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The Doomsday Conspiracy

Sidney Sheldon



  Uetendorf, Switzerland


  The witnesses standing at the edge of the field were staring in horrified silence, too stunned to speak. The scene that lay before them was grotesque, a primeval nightmare dredged up from some deep, dark depths of primitive man's collective unconscious. Each witness had a different reaction. One fainted. A second one vomited. A woman was shaking uncontrollably. Another one thought: I'm going to have a heart attack! The elderly priest clutched his beads and crossed himself. Help me, Father. Help us all. Protect us against this evil incarnate. We have finally seen the face of Satan. It is the end of the world. Judgement Day has come.

  Armageddon is here . . . Armageddon . . . Armageddon . . .

  Sunday, October 14th, 2100 Hours