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       Tell Me Your Dreams, p.28

           Sidney Sheldon
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Chapter Twenty-Eight

  OVER the next few months, Otto Lewison had three psychiatrists examine Ashley. They used hypnotherapy and Sodium Amytal.

  "Hello, Ashley. I'm Dr. Montfort, and I need to ask you some questions. How do you feel about yourself?"

  "I feel wonderful, Doctor. It's as though I've just gotten over a long illness. "

  "Do you think you're a bad person?"

  "No. I know some bad things have happened, but I don't believe I'm responsible for them. "

  "Do you hate anyone?"

  "No. "

  "What about your father? Do you hate him?"

  "I did. I don't hate him anymore. I don't think he could help what he did. I just hope he's all right now. "

  "Would you like to see him again?"

  "I think it would be better if I didn't. He has his life. I want to start a new life for myself. "


  "Yes. "

  "I'm Dr. Vaughn. I'd like to have a little chat with you. "

  "All right. "

  "Do you remember Toni and Alette?"

  "Of course. But they're gone. "

  "How do you feel about them?"

  "In the beginning, I was terrified, but now I know I needed them. I'm grateful to them. "

  "Do you sleep well at night?"

  "Now I do, yes. "

  "Tell Me Your Dreams. "

  "I used to have terrible dreams; something was always chasing me. I thought I was going to be murdered. "

  "Do you still have those dreams?"

  "Not anymore. My dreams are very peaceful. I see bright colors and smiling people. Last night, I dreamed I was at a ski resort, flying down the slopes. It was wonderful. I don't mind cold weather at all anymore. "

  "How do you feel about your father?"

  "I want him to be happy, and I want to be happy. "


  "Yes. "

  "I'm Dr. Hoelterhoff. "

  "How do you do, Doctor?"

  "They didn't tell me how beautiful you were. Do you think you're beautiful?"

  "I think I'm attractive. . . . "

  "I hear that you have a lovely voice. Do you think you do?"

  "It's not a trained voice, but, yes" - she laughed - "I do manage to sing on key. "

  "And they tell me you paint. Are you good?"

  "For an amateur, I think I'm quite good. Yes. "

  He was studying her thoughtfully. "Do you have any problems that you would like to discuss with me?"

  "I can't think of any. I'm treated very well here. "

  "How do you feel about leaving here and getting out into the world?"

  "I've thought a lot about it. It's scary, but at the same time it's exciting. "

  "Do you think you would be afraid out there?"

  "No. I want to build a new life. I'm good with computers. I can't go back to the company I worked for, but I'm sure I can get a job at another company. "

  Dr. Hoelterhoff nodded. "Thank you, Ashley. It was a pleasure talking to you. "

  Dr. Montfort, Dr. Vaughn, Dr. Hoelterhoff and Dr. Keller were gathered in Otto Lewison's office. He was studying their reports. When he finished, he looked up at Dr. Keller and smiled.

  "Congratulations," he said. "These reports are all positive. You've done a wonderful job. "

  "She's a wonderful woman. Very special, Otto. I'm glad she's going to have her life back again. "

  "Has she agreed to outpatient treatment when she leaves here?"

  "Absolutely. "

  Otto Lewison nodded. "Very well. I'll have the release papers drawn up. " He turned to the other doctors. "Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate your help. "

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