Their virgin captive, p.17
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       Their Virgin Captive, p.17
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 17


  But this stolen moment would be the only time he’d ever touch her.

  “Take more, baby. You can take all of me. Work it in. ” Gavin gentled his voice, but tangled his hands in her hair, grabbing fistfuls. Long and soft, her hair made the perfect handle to grip as he fucked his way deeper into her mouth, forcing his way in inch by delicious inch. “Breath through your nose, Hannah. You can handle this. ”

  Her hands found his thighs, fingers gripping almost desperately. She trembled as she parted her lips wider to accommodate his short strokes. He sank another inch into her hot mouth.

  “Touch my balls. ”

  She didn’t hesitate, cupping, rubbing. He shuddered. His balls were tight against his body and felt so heavy with come. Every ounce was meant for her. All the reasons he shouldn’t be here fell away. She sat on her knees before him, touching him, accepting him. Hell, she’d opened her mouth and welcomed him. For this precious moment, she belonged to him, was his to do with as he pleased. No amount of guilt or self-loathing could keep him from taking her in every way he wanted.

  Ruthlessly, he pressed even deeper into her mouth. Hannah tried to roll her tongue over his cock, but there wasn’t any room in her tight, hot mouth. His balls drew up, so damn close to orgasm. But if he would only have this once with her, spewing down her throat, though hot, wasn’t how he wanted to go.

  With a grimace, he pulled from her mouth.

  Hannah fell back. She panted, dragging oxygen into her lungs, as she stared with uncertain eyes. “You didn’t finish. ”

  “I’m not going to go easy on you. My brothers had all night. Did you think I would settle for a quick head job then send you on your merry way? Not a chance, baby. Take off your clothes. ” Hannah rose, her body shaking. She held his eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse with trembling fingers. Slowly, almost uncertainly, she revealed her creamy skin, inch by inch.

  When she peeled the blouse off her shoulders, he sucked in a stunned breath. God, she was fucking gorgeous. He’d said she wasn’t worthy of him, but it hadn’t been true. Looking at her now, he knew exactly how much he’d lied. Hannah was magnificent, with dainty shoulders, a trim waist, and large breasts topped with tight, pink nipples begging to be sucked. Everything a man could hope for.

  And she belonged to his brothers.

  She could belong to you, if only you would reach out, trust her. Stop everything and tell her your story. Ask for forgiveness.

  He couldn’t risk it. She would know—and loathe—him soon enough. The press would tell everyone, and life as he knew it would be over.

  Her blouse fell to the floor.

  “No bra?” he choked out.

  Hannah shook her head, blond curls caressing her pale shoulders. “Dex didn’t put one in my suitcase. ” Her hands went to her skirt, but she stopped when he reached out and cupped her breast, brushing her nipple with his thumb. It peaked, flushed. Hannah’s breast fit his hand perfectly, every inch soft and silky.

  “Did my brother neglect to pack your underwear as well?” Gavin could just imagine Dex’s sinful glee.

  “I’m not allowed to wear panties anymore unless your brothers choose it. ” At her implication, Gavin nearly swallowed his tongue. “You’re not wearing any now?”

  “No, Sir. ”

  Fuck. Every word out of her mouth made him harder. He stood back, stepping out of his pajama pants, then tossed them across the room. He stood naked before Hannah. She looked at him, her gaze taking him in, and she gasped. Then she met his gaze. No way he could miss the desire burning there.

  When she reached out to touch him, he thrust her hand away. “I didn’t give you permission to touch me. Present me that ass. Show me that plug. Now. ”

  He wanted to see exactly what Slade had pressed deep inside her, how she clenched around the plug to keep it lodged. He wanted her to bend over and show him how wet and swollen her pussy was because of it.

  Hannah pushed the skirt down her hips, revealing lush curves. She had an hourglass figure that made his mouth water. Her teeth bit into her lower lip, eyes wide with hesitation as she removed the garment and left it on the floor. She turned away and leaned over, but had nothing to hold on to, so she bent and braced her hands on her thighs. Her ass was gorgeous and round, the cheeks a perfect upside down heart. But he couldn’t see what he wanted to see.

  “Lower, Hannah. You bend lower and use your hands to spread your cheeks. ” She mumbled something he couldn’t quite hear.

  “What did you say?” He drilled her with a hard stare.

  “Nothing, Sir. ”

  With zero hesitation, Gavin swatted her ass. He loved the sound, the sting, the way her skin pinkened. “Don’t lie to me. What did you call me?”

  “I called you a bastard, Sir. ” Her voice sounded high-pitched, thin.

  He spanked her other cheek, watching as she turned pink there, too. God, he could get used to dominating Hannah. “You don’t use that language around me. ”

  “Then don’t push me. ”

  “I will always push you. ” He would push her right out of his life. He was just that stupid, and it was the right thing to do. But he wasn’t going to deny himself this one moment with her. He would hold it close to his heart for the rest of his life. “Now do as I told you. Hold your cheeks apart. ”

  He couldn’t mistake her reluctance, but those hands came up and slowly pulled the globes of her ass apart. There it was, peeking out, a little pink plug shoved tight inside her. Gavin got to one knee and peered closer. That plug would prepare her to take a cock up her ass. She could also fit one in her pussy and another in her mouth. He and his brothers could possess her body all at once.

  No. That wouldn’t happen. He couldn’t risk her and allow it to happen.

  “Tell me something, Hannah. ” He touched the plug then palmed her ass, loving the way she quivered. “Do you still care about me?”

  She drew in a shuddering breath. “I love you, Gavin. ”

  Her breathy words finally broke him. He couldn’t take another second of waiting. He needed to shove himself inside her, be surrounded by her. He just fucking needed her.

  Gavin hauled her into his arms and carried her to the piano—the nearest flat surface. Hannah gasped as he set her bare ass down on the keys. They made a discordant sound, but her breathy cry as he shoved his cock between her legs was music to his ears.

  As she curled her fingers around his shoulders and clung, Gavin drew her closer. He could feel how wet she was. She might think he was a bastard, but she wanted him all the same.

  Hannah didn’t hesitate. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in when she should be pushing him away. His cock nudged the entrance to her pussy, but he held back. He needed more than to simply fuck her. He needed to connect with her.

  Gavin thrust his hands in her hair and tugged, pulling her mouth beneath his. He covered that pretty, red bow, her lips swollen from sucking his cock. God, she tasted sweet. His tongue delved deep, and she accepted. No, she submitted, allowing him to pillage and plunder. Nothing but soft, sweet whimpers came from her throat as she held on, her body writhing restlessly against him.

  He couldn’t get enough. He kissed her mouth, her nose, her chin, and her throat. She tasted sweet on his lips. His brothers could take her as many times as they wanted, but her innocence would remain. She would always taste sweet, always have a pure heart that pulled at him. He kissed her again, possessing and ravaging, but his cock demanded more. He probed her slick, soft folds then pressed in slowly.

  He watched as her lovely, bare pussy accepted his cock, clamping down in welcome with every inch he gave her. Gavin pressed in farther. Fuck, she had the tightest hole he’d ever been in. Her pussy sucked at him, drawing him in, holding him deep. She wrapped her arms around him like she never wanted to let go.

  When her head fell back on a moan, exposing her throat, he kissed the fair skin there. He couldn’t get enough of the taste of h
er. He nipped at her shoulder while his cock stretched her cunt.

  Finally, he thrust completely in. She felt so fucking good wrapped around his dick, Gavin didn’t know how he was going to survive.

  A warning bell went off in his head, but Hannah’s soft moans and softer kisses across his jaw drowned out that insistent voice screaming at him that his world was about to go to hell. The trouble was, hell felt really good right now. In fact, hell felt perfect.

  Gavin took her hard, holding nothing back. Right now, she was his to fuck and fill, arouse, plunder, and consume. She was his to hold and love.

  God, he loved her.

  “Hannah. ” Her name was a benediction. He pulled on her hips, sealing them together, fusing their bodies until he couldn’t tell where he ended and she began. He thrust harder, deeper, faster, wanting more and more of her—everything, in fact. Heart, soul, future…everything he’d never wanted from any other woman. She made his heart nearly fucking burst.

  Hannah nodded, gasped. “Gavin. ”

  Her voice sounded frantic. Her pussy clenched down on him even tighter. He had to work to withdraw, then shoved his way back in ruthlessly.

  “You ready to come, Hannah?”

  “Gavin. ” She grabbed at his short hair with desperate fingers, her green stare so wide and needy. She looked at him as if he had the power to destroy or fulfill her.

  “Tell me, Hannah,” he demanded as his own orgasm roared closer. “Do you need to come?” She nodded frantically. “Gavin!”

  Her mouth opened wide as she came and screamed his name. He could feel the muscles of her pussy pulsing hard, milking his cock until he couldn’t hold off a second longer. His balls drew up painfully. He thrust in to the hilt one last time, captured her cry of pleasure with his mouth, then orgasm slammed him. He poured everything he had into his Hannah, the feeling so good it had to be a sin.

  In fact, it was a sin. Oh, God. He hadn’t worn a condom.

  The voice he’d ignored had been trying to warn him. He’d fucked Hannah, his brothers’

  woman, without protecting her. He’d fucked up again.

  His stomach turned. His vision blurred.

  Way to go, ruining another woman’s life. And your brothers will really love you for killing this one.

  Self-loathing boiled in Gavin’s blood as he withdrew roughly. Muttering an ugly curse, he turned away. The jarring notes of the piano, followed by soft footfall, told Gavin that Hannah hopped off the piano.

  “Gavin?” She touched his shoulder tentatively, softly. With concern.

  He didn’t fucking deserve it.

  Everyone knows how great you are to your lovers. You use them and forget them. You do nothing as they lay dying. What a great guy.

  “What’s wrong?” Hannah angled herself in front of him, her eyes searching.

  He just glared. What the hell could he say?

  She backed away, reached to the ground for her blouse, and started to cover her breasts. She knew something had gone terribly awry.

  Gavin wanted to hold her. The words were perched on the tip of his tongue. I love you. I’ll take care of you always. He could say them. He would even mean them.

  His cell phone chirped, reminding him that his time had run out. There would be no white picket fence for him.

  But what if Hannah could forgive his past mistakes? What if his brothers understood? But what would any of it matter if he couldn’t forgive himself? He didn’t have any right to drag her into the scandal that was about to hit. If the stalker held true to his threat, the papers would soon get the full story on how he’d covered up the facts surrounding Nikki’s death, and they would hound him and anyone near.

  He had to push her as far away from him as possible, even if he had to make her hate him.

  “Everything’s fine, Hannah. But I’m done. You can go now. ”

  Gavin retrieved his pajama bottoms and slid them on, eyeing the last of the vodka, before he forced himself to walk away. He couldn’t look at the confusion on her face for another second.

  She’d been sweet and giving, and if he was a better human being, she might have been able to make him whole.

  “Talk to me. Please, tell me what’s wrong. ”

  Gavin resisted the urge to go to her. He couldn’t touch her again or he would weaken. He had to be strong for both their sakes. “There’s nothing wrong, Hannah. I told you yesterday, I would love to fuck you. I did. It was okay. Now I’m done. You’re an attractive girl, but I don’t want a second round. I’m used to more experienced lovers. ”

  “More experienced?” The words fell from her mouth with a dull thud. Her eyes lost their light.

  His heart fell, but he managed a casual shrug. “One night with my brothers didn’t teach you much, honey. ”

  It was a lie. He was so used to lying, it came easy. The truth was, he would dream about having her every night for the rest of his miserable life. If he could ever work up the will to fuck another woman, it would be Hannah’s face he saw. He would never forget the way she clung to him, the way they fit together.

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