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       Their Virgin Captive, p.28
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 28


  Hannah’s tender backside could attest to that. “I can handle the three of you. ” He leaned over and brushed his mouth against hers, licking across her lips until Hannah allowed his tongue to slide against hers in a silky dance. As she kissed Slade, she felt another body at her back.

  “Give me a little of that, darlin’. ” A rough hand turned her face to the right.

  Dex kissed her long and slow while Slade toyed with her nipples and the jewels that dangled from them.

  “Hey, don’t forget me. ” Gavin pulled her his direction. He kissed her hard, his mouth dominating hers with commanding, seductive power.

  “It’s time, baby. ” Gavin released her. “Ride Slade. ”

  Hannah looked to the huge bed. Slade laid across the soft comforter, holding his big cock up, waiting for her to sheathe him.

  “Go on, darlin’. ” Dex urged her forward, his hand smoothing across her tortured backside.

  Hannah crawled up on the bed, careful to keep the plug in. She kissed her way up Slade’s body from his feet to his strong thighs to his lean waist, all the way up to his lips. Slade. Her soul mate.

  “Kiss me, too, darlin’. ” Dex took his place at the head of the bed. His cock thrust toward her.

  Hannah let him plunder her mouth once more. Dex. Her champion.

  Gavin’s strong hands cupped her hips. “I’m here, too. And I’ll never leave you alone again. ” He planted soft kisses along the sensitive skin of her neck, making her shiver. Making her feel so adored. Gavin. Her savior.

  Her men. It was past time to be with them all.

  Slade had a condom in his hand. He rolled it on that big cock, stroking himself as he prepared to fill her. “Come here, baby. Let me get inside you. ”

  Dex held her hands, and Gavin moved her hips into place. She sighed as Slade’s huge cock eased inside her pussy.

  “God, I love the way you feel. ” Slade pushed up, deeper into her. “She’s so tight with the plug. ”

  He was right. Her pussy felt stretched and deliciously invaded.

  Gavin groaned behind her as he gently pushed her forward. “She’s going to get a lot tighter. I think Dex needs a little attention, too. ”

  Dex was at the head of the bed on his knees, cock in hand, waiting for her. The bulbous head wept with a creamy drop of semen. Hannah sighed as she licked at it, then pulled the head into her mouth. Dex tasted masculine and salty and she reveled in it as Slade thrust up and impaled her on his cock.

  “I’m going to take the plug out, Hannah. ” Gavin’s voice was a deep groan. “Don’t you lose Dex. ”

  Hannah whimpered around Dex’s cock as it filled her mouth, while Gavin slowly removed the plug from her ass. She felt its loss, but there was no time to bemoan it. Dex fed her his length inch by inch. Slade pumped softly up, finding a place deep inside her pussy that had her pleasure building to a crescendo.

  More lube coated her anus. Fingers massaged here there. She’d never imagined it could feel so good. Gavin rimmed her, preparing her to take something she knew was far bigger than the plugs they’d used.

  She tensed when she felt Gavin’s cock at her tight entrance. It burned as he pressed against her tight, untried muscles, but she wasn’t about to back down.

  “Steady, sweetheart. You’re very, very tight. ” Gavin’s hands felt like brands on her hips. He held her tightly as though he was afraid to let go.

  “God, that feels good. ” Slade’s breath came in deep pants, his control obviously slipping.

  “Arch a little, baby. Let Gavin slip deeper inside. ”

  “Hurry. Her mouth is killing me. ” Dex pushed his way back in, filling her up.

  Hannah felt like she might splinter into a thousand pieces as she followed Slade’s order.

  When she raised her ass, Gavin’s cock tunneled deeper. More burning and stretching. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take, but the delicious bite of pain tore at her composure. She moaned and clawed at Dex’s thighs.

  “Relax, baby,” Dex’s voice soothed. His hands petted her hair, and he gentled his strokes.

  “You’re so fucking gorgeous. You’re more than enough woman for all of us. ”

  “You’re our everything, Hannah,” Slade added. “Relax and let us take care of you. Take a deep breath and push out. Allow Gavin in so we can all love you. ”

  “Yes. Christ, let me in, Hannah. I’m dying to be deep inside you. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want this sweet ass. ” Gavin pressed in, inexorably forcing her to take a bit more of his wide cock with every little stroke.

  Slade pulled on the clamps, twisting her nipples. As she moaned, he reached around and spread her cheeks wider for Gavin. “Come on, baby. Don’t resist. Take all of him. ” Hannah whimpered in little cries of pleasure around Dex’s cock as Gavin slid completely into her ass. The burn was there, but so was a crazy jangle of sensation, a fullness that stimulated a host of new nerve endings.

  As he eased back, Slade pumped deep into her pussy. “God, that’s tight. ”

  “Yes,” Gavin hissed. “She’s taking every inch of my cock and it’s so pretty. I’m never going to leave you, baby. I’m always going to want to be inside you like this. ” His words made the warmth inside her flash hot. As he shoved inside her again and praised her once more, Gavin pushed her closer to climax. As he slid back, Slade thrust up, nudging her cervix. She cried out in bliss. Inflamed, aroused, desperate, she pulled on Dex’s cock, bringing him almost to the back of her throat.

  “Fuck, guys, I’m dying here. ” Dex’s voice sounded strangled.

  “Damn straight,” Slade said. He shoved his cock up again

  “She’s like a vise on my dick. This is too good. I won’t last. Hannah, you come for you Masters. ” Gavin fucked her in long, luxurious strokes.

  The others joined in. They were like a well-oiled machine. When Gavin pressed deep in her ass, Slade pulled out. When Slade fucked into her pussy, Gavin dragged his cock out, almost withdrawing. Every pleasure sensor in her body lit up. They exchanged panting breaths and devotion. Slade plied his tongue around her sensitive, clamped nipples. Gavin nibbled at her neck, his hot affection making her shiver all over.

  “Finish off,” Slade told the others. “I don’t know how long I can hold out. She feels so good. ”

  “I’m close. ” Dex’s hands tangled in her hair. “Relax, baby. Just breathe deep and take me. ” He fucked into her mouth in deep strokes, his cock swelling against her tongue as the other two grew larger and more insistent inside her. Pleasure built fast and hard, tearing at her composure. With every stroke, they sent her farther into an abyss of need so deep, Hannah wasn’t sure she’d ever leave. She didn’t want to. Her body rode the wave of sensation they heaped on her. All she had to do was let go and feel.

  She softened her throat. Dex surged into her mouth, and his body stiffened. He shouted, sounding desperate, dying. Then warm seed coated her tongue. Tangy, an unexpected salty shock. Then instinct took over, and she drank him down. All the while, Slade and Gavin plundered her mercilessly, their hands tightening on her like they never wanted to let her go.

  When Dex withdrew from her mouth, she fell against Slade, reveling at the feel of his heart pounding against her. Almost immediately, he propped her up until her stare met his. Dex eased his hand onto her belly, forcing it between them.

  “This is just what you need, baby. ” Dex’s finger found her clit. “Ride it. Come for us. ”

  “Now, Hannah,” Gavin commanded. “I’m going to come. ”

  “Me, too. I can’t hold off any longer. ” Slade surged up, keeping his head up long enough to remove the clamps.

  Blood rushed back to them in a hot surge of delicate pain as Dex circled her clit. The pleasure overload, coupled with the friction, catapulted Hannah into a blinding ecstasy she’d never experienced. She gasped as the orgasm raced through her body. It started in her core, building, building, and then spread
like a wild fire until it culminated in one huge explosion that engulfed her, ripping a scream from her throat.

  As she took off flying, Slade and Gavin gave in to the need. Slade’s cock pulsed inside her.

  His gorgeous face contorted, his blue eyes fused to her like his world began and ended with her.

  Gavin came in strong bursts, coating her ass with his essence, his hands clutching her like he’d never let her go.

  They fell together in a heap of warm, satisfied flesh. Her head rested on Slade’s chest. She could hear the strong beat of his heart as he wound down. Gavin’s body pressed her into Slade’s, the weight a welcome warmth. Dex stretched out beside her, his face in line with her own. He looked satisfied and happy, as though a huge weight had been lifted.

  “I love you, Hannah,” he said solemnly and kissed her forehead.

  “The best thing we ever did was kidnap you and take you to our lair. ” Slade smiled.

  She could feel their connection all the way down to her bones. Even when they were apart, she would be able to feel them.

  “I like the way you boys treat a captive,” she said, snuggling down. She suspected she was in for a long night.

  Gavin pressed her hot cheek to his. “Get used to it. I don’t think we’re ever letting our captive go. ”

  That was fine with Hannah.

  Chapter Fifteen

  One year later

  With a fully-healed Mr. Snuggles purring around his ankles, Gavin took off his tie and tossed it aside. It felt so good to leave work today. His new Vice President of Operations had given him hell. She’d been in place for almost nine months and had big plans for changing the way Black Oak Oil did business. She was very employee oriented. Already the woman had opened a day care on site, talked him into a better health insurance plan, and forced him to build better facilities at the Alaska site. She had a head for business and could argue all day long when she believed in something.

  Of course, he always took it from her because she looked awfully good in a bikini.

  “Hey, you took off early!” Slade walked in from the pool. “Dex was just about to start up the grill. You want a beer?”

  “Absolutely. I’m on vacation, after all. Does she know?” Gavin stared outside where Hannah splashed in the pool, her blonde hair in a messy pile on the top of her head. Her baby bump wasn’t showing yet, but in a few weeks, it would. Knowing he’d soon see the evidence of their passion, of the life they’d created, growing inside her turned him on.

  Slade smiled. “She has no idea. She thinks she has a meeting with the head of technology tomorrow. ”

  “Excellent. ” Gavin shrugged out of his suit coat. Scott had proven not only a great manager, but a successful conspirator. “Everything is in place. The plane is ready. Marnie knows we’re coming. Have the contractors finished out the playroom?”

  “Yes, just today. I sent you the pictures. I assure you we now have the perfect space to play with our wife for the next month. And Dex decided he’s going to tie her up this time. He’s going to march into the conference room and lasso her before we pick her up and take her out. You know she likes the cowboy thing. ”

  Gavin threw back his head and laughed. His sweet Hannah had a vivid imagination. She had taken to play like a duck to water.

  He looked forward to spending the month focused on nothing but her.

  Hannah looked up, and he knew the moment she saw him. Her green eyes lit up. She rushed to the edge of the pool and raced up the steps. Dex turned from the grill and nodded his way.

  Dex James. His brother. It was all legal now. He smiled.

  Hannah walked toward him, her breasts barely encased in a yellow bikini top. She never wore that suit in public, but damn he liked to see it on her in private.

  “Watch out,” Slade said, pressing a cold beer into his hand. “She’s going to throw herself in your arms. If you don’t want to get those clothes wet, I would run. ” She would just chase him down. His wife never let him get too far. Anytime the pressure got to him, she drew him back in with the sunshine of her smile. His world finally had a center, and he was content to orbit around her.

  Hannah did just what Slade had promised. She threw herself into his arms, plastering her body to his.

  “Welcome home, Mr. James. ” She pressed a little kiss on his lips. “I missed you. ” He missed her every minute he wasn’t in her presence. “Me too, love. Are you ready for your meeting tomorrow, Ms. VP?”

  “Absolutely, boss. ” Hannah loved her new responsibilities, and the employees adored her.

  “Make sure you’re not late. ”

  She frowned at him and wrinkled her nose. “I’m never late, Mr. James. Are you going to come swimming with me? The water’s great. ”

  “As I’m already wet, I think I will. ” He slapped her ass playfully as she walked back to the pool.

  Gavin stripped off his shirt.

  “Has our little pool party taken a distinctly adult tone?” Dex asked, a wide smile on his face.

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