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         Part #8 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me

  so no worries about that. And I’ll ensure you’re covered until you get into position.”

  “That is very kind of you, Sir. To go through that trouble for me.” Even as she said the words, she felt the relief course through her body.

  “It’s no trouble, little one. It was, however, one of your limits and though you trusted me, I know you don’t want to share that part of your body with the club.”

  She felt forty pounds lighter as she stood and began to take her clothes and lingerie off. She left her shirt and bra for last. Cole stood in front of her, looking around to make sure everything was clear.

  “Go ahead and step in front of the cross,” he said. “With your back to it. Then you can finish undressing while I keep prying eyes away from your back.”

  She did as he bid and then watched as he approached her, his eyes filled with evil delight. He took one wrist and bound it above her head.

  “Are you ready to play, little one?” he whispered in her ear. “Ready to get all hot and bothered in front of all these people?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  He bound the other wrist above her head. “I’m going to bind your ankles, too. Spread those legs for me. Give me room to work your body over.”

  He continued his wicked whispers as he bound her ankles to the wooden frame. He stepped back and looked at her with lust heavy in his eyes and she’d never been more thankful to be restrained. If she wasn’t bound, she’d no doubt be a puddle on the floor.

  He picked up a heavy flogger and her heart started to race. He’s going to start with that one? She swallowed.

  “No talking unless I ask a question or you need to safeword. No moving. No coming. All clear?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “You will take this for me.”

  It wasn’t a question, so she took it as a command. Yes, she would. A movement behind him caught her attention and she looked closer. Nathaniel and Abby. It made sense they would want to watch. Abby said Nathaniel had been worried because he hadn’t heard from Cole. Maybe after tonight he wouldn’t be so worried.

  “Close your eyes,” Cole commanded.

  She closed them and braced for the first stroke of the flogger to hit. Because he’d picked up a heavy one, she expected it to hurt. But in a move that shouldn’t have surprised her, it landed with a pleasant thud on her upper thigh.

  “I know what you were thinking, little one.” He spoke as the tails struck her other thigh. “And if you remember, I told you to expect to be unbalanced when it came to me. Didn’t I?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “I’m going to bring you so close to the edge, but you’re not allowed to come without permission.”

  He didn’t talk after that, but he must have picked up another flogger, because soon there were two different types of tails landing on her. A light one teased the upper part of her body while he focused the heavier one on her thighs. She never cared for the heavier floggers, but in Cole’s hand, it felt like nothing she’d ever experienced.

  Then one of them started landing closer and closer to where she ached to be filled. He stayed in that spot for a time, letting her grow accustomed to the feeling and then he moved away, resuming his attention to her upper thighs.

  She bit back a whine of frustration. If she could just bring her legs together for a bit of friction . . .

  But no. He’d told her she wasn’t allowed to come. He’d also told her he was going to take her to the edge. With that in mind, it wasn’t a surprise when one of the tails landed on her clit.

  Damn, that felt good.

  She waited for it to fall again and bit back a moan when it did.

  So good.

  “What color, little one?” he asked.

  “Green, Sir. So, so, so green.”

  His chuckles were accompanied by others.

  He brought the tails down over and over again and then it disappeared. The loss made her feel so empty and needy. But it wasn’t until the heavy thud suddenly struck her clit again that she realized just how needy. The feeling of release rushed up behind her and before she could control it, it pushed her over the edge with the next stroke of the flogger. Her body trembled as her climax overtook her.

  The floggers stopped immediately and the entire club grew eerily quiet.

  “Did you just come, slave?” Cole’s voice was colder than she’d ever heard.

  “Yes, Sir.” Now her body trembled for a different reason.

  “What did I tell you about coming?”

  She wondered if she could even get the words out. “That I couldn’t without your permission.”

  “Did I give permission?”

  “No, Sir.”

  He didn’t say anything. Her eyes were still closed and she decided she’d like to keep them like that forever. Or at least until his voice wasn’t so cold.

  She heard him step forward, and one by one, he unbound her limbs.

  “I didn’t bring a cane, so we’re going to improvise your punishment. Look at me.”

  She slowly opened her eyes. He didn’t look pleased, but he was very much in control of himself.

  “I’m going to have you move to the empty padded table to my left. I want you on your back. Knees spread. You want to come without permission? I’m going to have you come so many times, you’ll be begging to have the orgasms stop.”

  Oh, fuck.

  She’d never experienced forced orgasms, but she’d heard enough subs talk about them. She had a feeling that before the night was over, she was going to wish he’d brought his suit and cane. Someone really needed to invent a way to fast-forward through life’s unpleasant moments.

  “Go,” he said.

  She took a step forward and it wasn’t until she felt a blanket fall around her shoulders she remembered that in walking to the table, her back would be exposed. That he remembered, even when she’d disobeyed him, brought tears to her eyes.

  He was a much better Master than she was a sub. Never before had she felt the enormity between them as she did in that moment.

  She climbed onto the table, removing the blanket when she got on her back. With her feet flat on the table, her knees were spread, but her legs shook and she hated that. Damn it all to hell. This was supposed to be a fun night and she messed it up.

  It wasn’t long before Cole was at her side. She’d never done a scene like the one he had in mind, but he was out of his freaking mind if he thought for a second she would be able to come once, much less multiple times. Best if she kept that thought to herself, she decided.

  He placed a tube of lube and a vibrator next to her head. “Why are you on the table, slave?”

  “I came without permission, Sir.”

  “Yes, you did, and just to be clear, you are allowed to come whenever you wish whilst you’re on the table.”

  “Thank you, Sir.” She’d made the mistake once before of not thanking him for allowing her release. It wasn’t going to reoccur tonight.

  “Very good, little one.” Faint praise, but at the moment she’d take it.

  He squirted some lube on his finger and applied it to her clit, and slipped more inside her. “Do I need to bind you to the table?”

  Since she’d never done this, she nodded. “Please, Sir. I think you’d better.”

  “Thank you for being honest.”

  Minutes later, she was bound so tightly, she couldn’t move. She’d noticed while he tied her to the table that the crowd at the cross had remained to watch. Nathaniel, Abby, and Meagan were nearby, and she wasn’t sure, but she thought Fritz stood off to the side.

  “I’m not going to blindfold you,” Cole said. “I want your eyes on me.”

  She’d rather be blindfolded. Or at least able to close her eyes.

  “I know this is hard. It’s supposed to be.” His voice matched the firm resolve in his eyes. “We’ll start slow.”

  He turned the vibrator on and teased her with it, running it near her clit, but never touching it directly. Though he told her to w
atch him, his eyes weren’t always on her, but she kept her focus on him. If he looked her way, she wanted him to see she was following his instructions.

  As he continued teasing her, she came to realize she had vastly underestimated him. He’d obviously been very astute when it came to how to turn her on. She didn’t think she’d be able to come at all while she was on the table, but Cole knew her body. And he used every bit of knowledge he had to get her hot and bothered.

  Her body tensed as her climax approached.

  “The first one’s easy,” he said. “So easy you can almost forget it’s a punishment.”

  Just as he said, the first one came and went, bringing nothing but pleasure, though the pleasure was tinged with a bit of trepidation. Their first night together, she’d come three times with him. How many would he push her through now? Five? Six? He wouldn’t do more than that, would he?

  “I reckon the second one isn’t that hard, either.” His eyes were intent as he repositioned the vibe closer to her clit. He slipped a finger inside her and stroked. “Of course, technically, this is three for you. So it might not be as easy.”

  She relaxed her body as much as possible and focused on just feeling. If she didn’t fight the orgasms, maybe it wouldn’t be as bad. He looked her way and his face was unreadable as the familiar feeling of impending release grew.

  “Give it to me,” he said, and she came with a soft cry and panting after.

  That was three in a relatively short period of time. She didn’t think it possible for her body to do it again. Cole leaned over her.

  “Now’s when it gets hard. When you don’t think you can have another one. But your body will betray you and you won’t be able to stop it. What are your safe words?”

  Oh, holy hell, he was asking for safe words? She didn’t like the insinuation.

  “Green, yellow, and red, Sir.”

  He nodded. “Use them if you need to.”

  She took a deep breath and nodded.

  “Understand, I’m only stopping if you safeword.”

  Her fingernails dug into the palm of her hands. “I understand, Sir.”

  He didn’t say anything else, but took the vibe and placed it directly on her clit. The bundle of nerves was already sensitive after her previous climaxes and she cried out as the buzzing instrument tormented it further.

  It was the strangest combination of pleasure/pain and heaven/hell she’d ever experienced. Almost as if the wires in her brain were crossed or confused. Part of her thought there was no way she’d ever come, but she felt the sensation between her legs start to do just that. She tensed up because she knew it would fucking hurt.

  This orgasm wasn’t going to be calm or peaceful or quiet. She closed her eyes as it approached.

  “Eyes on me,” Cole said.

  Her eyes flew open right as the peak of her climax struck and she yelped.

  “Who owns your orgasms?” Cole asked.

  “You do, Sir.” Maybe he’d turn the damn thing off now. Please let him turn it off.

  “Very good. You’re going to come again.”

  Fucking hell, he turned the vibe up a notch. She shifted her hips trying to get away. “No, Sir. I can’t. I can’t.”

  “Be still or you’ll find another one in your arse.”

  She whimpered. Her lower body tingled in a combination of feelings. The damn vibe was going to drive her crazy. She didn’t think she could handle another climax. But Cole was unrelenting and he kept it right on her clit. Sweat beaded on her forehead.

  “When do you come?” he asked.

  “Oh my God, turn it off.”

  Her flesh balked at another orgasm, but she knew it would happen anyway. The evil buzzing thing wasn’t going to stop until she came.

  “Either say the right word to stop it or answer the question.”

  The word. She could stop it with a word. Red. Red would stop it.

  Cole met her eyes and in his gaze she found what she needed.

  “I come when you tell me, Sir.”

  “That’s right.”

  Fucking, fucking, fucking hell. He’d turned it up again. She panted and tried to keep her hips still. The next one was running up on her, and she was certain it’d crush her. She couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t do it.

  “Come,” Cole said.

  Her back arched off the table as the climax consumed her. Consumed. Empty. Void. She searched for Cole, but of course he was right there. She had to tell him. Had to.


  • • •

  Everything looked hazy. Or maybe that was the buzzing that still continued even though she knew he’d put the vibrator away.

  “I’ve got it,” he said to someone. “Look at me, Sasha. Are you okay?” His hands were busy untying her limbs.

  Her breath still came in pants. “Yes, Sir. Will it stop?”

  He brushed her cheek and his hand was warm. “It will.”

  “When?” She shook as another wave of sensation swept over her body.

  “Pretty soon, I would think.” He looked to this right. “Hand me that blanket. No, I need it before she sits up.”

  She didn’t want to sit up. She didn’t want to move at all.

  He took the blanket and laid it across her. “I’m going to pick you up so your back is covered and carry you to a private room. Are you okay with that?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  When he picked her up, she was still shaking, but she found comfort in his arms and hoped he didn’t let her go anytime soon. She closed her eyes and only knew they made it to the private room when he sat down.

  He situated her on his lap and held her close. “Has it stopped yet?”

  “Almost, Sir,” she said as another tremor hit her body.

  “I’m glad you used your safe word, Sasha. That brings me more comfort than you know.”

  “This sounds crazy, but I’m glad I got the chance to use it. Is that weird?”

  He stroked her hair while he talked. There wasn’t anything sexual about his touch; rather, it soothed her. And she got the impression it soothed him, too.

  “No,” he said in answer to her question. “I don’t think that’s weird. After the scene with Peter, I think you needed to safeword and see that everything stopped. So, while it wasn’t my intent for you to do so, I’m glad you did.”

  “The other thing is, once I knew I had to, I didn’t hesitate to say it.”

  He kissed her forehead. “Good. And just so you’re aware, I was seconds away from ending the scene. You had endured enough.”

  She sighed deeply and curled closer to him.

  “That does not mean, however, that we should play without safe words.”

  His off-handed reference to how she’d played with Peter chilled her just a bit. “I know, Sir.”

  “I didn’t say it to be a bastard.”

  “I know that, too, Sir.” Though why did it make her feel bad that he’d said it?

  “Here.” He reached to the table at his side and pressed a bottle to her mouth. “Drink for me, little one.”