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       Prince Albert, p.41

         Part #4 of A Step Brother Romance series by Sabrina Paige

  "There's no excuse for poor manners, Delaney."

  I think I might have to clock him across the head with a vase. I can see the headline now: Gaige O'Neal, Murdered by Stepsister in Completely Reasonable act of Aggression. I'm almost positive the cops would understand.

  Gaige's stupid voice interrupts my fantasy. "What, you're tongue-tied now?"

  "I'm thinking of ways to dispose of your body."

  "You should be more grateful," he says. "I got you out of a boring situation with a boring guy – come on, Delaney, he's a fucking accountant – and I don't even get a simple thank you."

  "He was nice." I say. Why is he suddenly so close to me? I put my hands on his chest, and shove him back.

  Gaige reaches for me, his hands wrapped around both of my wrists. "And I'm not nice. You don't want someone nice," he says, his voice guttural, like a growl.

  "Let go of me," I say through gritted teeth. "You have no idea what I need."

  He pulls me against him, hands tight on my wrists. "You're a damn liar, Delaney."

  "Screw you." My blood is thumping in my ears, adrenaline coursing through my body. He's so close to me, lips near mine, that I can practically taste him.

  "You want someone who's going to tell you exactly what he wants to do to you. Someone who will tell you exactly what he wants you to do to him. That's what you need."

  "No." I shake my head, but his grip on me loosens, and then he lets go of my wrists. I could step back and walk away, but I don't. I just stand there, my feet rooted to the ground.

  Gaige doesn't touch me. He steps close to me, his body nearly touching mine, and whispers in my ear, his warm breath against my skin. "I keep thinking about that night by the pool."

  "Don't, Gaige," I warn, but my voice falters. All I can think about is the practically magnetic pull of my body toward his. But I don't move.

  He walks, slowly, his movement languid, behind me, and then pauses. He still doesn't touch me, but I can feel his warm breath on my neck, and it makes me shiver. "Do you know what I keep thinking about, more than anything?" he asks.

  "No," I whisper. I should step away, walk out the door. I should do the smart thing. The reasonable thing. The safe thing.

  "I keep thinking about how I wanted to lift you out of the pool and set you on the edge, then put my face between those thighs and bury it in that sweet pussy of yours."

  "Gaige –" I pause, nothing to say. I don't know why I'm constantly being surprised by the shit that comes out of his mouth.

  "And you want me to," he says. Then I feel his finger on the back of my neck, slowly tracing down the middle of my back, and I shudder. Every part of my body feels sensitive, as if Gaige has flipped some kind of switch inside me, putting everything on hyper-alert. He walks around to the front of me, his face close to mine. "Say you want me, Delaney."

  "No." I don't know why I tell him no, when I'm standing here and my body is screaming yes.

  "No?" he asks. His gaze falls lower, down to my chest, and I know he can see my nipples hard against the fabric of my shirt. If he were to reach between my legs – oh God, I want him to reach between my legs – he'd know I'm wet. "So if I got down on my knees and touched my tongue to you, you wouldn't be the least bit wet?"

  I don't answer, and Gaige keeps his eyes trained on mine as he trails his finger down the front of my shirt, between my breasts, then across the satiny fabric until he reaches my nipple, rolling his fingers around it, and sending arousal coursing through my body. "I don't – someone could see us."

  That isn't true, and we both know it – my father's estate is huge, and there are no neighbors watching. And thanks to me, no more staff at the house tonight. Of course, it's not like our parents couldn't come home at any time.

  "It's you and me, darlin'," he says. "Say yes." He slides his finger down the front of my shirt, taking away his glorious touch from my nipples. I want to tell him to put his hand back there, but I don't.

  He traces his finger along my abdomen, inches it down the waistband of my pants, where they're slung low on my hips, until he reaches the top of my bikini line. "No panties, either?"

  I shake my head, suddenly mute. My head is clouded by arousal. "No panties."

  Gaige curses under his breath, and takes my hand, placing it on the front of his jeans. "Just so you know," he says. "That's the fucking effect you have on me."

  His cock is hard underneath the fabric, and I can't take it anymore. I can't think clearly about the consequences of whatever is happening with us, and I just don't want to. I yank his shirt up over his head, and then r reach for his belt, unbuckling it as I look him in the eye. "This doesn't mean we're friends," I say.

  "Trust me, darlin'," he says. "The last thing on this damn earth I want to be is your friend."



  Delaney doesn't take her eyes off mine, and I watch as something changes in her expression. A look of resolve, I think. She reaches inside my pants and wraps her hand around my cock. "Then what do you want?" she asks. Her voice is low, breathy, and she looks up at me, her eyes wide.

  "I want whatever the hell makes you keep doing what you're doing," I say as she slides her hand up my shaft, her touch light as a feather. When she reaches the tip, she stops, her thumb rolling over the surface of the head, finding the tiny drop of pre-cum that beads at the tip.

  "I don't know what I'm doing, Gaige" she whispers. "I don't know what we're doing."

  "You're always too much in your head, darlin'," I say, kicking off my shoes and sliding my jeans down over my ass. "So just stop thinking. Take off those fucking clothes before I tear them off you."

  Delaney's eyes get big again. "Do you just order women around like that?" she asks. "Is that your thing?"

  "My thing? Fuck. I'm naked and you're still standing there talking," I say. "I will rip your clothes off. Try me. It's not an idle threat."

  "So girls just do what you tell them to do?" she asks. But both of her hands are on the hem of that silky-as-hell shirt of hers, paused as if she's deciding whether or not to strip. I'm going to make that decision real fucking easy, because I'm not playing any more.

  "Stop talking," I say, my hand on the base of my cock. "Take. Off. Your. Goddamn. Clothes. Now." I punctuate each word for emphasis, and I swear to all that is holy, I am very close to tearing open her clothes like a wild animal. I've waited long enough for her. Four years. Four years and three months. Four years and three months and nine days.

  Delaney starts to lift her shirt, but she's too slow, and I reach for the material, yanking it over her head in one swoop. Her hair spills down her shoulders, strands tumbling down her breasts. Taking a handful of hair at the nape of her neck, I yank her roughly against my hardness. When she moans, it's almost my undoing.

  I kiss her, and it's nothing like the other times I've put my lips against hers. All of those kisses were just a prelude to this. This is the real deal. That rush I get when I'm racing is like nothing compared to my tongue in Delaney's mouth, my hand cupping her breast and feeling her melt against me. It sends adrenaline coursing through my veins, the rush of arousal better than any other high in the world.

  Delaney gasps when I finally take my mouth off hers. "Hell, Gaige," she whispers, putting her fingers to her lips.

  "Shit, you ain't seen nothing yet, darlin'," I tell her. It's part promise and part warning. I'm not sure what this girl is going to do to me. I think she might fucking destroy me.

  Before she can protest, I yank her pants down at the sides, and they fall loosely to the floor. Sitting down on the chaise, I pull her toward me.

  "I don't have any condoms," she says, her voice soft.

  I raise my eyebrows. "That's surprising, darlin'," I say. "Since you bought them in bulk for your little prank. But don't worry -- I've got some. Besides, I don't want you on my cock yet. I want you on my face."

  "Oh," she says, and she blushes. She's standing here stark naked in front of me, but me telling her to sit on
my face is what makes her blush. That's irony.

  "Get over here," I order. "I want you on my cock, but after four years of imagining what you taste like, I want you to ride my face first. I'm going to bury my tongue inside you."

  "Gaige, you're so –"

  "Don't even say it," I growl. "I already know what you're going to say. Arrogant, cocky, such a dick?"

  She blushes, and it makes me want to see if she does the same when she comes for me. It makes me want to see if she continues to feel self-conscious, or if she loses her inhibitions and lets go. Starting with her riding me until she comes all over my face. "That's not what I was going to say."

  "Stop fucking talking," I order. "Now I'm going to lie back here, and you're going to climb up on top of me and put your pussy on my face. Before I have to tell you again."

  Delaney blushes, but she does exactly what I tell her, bringing her knees up on either side of my legs, and straddling me. I slide down, leaning back on the padded arm of the chaise, and pause for a minute, her pussy directly in front of my face. When I breathe in her scent, my cock goes so rigid I think it might explode. I've never come just from eating a girl out, but there's a distinct possibility of that happening with Delaney.

  Up close, I can see how fucking wet she is and that fact alone makes me practically lose my mind. She might pretend she's all professional and disinterested, but the shimmer of her wetness between her legs tells me otherwise. When I touch the tip of my tongue to her pussy, she moans, the sound almost painful.

  "Oh my God, Gaige," she whispers.

  That pushes me over the edge. Grasping her ass cheeks, I pull her down hard, smothering my face with her. My tongue explores every inch of her sweet pussy, and I take my time licking her. Fuck, I don't just lick her. I devour her. I eat her like a starving man, because that's what I have been until this very moment. I didn't know how hungry I was until right now.

  Delaney's breath comes in gasps, shorter and shorter, and she grinds herself against my face like she's riding a bucking bronco. When I fuck her with my tongue, she rides me harder, her fingers gripping my hair as she grinds her pussy harder and harder against me, her rhythm becoming more erratic. I spread her ass cheeks and press my finger against her asshole while I thrust my tongue inside her as far as I can.

  "Gaige. Gaige. Gaige." She's moaning my name, and I know she's about to lose control. So I put my hands on her waist and pull her off my face and stand her up beside the chaise before she can even say another word. Especially after the incident at the pool, she deserves to ache for me. "Not so fast, darlin'," I tell her.

  Delaney groans. "What?"

  "You think I'm going to let you come that easily?" I ask, shaking my head. "Especially after that massive case of blue balls you left me with before?"

  "I'm so…" Her voice trails off, her breath short. Her breasts move up and down as she gasps.

  "Close?" I ask. "Good. Now get on your knees, back up on the lounge, the same direction you were facing when you rode me."

  She gives me a look. "You're so fucking bossy."

  "Don't pretend like you don't like it, sweetheart," I say, slapping her hard on the ass. I watch her ass jiggle, and her breasts sway. I've never really been into the whole spanking thing, but shit, it's fucking hot having her like this, on her hands and knees. Hell, it's hot telling her what to do and having her actually do it.

  "Did you just spank me?" Delaney looks surprised, but she giggles.

  "I'm going to do more than just spank you if you keep laughing like that." I don't know why, but I like riling her up.

  "Like what?" she asks. She grins like she's daring me.

  I slap her on the ass, so hard it leaves a handprint this time, and Delaney moans. She actually moans. She likes it. Shit. I knew this girl was going to be the death of me once I got her naked. "You like that?"

  "Yes," she whispers. I can barely hear her, so I slap her ass again, watching her breasts move.

  "Say it louder." I do it again.


  I run my hand over her ass cheek, and then reach between her legs, my fingers touching her wetness. Her pussy lips are swollen, and I imagine her pussy is throbbing just about as hard as my cock is now. When I withdraw my fingers, she whimpers. I walk around to the arm of the chaise, where her hands are placed, and stand in front of her.

  My cock is near her face, and she opens her mouth immediately, like it's a reflexive action, my cock in front of her face and she automatically opens up.

  I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful in my entire life. She's like a piece of fucking art, paused there for a moment with her tongue nearly touching my cock.

  I watch, enraptured, as she catches the strand of pre-cum hanging from the tip of my cock, following it up until she reaches the head, where she presses her tongue to the tip. The light touch is not nearly enough, and I grab the entire length of her hair, wrapping it around my fist as I jerk her toward me. She moans as she takes me in, her warm mouth enveloping me, inch by inch, making these little noises with that send vibrations through my cock.

  "That's right," I encourage her. "Your mouth is so fucking hot."

  She wraps one hand around the base of my shaft, pumping me while she sucks at me greedily, and I watch her, refusing to close my eyes for a moment, even when it's making me so close I think I'm going to come. Eventually it's too much, her looking at me with those big eyes and her mouth full of my dick, and I can't take it anymore.

  I rip her away from me.

  "What's wrong?" she asks. "Was that not okay?"

  "Shit, are you kidding?" I ask, bending over to grab a condom from the pocket of my jeans, crumpled into a heap on the floor. Lightning fast, I'm ripping open the condom wrapper with my teeth, and rolling it on. I pull her up to her feet, standing so that she's facing me, and I press my cock against her skin while I run my hands along her body. With my hand at the nape of her neck, I kiss her softly, pulling her bottom lip between my teeth. "I was about to fill this sweet little mouth of yours up with cum."

  She makes this little whimpering sound and I reach between her legs to find that she's soaked. "Oh," she says.

  "Oh?" I ask, sliding two fingers inside her. "Is that what you wanted? You wanted me to come in that pretty mouth?"

  Delaney exhales forcefully. "Yes," she says. "I wanted to taste it."

  Hearing that she wanted to taste my cum makes me crazy. I slide my fingers from her, and drag her down with me on the lounge. She kneels astride me, her forehead pressed up against mine, her hair falling down around our faces like a curtain. I tease her entrance with the head of my cock, and she sinks down onto it, letting out this low moan. "Shit, you're tight."

  "Shit, you're…not small," she whispers. I start to laugh, but then she's riding me, and I'm too busy wrapping my lips around her breast to think about anything except the fact that Delaney is fucking me, grinding into me as she takes me deeper and deeper, her already tight pussy swelling around me as she becomes more aroused. I love being inside her, and all I can hear is her moaning, whimpering louder and louder as she begins to lose control. I grip her ass cheeks as I pull her down harder on me until she's throwing her head back and calling my name.

  "Oh God, Gaige, I'm so close." When she pulls my face against her breast, I suck her nipple so hard I swear I'm going to bruise her. And when I press my finger against her asshole, she cries out, something that sounds more like a scream. Then she comes, her muscles clenching around my cock, in a series of spasms that sends me over the edge and milks every last drop of cum from me.

  Afterward, I sink back against the back of the lounge, closing my eyes and waiting for my heart rate to come back down to normal instead of where it's at right now, which is at a beat-out-of-my-damn-chest level. I am probably dangerously close to having some kind of cardiac event.

  All because of Delaney.

  Wants-to-be-professional Delaney.

  Wants-me-to-come-in-her-mouth Delaney.

  My stepsister



  I open my eyes, half-expecting that when I do, this will all have been a dream. Or a nightmare, I'm not sure. Did I really just take off my clothes and ride Gaige on the roof of the house? The sunroom is completely transparent, encased in glass, for shit's sake, and I'm sitting here with Gaige's cock still inside me.

  When I open my eyes, I'm looking into Gaige's. "Hi," he says,
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