The master, p.21
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       The Master, p.21

         Part #8 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  Missing something? How was that even possible?

  Her eyes widened.


  “I forgot the lube, Sir.”

  “Kneel, slave.” His voice chilled her.

  She dropped to her knees, cursing herself for messing up so soon.

  “I gave you a simple instruction, did I not?” he asked in the same frigid tone.

  “Yes, Sir. Very simple.”

  “Are you aware of how painful it would be if I took your arse with no lube?”

  Her butt clenched involuntarily. “Yes, Sir.”

  He walked toward her; each thud of his footstep seemed to vibrate through her body. “There is one thing certain about how this ends. And that’s with you bent across the island with my cock up your arse.” He roughly took her chin and lifted her face. “The only question is, will I allow you lube or not?”

  Holy fuck! He wouldn’t try anal sex without lube, would he? She didn’t think the Cole she knew would, but that man seemed so different compared to the one currently with her.

  She tried not to flinch away from his cool gaze. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

  His low chuckle sounded downright evil, and she feared what he would say next.

  “It’s going to take more than I’m sorry for you to earn the lube back.”

  She didn’t know what he meant. She didn’t move.

  “You definitely won’t earn it by just sitting there.”


  She thought about asking for permission to suck him off. Based on the way his pants were tented, she could safely say there was one part of his anatomy that wouldn’t object. All she would have to do is come up to her knees and unbuckle his belt.

  She froze. His belt. Of course.

  “If it pleases you, Sir.” She stood and moved to stand in front of the island. “I believe you told me once before what happens to disobedient slaves in the kitchen.”

  He didn’t say anything, but appraised her with his unwavering, intense gaze. Watching her—no it was more than that. He was studying her. Weighing her reply. Testing it. She straightened her spine, not wanting him to find her lacking.

  “That would go a long way in earning it back,” he said in a low, controlled voice.

  She was surprised, but pleased he didn’t ask if she was sure.

  “Once you’re prepared, bend over the island.”

  He was letting her decide how she’d prepare for him, not something he’d ordinarily do. She wouldn’t let him regret it. Under his piercing gaze, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She shrugged out of it, one shoulder at a time and didn’t miss the hungry way he watched.

  Knowing she had his undivided attention, she shimmied the lacy panties down her hips and stepped out of them. Wearing only the garter and hose, she turned away from him and draped herself across the island. Though she expected the granite to be cold, she still gasped when her bare breasts touched the cold stone.

  She listened for the telltale sound of a belt being unbuckled, but it never came. Had she somehow missed it? She braced for the first blow and flinched when instead two warm hands cupped her shoulders.

  “So jumpy.” Both hands ran down her back, squeezed her ass, and stroked back up. “I’m touching you because it pleases me to do so. To know you’re here and you’re mine for the next two weeks.”

  He didn’t say anything else, but his message was clear, and the weight of his words sunk deep into her mind, even as his hands woke her body to his touch. His massage lulled her into a relaxed state she wouldn’t have thought possible moments before.

  The first slap of his hand against her backside nearly had her moan in pleasure. Over and over he spanked her, sometimes hard and sometimes light, but always making her need grow. She squirmed in an effort to give her clit some friction.

  The crack of the belt on her ass stopped her fidgeting.

  “Be still,” he said. “You’re earning the lube back. Don’t even think about coming.”

  She braced herself for leather, but only the warmth of his skin followed. He’d told her once before he would keep her off balance. He was right and it was useless to try and determine the whys and hows.

  She turned her cheek so it rested against the cool granite and closed her eyes. He took his time working her over and though she expected pain, he also gave her pleasure. Between the belt and his hands, both sensations merged together and within minutes, she craved both.

  “What color?” he asked bringing the belt across her backside and then followed by circling her clit with two fingers.

  “Green, Sir.”

  The belt landed harder, but so did his teasing of her flesh. She forced herself to be still and accept what he gave her. She wasn’t certain how much time passed. For that moment, there was nothing in her world but him and the feelings he drew from her body.

  “Last three will be hard and fast. Take them in stillness and silence and I’ll allow you to get the lube. Understand?”

  Three. She knew she could take three more. She only hoped she could do it quietly and without moving. “Yes, Sir.”

  She didn’t have time to prepare, the belt made contact almost before the words left her mouth.




  Tears stung her eyes, but she blinked them back.

  “Breathe, little one.”

  She took a large gulp of air. Could she move yet? Should she wait for permission?

  The decision was taken from her as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her up and turning her to face him. She didn’t know whether to expect tenderness or harshness, but he showed her both when he crushed his lips to hers in a quick, possessive kiss that left her reeling.

  “Nothing makes me harder than knowing I’m about to fuck an arse I just belted.” He bit her earlobe. “You have sixty seconds to get the lube and bring it back. You best not fail.”

  He stepped aside to let her pass and she darted around him and flew up the stairs. She didn’t slow down as she grabbed the tube from the bed and hurried back to the kitchen.

  He stood by the island, naked, and she only had time to run an appreciative glance over his body before dropping to her knees before him. She held the tube out.

  “Three seconds to spare,” he said. “Not bad. But I don’t want the lube. You use it.”

  On him?

  He fisted his cock. “Better hurry. I’ve waited about all I’m going to wait. Your arse is mine.”

  She squeezed some into her hands and coated his cock.

  “Make sure you use enough, it’ll be tough enough to take me the first time. Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be.”

  She took the tube and squeezed a liberal amount directly on him. He chuckled.

  “I think that’s enough for now, little one. Hand the rest to me.”

  The tube nearly slipped out of her hands as she passed it to him. He placed it on the island and her heart pounded faster when he faced her again. Damn, she’d forgotten how huge he was. She doubted his ability to fit, no matter how much lube she’d used.

  He, of course, noticed her uncertainty. He crossed his arms. “If you overly worry about it, you’ll make yourself tense and it’ll hurt. Trust me, and it’ll go a lot easier.”

  “Yes, Sir,” she said, but wasn’t sure she meant it.

  “Of course it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other; either way I get off.” He nodded toward the island. “I want you over it again, this time with your legs spread more.”

  She situated herself the way he asked, the temperature of the granite less of a surprise this time. He pressed against her and pushed her head down so it rested on the stone. One of his hands drifted between her legs to toy with her pussy and within seconds, she was fighting the urge to squirm.

  “I love the feel of my slave cunt, all wet and hot and desperate for my cock. But today, I’m taking you here.” He pushed a lubricated finger inside her ass. “And when I’ve finished, this hole will be ruine
d for anyone else’s cock.” He added another finger. “Because I’m not just going to fuck it, I’m going to Master it.”

  He worked his fingers deeper while at the same time using his other hand to stroke her clit. And damn it, it had never felt that good before.

  “What do you say to that, slave?” His fingers slipped out and she almost whined at the loss.

  “Please, Sir, fuck my ass.”

  He started pumping his fingers in and out of her, still working her clit with his other hand. “Fuck it with what?”

  “Oh, god, your cock, Sir.”

  He kept thrusting with his fingers until she panted with need. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped. With her next breath she felt the head of his cock against her ass.

  “I hope you used enough lube, because you’re going to take every last inch of me.” His one hand had never left her clit and it continued to tease her. “Relax, little one. Let me in.”

  She did her best to relax against the insisting intrusion of his cock, but as his tip pressed inside, her eyes grew wide. Damn. He was stretching her more than she’d ever been stretched. The plugs were nothing.

  “Bear down,” he said in a strained voice.

  He stilled his body, moving nothing but the fingers that were now easing inside her pussy and starting a slow pump in and out. His thumb rubbed across her clit. As arousal swelled inside her, he began to whisper.

  “Bloody hell, you’re so fucking hot.”

  He gave a little push and the tip of him popped inside her. She yelped at the sensation.

  “Yes,” he hissed. “I want to hear every shout, every sigh, every sound.” He pushed slowly inside. “Because hearing you makes me so damn hard and I want to fuck you harder and deeper and never stop.”

  He moved even slower and she thought her eyes would roll to the back of her head. She couldn’t hold back the gasp that escaped her as he entered her body.

  “I’m so deep inside, a little more and I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.” He gave her ass a slap. “Breathe.”

  She took a deep breath and when she exhaled, he thrust the rest of the way.

  “Bloody hell. Yes.” His normally smooth voice sounded like he’d swallowed gravel.

  He held still and she panted at the feel of him buried so deep inside her. Fuck. Never had she felt so full, so possessed. She was his and he’d just claimed her in the most primal way possible. And now that he’d claimed her, he would use her for his pleasure. Just thinking about it that way turned her on more and she gave her hips a swivel.

  The slap to her ass was immediate. “Be still, slave. I said I wanted to hear you, not have you squirming all over the place.”

  She forced herself to be still, even as he withdrew and thrust forward with greater force than before. His movements rocked her and she grunted when the lower part of her body hit the side of the island.

  “Getting ready to really slam into you.” The entire time he talked, he gradually increased his pace and intensity. “Time to show this arse who it belongs to.”

  Her fingers searched frantically for something to hold on to.

  “Hands behind your back,” he snapped and then continued after she repositioned herself. “Your only job right now is to be still and take what I give you.”

  Take it she did. With her hands behind her back, she was at his mercy. He didn’t voice that thought, though. Rather he proved it with his actions, driving into her over and over. And though he was hard and unyielding, he continued his attentions on her clit and it wasn’t too long before she was panting, desperately trying to hold back her orgasm.

  “Please let me come, Sir,” she begged.

  “No,” he said without breaking stride.

  Her climax swelled within her and she tried everything to keep it at bay. In her mind, she pictured things she hated: spiders, aggressive drivers, litter scattered among flowers, and still she teetered precariously on the edge of orgasm.

  “Please, Sir,” she tried again, lifting her head to look at him. “I can’t—”


  Before she could get the words out, her head was pushed back down onto the granite by the hand that had been stroking her.

  “Don’t tell me what you can’t do. You do anything I say, and right now, you can”—he punctuated each word with a rough thrust into her—“take . . . more.”

  The feeling of him moving within her, paired with his strength holding her immobile against the island, stirred her desire, pushing her closer to the edge. She began to tremble.

  “Not yet,” he warned.

  She took several deep breaths to calm herself. It only worked for a few seconds; on his next thrust, she was back to trembling.

  “Hold out.” His voice was a rough command. “Do it because I’m your Master and I wish for you to do it. Do it for me.”

  “For you, Sir,” she whispered. She pictured his approval if she held out until he gave permission and focused on that.

  Behind her, his breathing grew short and choppy, while his strokes into her became slow and deep.

  “Next time I pull out and come all over your back.” His voice was strained and he thrust back inside her with a grunt. “But right now, I’m coming deep inside your hot little slave arse.”

  She gasped in pleasure and curled her hands into tight fists. He shoved his cock deeper and spoke one word.


  Chapter Ten

  Cole gathered Sasha in his arms. She was weak and trembling with heavy eyelids that she appeared hell bent on keeping open. But she didn’t fight him when he carried her out of the kitchen into the downstairs bedroom he’d claimed as his own.

  He gently placed her in the middle of the bed and covered her with a thick blanket. “Stay here, little one. I’m going to get you cleaned up and then you’re going to rest.”

  She made a noise low in her throat, but it was impossible to tell if it was in agreement or protest. He brushed her cheek with the back of his hand and when she burrowed into the blanket he decided it’d been in agreement.

  He’d set out what he needed before meeting her in the kitchen, but even so, she was asleep after he collected everything, threw on some shorts, and made his way back into the bedroom.

  She rested on her side, still covered by the blanket, and her smile of contentment pierced his heart. He’d been rough with her, holding little back, wanting her to grasp just a bit of a Master/slave relationship, and instead of running away, she found contentment in his bed.

  He washed her as best as he could without waking her and rubbed ointment on her backside. There was no way for him to guess how long she’d sleep. After he’d caned her, she’d only slept for a handful of hours. This time when she woke up, he wanted to be there.

  Decided, he climbed on the bed beside her and curled his body around hers. She wiggled deeper into his embrace and whispered, “Oh, thank you,” so softly he almost missed it. He pressed his lips against the back of her neck and wondered if he’d have the strength to let her go at the end of two weeks.

  She slept for an hour and woke up delightfully disoriented, twisting in his arms and looking at him for a few seconds as if trying to remember who he was.

  He cupped her cheek, fearful she’d had a bad dream. “Are you okay?”

  She sighed and rubbed against his hand. “Yes, Sir. You held me.”

  I always hold submissives after a scene, he almost said, but stopped himself. Though it would be the truth, it wasn’t the same holding her as it’d been with other submissives. Even Kate had gotten to the point where she didn’t want to be held for very long.
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