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       Their Virgin Captive, p.11
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         Part #1 of Masters of Ménage series by Shayla Black
Page 11


  “Hannah, darlin’…” He started to reach for her, then yanked his fist away. “We never meant to imply that you aren’t strong and smart. ”

  Dex, for all his arrogance, required a softer touch. He didn’t believe in himself yet. Didn’t think he belonged. But she could help him. After he answered a simple question.


  His brows lifted in confusion. “Why?”

  “She wants to know why we want her. I believe she’s under the mistaken impression that we selected her almost at random simply because she’s pretty and submissive. ” Slade nearly read her mind.

  When Dex looked at her again, his face was gentler than she’d ever seen it. “I remember the day you walked in the door. You were wearing a denim skirt to a job interview. ” She flushed. She’d only been off the bus from Lubbock, which didn’t even bother to stop in Two Trees, for a handful of hours. “So I wasn’t fashion forward. And I was interviewing for a mailroom job, if you recall. ”

  “Oh, I recall. I watched you wait in the lobby. There was another woman interviewing for the same position. I listened to the two of you talk. Do you remember what you did?” He’d seen that? “It was nothing. ”

  “Bullshit. You got up and told the receptionist that you were no longer available for the job because the other applicant had three kids and a husband who’d just walked out on her. ”

  “She was going to get kicked out of her apartment. I couldn’t take that job away from her. I knew it was down to just the two of us. If I hadn’t been very sure she would get the job once I bowed out, I wouldn’t have left. Besides, I never made it to the door because the receptionist…” She frowned. “Wait, you called her. You told her to stop me. ”

  “He ran all over the building trying to find me,” Slade said. “When I came down and talked to you, I realized that I wanted you as much as Dex did. You smiled at me and started talking about your cat, and I was a goner. I scrambled to move enough people around to secure you a junior admin position. A month later, when Gavin’s admin quit, we moved you where you belonged. ”

  Dex took a long breath. “I don’t think you’re just some submissive to put in our bed. I admire the hell out you, Hannah. You’re feminine and giving and sweet, things I didn’t grow up knowing a whole lot about. I learn from you every day. In fact, I think that I became a better man the minute I laid eyes on you. ”

  Hannah gasped. That wasn’t desire on his face, in his voice, but true, genuine love. Tears welled up, then rolled in hot streaks down her face.

  “You made me see a future,” Slade murmured, taking her hand in his. “I had everything money could buy, but I was a hollow bastard who only thought of the next conquest, whether business or pleasure. You taught me about making someone happy, not because I expected something in return, but just to see the smile on their face. That was all you, Hannah. ” She sobbed, bit her lip, and looked at them with her heart in her eyes. Goodness, she’d misunderstood them completely. She’d let her insecurity get in her way. Did she really want to let her best chance at happiness walk through the door because she was afraid?

  Dex turned to go. “But if we aren’t what you want, Hannah…we’ll protect you until this is settled, then we’ll leave you. ”

  He was heading for the door? Slade stood, watching, waiting and hopeful. Dex had obviously missed her signs. That’s okay. She would rather show him.

  Hannah walked straight up to Dex and grabbed his elbow.

  He turned, eyes wary. “Hannah?”

  Dex spoke her name like a question, but Hannah only answered by standing on her tiptoes and staring straight into Dex Townsend’s gorgeous eyes. “You two spanked me, but neither of you bothered to kiss me. I’m waiting. ”

  He hesitated, frowned. Then her words hit him, and he wrapped his big hands around her face, his gaze delving into hers. The care he saw shining there made him wilt with relief. “That was a mistake on our part. We’ll fix it now. ”

  She felt Slade slide in behind her. His hands grazed her hips, and she felt the sweet stirrings of arousal.

  “Tell me you’ve never been kissed, Hannah. ” Slade’s breath was hot against her neck.

  She was caught between two hard bodies, and she couldn’t stop quivering. “I’ve been kissed Slade. I’m a virgin, not a nun. ”

  “Who kissed you?” Dex asked, his mouth hovering over hers. He was right there. So close.

  “Brandon Powers kissed me at the church social behind the elm trees. He used his tongue. I didn’t like it. ” There had been a few other boys. She’d dated a little in high school and once in college, but it had been hard. Her family had demanded so much of her time. She’d been asked out a couple of times in the year since she’d moved to Dallas, but she’d always said no. She’d told herself it was because she was too busy, but she knew the truth. She’d been waiting for these men.

  “Hmm, do you think we can change her mind about kissing, Slade?” Slade’s hands ran up her torso, dangerously close to her breasts. “Let’s try and see what happens. ”

  Dex’s lips touched hers, and she realized this wasn’t going to be some sloppy precursor to the main event. His mouth played with hers, skimming before pulling away. He nibbled at her lips, heating her up, making her want so much more. Over and over he pressed their mouths together, while Slade kissed her ear. Who could have guessed her ear was so alive with nerves?

  Slade was making every one of them light up.

  Hannah opened her mouth. She wanted Dex deeper.

  “What do you want, darlin’?” The deep chuckle that rumbled from Dex’s chest told Hannah that he already knew.

  “Kiss me. ”

  “I am. ” He began that maddening play at her mouth again. Tantalizing, but never fulfilling.

  “You still don’t like kissing?”

  “Her nipples like it. ” Slade skimmed her breasts, his fingertips dusting over their hard tips.

  Hannah gasped and tried to catch a breath, but sensations rushed through her, wild and electric. She’d never known anything like it. Lord, she ached for more.

  “I’m not kissing her nipples. At least not yet,” Dex pointed out. “I’m kissing her pretty mouth. ”

  “But not with your tongue. I want your tongue. ” Her cheeks heated at the words, but darn him, she was done waiting.

  “Well, if that’s what you want. ” Dex tightened his grip on her and took control of the kiss.

  He parted her lips with his own and his tongue slid in, dancing against hers. Her knees went out from under her as her entire body melted. Yep. She liked kissing. A lot.

  Dex teased her while Slade let his hands wander everywhere. He pushed back her borrowed robe. Cool air floated over her skin, which was quickly replaced by a breath-stealing burn when Slade pinched her nipples.

  “Brother, I believe it’s my turn. ” Slade’s low growl made her heart skitter.

  Dex kissed her one last time then turned her to Slade. “Never let it be said I don’t know how to share. ”

  Hannah felt deliciously languid. This was exactly what she craved. Now that she was in the moment, she felt safe, cared for. These two men might be overprotective, but she understood now. They cared for her as much as she cared for them. And she reveled in it.

  Then Slade’s mouth covered hers, and he proved that he knew how to kiss just as well as his brother. He dominated her mouth, his tongue plunging and caressing, keeping her under his body, under his spell, and under no illusions that she wouldn’t be giving all of her herself to them tonight.

  Dex tugged the robe off her shoulders and down her body. Suddenly, she was naked between them. Her nipples rubbed against the cotton of Slade’s dress shirt. Dex’s rough denim abraded her tender backside. The heat built between them. The musk swirled. With the gentle touches and drugging kisses they gave her as they passed her back and forth, Hannah drowned in sensation.

  “Do you have any idea how long we’ve wanted this?
Dex whispered against the back of her neck, making her shiver all over.

  Slade feathered his lips across her jaw line and worked his way down until he found the pulse in her neck. “Or how badly?”

  “I’ve wanted this, too. ” Hannah echoed back. “I think, deep down, I secretly waited for you. ” In fact, she’d waited her whole life to feel this connected to another human being. The fact that she was surrounded by two of the men she loved so much felt right. The only one missing was Gavin. But she put him from her mind. For tonight, it was about her, Dex, and Slade.

  “And we’re happy you waited, love. ” Slade pressed his forehead to hers. “Are you sure you’re ready for us?”

  “We can take it slow, baby. ” Dex ran a hand down her torso, toward her aching sex.

  “I want you. Both of you. ” That husky tone sounded nothing like her own voice.

  Slade hunched over briefly and swept her into his arms. She felt delicate against him. She looked over his shoulder to find Dex following them, his hands on the buttons of his shirt. She watched as he shrugged it off and tossed it aside, revealing the kind of cut chest and abs she’d only seen in magazines. Dex’s body was big and muscular, covered in sun-kissed skin that she wanted to run her hands over. She could touch him, hold him. Give herself to him.

  Slade strode to the big bed dominating the room. He tossed her lightly on the mattress.

  Hannah’s eyes widened as Dex kicked off his boots and shoved his denims off his hips. He was obviously not a great believer in underwear. His cock sprung free, big and thick with a bulbous, purple head. Dex’s body was a thing of beauty.

  Slade shucked his clothes, and Hannah watched, unblinking. His wide shoulders and so-ripped chest had her dropping her jaw. As his pants fell to the floor, her gaze slipped down to his cock. She felt her heart stutter. Long, thick…oh-so ready.

  Honestly, she didn’t know which way to look. Both men were gorgeous.

  “Darlin, we’re going to go easy because it’s your first time, but I believe in beginning as we mean to go along,” Dex said, his Texas drawl thicker than ever.

  Slade stood beside his brother. “What he means, love, is that you’re going to obey us in the bedroom. We can talk about most of the other decisions, but here, we are your Masters. All you have to do is trust us, darlin’. Can you do that?”

  Hannah blew out a nervous breath. She was naked with two men who wanted her utter and complete obedience. She shivered at the thought of all the things they could do to her. Even so, she knew they would never hurt her physically. If she wanted this relationship to work, she had to believe they’d never meant to hurt her emotionally. And she had to believe in herself.

  She nodded.

  “Not good enough,” Slade murmured. “Give us the words. This has to be a conscious choice on your part. Can you obey and give yourself over to us?”

  “Yes. ” The word was barely more than a breathy murmur, but they heard it.

  A sexy smile split Dex’s face as he reached for her. “Then spread your legs, darlin’. We want to see our pussy. ”

  Hannah took a deep breath to quell her nerves and let her legs fall open. She knew she wasn’t the most beautiful woman ever, but she felt that way when they looked at her, attention rapt, eyes hot.

  “We’re going to have to set up a schedule for training and maintenance. I’ll call the spa when we get home. ” Slade stared, his eyes going straight between her legs.

  “Training? Maintenance?” What were they talking about?

  “Shh,” Slade commanded. “No talking. It’s nothing you can’t handle, baby. I have faith in you. ”

  She closed her mouth. Oddly, she took their word that whatever they had in mind, she would have no problem managing it. They sought her submission now, but as long as her voice was heard outside the bedroom, she could give them what they needed.

  “Absolutely. When we talk about training, we’re talking about teaching you to be our perfect submissive. We’re going to train your body to accept pleasure and dominance, while you learn to please us in return,” Dex explained. “We’ll introduce you to bondage and some forms of exotic play. ”

  To someone with so little experience, it all sounded ridiculously over her head. But this was Dex and Slade. They would take care of her. They would open a whole new world for her.

  “And the maintenance refers to a regular waxing regimen we’ll insist on for that pretty pussy. ” Slade’s lips curved into a wicked grin. “It’s going to be so pink and pretty. ”

  “We can always shave her in the morning. I would do it tonight, but I don’t want to wait. ” If anyone would have asked her in the past how she felt about altering her body in such a personal way to suit them, she would have balked. But now it sounded so simple. They weren’t asking a lot, and it pleased them. Pleasing them made her happy.

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