enjoyed talking with you.”

  “She has a good head on her shoulders and is stronger than she looks.”

  “I’m glad you got a chance to ease her mind before we did anything; I think it helped a lot.”

  “Are you hungry? Lynne and I got most of lunch ready, and all I need to do is put everything out.”

  He sat up, bringing me with him. “It’s a little after noon. I’ll go find them while you get dressed. We’ll eat on the sunporch.”

  He gave me a quick kiss and then left to find our guests. I stayed in bed for a few minutes, stretching, before heading to the bathroom. My body was filled with delicious aches and pains that would stay with me for days.

  Nathaniel had laid out an outfit for me to wear, as well as two pain relievers and a bottle of water. I took the two pills and drank half the water. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror, seeing a woman who’d just been consummately fucked. My hair was tousled, and my lips full. The marks of our play were on my backside, I noted, turning around and looking over my shoulder.

  The outfit he laid out was a short skirt, no panties, and a soft cotton T-shirt. Casual, but still subtly sexy. I quickly brushed my hair, washed my face, and got dressed.

  Lynne was in the kitchen, pulling sandwiches out of the refrigerator when I made it downstairs. She smiled at me shyly. I simply smiled back, remembering the odd feeling I experienced the first time I interacted with someone after watching them play.

  “Did you and Simon go for a walk?” I asked, grabbing the glasses from the cabinet and filling them with ice.

  “Just for a bit,” she said. “We dipped our feet in your pool, too.”

  “Next time you’ll have to bring your bathing suits.” I watched as she got out the fruit salad. “Is there anything you’d like to talk about or ask without the men around?”

  She shook her head. “Simon and I talked after. It was nothing like I thought it’d be and yet exactly what I expected at the same time. I know that doesn’t make sense.”

  I laughed. “I think I know what you’re trying to say. Did anything surprise you?”

  “I thought it’d be awkward, but it was really like we were watching something on TV. The two of you didn’t even seem to know we were there. I think that made it easier.”

  “I can guarantee Master never forgot you were there, but you’re right about me. My entire focus was on him.”

  “It was captivating, watching him. How he can be so hard and demanding and yet look at you with such love and devotion.”

  He didn’t often have me meet his eyes while we were in the playroom, but I knew what she was talking about based on the few times he had allowed it. It was a look I never got tired of seeing and as I thought about it, an idea popped into my head.

  Maybe if I could get him to video our play and we watched it?

  The idea turned me on. The only thing hotter would be if there were other people watching as we played and I could see their faces as well. I fell into a fantasy of what that would be like.

  “Spread your legs wide for our guests, Abigail. Let them see how wet your pussy gets in preparation for my cock.”

  I’m blindfolded, so I can’t see anything, but I know the men are there. Watching. I’m sitting on the couch and I move my knees apart.

  “Wider,” one of the men says. “I can’t see her clit.”

  Nathaniel is behind me. He pinches one of my nipples so hard, tears fill my eyes. “Spread. Now.”

  I part my knees as wide as I can and he lets go of my nipple.

  “Better. You see now, gentlemen, how desperate she is for my cock? How her pussy gets all nice and wet, anticipating the fucking heading its way.”

  “Nice and tight,” another man says. “Bet it fits like a glove.”

  “It does,” Nathaniel answers, then leans down to whisper so only I can hear. “They’re going crazy with lust just looking at you spread out for their viewing pleasure. I can only imagine what they’ll be feeling when I’m pounding into that sweet pussy.” He stands up. “Show the gentlemen how you play with your clit, Abigail.”


  I jumped. What?

  Nathaniel had made it into the kitchen and was looking at me with a slightly bemused expression. He raised an eyebrow in an I know what you were thinking way. “You were somewhere else for a moment. Can Simon and I help carry things?”

  “Oh, right. I wasn’t. I was,” I stammered. “Yes, yes, you can.”

  By the time we made it to the sunporch, even Lynne was laughing.

  Everyone sat down and took a sandwich, and we fell into a comfortable chatter. It was the first time I’d really had a chance to talk with Simon and I found him to be friendly and intelligent. The men were discussing an issue Nathaniel was having with his security team. Jonah, his longtime security lead, had turned in his resignation and was moving to California with his fiancée and Domme, Eve. Apparently, Simon had the name of someone who could help.

  As the men chatted on, I turned to Lynne. She worked as an admin for a well-known law firm that was right down the street from the public library where I used to work. Her eyes grew big as she gushed about her favorite authors.

  During a break in our conversation, I realized the men had stopped talking and were looking at us. I kicked myself for not paying closer attention to Nathaniel’s needs.

  “Can I get something for you, Master?” I asked.

  An evil smile played on his lips. “Yes, as a matter of fact, you can.”

  I pushed my chair back.

  “Sit down.”

  Oh, hell.

  He nodded toward his left. “When you were in the kitchen a little bit ago, you were daydreaming about something. What was it?”

  He wasn’t seriously asking me that, was he? But the look on his face told me he was completely serious. “It was on the personal side, Master.”


  But of course he knew that and his face held no reprieve. Apparently, playtime hadn’t ended in the playroom. I didn’t look at Simon or Lynne.

  I took a deep breath. “It was a fantasy. I was blindfolded and naked, sitting on a couch. You were standing behind me.”

  He raised an eyebrow. Keep going.

  “There were”—fuck, this was embarrassing—“there were men in the room. Wa-watching.” While I spoke, he kept his attention on me. Never glancing away. “You were letting them look at me and whispering to me about how much they wanted me and how it’d drive them crazy when you fucked me. And we were being taped.”

  “Exhibitionist all the way, aren’t you?” he asked, talking about the time we had sex under a blanket at the Super Bowl.

  “Yes, Master.”

  “Would you like to one day play in front of a group of men? Have them watch while I fuck you?”

  Damn. I shifted in my chair, feeling my arousal grow. “Yes, Master.”

  “Does it turn you on knowing that they’ll look at you and want to fuck you?”

  “Uh,” I stammered. “Yes, Master, but I know you won’t let them touch me.”

  “No, they won’t touch you, but they’ll most likely be jerking off while they picture themselves fucking you.”

  “I know I’m safe with you, Master.”

  He tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear. “Whatever we do, you are completely safe in my care. I value you more than my own life.”

  I kissed his palm. It’d been a long time since he’d pushed me out of my comfort zone. Describing my fantasy in front of Simon and Lynne had been more of a challenge th
an having them in the playroom. But I knew as the conversation around the table started up again, Lynne wasn’t the only one who’d learned something today.

  Chapter Four

  Simon and Lynne left shortly after lunch and Nathaniel and I lounged in the library. For a while we spoke about nothing in particular, just simple chitchat. He talked about the man Simon mentioned hiring as a consultant for security. Since Jonah was leaving in a few weeks, he thought he’d call the other guy in a few days.

  We had another five hours or so before Linda brought the kids back. It wasn’t a given we’d go back to the bedroom or playroom, but I hoped we did. We’d had only the one session. And our next date wasn’t scheduled for another month.

  I really didn’t want to wait another month. But before I could say anything, he put a hand on my knee.


  I hoped that meant what I thought it meant. “Yes, Sir?”

  “I want you on our bed, hands and knees.”

  My heart thumped in anticipation.

  While it would have been nice to go back to the playroom, the bedroom had its advantages. Every time I stepped into the bedroom, I’d remember the time we spent there this weekend.

  He’d be following me in about ten minutes, so I undressed and went straight to the bedroom and got on my hands and knees facing the headboard. I naturally fell into my yoga breathing, glad we had this time to come together once more.

  As expected, I heard him enter the bedroom before ten minutes had passed.

  “Very nice, Abigail. You can relax. Stretch a bit.”

  Feeling slightly stiff, and glad to be moving, I dropped to my butt and rolled my shoulders.

  “Are you okay?” he asked.

  I turned to face him. Faint worry lines creased his forehead.

  “Yes, Master. Just a bit unused to waiting.”

  “Is that so?” he asked and the worry lines disappeared. “Then it’s going to be a long night for you. No orgasm without permission and I feel like being stingy with my permission. And while I let you be vocal this morning, this afternoon you’re not to speak unless you need to safeword or I ask you a direct question. Understood?”

  “Yes, Master.” It was so hard sometimes to keep quiet. Took all my concentration.

  “Have you stretched enough? Are you ready?”

  “Yes, Master.”

  He walked to the bed, captured my face between his hands and kissed me. Unlike most of his kisses today, this one was urgent. He dug his fingers into my hair and I groaned at the sharp pain his actions brought. Fuck, I’ve missed this. I sank into his embrace.

  His kiss made my arousal grow more intense and I wrapped my arms around him, wanting him to engulf me completely. After a few minutes he pulled back to whisper in my ear.

  “I want you on your knees, facing the headboard. You may hold on to it.”

  I slid out of his embrace and climbed back on the bed the way he asked.

  “Knees wider. You’ll need the support.” When I was in position, the leather tip of a crop ran down my left leg, up along the inside and back down my right.

  Oh, yes, yes, yes.

  He started with gentle taps all along my legs and the crop landed harder on my backside. Ever so gradually, he increased the intensity of the swats. I pushed my ass back, needing more.

  “Enjoying yourself?” he asked.

  I hummed in blissed-out pleasure. “Mmm, yes, Master.”

  “Good.” He ran a hand down my backside and slipped two fingers inside. “That’s all I want for you tonight and I can tell someone is definitely enjoying herself at the moment.”

  I pushed back, wanting his fingers deeper. I couldn’t talk, but I could show him with my body how his touch affected me.

  He gave my ass a slap. “And someone’s greedy.” More swats from the crop rained across my backside. “But I’m having too much fun teasing you to fuck you yet.”

  He shifted and pressed his weight along my back and his breath was hot in my ear. “That’s what you want, isn’t it? You want me to fuck you?”

  I shivered. “Yes, please, Master.”

  “No.” He smacked the crop so it landed between my legs. “Release the headboard, Abigail.”

  I let go and dropped to my butt, carefully, though, because of the ache left behind by the crop. He stood by the bed and I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he undressed. He still worked out daily and his body made my knees wobble. My eyes dropped to his erection, which was so long and thick, my pussy clenched with need.

  “See something you like?” he asked, a hint of teasing noticeable in his voice.

  “Yes, Master.”

  “Tell me.”

  “I want your cock.”

  “I’m not sure you’re ready.” He sat down on the side of the bed and patted the spot beside him. “Put your right foot here.”

  I slid off the bed and stood before him, placing my foot the way he asked. The position left me a bit unsteady.

  “Hands on my shoulders.” When I’d regained my balance, he trailed a finger up my inner thigh, circled my clit, and teased my entrance. “Let’s see if you’re ready.”

  The feel of his finger, dipping just the tiniest bit into me, had me squeezing his shoulders.

  “Is this where you want it?” he asked and his voice was all husky.

  “Yes, please.”

  He lifted his finger to his mouth and tasted me. “So sweet.”

  His hands drifted to my waist and I swayed against him. “I want you in my lap. Your legs wrapped around me and my cock buried inside you.” I started to move, but he didn’t let go. “Lower yourself on me slowly and be still once I’m all the way in.”

  I kept hold of his shoulders while I moved into position. Pressing myself at the tip of his cock, he whispered, “Feel how hard I am for you?”

  Slowly, I lowered myself down on him and he entered me inch by inch.

  “That’s it, Abigail. Take every bit of your Master’s dick. Feel it push deep inside you. Claiming your body.”

  His jaw tightened as I continued my descent. I closed my eyes so I could concentrate on the feel of him stretching me, hard and thick inside me.

  “Don’t move,” he said, when he was all the way inside, but I wasn’t sure if he was talking to me or himself. The urge to move, to rock up and down on his cock, was so strong and tempting. I dug my fingers into his shoulder, knowing I was leaving marks.

  I forced myself to breathe slower and as I calmed down, he ran his hands down my arms.

  “That’s it. Do you feel our connection?”

  I buried my face against his neck, wanting more. “Yes, Master.”

  “I don’t want to just be inside your body. I want to be inside your mind. I want my mark on your very soul.”

  Since I couldn’t talk, I held on to him even tighter. You are. It is.

  “But for right now, I’ll settle for just being inside your body.” He held me firmly, and with one swift move, changed our positions so I was on my back and he towered over me. He took my hands and placed them above my head. I grabbed a handful of sheet, knowing I wasn’t to move.

  “When I’m inside you, the only thing on my mind is getting deeper inside you.” He thrust his hips forward. “And deeper.” He
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