All the rage, p.15
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       All the Rage, p.15

           T. M. Frazier
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  I dropped to my knees in the sand, ducking and covering my head with my hands.

  “Hey, it’s okay,” Nolan said leaning over me, covering my body with his.

  Protecting me.

  I didn’t deserve his protection. If he really knew who I was and what I was there to do he wouldn’t want to protect me anymore. “No! It’s not okay!” I shouted, pushing him off of me and to my feet. “None of this is fucking okay!”

  Nolan grabbed my wrist. “Let me explain this to you,” he said, calmly. Too calmly. He reached out and cupped my cheek in his hand, rubbing over it with the pad of his thumb. “You and I are going to have a coming-to-Jesus moment. You’re gonna tell me your shit. I’m gonna tell you my shit, and then I’m going to fuck you. Long and hard, until you don’t remember your real name or the one you chose to go by because you’ll be too busy screaming mine.”

  My insides clenched tight and I mashed my lips tightly together, suppressing a moan. “What secrets do you have?” I asked, the air hitching in my lungs. I didn’t mean to lean into his touch, but that was exactly what I did, my eyes never leaving his as I rubbed my cheek along his open palm.

  Nolan shook his head. His lip curved upward in a cocky smirk. “Oh no, Princess. Ladies first.”

  “You want the truth?” I asked.


  “The truth is that I have to leave.”

  “Not gonna fucking happen, baby girl.”

  “Fine. The truth is that I’m no one. I’m nothing. I don’t live anywhere and I don’t get close to anyone. The truth is that you know me better than anyone has ever known me, yet you don’t really know me at all. And that’s why I have to leave. You’ve seen too much. You know too much!” I yanked my head away but Nolan tugged me back.

  “Bullshit,” he snapped, waving off my answer. “Where do you live?”

  “Nowhere,” I said, repeating the truth.

  Nolan’s jaw tightened. Gritting his teeth, he looked up to the stormy sky, like he was searching for something, anything but the answers I’d given him. A guttural roar ripped from the depths of his throat, vibrating all the way through to my black fucking soul.

  “It’s not fucking enough,” he seethed.

  “I know,” I said, turning around again. Nolan came up behind me and pulled my back into his body. The heat between us warming the chill inside of me. “You’re a good guy Nolan. Too good for me. You’re normal. I’ll never be normal. Ever. That’s why I have to go.”

  “You aren’t fucking going anywhere. The sooner you realize that, the better,” he growled in my ear and pulled me roughly against him before spinning me around in his arms. I craned my neck, his eyes locking on to mine. Hazel against blue-green. The earth and the stormy sky battling one another for control. With that one look and I knew I was losing. “You can’t tell me you don’t feel this thing between us,” he said, running his nose down my jaw. He grabbed me by the hips, pressing his erection up against my core. “This is what you do to me. All the time. All. The. Fucking. Time. You can’t tell me that I don’t have an effect on you because I know you feel me in here,” Nolan said, pressing his hand flat against my chest. “The same way I feel you.” He dragged his fingers down the front of my wet dress and across my breast and nipple.

  I sucked in a breath. It took everything I had not to arch into his touch. Push my heavy breasts and hard nipples into his beautiful strong hands. My body yearned to push back against the hardness I felt throbbing through his wet jeans, mimicking my own throbbing that had been swollen and aching for more.

  This is why I have to leave.

  “Don’t tell me you don’t want this. Me.” He dipped his head and ran his nose from my shoulder, up my neck to my jaw, inhaling me as he went. A flush of wetness pooled between my legs that had nothing to do with the rain. “Jesus Christ. I can fucking smell how bad you want this right now, so don’t you dare tell me you don’t.”

  I shook my head, but Nolan only chuckled.

  He laughed at me.

  That laugh turned into the finger pushing the button on the same anger I’d showed him I was capable of last night. The burning sensation started, warning me of what was to come. I didn’t try to breathe slowly. I didn’t try to think of something else. I didn’t even try to run away again.

  He wanted the truth, so I was going to give it to him.

  Obviously Nolan needed to see again what I capable of in order to fully understand what he was dealing with. There was no doubt in my mind that after, he’d let me go without wasting so much as another second thinking about me.

  My stomach twisted at the thought. I looked away.

  “Fucking look at me, Rage!” Nolan commanded, pulling my chin toward him and looking into my eyes. He went blurry. Like he wasn’t even there anymore. I heard him calling me. I heard him mutter and swear.

  Then I heard nothing but a buzz in my ears as the anger took hold, wrapping me up in her torturous embrace, feeding me what I needed, what I wanted. I may not have known how to deal with the emotional shit that makes your chest hurt, but anger? Rage?

  That I could work with.

  My happy place of chaos.

  I didn’t need Nolan.

  I was high. Downright giddy.

  Until I wasn’t.

  Suddenly I was ripped from the arms of my old friend, my vision focusing, Nolan coming back into view. I placed a hand over the stinging sensation on my cheek. “You smacked me?”

  Nolan’s face was so close, his nose touched mine. “God damn right I smacked you. I told you I wasn’t going to let you leave and I didn’t mean just running away.”

  “You smacked me,” I repeated, rubbing my hand over my heated cheek.

  Nolan nodded. “Didn’t want to, but I had to bring you back, baby girl.” Nolan lowered his voice. “Had to. A kiss didn’t work this time.”

  “You kissed me?” I asked, my fingers moving from my cheek to my lips. Suddenly, I wasn’t pissed off that he wouldn’t let me go. I wasn’t even pissed that he smacked me. But for some reason, it was the kiss that had my mind reeling. I couldn’t think when we were so close. The overwhelming need to put distance between us took over. I needed to clear my mind.

  Without waiting another second, I ducked under Nolan’s arm and took off down the beach.

  I didn’t stop.

  Did I want to?

  That was, I didn’t stop until something hard hit my back from behind and I was sent flying face first into the wet sand. Strong hands flipped me over onto my back. Again, I found myself gazing up into a murderous pair of hazel eyes. These eyes weren’t the kind, beautiful eyes of the boy I’d come to know in the past few weeks.

  These eyes were dark and they were FURIOUS.

  Nolan searched my face. “My leg may have issues, but you underestimate the fact that I’d break it all over again for you.” He was breathing hard, his thighs straddling mine. “What happened with Griff, is that what this leaving shit is all about?”

  I didn’t answer because to say that the one incident was what this was all about would be wrong. It was part of it, but it was just the tip of the iceberg that was my life. “We all got anger, baby.”

  “Not like me,” I spat. I bucked my hips in an effort to get him off of me but all I managed to do was put myself in contact with the hardness straining against his wet jeans. I bit my lip to stifle a moan, not wanting him to know how much he was getting to me.

  One look at Nolan’s lusty gaze told me I wasn’t very successful.

  Nolan furrowed his brows. “Baby, when you feel that temper of yours crossing over to that point of no return, then you take that shit out on me. If you have to unleash whatever is going on in that pretty brain of yours, then you unleash it on me. You give ME your anger and you don’t leave again. You hear what I’m saying? Come at me, Rage. Give me all you fucking got, and I’ll give it right back. Take it out on me. On my body. I promise, I can take it.” Nolan paused, running his gaze over my body, licking me up and down with h
is hazel eyes. “I want to take it.”

  Opening my mouth to argue, I was quickly silenced when Nolan crushed his lips to mine.

  In that moment, I was lost. In the kiss. In Nolan. In what he was pressing against me as he kissed me, hard and long. His tongue parted my lips. It was both a dance and a war. I never knew a kiss could be both harsh and gentle. Soft and solid.

  I moaned into his mouth, and he rocked against me again, my dress riding up on my legs. If he were to look down, my panties would be on full display.

  “You’re so fucking beautiful. I can’t wait to fill that pussy with my cock. I’ve been aching to feel you come while I’m buried deep inside of you,” Nolan groaned, thrusting his hard cock against my panties, rubbing it up and down a spot that had me gasping and wanting to push up against him even more. I had a feeling that Nolan was making sure I understood that what he was going to do to me wasn’t just a promise. “I’m going to fuck the anger out of you.”

  It was a warning.

  The sun was rising over the water as Nolan smoothed his hand up over my bare thigh, over my panties and then between my legs. I didn’t even realize the rain had stopped. Nolan lifted the edge of the fabric just enough to dip two fingers inside. The second he came in contact with my sensitive flesh, my back lifted off the sand in a jump. He played with my opening. Kissing me harder and teasing his fingers through my wetness. He pressed the tip of one finger inside me, then stilled. “This pussy is mine,” he said, removing his hand from my panties and putting his fingers in his mouth, sucking my moisture from them and groaning. He looked down at me, and for a brief second, confusion flashed in his heavily-lidded eyes.

  Nolan settled himself back on top of me, his hand again snaking it’s way into my panties. He pushed a finger inside, but didn’t get very far when he stilled. “You’re so fucking tight.”

  I lifted my hips up off the sand, hoping he’d take the hint and plunge it deeper inside of me. Or something, anything to quench the ache that kept building and building. I didn’t know how much more I could take. My nipples were so hard it was practically painful. My thighs shook.

  The sound of a child’s high-pitched laugh broke the spell we were under.

  “Shit,” Nolan cursed. He stood quickly, pulling me up with him. A family of four emerged from a nearby cottage, a little blonde girl bounded down the steps, chasing after a beach ball twice as big as she was.

  Nolan took my hand and pulled me over to the ATV he’d driven up in. He picked me up and set me over the seat. He reached behind his head and tugged on his shirt, lifting it up over his head and setting it across the seat. “You think I’m a normal guy, huh?” he asked with a wicked smile. “You’re not the only one with secrets, Rage.” Before I could ask what he was doing, he turned around and I gasped.

  Holy fuck.

  I was finally getting a good look at Nolan’s tattoo. It was a full back piece. Colorful and very detailed. In the center was a wolf fighting an eagle whose wings stretched across Nolan’s back up to his shoulders and over his trap muscles. The symbol was one I recognized without even having to read the words scrolled across the bottom.

  Wolf Warriors Motorcycle Club

  Logan’s Beach

  Nolan was right.

  I wasn’t the only one keeping secrets.


  Gramps always said that if you expected honesty, you must first give it. Which was what I did by showing Rage my back and letting her in on a big piece of my life that I’d been hiding from her.

  I wanted her. Body, heart, and fucking soul. That meant we both had some truths to come to terms with, and I hoped I could explain mine in a way that wouldn’t end with me chasing her down again, which was exactly what I’d do if she ran.

  Over and over.

  I’ve never had to answer to anyone, especially not about the MC. Before Rage, I’d never even wanted to keep a girl around for a few hours. Even with Jessica, I got tired of her if we were together more than one night a week. Whereas with Rage, I didn’t want to let her out of my sight for a single minute.

  Something else that was new for me, and something that had my cock dripping with precum, was the notion that Rage, the girl I was about to fuck and make mine, was possibly a virgin. Before the realization hit me that she could be innocent, I was about to take her like a savage on the beach. I’d planned to flip her over and fuck her hard until she was screaming and choking on the fucking sand.

  As much as I hated the screaming kid for interrupting us, I was grateful too. I needed to make sure every second of fucking Rage was as amazing for her as I knew it was going to be for me.

  So good she will never try and leave again.

  If I’d learned anything after her attempt to run away, it was that there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do to keep her.


  We still had some truths to share, but it was going to have to wait, because it was time to show her that she belonged to me, and no matter how much distance she thought she could put between us, that fact wasn’t going to change.

  I hit the throttle and raced down the beach to the cottage with only the girl in front of me on my mind.

  I planned on spending the rest of the day showing her one truth though. The truth that I’d known since the day we met. The one I felt in my gut and understood better than anything I’ve ever understood in my entire life.

  She was mine.



  Nolan is a Wolf Warrior.

  This thought ran through my mind over and over and over again as we drove back to the cottage.

  How did I not know? Why didn’t Smoke tell me?

  Joker, the Warrior’s Vice President, was someone I’d done a lot of work for in the past. Someone who didn’t care for me very much since I’d flat out refused to work solely for him. He was among the handful of people who knew not only who I was, but what I looked like.

  Nolan parked the ATV in the storage area under the cottage, where a section of lattice had been removed and was leaning up against the side of the house. He cut the engine and lifted me off the seat, carrying me up the steps. “Put me down,” I said, pounding on his bare chest. “You’re going to hurt your leg again,” I told him, but he ignored me, grunting his argument as he continued to carry me, not setting me down until after he’d kicked open the door of the bedroom.

  The second my feet hit the carpet, he slammed the door shut and spun me around against it. He parted my knees and pushed himself between my legs. He was still hard. My head fell back against the door and I closed my eyes as he forcefully rocked into me. His cock sliding up and down against my core. My legs shook with anticipation. My entire body was awash in unfamiliar sensations.

  Unfamiliar that was, until Nolan.

  “Open your fucking eyes,” he commanded. As much as I told myself I hated when Nolan bossed me around, it was yet another thing he’d been right about. When I responded to his demands, my body responded to being ordered. Humming and buzzing like a street light at dusk.

  “I need…answers,” I moaned, swallowing hard as Nolan continued his assault on my senses by grinding harder against me, grabbing the back of my neck and covering my hips with his. Punishing. Bruising. He explored my mouth with his tongue, nipping at my bottom lip with his teeth.

  “Answers later,” he said, pulling back slightly. “But only after I show you who it is you belong to.” Nolan snaked his hands up the backs of my thighs, cupping my ass and digging his fingers into my flesh. I let out a yelp when he lifted me up off the ground. I wrapped my legs around him. He reached up a hand and slid the tie holding my ponytail out of my hair. It felt cold as my still wet hair fell around my shoulders.

  I should have argued with him. Told him that there were too many questions between us to continue without answers, but then he dipped his head down and bit my nipple through my dress, grazing it slightly with his teeth. All rational thought was gone. In its place was the new life Nolan was breathing into m
y body and into the two other places in me I’d thought were long dead.

  My soul.

  My heart.

  Both alive and well, heating my blood from within.

  It was the thought of heat that caused me to remember my cheek, the sting from his slap fresh on my still-tingling skin.

  I raised my hand, and without any warning, I slapped Nolan across the face.

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