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       The Master, p.17

         Part #8 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  back to bed. Do that and it’ll be like nothing happened. Stay here and I’m finished holding back.”

  She wasn’t about to pick the sheet up. She only hoped he couldn’t see how much she trembled. Please don’t be teasing me, she came close to saying. She didn’t want him to hold back anymore.

  His lips curved into a lazy smile when her time was up and she hadn’t moved. “You’ve changed the boundaries of our arrangement. We’re going to discuss what that means.” He paused for a second, and she feared he would tell her to go back to bed. But instead, his smile grew wider. “Tomorrow.”

  She’d barely processed his words before his hand was in her hair, pulling her head back so she was forced to meet his hungry gaze. “Right now, I’m going to show you what happens when a bratty submissive accuses me of doing a job halfway.”

  Then she could only process him because his mouth was on hers, hard and demanding and allowing room for no other thought. His kiss before had stoked a fire in her body; this one set that fire free to consume her.

  He pulled away only so he had room to nibble his way up her neck. He bit her earlobe and whispered, “This time I’m not going to finish until you’ve been thoroughly fucked and when I do finish, it’s going to be with my cock buried as deep as I can get it inside you.”

  She whimpered in need. Was it possible to orgasm from words alone? She didn’t put it past him to try. Though she had a feeling it wouldn’t take long, she was already a quivering mess.

  “Is that what you wanted when you came into my office and dropped that sheet?” He snaked his hand between their bodies and thrust two fingers inside her. “You need my cock here? Filling you up? Stretching that cunt as I push inside deep and hard?”

  Her legs wobbled and she nodded.

  “Words, Sasha. Give me words or you get nothing.”

  “Yes, Sir.” She swayed against him, high on lust and need. “That’s what I want.”

  “Then that’s what I’m going to give you and that’s what you’re going to take.” He gave her neck one last hard nibble and then stepped back. “And to start with, you’re going to take it in your mouth.”

  She dropped her gaze to his groin and swallowed. Fucking yes, she couldn’t wait to taste him. He unzipped his pants, pushed them down, and stepped out of them. He didn’t have underwear on and, hot damn, the size of him made her pussy ache with need. She wanted to have him inside her right then and hoped he didn’t wait too long to take her.

  “Stop looking at it and suck it.”

  His voice snapped her back to attention and she scurried to her knees. She moved as quickly as possible, but tried to remember everything about the moment: the hard muscle of his thighs as her hands traveled up the back of his legs, the tight and unyielding way his hands fisted her hair, and his sharp intake of breath when she slid her lips over his tip and flicked her tongue against him before sucking him deep.

  “Fucking hell, I knew you’d feel good.” His hands held her head steady while he pushed inside. “Take me, Sasha. Take every damn inch of me.”

  He gave her time to adjust to him, but he wasn’t leisurely about it. She had only enough time to feel somewhat comfortable before he pushed deeper.

  “There you go,” he said, holding still. “A little more.” And he went deeper.

  She moved her hands to feel how much more of him there was, but he slapped them away.

  “Keep your hands on my thighs and concentrate on using your mouth to make my cock feel good.” With one last rock of his hips, he hissed, “There. Fuck. There’s all of it. Now suck it hard. Suck my cock.”

  It had been months since she last gave a blow job, but she used everything she knew to get him off and bring him pleasure. He guided her head with his hands and she worked his cock with a combination of sucks and licks that had him moaning.

  “Fuck, yes. Your mouth feels so good.”

  He kept up his movements, using her solely for his pleasure, and she loved it. Loved how she affected him and loved having him in her mouth. She braced herself for his release, but he pulled away with a grunt.

  “Bedroom. Now,” he commanded, stripping his shirt off.

  Her heart raced as she stood to her feet. She meant to head to the bedroom, but was momentarily stunned by the sight of him naked. The man should never wear clothes. Covering up a body like his was a crime against nature.

  “You can take your time and look later.” He sounded faintly amused. “But right now I want you on all fours in the middle of the bed. Facing the headboard, offering yourself for my use.”

  His words broke her out of her stupor, but only because the thought of waiting for him that way was such a turn-on.

  “Yes, Sir,” she said and walked out of the office. She tried to walk as normally as possible, but his gaze was hot on her back and heated her entire body.

  She alternated between excitement and holy shit, what have I done as she made her way down the hall. No sound came from behind her, but she felt his presence all the same. It took all her willpower not to peek over her shoulder while she got into position.

  His words repeated in her head and she was acutely aware of her submission to him. In fact, she wasn’t sure she’d ever felt more submissive than she had waiting on the bed for him.

  She heard him enter the room only because he wanted her to. A soft shuffle of feet and a gentle rustle alerted her that he was there. She held as still as possible.

  The bed dipped slightly with his weight and his hands brushed her backside. “How are you feeling?”

  “Not too sore, Sir.”

  “In that case, I’ll have to adjust my stroke next time.”

  She gasped as he pressed on a welt. “I meant not too sore to”—she paused, looking for the word—“to continue.”

  He kissed one cheek. “Good.” His hands ran up her body and gently pushed her forward so she rested on her forearms. “This first time will be rather quick. I need to be inside you too badly to go slow. But you’re allowed to come whenever you wish.”

  “Thank you, Sir.” She was already so turned on, she knew it wouldn’t take much for her to come. For at least this first time she could simply enjoy and not have to worry about holding out.

  His hands caressed her backside, careful to avoid her welts. And then, his fingers slid between her legs and dipped into her. “It makes me so hard to feel how wet you are for me. Knowing how much you want me.”

  “I do, Sir.” She moaned as his fingers started pumping in and out of her. “So bad.” It had been ten months since she’d been with anyone and until that very moment she hadn’t realized how badly she craved the feel of a man inside her. The last time had been with Peter. Her body tensed at the memory.

  “Sasha?” Cole’s fingers stopped.

  “Sorry. Had a small flashback. Please don’t stop.”

  “I need you to be sure.”

  “I’m sure. Please.” She’d never forgive herself if he stopped. “I need this. I need you.”

  “If you’re certain, I want you to ask for it.” Ever so slowly his fingers started moving again. “Beg me.”

  The sensual slide of his fingers ignited her once more. “Please. Fuck me.” She gasped as they went deeper. “Oh, god. Yes.”

  “How many people are in this bed?”

  “Two, Sir.”

  “Whose cock did you just suck?”

  She was pretty sure his fingers were moving faster. “Yours, Sir.”

  “That’s right. It’s just me and you and what we’re doing.” He pressed her g-spot and she gasped. “Nothing and no one else is allowed. Understand?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  He shifted behind her so his cock pressed against her ass. “I can’t wait to take you here. I’ll get you to the point you’re practically begging for it. I’ll have you desperate for my cock in your arse.” He moved his cock lower. “But tonight I’m going to fuck this cunt.”

  She spread her legs wider at the feel of his tip against her wetness and alm
ost whined when he didn’t press forward.

  “Feel that?” he asked. “My dick seconds away from pushing into you? Are you imagining what it’s going to feel like when it spreads you open and starts to sink inside?” He teased the tip along her slit. “Can you feel yourself stretching to accommodate my thickness? And you suck in a deep breath because I’m still pushing into you and I whisper you’ve only taken half.”

  She wasn’t sure she could stand another second without having him inside her. She wanted it so much, she ached. “Please, please, Sir.”

  He eased the tip into her. “Once I’m inside, I’m not holding back. It’s going to be hard and rough and I’m going to fucking own you.”

  She thought he’d take her then, but instead he withdrew only to tease her again by pushing just the tip in. “Oh, fuck. Please,” she begged and rocked her hips back to take him deeper.

  He slapped her ass and withdrew. “Not yet.”

  She bit her lip to hold back further protests. Damn, but if he wasn’t trying to kill her with anticipation, she didn’t know what he was doing.

  “You feel so good.” He entered her again and went deeper. “Better than any fantasy.” He pulled out. “So fucking hot.”

  He was playing her now, bouncing the tip of his cock in and out with short shallow thrusts. Never before had she felt so tightly wound, so on edge, so ready to be taken. And still he was just barely entering her. With each withdrawal, she braced for his returning thrust to fill her completely, but it never happened.

  She fisted the sheets as his slight strokes continued. “Sir, please, I beg you.”

  “Think you’re ready?” He pulled out and held still.

  She nodded into the sheets and he slapped her ass. “Words,” he said. “Use them.”

  “Yes, Sir. I’m ready.”

  He placed a hand on either side of her waist, holding her steady. “One solid thrust and I don’t stop until I’m buried to the hilt.”

  She held her breath and he pinched her right side. “Breathe.”

  Obediently, she took a lungful of air, and on her exhale, finally felt him push his way in. He felt larger than what she recalled from when she had him in her mouth and she bit the sheets as he continued his possession of her. Fuck, the feel of him. She couldn’t remember ever being so completely stretched and filled.

  “Oh, my god,” she panted when he stopped moving and she felt his groin against her backside.

  “Damn, Sasha. The sight of my cock spreading your pussy and the way it took me in.” He rocked his hips forward, driving her into the mattress. “I have to fuck you now. Brace yourself.”

  That was all the warning she got. Before she could take her next breath, he’d pulled part way out and thrust back into her in what began a relentless pounding rhythm. His seemingly unrestrained use of her drove her to climax almost immediately. Yet he continued to thrust into her, each stroke feeling deeper and harder than the one before.

  “More,” he said, slipping a hand between her legs and rubbing her clit, while never breaking rhythm. “Fucking give me another one.”

  Her second climax caught her off guard and when it passed, he pulled out.

  “On your back. I want to watch you come this time.”

  She felt out of breath, but she rolled over and saw him stroking his cock. Damn, he was a sight to behold. “Two times is rare, Sir. Three never happens.”

  He pushed her legs apart and settled between them. “It’s happening tonight.” Taking his cock in hand, he lined it up with her entrance and reentered her, the length of him touching her in new ways with the change of position.

  “Look at me, Sasha.” He started moving within her again. “When I take you like this, your eyes are to be on mine.”

  Little by little she felt him lifting away the layers of safety she surrounded herself with for so long. He was doing it little by little in small subtle ways: a touch, a word, a look. She met his eyes and was struck by the intensity in them. Instinctively, her body began to move with his, meeting him thrust for thrust, longing to draw him deeper, wanting him to claim her completely.

  “That’s it, move with me,” he said, taking her legs and wrapping them around his waist. “Positioned like this there’s nothing allowed to come between us.”

  He was close, she didn’t think he’d be able to hold out much longer. His breathing was coming faster and his muscles were strained. “Come with me, Sasha,” he panted. “Let me see you come.”

  His hand pressed against her clit, different from what he’d done before and somehow the warmth from his skin, combined with the push and pull of his body in her and the desire in his eyes, had her body spiraling toward another climax.

  “I can’t.” It was too much, she couldn’t handle it. The pleasure was too much.

  “You can.” He thrust hard and rocked his hips.

  Her body shook as her third orgasm swept over her. “Oh, god. Thank you.”

  “Fucking beautiful,” Cole whispered and then crushed his lips to hers and gave in to his own climax. He held still, gasping in expended effort as he released into the condom. He held her for several long minutes, stroking her hair and pressing kisses to her flushed face.

  “I’ll be right back,” he said, leaving the bed only for as long as it took to dispose of the condom. She meant to crawl under the covers while he was out of bed, but just the thought of moving took more energy than she could manage and when he made it back to her, she hadn’t moved.

  “Come here, little one.” He slid between the sheets and held a corner up for her. Any thought of moving to her side of the bed was banished as he slipped his arms around her and drew her close, so her back pressed against his chest.

  Normally, she fell asleep after sex. She should be tired considering the last hour, not to mention the caning. But any thoughts about closing her eyes disappeared with the feel of Cole’s arms around her. Especially once his thumb started caressing her arm. Apparently, he wasn’t sleepy, either.

  Then his lips brushed the back of her neck and the warmth of his breath sent shivers down her spine.

  She held still, not sure enough of her place at the moment to know if he’d welcome her turning around or even pressing herself back against him.

  Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.

  The fantasy of being in his arms didn’t come close to the real thing. Real Cole was all hard male muscle mixed with a nearly overwhelming intensity, but with an underlying promise of safety and security. Plus there was the way Real Cole would tease, and that little smile of his . . .

  She sighed, knowing she was marching down the road to heartbreak.

  “Sasha?” Cole asked. “Is something wrong?”

  Not caring about the potential heartbreak involved, she dipped her head and kissed his forearm. “Nothing’s wrong, Sir.”

  As long as I can stay like this forever.

  He shifted slightly and, judging by the size of his erection, he wasn’t sleepy at all. His lips pressed again against the nape of her neck, but this time, he lingered, nibbling slowly along her shoulder blades.

  “I want you again,” he said along the top of shoulder. “Are you sore?”

  His hand was already sweeping along the side of her body, lightly stroking and arousing the need their earlier joining hadn’t quite extinguished. She moaned low in her throat as his fingertips brushed between her legs and teased.

  “Never too sore for you.” She shifted her legs, giving him better access.

  He mumbled something she couldn’t make out and she heard a condom packet open. Then he eased himself inside her, pulling her even closer. “I’ll be gentle,” he whispered.

  He was true to his word and they moved together slowly. The earlier urgency to have each other was gone, replaced by a need to savor their connection. He set the pace and she felt every subtle move, every slight push, and every sharp intake of his breath as he pleasured her and took his own.

  “Take my hands,” he said, and she entwined their

  She wanted to say something, to somehow let him know how incredible he made her feel, and how being with him was like nothing she’d ever experienced. But they were still too new and the words wouldn’t come.

  Instead she squeezed his fingers and whispered in her head the thoughts she couldn’t voice.

  When I’m with you, I’m healed.

  Chapter Eight