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       Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater, Part One, p.20
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         Part #5 of King series by T. M. Frazier
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  Even when Dre was at her worst, a strung out junkie on the verge of suicide, she was still a better person than I’d ever be. I knew that now, more than ever before. She didn’t need to come to my rescue, but she did. She rescued me from myself and sacrificed her own safety and happiness for mine.

  I also knew now, more than ever, that I wanted to keep her. Unfortunately, I also knew now, more than ever, that I couldn’t.

  I don’t know exactly how long we stayed there in my bed, locked away up in my room. For days we got up only to eat or shower. We fucked, watched movies, and we fucked some more. I couldn’t get enough of Dre or her tight as fuck pussy. I spent my time coming in and on every part of her body.

  We left the house once for me to take her over to Mirna’s so she could grab some of Dre’s things and then visit Mirna, who was still in stable condition. After, we’d come right back to my place where she taught me how to make pancakes properly, using one of Mirna’s recipes while wearing this lacy red apron… and nothing else. I’m not a religious man, but I saw Jesus when I tasted those pancakes and almost cried when the fluffy deliciousness touched my lips. I vowed to her right then and there that I’d never make pancakes from a box ever again.

  And then I bent her over the counter and fucked my gratitude into her.

  There was no way I could ever repay her for what she did for me, no way to tell her “thank you” in a way that would accurately convey how much I appreciated her dragging me back from the depths my mother’s visit had sent me down into. So instead of using my words, I dragged her back to my bed and used my cock. My fingers. My mouth. My tongue. I made her come with everything I had, until my dick was a deep shade of purple and about to burst with need, before I would even think about tickling her woman cave with my man meat.

  We did something else I liked.

  We talked.

  We talked about almost everything. Her family. Her school. Books. Movies. I found out she played the violin in the sixth grade and she had to talk me out of going to the 24 hour pawn in the middle of the night to buy her one, because the image of her playing for me naked wasn’t an easy one to shake.

  Seeing her face light up as she was quoting Anchorman was an entirely new level of weird turn on for me.

  I knew I needed to come clean with her. Things had changed. Shifted. The feelings I had for her were more than friends and more than just friends who fucked. They were just…more.

  She deserved to know the truth about her dad and I planned on telling her.


  She also needed rehab. Proper rehab.

  But instead of bringing up what would inevitably break us, I did what I’d always done. I was selfish. I’m savoring every moment with Dre, although I knew we were fucking on borrowed time.

  There was no better reminder of how short that time was when reality pulled up, in the form of roaring bike engines rattling the walls like deep thunder.

  I knew we didn’t have long.

  What I didn’t know was that time was already up.



  Preppy took off downstairs when he heard the bikes and told me to stay put, and so I did. But when I got out of the shower and realized that an hour passed and he still hadn’t come back up, I threw on some clothes and went down to find him.

  I padded down the stairs in my bare feet. My hair slicked back, still wet from my shower, soaking my tight, white tank top and making my red bra visible underneath. When I pushed open the back door the music hit me first, and I realized that the bikers hadn’t wasted any time. A party was already in full swing. Leather clad men were everywhere. Topless women strewn about their laps. Laughter and dancing surrounded the raging bonfire in the pit in the center of the yard.

  A giant of a man with blond hair stepped in front of me, obscuring my view of the party down below. He looked very much like a tattooed viking. His blue eyes were the brightest I’d ever seen. “Hey, beautiful,” he said, with a slow southern accent. He glanced up at the house and then back to me. “Any special reason why you think you’re allowed in there? House is off limits. The party’s out back.” He gestured with his thumb over his shoulder to the people down below.

  “I was changing my clothes,” I explained, taken momentarily off guard why this stranger was questioning why I was there. Why was he there?

  “In the house?” he asked, as if he still couldn’t believe it.

  “Uh…I mean…yeah,” I said, unsure why he was so confused. That’s when the recognition hit me. I’d never seen him before, but there was no mistaking who he was from Preppy’s description. But before the words “You must be Bear” could slip from my mouth, Bear’s hands were on me, patting me down.

  “You steal anything from in there?” he asked, running his hands over my skirt and up the sides of my tank top. He didn’t stop when he came to my breasts, squeezing them roughly.

  “No!” I said, stepping away and smacking his hand. “I was invited by Preppy, asshole. Before you so rudely frisked me, I was about to tell you that I know who you are. You’re Bear, Preppy’s friend, right?”

  Bear nodded and was silent for a moment. He looked me up and down, his gaze lingering on the scars on my arms. “Sorry, beautiful,” he finally said, extending his hand. I took it and he pulled me up against his massive wall of a body. “I know who you are, too.” Suddenly, his frown turned into a smile. He draped his arm over my shoulder like we were old friends.

  “You do?” Preppy had told him about me? “Well, it’s great to finally meet you, Bear,” I said, craning my neck.

  “Likewise,” he said. I beamed like a school girl. My face turned red and my heart fluttered. I felt practically giddy.

  “Yeah, Prep said you’d fit in real nicely with the Bastards. Don’t worry about a damn thing. We treat all our girls real good. You’ll love club life. Parties, fuckin’, blow, more fuckin’. Ain’t nothing better than life with the club.”

  What in the hell?

  “I know the brothers will like you because I’m liking you.” He leaned close and whispered in my ear, “Tonight we can even have a party of our own before you get to know my boys. Get acquainted.”

  “Wait,” I said, taking a step back and remembering his earlier comment. “Preppy said that I…” I started, as it all started to sink in.

  Bear interrupted, like he knew what I was going to say. He didn’t. “Preppy can watch. It’s kind of his thing.” He leaned down and brushed his nose against my ear. I was too full of rage to pull away, but at the same time had the urge to knee Bear in the balls. Thankfully, someone called his name from the fire pit. “I’ll be right back,” he said and with a smack on my ass, he stepped down off the back deck and took off across the yard toward the fire.

  I was a stupid stupid girl.

  Preppy had told me time and time again that he couldn’t keep me.

  He never said anything about throwing me away.

  * * *


  “Thanks for recommending the talent,” Bear said, coming up next to me and lighting a cigarette. “She’s hot, like a weird cute kind of hot. Bet her pussy’s cute, too. Told her you liked to watch and she seemed into it.”

  “Wait, who the fuck are you talking about?” I asked. I’d come downstairs to tell Bear to fuck off and get his biker bitches out of there when I’d gotten a call from the Georgia State prison. It was King and the news wasn’t good. His two to five year sentence had jumped to three to six. All I wanted after ending that call was to go back to bed and back to Dre.

  “I’m talking about her,” Bear said, pointing across the yard.

  To Dre.

  FUCK. That’s when I remembered our conversation and instantly regretted ever opening my fucking mouth. This night was too much. I had to get her the fuck away from these bikers. “Don’t you have your own club to party at?”

  “Gets old,” was all the explanation Bear gave for
the sudden intrusion, although it wasn’t his first. “Besides, my place here is better.” Which was true. His apartment he’d built in the garage was ten times the size of his room at the club.

  “So you gotta bring everyone?”

  “Fuck, don’t get your panties in a twist. Thought you’d be liking us around after being alone with your crazy thoughts and porn for so long.”

  “King’s got another year. Some sort of fight,” I said on an exhale.

  “Fuck, man.” He stubbed out his cigarette and glanced across the yard to Dre, watching her every move. Suddenly, I had the desire to push my thumbs into his eye sockets.

  Dre’s black hair was still wet and slicked back off her forehead. A wet spot formed in the middle of the back of her white shirt, exposing the strap of her red bra. She took a sip from a red cup while she chatted and smiled with one of the Bastard prospects. Some young kid that was about to meet a quick and hasty end if he even so much as touched my girl.

  MY girl?

  Where the fuck did that come from?

  As if she felt us staring at her, she looked over her shoulder and I was met with a very familiar pair of dark-brown eyes.

  Correction. Dark-brown, ANGRY-AS-FUCK, eyes.

  Well, she wasn’t the only one who was fucking angry.

  “Ain’t shit we can do about it, man,” Bear said. “Although, I’m thinking she can make me feel a fuck of a lot better.”

  I popped my jaw when the prospect leaned over to whisper something in Dre’s ear. Maybe when she let me fuck my craziness away I somehow managed to fuck her common sense out of her, because when she leaned back and laughed at whatever the motherfucker said to her, I saw red. I popped my jaw from side to side, again.

  I was going to fuck the sense back into her.

  Bear was about to wonder why I was dragging his new BBB off by her hair into the house, when Wolf came over and whispered in his ear. “Duty fucking calls, man,” Bear said, pointing again to Dre. “I see the way you’re looking at her. Don’t start without me. I want in on this one.” Bear swallowed the contents of the shot Wolf just passed him. With a slap on my back he disappeared with Wolf into the shadows of the car port, where three other of his brothers were waiting for them.

  I wasted no time making a beeline toward Dre and when she saw me coming, her eyes widened and her mouth fell open. When she realized her mistake in showing her emotions she slapped a mask over her face, but it was too late. I’d already seen her fear and my cock was already hard because of it.

  I couldn’t blame her.

  She should’ve been afraid.

  VERY fucking afraid.



  “What the fuck?” I shrieked, as I was lifted up by the waist and hoisted over Preppy’s shoulder. He stomped off into the shadows, away from the house. He carried me into the garage, passed tarp covered vehicles, then through another door in the very back, which led to a small cluttered apartment of sorts. I pounded my fists onto his back and screamed at him to put me down.

  Preppy kicked the door shut and bent at the waist, tossing me off of his shoulder, my back slamming against the door as I stumbled on my feet. Preppy loosened his bow tie then closed the distance between us. His body pressed up against mine. His knee between my legs didn’t afford me much room to escape. I hated that my body didn’t understand its reaction to him, my dampened panties weren’t welcome. It didn’t get that I was angry. All it understood was that Preppy was near and because of that, my clit thrummed with excitement when what I really wanted to do was pummel him.

  “What the fuck do you think you’re doing out there with that kid?” Preppy snarled.

  “Wait? You’re pissed…at ME?” I asked in disbelief. “You aren’t allowed to be pissed. I’m the one that’s fucking pissed!” I hissed, trying to rise off the door, but Preppy placed his hands on both sides of my head and pushed his hard body against mine. His cool breath on my face. His angry eyes looking down into mine.

  I laughed. I laughed because the entire situation was so ridiculous that it was funny. I stopped laughing when Preppy pinned me with his hips against the door. “What’s so fucking funny?” he growled.

  I was so tired of being the stupid girl who made nothing but stupid decisions. “I know you think differently than most people, Preppy, and honestly it’s one of the things I love about you. But I never thought that after everything, you’d think it was a good idea to pimp me out to Bear and his club.”

  Preppy gnashed his teeth together, his face reddened with his rage.

  “Let me refresh your memory. I’m a addict. A junkie. I’m not a fucking whore. Yours or anyone else’s,” I said.

  “That’s where you’re wrong,” Preppy reached between my legs, stroking my clit over my panties. “Because you could be a million miles away,” he moved down to my pussy, stroking it with two fingers, “and this pussy will still be mine. And apparently, you thought it was a good fucking idea because Bear wants to fuck you tonight. Invited me to watch him audition you for the club.” The tendons in his neck tightened. He pushed forward with his hips to emphasize his point, pressing his massive erection right against my clit. My hips bucked involuntarily and I closed my eyes, briefly, to try and compose myself, calling on my anger while my traitorous body wanted nothing more than for him to strip me naked and fuck me so hard neither one of us could remember why we were mad. But I knew why because there was no mistaking the look on Preppy’s face. The look that told me everything I needed to know and although the reasons why weren’t clear, the message was.

  This was the end.

  Recognizing that feeling only enraged me more. “It makes sense, though, since Mirna will be moving to Sarasota soon. Maybe I’ll sell the house and move to the club with Bear. See what being a club slut’s all about, since you think I’d be so good at it.” I bucked my hips against him and he hissed through his teeth. “After all, it’s not like you can keep me.” It felt good to throw his words in his face.

  “You’re right,” he growled. “I can’t keep you.” He reached behind me and grabbed a handful of my ass cheek. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t fuck you.” He covered his lips with mine in a rough kiss that was anything but apologetic. That kiss was downright hateful.

  I was so furious I could hear my own teeth grinding in my head, but as much as I didn’t want to kiss him I couldn’t NOT kiss him. And when he parted his lips, I couldn’t NOT bite down hard. He reared back and smiled down at me. He slowly licked the drop of blood from the corner of his mouth in a seduction of my senses. He smeared red on his cheek then wiped his thumb over my mouth, gathering another drop of his blood.

  I don’t know what came over me, but I opened my mouth and licked the blood from his finger. He groaned and kissed me again, this time harder with more passion, more hatred.

  Just MORE.

  Teeth clacked against teeth, lips connecting with chins and cheeks and necks, hands roamed over each others bodies like we couldn’t get enough.

  We nipped and sucked and licked and kissed, until nothing existed but the two of us and the hum of want hanging in the air.

  A feeling between us buzzing louder than the bug zapper outside the garage window. Preppy walked backward to the bed, pulling me off the wall and dragging me with him. He fell onto the mattress with me in his arms and I had no choice but to straddle him, my short skirt riding up my thighs exposing my panties. Feeling his giant erection pulse against me sent a jolt of pleasure shot directly through my core and tightened my thighs around his torso, feeling the ridges of his abs against my hands as I dragged my fingers down until they were untucking his shirt. I moaned, loud, uncaring of who might be right outside the door. If this was our last time together, I wasn’t going to hold anything back. My nipples tightened to the point of pain. My panties were drenched, my thighs were shaking with anticipation. I was breathing hard, higher on his unique scent, woodsy soap and pot smoke, than I’d ever been on H.

  For a while
he just stared at me, his own breathing labored, with a look so intense I bit my lip and had to look away. He pulled me back to face him. “Look at me, Dre. There’s something I have to tell you. Something I’ve been wanting to say since the night we met.” I held my breath, hoping he could fix whatever it was between us before it was too late. Brushing my hair behind my ear, he breathed, “You have epic fucking tits.” I fought the urge to giggle
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