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       The Master, p.13

         Part #8 of Submissive series by Tara Sue Me
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  He paused, gauging her reaction. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement. “I would like that,” she said.

  “Since the party will be held at Master Greene’s house and I don’t know if he has granite countertops, I won’t have you wear the black lingerie.”

  Her voice was calm when she asked, “What will you have me wear, Sir?”

  “I’ll have it sent to you this week.” Let her think about it for a while.

  “I look forward to it.”

  “We won’t formally participate in any scenes, but you will serve as my submissive.”

  Her lips parted and she nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

  “Master Greene has asked me if he can apologize for Peter’s actions.” He watched her carefully, looking for any hint of panic.

  “Will Peter be there?” she asked quietly.

  “No, in fact I understand that as a result of the phone call, there’s to be a meeting to determine if he should be allowed to remain in the group.”

  Her eyes widened in shock. She hadn’t heard that. He was surprised Julie hadn’t told her, but then again, Daniel might not have told Julie.

  She straightened her shoulders. “In that case, I’m good with Master Greene apologizing.”

  “That’s what I told him, but I also said I wanted to check with you first.”

  She nodded, but then her gaze grew distant and she looked over his shoulder.

  “Everything okay?” he asked. “Are you having second thoughts?”

  She slowly returned her focus to him. “No, I’m just thinking about Peter. Now that I can think about him and not risk an episode, I often find myself wondering if I missed something, some sign.”

  “I understand why you’d do that, but your time would be better spent asking yourself what qualities you’re looking for in a Dom.” He reached into his pocket and took a twenty-dollar bill out. “Do you know how they train people to recognize counterfeit money?”

  Her forehead wrinkled and she frowned in puzzlement. “Sir?”

  He passed her the twenty. “They don’t give them the counterfeit bills to study. They only touch and hold the real thing. They become so accustomed to the real money that they immediately recognize the fraud.”

  “I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say, Sir.”

  “Focus on what you want from a Dom, how you want him to treat you. Think through the characteristics of a Dom you’d like to play with. That way when you meet someone and you get to know him, you’ll recognize if he’s a fraud or not.”

  She nodded.

  “To make sure you understand, I want you to make a list of your top ten requirements from a Dom. We’ll go over it next time we meet.”

  Her gaze grew wistful again, but she smiled and replied with a soft, “Yes, Sir.”

  • • •

  That Friday night Sasha stood in her bedroom looking at the box that had been delivered earlier in the day. The accompanying note forbade her to peek until she was getting ready for the party. Since Cole would be at her apartment in twenty minutes to pick her up, she decided it was time.

  She took a deep breath and lifted the lid. He’d told her it wouldn’t be black lingerie, and she was excited to see what he picked out. How did he like to see his submissives dress?

  She pushed the white tissue to the side and held up a pair of short black shorts. Judging by the cut, they would fit skintight. Though really, what did it matter? She wouldn’t be wearing underwear anyway.

  Next she pulled out a sheer pair of black hose with a seam up the leg and nodded her approval. Nice. She’d always admired the way they looked on women. The black shirt he’d selected would cover her back completely. Which was more than she could say about the front.

  Standing before the mirror, five minutes later, with hose and shorts on, she tried in vain to pull the plunging neckline up. But no matter how she pulled or rearranged, she wasn’t able to cover more skin. With a sigh, she dropped her hands to her sides and studied her reflection. Maybe if she moved carefully she could keep a nipple from popping out.

  She checked the time and slipped on the heels he’d also picked out seconds before she heard him coming up the stairs. When she opened the door to his knock, she found him standing in her doorway wearing black jeans and a T-shirt. She moved aside to let him enter, but he simply stood and studied her.

  “The outfit looks fantastic on you,” he said. “I reckon every man at the party is going to picture himself having a go at you. But every man there also knows he isn’t allowed to touch you. The combination will drive them crazy.”

  Funny how a year ago, she’d have delighted in his words. At the moment, however, all she wanted to know was if he wanted her.

  He nodded in her direction. “Step just inside the door and kneel for me.”

  She took a step and dropped to her knees, hoping she didn’t tear or put a run in her hose. He followed her inside and closed the door behind him.

  “I require higher protocol service at the party,” he said, coming to a stop before her. “You will not speak unless I give permission. If I’m sitting, you’re to kneel at my feet. You will address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master Johnson.’ Any questions?”

  Her pulse quickened at this side of him—the demanding Dom side of him. She was surprised at how much it turned her on. “I have no questions, Sir.”

  “I’ve been known to mark my property before going to a party. Use her mouth for a quick fuck, pull out, and come on her chest. If you were my slave, would you proudly wear such a blatant display of my ownership?”

  Part of her wanted to deny it, say it was too crass, too much. But he’d demanded honesty, and the truth was she wanted him to be so intentional about his claim on her that he marked her in such a primitive way.

  “Yes, Sir. I would,” she confessed. Her head was down, so she couldn’t see him, but she heard his sharp intake of breath.

  “Bloody hell, Sasha. You have me thinking things I have no right thinking.” He took several more deep breaths before continuing. “We need to get in the car before I do something I’ll regret.”

  His frankness caught her off guard even as something inside her delighted she could evoke such a response from him.

  “Now, Sasha.”

  She hurried to her feet.

  “Where’s your coat?”

  She pointed. “In the closet, there, Sir.”

  He didn’t say a word as he opened her closet, took her coat, and held it out for her. She slipped her arms in it, but the entire time she felt his coldness toward her. For a second, she questioned her reply and wondered if she should apologize.

  Fuck it, she thought. He’s the one who wanted honesty.

  She held her head up and reached to open the door, but he pushed his hand against it and stopped her.

  “I’m not upset with you, Sasha.”


  “I’m angry at myself. It’s not your fault, and it’s nothing you’ve done.” He exhaled loudly. “I’m used to having better control over myself.”

  “Thank you for being honest with me, Sir.” How refreshing it was to be with someone who was so honest and open. With anyone else, she’d have been subjected to an uncomfortable and awkward car ride.

  His body relaxed slightly. “You do look incredible in that outfit. If I hadn’t—” He shook his head. “But I did, so let’s head out so we’re not late.”

  Master Greene lived in an up-and-coming neighborhood not far from her apartment and shop. Several cars already lined the street in front of his house when they pulled up. Her heart pounded a little faster.

  Cole turned the engine off, but made no move to get out of the car. Instead, he turned and looked at her. “How are you feeling?”

  “Scared, excited, nervous.” She took a shaky breath. “Ready to get this over with and willing to sit here all night.”

  He smiled softly at her. “I know this is a big step for you. Rest assured, I’ll be with you every step of the way. And if you get o
verwhelmed, let me know immediately. Understand?”

  “Yes, Sir.”

  “Once we’re inside, we’re going to find Master Greene. You are free to talk with him.”

  “Thank you, Sir.”


  She closed her eyes, took one last deep breath, and honestly replied, “As I’ll ever be.”

  He didn’t say anything further and didn’t ask for additional reassurances, but opened his door and crossed in front of the car to open hers.

  She fiddled with her red bracelet as they walked to the house. She could do this. Cole was with her. She didn’t feel panic, just a bit of trepidation. Surely, that was normal.

  Cole rang the doorbell. As they waited, he glanced down at her. “I’m proud of you, little one.”

  She was still smiling when the door opened and they stepped inside.

  Chapter Five

  “Good evening, Master Johnson,” a sub she’d known for years said as he welcomed them inside and took her coat.

  Cole nodded in reply.

  “Good to see you again, Sasha,” he said.

  She looked over to Cole since he’d told her she had to have permission before speaking to anyone. His expression was blank, though, and offered no acquiescence, so she only smiled and nodded.

  They walked farther into the house and she felt oddly at home hearing the familiar buzz of the group. It was a sound unlike anything she heard anywhere else: the hum of conversation, a moan of pleasure here and there, even the occasional smack of skin on skin.

  “There’s Master Greene,” Cole said, walking toward the back of the living room.

  Master Greene stood apart from everyone, observing. Once he saw them approaching, he pushed back from the countertop and held out a hand to Cole.

  “Master Johnson,” he said. “Let’s go into my office.”

  She followed the two men into the small room and for the first time felt a twinge of anxiety. Which was uncalled for, since, she scolded herself, she’d be with Cole. She would be safe.

  Cole remained standing. So she wouldn’t have to kneel, she supposed. Master Greene had a calming expression and it only took one look at him for any remaining fear to ease away.

  “Thank you for allowing me this opportunity,” he said to Cole and then tilted his head her way and raised an eyebrow.

  Cole nodded.

  Having received permission, Master Greene spoke to her. “Sasha, I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you. I want you to know you have the support of the entire group.” He lifted his hand and glanced at Cole. His hand dropped when Cole shook his head.

  Sasha breathed a sigh of relief, and since Cole had told her in the car that she was free to speak with him, said, “Thank you, Sir. That means a lot.”

  “We take a participant’s safety extremely seriously. Peter broke that trust once and we gave him the benefit of the doubt. But when he called you, he proved once and for all that he couldn’t be trusted.”

  She’d known she’d never be able to play with him again, but there was a part of her that remembered her joy at the beginning of their relationship. That once joyous person had held out some small hope for him. Maybe one day, if he made it through the mentorship, he’d find someone better suited for him.

  Master Greene continued. “Peter is no longer welcome in this group. Please accept my apology for not being able to ensure your safety where he was concerned.”

  She swallowed around the lump in her throat. “I appreciate your apology, Sir, but please know I in no way hold you accountable for Peter’s actions. It’s hard enough to control ourselves, much less someone else.”

  Master Greene chuckled. “True, but I still feel some responsibility. We all do in fact.” He turned to Cole. “Thank you for coming tonight and allowing me to talk to Sasha. If you’ll excuse me, I need to get back out to the party. You two enjoy yourselves.”

  “You’re welcome,” Cole said and then added with a grin, “And we intend to.”

  • • •

  He led her out of the office and through the kitchen. “Let’s see if we can find a demo to observe.”

  At his calmly spoken words, she grew clammy. For a split second she wasn’t at Master Greene’s, she was at Master Covington’s guesthouse getting ready to head up the stairs for her demo with Peter. She had watched a demo a few weeks ago with Abby and Nathaniel, but this felt different. Because she was dressed more like a submissive?

  “Please, Sir,” she managed to whisper. “Can we wait a few minutes before we do that?”

  There was no surprise in his expression when he turned to her, almost as if he’d anticipated her reaction. “Of course, little one. Would you like to find a place to sit for a while?”

  At her affirmation, he changed course and went into the living room, where he sat on a couch. With a sigh of relief, she dropped to her knees. The position now felt comfortable. Cole always had her spend time kneeling when they were in a training session.

  She closed her eyes and felt her body relax. She took a deep breath and uncurled fingers she didn’t know were in a fist. Yes, she could do this.

  “How are you feeling?” Cole asked.

  “Better, Sir.”

  “I’m going to touch your head.” His voice was soft and gentle and though she knew they were getting some stares from curious group members, she relaxed even more when his hand slid into her hair.

  His hand soothed away any remaining nerves. Ever so tenderly he rubbed her scalp in what quickly became an almost erotic massage. She could have easily rubbed herself against him, but she held still, knowing he wanted her obedience.

  “You did very well, little one,” he said. “You became uncomfortable and you stopped and told me. Though we Doms often act like we know everything, we’re well aware we don’t. That’s why honest communication works both ways.”

  The crowd around them grew larger, and though no one approached them, they continued to receive more than a few stares. Odd, she thought. But then again, maybe it was seeing her again as a submissive. Or that she was Cole’s submissive for the party. Probably a combination of both, she decided.

  One of the group’s Doms, Evan Martin, ran an appreciative eye over her and walked toward them.

  “Master Johnson,” he said, coming to a stop in front of Cole. “Good to see you tonight. I wanted to get your opinion on something.”

  The two men started a conversation about an upcoming meeting. Nothing that concerned her. She dropped her gaze to the floor, and that’s when she noticed the shirt had shifted and her right nipple was exposed.

  Without thinking twice, she lifted a hand to straighten the neckline. No wonder people had been staring.

  The hand in her hair tightened painfully. “Leave it alone, sub.”

  The roughness of his voice caught her off guard and though she didn’t move to adjust the shirt, it wasn’t until he spoke again that she realized she hadn’t dropped her hand either.

  “I mean it. You’re exposed for my pleasure. Move back into position.” His command was spoken softly, but carried enough authority that she immediately placed her hand back on her knee even as she felt desire swell between her legs.

  Not missing a beat, he smoothly transitioned back into conversation with Evan. She was relieved to have a few minutes to privately process her reaction to his command. Her response had been instant and visceral. At his demand, some part of her felt at peace. The realization made her happy.

  “Excuse me, Master Johnson, may I sit here and wait?”

  Sasha snapped to attention at the sound of Julie’s voice. A quick look from the corner of her eye indicated Master Evan had left.