More than want you, p.31
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       More Than Want You, p.31
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         Part #1 of More Than Words series by Shayla Black
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  After a glance at my ring sparkling under the muted lights overhead, I kiss my fiancé—I can’t believe I can call Maxon that—then lean over to the band and clue them in.

  Then I grab the mic with a sniffle. “Aloha, Lahaina. I’m a red-eyed but very happy Keeley Sunshine. I just have one more song for my groom-to-be, then I’m going to go start the rest of my life with him.”

  The obliging little band starts the music. Now I’m particularly grateful Gus brought in a keyboard. This song would be lost without it.

  As Ruelle’s “I Get to Love You” starts, I can’t contain my smile or my joy. It’s sparkling and sweet and hopeful, just like this moment.

  I’m going to cry through this ballad, too. But it’s a good cry. The happiest cry.

  Because Maxon has made me the happiest woman imaginable.

  As the song winds toward its close, I look his way and sing every word to him. I promise to love him and always choose him because I’m forever his and I’ll forever say “I do.”

  The bridge picks up about love being a journey. I can’t dispute that at all. I sing the song’s title a few times, blinking at the happy tears filling my eyes.

  Then he comes forward to wrap me in his arms and meet my gaze with the promise of forever. “I get to love you, too. And I always will, sunshine.”

  The End

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