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Untamed, Page 2

S. C. Stephens

  Twisting her head to me, her long brown hair seductively curling around her shoulder, she said, “Kiera and Ryder are going too, so Gibson will have someone to play with…not that Ryder does much yet. He’s only nine months old. Still, at least she’ll have someone to keep her entertained besides us, you know?”

  I nodded so she would think I was paying attention, but I really wasn’t. She’d mentioned Kellan’s kid and his super-rigid wife, but that was about all I got. I was too busy picturing what Anna’s ass would look like when she put those shoes on. Uncomfortable things were starting to rub together, and I adjusted how I was sitting while she continued.

  “There are two buses for the bands, plus Kellan and Kiera’s private bus. Matt is sharing a bus with Avoiding Redemption, but I think Evan is riding with Holeshot and that new band…Staring at the Wall. Kiera said we could stay on her bus if we want, instead of riding with the rest of the guys.” She looked back at me with a smirk on her lips. “Well, actually, what she said was Gibson and I could ride with her and Kellan…and if you had to, you could ride with us…for a leg or two. So long as they were short legs.”

  That got my attention, and I glanced up from her outstanding ass to look at her amused face. “Fuck that. I’m riding you the entire time. Fuck whoever tries to get me off you.” She raised an eyebrow in question and I automatically shook my head. “You heard me right. I’m riding you.” I waggled my eyebrows to make it even more suggestive, in case she’d missed it. She hadn’t though. My wife had a mind nearly as dirty as mine.

  Anna shrugged as she refocused her attention on her clothes. Pulling out a sunshine-yellow dress, she said, “Kiera will be thrilled…but I’d rather ride you too, so she’ll just have to deal.”

  Twisting around, she placed the dress against her body like she was modeling it for me. I tilted my head, like I was really deciding if I liked it. I wasn’t. Anything she wore was awesome, so I didn’t care what it was. I had another, far more interesting reason to act like I cared though, one that could pay off big for me. Before she even asked my opinion on the dress, I gave her one. “I’m not sure…I need to see the shoes first.”

  She set the shoes down and started to slip the dress on but I stopped her. “No, no…just the shoes.” I kept my voice intentionally low and husky. Anna lifted her eyes to mine, and a playful lust flickered to life in her eyes. With a sexuality that rivaled only my own, she removed the dress and slipped on her heels. She struck a swimsuit-model pose when she was done and my cock stiffened to full readiness.

  Goddamn, she was so hot. Even eighty million months pregnant, she was the sexiest thing around. I wanted her to rip her underwear off and straddle me. She could leave the shoes on. Fuck yeah.

  “I want you to strip and ride my cock,” I bluntly told her. “But leave the heels,” I added. One of the greatest things about being in a relationship with Anna was the fact that I didn’t have to sugarcoat anything. If I wanted her to suck me off, all I had to do was ask. She might not do it, if she wasn’t in the mood, but she never freaked out about me asking her shit like that. Even if we were in the checkout line at Walmart, she was cool about it.

  With an intrigued half smile on her lips, she sauntered toward me. She played with a long dark curl while she walked, and the throbbing in my pants got so bad, I had to give myself a good rub to make it simmer down.

  “We’re late, baby,” she murmured, as she stepped in front of me.

  “Fuck if I care,” I said, leaning back onto my elbows on the ottoman. Yes, do it. I want you.

  Leaning over me, she placed her hands on my thighs to support herself, giving me an outstanding view of her cleavage. I bet the view of her backside right now was equally spectacular. Fuck. Why the hell weren’t there any mirrors in here? I needed to rectify that immediately.

  “Matt will have your head if you’re late to rehearsal again,” she said. Then she licked her bottom lip and bit it. The soft skin shone in the lights, calling to me. I needed those lips on me. Everywhere.

  “I don’t give a shit about what Matt does to my head. You, on the other hand…” I thrust my hips up a little, just in case she’d missed that innuendo too. Again, she hadn’t. My girl was a hell of a lot smarter than me.

  With a smile that even Angelina Jolie would be jealous of, Anna started lowering her head. My eyes widened as her lips approached my zipper. She placed a soft kiss on the ridge of my cock straining against my jeans. She might as well have touched me with a cattle prod. The jolt sent a delicious sizzle throughout my body, and I felt a faint wetness coat the tip of my dick. I was so ready for her. I was about to start begging if she didn’t do more than just kiss me. No, not about to beg. I would beg; I was man enough.

  “Please, baby. I want that gorgeous mouth over me, tracing me, teasing me. Then I want that beautiful body on top of me, so I can slide inside you. I want to feel your wet pussy tighten all around me, while we start to move…” I lifted my hand over my lap, then made a rocking motion, like I was holding on to her hips, guiding her, moving her faster and faster…“Oh yeah, just like that, baby.”

  I was doing such a good job of mimicking the movement that I could almost feel the buildup starting. Damn, could I come without even touching her? Maybe, but that wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying.

  Anna let out a throaty chuckle as her hands slid up to my zipper. “You say the hottest things, Griffin,” she said in a low voice. I stilled my hips as her fingers pulled back the metal holding my beast in place. Damn thing was about to destroy the town if she didn’t tame it soon.

  Once I was free, I lay back on the ottoman and let my head hit the cushion. I was growing out my chin-length hair, and I’d put it into a low ponytail. That was pretty uncomfortable to lie on, so I yanked the band out while Anna adjusted my underwear and released me. I hissed in a breath as her fingers touched the throbbing, sensitive skin. “Fuck, yeah…”

  I closed my eyes so the haphazard pile of clothes scattered around the room wouldn’t distract me. With my eyesight out of the picture, my other senses sharpened. I could feel the cooler air on my cock, feel Anna’s fingernails lightly scratching my abdomen, and hear the mixture of my light groans and Anna’s seductive purrs. “Ready, baby?” she whispered.

  “Yes,” I groaned, reaching down to grab her hair. Now…

  A jolt went through me when her tongue touched my cock, then a groan escaped me. “Fuck, that feels so good…” She lightly ran up the shaft, then flicked the piercing at the top. I groaned again. I wanted this so bad, all of my senses were amplified. The tiniest touch felt like a lightning strike of sensation. “More…please…”

  And that was when my heightened senses heard something terrible. Awful. Ill-timed.

  In the next room, a baby monitor was resting on Anna’s nightstand. It had been on this entire time, but I hadn’t been paying attention to it. Anna either. But now, it was sort of impossible to ignore. A high-pitched, metallic-sounding squeal was blaring from it. “Mommmmmmmmmmmmma! Want out!”

  The sound of Gibson’s voice put Anna instantly on parental alert. I looked at her right as she looked at me, and I knew the raging cock between us had been all but forgotten. “Gibby’s up from her nap. I gotta get her.”

  Sitting up, I grabbed her hand as she straightened. Bringing her fingers to my protesting member, I pleaded, “Five minutes won’t hurt her.”

  Anna giggled but pulled away. “Sorry, babe. I don’t like leaving her up there. And besides, she’ll scream the entire time, and you know that will throw you off.”

  I pursed my lips, wanting to argue with her but knowing I couldn’t. There were times when just hearing Gibson cooing through the monitor made it impossible for me to come. I had to shut the damn thing off, and Anna hated it when I did that. And she was right anyway. Gibson had a set of lungs on her, and if we didn’t come set her free from her bedroom prison, she’d just get louder and louder; turning off the monitor wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

  I fell back on the ott
oman, and my forgotten love stick started drooping. Such a waste of a perfectly good erection. “Fine.” I’d just been cock-blocked by my own daughter. What. The. Hell.

  Anna slipped on the lemon-colored dress; it clung to her curves, making my cock reconsider rising. Gibson screamed again though, and it plummeted back to earth. Once she was dressed, Anna gave my cheek a quick kiss. “You should get dressed. We’ve gotta go.”

  I raised my hand in a gesture of irritation and agreement. Whatever. It was all downhill from here. Anna watched me for a second, then leaned down and placed her lips against my ear. “As soon as Gibson goes down for the night, we’ll come back here and I’ll finish what I started.” She licked the inside of my ear and a huge smile broke over my lips. Today was the best day ever.

  Once Anna was gone, I rubbed my forlorn semi. “Sorry, Hulkster. Gotta put you away for later.”

  Peeking down at myself, I could have sworn I heard my dick answer me. But you promised I’d get to play! Frowning, I tucked myself back into my pants. “I’m not stupid enough to make promises. To anybody. Or anything,” I amended, since I was talking to my junk. That was something I’d learned early on. If you never swore your life to anything, you couldn’t get bitten in the ass by it later. It was human nature to go back on your word; that was why I never gave it.

  Even my wedding vows had had all the pertinent pledges removed. Anna and I had tied the knot in some city hall back East…somewhere. I don’t remember where. Our ceremony had been just us and the judge, and it had been about as simple as it could be. Basically, it had gone something like this—Anna, do you take this douche to be your husband? Yeah, I do. Griffin, do you take this knockout to be your wife? Sure, why not. And that was all the promise we’d given each other. It was all that was needed.

  When Anna came back into the room, I was my usual self—just a half chub was trying to poke through my jeans. But even that faded when I saw the little miracle in my wife’s arms. “Daddy!” Gibson tossed her hands my way and leaned so hard in my direction that Anna had to struggle to hold on to her. Gibson’s little face scrunched with annoyed concentration while she fought against her mom. Then, with a pout that only a little kid could make adorable, she turned and scowled at Anna. “Want Daddy.” She said it as a command, not a request. Gibson was only around a year and a half, but she already knew what she wanted, and she fully expected to get her way. She was so much like me, it was scary.

  Anna rolled her eyes but stepped closer so Gibson could reach me. When her little hands touched my skin, they suddenly became razor-like talons. Like an eagle securing a fish from the sea, Gibson clamped onto my forearm with a surprising amount of freakish strength. “Ow, shit! Relax, Gibs. I’m right here.”

  Grunting, I pulled her into my side and examined what was left of my arm. I half expected to see a mutilated flap of skin hanging off the bone. Instead, all I saw were bright red streaks where she’d raked me. Anna winced. “Guess I need to cut her nails. Sorry.”

  I shrugged. “The day isn’t truly awesome until a gorgeous girl has scratched me up. I wear my war wounds with pride.” Looking at the design she’d left behind, I added, “I might actually get this one tattooed on me. How cool would permanent shred marks be?”

  Anna smiled, then shook her head. “No, if you want claw marks to tattoo, I’ll give you some good ones. Then every time you look at them, you can remember how you got them.”

  “Damn…yeah, that’s a much better plan. Fuck, you have the best ideas.”

  Gibson grabbed my nose and pulled my attention her way, where she liked it. Girl had a jealous streak a mile wide. Looking at her was like looking at a miniature version of me, if I were a girl. She had the same light blue eyes, same blond hair, although hers was a pristine platinum color while mine was a little dirtier. As it should be. She gave me a smile full of shiny white teeth, then spouted, “Fuck.”

  Anna crossed her arms over her chest, but her expression was more amused than annoyed. “I think we’re at the point where we need to start watching our language.”

  I looked past Gibson to Anna. “Watch my language? You might as well ask me to hop on one foot while reciting the alphabet backwards. I can’t police myself like that twenty-four/seven. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.”

  Anna swished her hands at Gibson. “Well, she’s starting to copy you, and if we don’t put a stop to it now, she’s going to start calling people cocksuckers soon.”

  I started laughing. “That…would be so awesome.”

  Anna put her hands on her hips; true irritation was starting to edge out her amusement now. “No, it wouldn’t be.” She smiled. “Well, yeah, it kind of would be, but as parents, we have to put a stop to that kind of stuff.” She sighed. “Well, we should try anyway.”

  Looking back at Gibson, I frowned. “I suppose I could try.” Even though I was sure she didn’t have a clue what we were talking about, Gibson laid her head on my shoulder, wrapped her arms around my neck, and patted my back like she was encouraging me. Yeah, if it would help Gibson, I would try to control my mouth. There wasn’t much I wouldn’t do for that little girl.

  The three of us started heading toward the bedroom. Anna grabbed her purse off the bed; the covers were rumpled and falling off, but neither one of us had bothered to fix it. Why put it together if we were just going to mess it up again? That was my philosophy anyway, and Anna seemed to agree with it. We had a tendency to think alike, which really freaked me the fuck out.

  As Anna slipped the strap of her mammoth bag over her shoulder, she looked over at me. I’d shifted Gibson onto my back and I was bouncing her up and down…like a pogo stick. Mmmm, I loved pogo sticks.

  “Before I forget, your dad called.” She frowned after she said it, and I wondered if Pops had done or said something to piss her off. It wouldn’t surprise me. Dad had no filter. Mom said it ran in the family. Whatever.

  “Yeah? And what did that fucker want?”

  Anna sighed, indicating Gibson with her hand. I scratched my head as I thought of a more kid-friendly way to put it. Minding my tongue was a pain in the ass. “Uh, what did that…feller…want?”

  Anna laughed at my cheesy fill-in word, then frowned again. Rubbing her stomach, she said, “They want to come up for the birth. All of them. And they want to stay here.”

  Well of course they did. My place was fucking fantastic, much nicer than the shitholes my family called home. Once the money from our second album had started pouring in, I’d done what anybody in my position would have done. I’d contacted a real estate agent and told her to find me the most expensive house in Seattle. Sadly, we hadn’t ended up buying that one, but the one Anna and I had settled on was definitely in the top ten. This place was outrageous, outlandish, and way too big for just three people, or four, or ten. I loved it.

  I wasn’t the only D-Bag who had invested in real estate. Kellan and Kiera had a huge secluded place north of Seattle, in the middle of BFE, and Matt and Rachel had a swanky condo downtown, with an amazing view of the pier and the Ferris wheel. Both of those spreads had required a ton of dough, although neither was as pricey as my place. Evan was the only one who’d bought a modest home. He’d actually purchased his old loft. Well, his loft and the auto body shop beneath it. He’d converted the business into extra living space and an art studio for Jenny. It was cool. I guess. Kellan hadn’t liked the fact that Evan had done that though. That particular auto body shop had been the only place Kellan had trusted to look after his car. Pansy. It was a car, get over it already. And he had, eventually. Although he’d hired the chick mechanic to be his personal car person. Hmmm, I needed a girl in my garage, wearing a bikini, covered in grease, looking over my hot rods. Ha-ha! Hot rod…

  “Griffin…? Did you hear what I said?”

  Shaking my head, I snapped out of my dirty-girl fantasy. “Uh, yeah, Mom and Pops are coming for a visit. Sounds cool.”

  Anna sighed. “They’re all coming, Griffin. Your mom, dad, brother, sister, nieces, a
unts, uncles, cousins. It’s going to be chaos, and that’s the last thing I need when I’m sleep deprived.”

  I gave her a sympathetic smile, even though it didn’t sound like a big deal to me. “It will be fine. This place is huge; you’ll barely see them. They’ll probably spend most of the time at the pool anyway.” The house had an indoor Olympic-sized pool with a ten-person hot tub right next to it. A selling point for me.

  Anna didn’t look moved by my argument, so I added, “And you won’t be sleep deprived…you just listed off about a dozen babysitters. We could go on vacation if we wanted.”

  “I’m not leaving my newborn infant with your family. Not even for a month in Cabo.” Her expression told me that she really meant it. So did her next words. “You need to call him back and tell him they can visit for a weekend, but that’s it.”

  “A weekend? Babe, they’d barely get to see the newest Hancock. How about a month?”

  Anna turned to face me with her arms crossed; she had her game face on. I knew what that meant. Negotiation time. “The offer on the table is five days after the baby is born. What’s your counter?”

  I thought for a second. “Twenty days.” Anna cringed but didn’t object. That was the rule for negotiations—Person A had to accept Person B’s offer without complaint, and vice versa.

  “Okay,” she muttered. “Game room.”

  Spinning on her heel, she sauntered out of the room. With an eager laugh, I followed her. Anna and I had come up with a completely fair way to solve disagreements. Fair, and fun. Personally, I thought we were geniuses for thinking of it, and every married couple should follow our example. Maybe Anna and I should market the idea and sell it. Yeah…we could be marriage counselors. We were awesome at this shit.

  We walked down a hallway filled with gaudy works of art. The more ridiculous something was, the more I liked it. There were statues of pissing kids, dog-faced fish, and flying monkeys. My home was filled with portraits of gigantic asses, which Anna swore were pumpkins; a Monty Python–like rendition of God in the sky, who kind of looked like me with a beard; and my favorite piece—a dog dropping a deuce in the crapper. Anna made me tuck that one away in my office. I thought it would be more appropriate in the bathroom. I mean, come on! A dog on the toilet above the toilet? What could be more awesome than that? I’d lost that negotiation though, and once a winner was declared, there was no getting out of it. Negotiation results were set in stone. Literally. I had them written down on a boulder in the backyard.