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       Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One, p.21
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         Part #5 of King series by T. M. Frazier
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  when I realized that he’d changed his mind and decided against telling me whatever it was that was on his mind. His brows were drawn together in the middle of his forehead as he continued to stare into me. He moved his hand from my ear to behind my neck and pulled me down closer, inspecting my face like he was searching me, but I realized that was wrong. He wasn’t searching me. He was memorizing me. My heart sank. I felt naked and exposed, although I was fully clothed. I tried to look away, but he held me firmly in place, his thumb tracing the line of my jaw. Instinctively, I leaned into his touch. “You really are fucking beautiful, Doc.” He tightened his grip on my neck and pulled me down, lifting his head up off the mattress, meeting me halfway and crushing our lips together.

  Preppy was funny, outrageous, ridiculous. Before that very kiss, the last way I’d ever have described him was “soft.” Yet, when he molded his lips to mine and his tongue found its way into my mouth and he groaned when it connected and tangled with mine, it’s the first word that came to mine. Soft, yet firm. He knew what he wanted from our kiss and he took it, just like he’d wanted me and he took me. His fingers tangled in my hair as he pulled me fully down on top of him, my breasts pressed firmly against his hard chest.

  He was relentless in his pursuit of my mouth, his facial hair brushing against my face in another sensation that had me writhing on his lap, needing more of him than just his hands and mouth. He held my waist with one hand and lifted his hips, pressing his very hard and very large cock against my exposed panties, causing my entire body to shake with need.

  I clenched my thighs around his waist to hold him closer, holding him against the spot I wanted him most, my core tightening suddenly and unexpectedly. I yelped into his mouth, but he didn’t stop for a second, didn’t pause, didn’t ease up on me.

  I didn’t know if he was trying to fuck me or trying to kill me but, either way, I knew after that night a part of me would be broken.

  Preppy was very much like heroin. Being with him sent me into a state of euphoria, free from the trap of my own thoughts, my past, free from anything and everything on the outside of that little room. Outside of us and our tangle of limbs.

  He was an addiction. I craved him, and I wanted more.

  But just like heroin, the high was all a fucking lie. I believed he was good for me when in fact, he was worse than any drug.

  The door opened and Bear stepped in, setting down a half empty bottle of whiskey on the nightstand. He reached for his belt buckle. “Prep, you watching?” he asked, with a big smile that reached his sparkling blue eyes which were half lidded with both liquor and lust. I was still straddling Preppy as his eyes roamed over my body. “Or you want me to show you how it’s done?”



  My cock was rock fucking hard. So hard that I was in physical pain. A beautiful kind of torture I never wanted to end.

  Bear’s words snapped me out of my Dre induced fog. What the fuck was I doing? I brought her in here to tell her everything and walk away from her so she could live a normal life. This was supposed to be done. Over. So why was there this annoying narration in the back of my mind telling me it was only just the beginning?

  Dre was looking from Bear to me, still straddling my lap, her perfect tits heaving up and down, pressing her fingers against her swollen bottom lip, and I knew she was waiting for me to tell him to get the fuck out but that would just prolong the inevitable. This needed to be over and it needed to be over now.

  “You first,” I said to Bear. Dre’s head snapped to me but I looked away, not wanting to see the look of surprise and disappointment on her face, or maybe because I didn’t want her to see my heart fucking breaking, which I was sure was written all over my fucking face.

  I lifted her off my lap and my poor hard cock practically weeped over the loss of feeling her warm cotton covered pussy through my pants. As I got up and leaned against the wall, I ignored my rapidly beating heart and tight chest, chalking it up to all the dry humping we’d just done.

  I chanced a glance over at Dre, who was leaning forward with her hands against the mattress. The look of disappointment and surprise I expected was definitely there, along with something else. Dre was looking at me with her head tilted to the side, squinting like I was very small or very far away.

  That look could’ve meant she was thinking about knitting or aerospace engineering, for all I fucking knew. All I knew for sure was that she’d be running out that door in the next few seconds, pissed to all hell and cursing me to the devil, and that would be the end of that.

  The end of us.

  She’d hate me, but that’s something I would just have to fucking deal with. It’s not like she’d be the first chick I’d pissed the fuck off. I’d rather her hate me for this than the truth.

  My stomach flipped.

  I leaned against the wall, suddenly ornery as fuck, crossing my arms over my chest. Bear slid his thick leather belt from the loops, dropping it to the floor with a clank. He approached the bed, shoving out of his boots as he pushed his jeans down by the waistband, stepping out of them when they reached the floor, shaking them off his foot, kicking them over to the side.

  Why was she still there? Why the fuck wasn’t she already turning tail and running for dear life?

  I stared down at the floor and waited for Dre to run by, cursing up a storm inside my mind. But still, she remained. When I heard the mattress dip and the springs squeak, my eyes shot to the bed where Bear had positioned himself on his knees behind my girl, running his fingertips down her shoulders and arms. He moved her hair to the side and pressed his lips to her skin and STILL she didn’t run.

  When our gazes met, I knew that there was no misreading what she was saying with her gleaming black eyes. The bitch was calling my bluff. Her lips quirked up on the side, challenging me as she leaned back into Bear’s touch, her eyes never leaving mine.

  What in the holy-ever-loving-fuck.

  This bitch wants a challenge, fine, she’s got it.

  For the most part I was awesome at life, but what Dre didn’t know was that I was even better at games, and she just called me out to play a game of sexual chicken I had no intentions of losing.

  She reached up and wrapped her arms around Bear’s neck, encouraging him to explore more of her skin with his mouth. He dipped lower, running his lips across her collarbone.

  I made my move, one I was hoping would win me the game right out of the gate. I tipped my chin to her and winked, hoping to piss her off and send her running once and for all, but no. Instead, she returned my wink with a smile. She sucked in her bottom lip and let out an exaggerated moan when Bear’s hand grazed the bottom of her tit through her shirt. She took one arm down from around his neck and when Bear wasn’t paying attention, because he was too busy running his hands all over my girl, she lifted her hand against her stomach where he couldn’t see and she flashed me a finger.

  Her middle finger.


  Game fucking on.

  * * *


  Flipping him off may have gone a step too far, but I was already a step too far and it was only because Preppy was who pushed me there.

  My heart lurched in my chest.

  If this was how he chose to push me away then he was going to have to suffer the consequences of his decision. He’d made his bed, he could lie in it. Or better yet, watch ME lie in it.

  With Bear.

  I’d have to be blind not to notice that Bear was beyond attractive. Those bright-blue eyes and all that mess of blond hair, tattoos, and muscles, would make any girl twitchy for a touch. Bear did it for me, but that was just basic biology. It was NOTHING compared to the way that just one look from Preppy made my toes curl and left my body aching and tingling for his touch. That’s when I realized that Preppy wasn’t like heroin at all, he was like speed. Making my heart race, my muscles feel restless, and causing my brain to come alive with a million and one different thoughts about him, a
ll at the same time, most of those about him touching me. Tasting me. Wanting me.

  Needing me.

  Bear was walking sex, but he was no Samuel Clearwater. Who I craved in my very soul. I didn’t even know desire until Preppy pushed his way into my life, and the man who made me feel again was now standing next to the bed with his back against the wall, staring at the floor with his hands in his pockets. His hair mussed from our kissing session. I licked my lower lip in an attempt to taste his kiss again.

  Preppy looked up suddenly, almost like he could hear what I was thinking. When he saw me staring, he plastered a fake smirk on his gorgeous face that no matter how hurt or pissed off I was or how fake his smile, it still made my belly flip and my nipples tighten.

  He may be able to fool Bear, but there was no fucking way he was fooling me.

  I wanted Preppy to send Bear away, strip me naked, and fuck me sideways. I wanted him to tell me I was his. Not just my pussy. ALL OF ME.

  I wanted him to keep me.

  But just then, I saw the mask click in place. The one he put on when he wanted to shut out the world, and I knew there was no coming back from where we’d just crossed over.

  A part of me wanted nothing more than to hold him and tell him it was okay, and a part of me hated him and wanted him to hurt as badly as he’d made me hurt.

  Bear’s warm chest pressed against my back, his lips trailed over every inch of skin on my shoulders and neck, but it wasn’t his touch making the hairs on my arms stand on end or drenching my panties. It was the look on Preppy’s face. The cocky smirk was gone, replaced briefly with a flash of hurt that I would have missed if I’d blinked a second earlier.

  Preppy cleared his throat and straightened his posture, putting his mask back in place and returning my hand gesture with a middle finger of his own, pressed against his closed lips.

  Challenge accepted.

  We were over well before we had a chance to get started, but we were about to go out with a bang.



  Bear pulled my tank top off of my head and dropped it to the floor. He pushed down my bra, exposing my breasts to Preppy, whose gaze dropped from my eyes to my chest. Bear twisted and pulled at my nipples, rolling them between his fingers. Preppy watched with his mouth partially open as my nipples peaked and stood firmly at attention, pointing accusingly toward him. His jaw tightened, and a twisted part of me reveled in the fact that he was jealous and pissed off, even if it was his own fucking fault.

  “Let’s get rid of this,” Bear said, pushing my skirt down. He pressed down between my shoulder blades, shoving my chest onto the mattress, my butt high up in the air. He slapped each ass cheek once, before hooking his thumbs into my panties and pulling them off.

  Preppy’s eyes went from my ass to my face, and that’s when I realized that I was losing the challenge after all, a part of him was loving what he was seeing when I was hoping it would enrage him and make him feel guilty for what he’d done. I was still pissed, but witnessing Preppy turned on was enough to make me wet all over again. “Fuck you have a nice pussy,” Bear said from behind me. He leaned over me, pushing me down further into the mattress. That’s when I felt his hard cock, large and hot, throbbing against my lower back. He reached between my legs and circled the wetness at my opening. “Fuck, your so fucking wet and ready,” he growled. He smelled like whiskey, cologne, and motor oil. A sexy combination of smells that had me arching into him when he touched me, my eyes never leaving Preppy’s, who swallowed hard.

  He pushed off the wall and, for a moment, I thought it was over. That I’d pushed him far enough and had won our little game. He stalked over to the bed. “Lift her up,” he said to Bear, pulling down his pants and kicking off his boxers. His enormous cock bobbed up and down as it was freed from its confines. The tip swollen and purple, dripping.

  I licked my lips and groaned at the sight.

  Bear kept his body pressed against mine, he lifted me up by my shoulders until we were both back on our knees. His breath against my neck, one hand on my breast the other between my legs, his thumb strumming against my clit like he was playing the guitar. Preppy, now completely naked, the chords of muscles in his neck tight, the lines of muscle leading down to all his glory contracted as he laid down on the bed with his head on the pillow. “Come here,” he said, his voice strained. Bear released his hold on me and I crawled slowly up Preppy’s beautiful body until we were face to face, and I was hovering just inches over his lips. He reached down between us, his hand finding my wetness.

  He grabbed my hips and ground me against his shaft. Desire coursed through my veins, along with the deep need to have him inside me, to fill me.

  Preppy reached up, grabbing onto the headboard, his biceps flexing. I reached down and stroked him from root to tip and he hissed between his teeth. Another hand reached under me from behind, again circling my opening, gathering my wetness on his fingertips. The additional set of hands, the scent of two men, the heat of having them both surrounding me, took my body to the very height of sensation.

  Preppy looked around my shoulder at Bear, whose hand was suddenly gone. Preppy pulled me down by my neck, bringing me down to him again. With his other hand he grabbed his shaft and rubbed it around in my folds, gathering my wetness on the tip. Just as he started pushing inside, I felt another type of pressure against my ass and that’s when Preppy surged inside of me, kissing me like the crazed and crazy man he was.

  Around my back entrance was a feeling very much like when your foot falls asleep and then comes back to life. A tingling. The pins and needles type of sensation that had me anticipating Bear’s penetration. There was a pinch of pain that had me clinging to Preppy, who stilled inside me, my pussy tightening around his cock, as if even it, was holding on to him for dear life. Preppy swallowed my cries into his mouth and groaned. His kiss unrelenting as Bear fully seated himself inside of me. I felt full. So fucking full.

  And, even though I wasn’t supposed to.

  I loved it.

  Love wasn’t the only unexpected feeling I had.

  There was also POWER.

  I was the one in control. Helpless between these two men, but in charge of their pleasure, and by giving them the power it was me who had the real power. Bear’s hands again covered my breasts as I my face hovered just inches above Preppy’s. Bear reared back and thrust forward into me, and I cried out. I expected it to hurt, but it didn’t. It felt good. So fucking good, because when he pushed inside me again, I wanted to feel even more. I rocked on top of Preppy and it was like every part of my body was being touched, stroked, seduced. I was teetering on the edge of orgasm the second that Preppy began to fuck up into me.

  I was dripping down Preppy’s cock. He lifted me up, just so he could push me back down again, thrusting up into me and pushing me back onto Bear, who matched Preppy’s rhythm which was quick and brutal, he fucked me like he was deranged. Bear’s hips slammed roughly against my ass. He growled a deep angry growl every time he was fully inside of me and moaned when he pulled back out, his fingers digging into my shoulders as he held on to me like he was riding me. Preppy’s hands trailed down the valley of my breasts and the flat of my stomach, until he was between my legs, stroking my clit yet again, playing it like an instrument he was well acquainted with. “You like that?” Bear muttered against my ear, as Preppy’s leisurely stroking of my clit became a furious motion. Bear thrusted harder inside of me, his balls smacking against my ass.

  I opened my eyes and locked on to Preppy’s gaze to find him already watching me. It was the quietest he’d ever been since I met him. Especially during sex. He looked as if he were barely holding on. His forehead lined. His chest rising and falling quickly as he panted through his pleasure. The way he tipped his chin up and his cock throbbed inside my pussy, along with one long deep surge of Bear, was sending me closer and closer toward a thunderous release. “Yes, yes!” I cried, as my insides pulsed and contracted, drawing both men dee
per inside of me.

  This wasn’t just sex.

  It was beautiful torture.

  Beads of sweat gathered on Preppy’s forehead, his jaw clenched hard as he furiously fucked me, thrusting wildly into me from underneath, his grip on my hips so tight it was painful. The muscles of his thighs tensed as I rode him. Bear grunted, low and sexy, the sound vibrating through me with each stroke. “I’m gonna…” I started, but I couldn’t even get it out because the sensation that had been building in my lower stomach, a slow burn, had turned into an all out raging wildfire, spreading from my core to the rest of my body and back, pulsing with each wave of pleasure that continued on and on and on. Preppy craned his neck, “Fuck,” he groaned, his lips found mine once again and he absorbed my cries into his mouth as I screamed out my orgasm. He roared into me as I felt his cock grow impossibly hard before shooting his hot release deep inside of me. I crashed down from my out of this world orgasm so hard I could barley stay upright, falling forward onto Preppy with him still deep inside my pussy. Bear quickening his pace in and out of my ass, causing the dying sensations inside of me to start to grow all over again. I clenched around Preppy’s softening cock which twitched in response.

  “God damn, it felt so fucking good when you came around my cock,” muttered Bear, who pulled out of me on the strangled cry of his own release.

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