Rise of the billionaire, p.12
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       Rise of the Billionaire, p.12

         Part #5 of Legacy Collection series by Ruth Cardello
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Page 12


  He stood up, swung her up into his arms, and carried her down the hallway to the guest bedroom. He placed her in the middle of the silk comforter as if she were the most delicate of treasures.

  Never breaking eye contact, he slid out of his suit jacket and shoes and joined her. She expected a frenzied rush, and so she wasn’t sure what to think when he didn’t immediately kiss her.

  Instead, he propped himself up with one elbow and looked down at her while his free hand traced the neckline of her dress. The back of his fingers brushed the curve of her breast through the material of her dress, then continued down her waist and hip. He tucked a curl behind her ear and, with one finger, traced the line of her chin before lightly caressing her lips.

  Jeisa couldn’t breathe. Her body melted beneath his touch. She moistened and clenched at the thought of where his adoring hands would go next. He traced the line of her shoulder and she closed her eyes, arching her back instinctively, offering him access to more.

  The heat of his breath fanned her neck lightly, teasing her with warmth as he withheld the touch of his tongue.

  “Take off your dress for me,” he commanded softly, and her eyes flew open.

  She sat up, lifted her dress over her head, and dropped it on the floor beside the bed. Shifting forward onto her knees, she slid a finger beneath both sides of her silk panties and eased them off along with her shoes. She turned fully toward him, naked and unashamed, knowing that what they were about to share would have meaning for both of them.

  He rolled onto his back, pulling her with him so that she was straddling his still-clothed waist. His erection strained against the material of his suit pants, ready for her even while still being restrained. She rubbed herself against his excitement and threw her head back.

  Both of Jeremy’s hands went behind her, cupping her buttocks and encouraging her to continue her intimate caress. His strong hands moved up her back, pulling her downward until her lips hovered just above his. “I want you, Jeisa. I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now. ”

  His words gave Jeisa a confidence she’d never felt during sex. The few men in her sexual history had taken more than they’d given. She hadn’t realized until just then how little control she’d felt with the others. Even now, even as she was naked against his obvious need, he was giving her the power to set the pace.

  She claimed his lips with all the passion building within her. Her tongue teased and invaded his mouth, inviting him to deepen their connection. She arched herself back, not breaking the kiss, to allow room to undo his belt and unbutton his trousers. She pulled his shirt free and unbuttoned it from bottom to top, hungrily running her hands over the chest she had exposed.

  He slid out from beneath her, quickly shedding his clothing before rejoining her. This time they lay side by side, each exploring the other’s body while they kissed. He eased her onto her back and slowly, excruciatingly slowly, caressed every inch of her.

  Nothing escaped his worshiping touch. His lips traced the curve of her waist, the bend in her arm. He tasted the small of her back with a hot enthusiasm that few men exhibited even during a more intimate connection. Systematically, he was learning where she was most sensitive to his touch, and when he found those spots, he lingered there—moaning with desire each time she shuddered from the sheer pleasure that rocked through her.

  He brought her to the brink of ecstasy and then paused. Jeisa took her cue from him and ran her hands over every one of his hard muscles she could reach. She thought she’d had good sex before, but by comparison those experiences felt rushed. Jeremy not only wanted to get to know her, he wanted her to know him.

  In her own exploration, she learned as much about what pleased her as what excited him. There was a new exhilaration that came from licking just the right spot and watching his eyes close from the pleasure of it. She gave him more of herself because she knew that in just a moment the dance would shift again and she would be the one quivering helplessly beneath his attention.

  Jeisa gasped when one of his hands sought more intimacy. His first caress was an open palm cupping and rubbing her mound. Then his thumb delved between her labia and claimed her clitoris. He broke off the kiss and studied her expression while he began a gentle rub, increasing the pressure and rhythm until she was writhing beneath his hand.

  He slid another finger between her folds and buried it deep inside her, seeking and finding a spot that had her clutching the silk bedding around her. As his fingers worked her from the inside, Jeisa couldn’t contain her moans of pleasure. She bit her lip in pure passion as heat began to build and spread through her. It started where his fingers played and washed over her until she was gasping and crying out his name as she climaxed.

  She was still shuddering as ripple after ripple rocked her when she heard the soft rip of a condom package being opened. Their eyes met and held while he positioned himself between the thighs she spread wide for him.

  He sank into her, closing his eyes for a moment with a look of sheer ecstasy on his face. Then, holding himself above her with his well-muscled arms, he watched her expression as he began to move within her. Slowly at first and then with more power. She clung to his back and met his thrusts with her own, loving how he filled her.

  He leaned down, kissing her lips again as he rocked inside her. His hot mouth moved on to worship her neck and the curve of her shoulder. She felt a wave of rapture begin to build again. Each thrust brought her closer to what she thought was impossible for her—a second orgasm.

  His body tightened as hers soared and they came together with her almost sobbing from the intensity of it. With one final kiss, he slid out of her and rolled onto his side for a moment. In seconds, he was back, lifting her naked and spent body back into his arms, tossing back the comforter and tucking her beneath it before joining her and wrapping his arms around her from behind.

  He whispered into her ear, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. It was my first time, but I’ve done a lot of reading on the subject so I feel like I nailed it. ”

  Jeisa spun in his arms and almost shrieked, “You were a virgin?”

  He looked pleased with himself. “If you couldn’t tell, then all those Internet articles were right. I know a couple of other moves that I didn’t use this time because I figured we could leave something for next time. ”

  Oh, my God. He was a virgin.

  He was probably saving himself for Alethea.

  I’m going to Hell.

  “There won’t be a next time. ” She pulled away from him, covering herself with the blanket and folding her arms over it. “You’re twenty-five,” she said in what sounded like an accusation.

  His good mood faded a bit as he said, “Does it matter? Because I don’t care if you weren’t a virgin. You weren’t, were you?”

  A question every woman loves to answer.

  “No,” she said through gritted teeth. “I wasn’t. ”

  He shook his head in confusion. “Then what’s the problem?”

  Jeisa threw back the comforter and grabbed her dress from the floor, feeling less vulnerable as she layered her clothing back on. “The problem is that when Marie hired me to teach you everything you needed to know so you could get Alethea, I didn’t expect the lessons to include this. ”

  She knew her anger was misdirected.

  It wasn’t Jeremy’s fault she suddenly felt dirty and cheap.

  That’s what happens when you throw caution to the wind. You crash on the rocks.

  “I don’t understand,” he said slowly as he sat up in bed, the sheet falling onto his lap.

  Jeisa didn’t either, but she couldn’t stop herself from retreating and throwing harsh words at him as she went. “This whole thing was a mistake. You. Me. This date. I never should have said yes. ”

  She opened the door, realizing as she did that there really wasn’t anywhere she could run on a flight to God knows where.

Can you at least tell me if it was any good?” he asked in his classic dry style.

  Her answer was the slamming of the door behind her as she retreated to another part of the jet.

  Jeremy fought and won against the impulse to chase her. Instead, he fell back onto the pillows, linked his hands behind his head, and stared at the ceiling. He needed time to process what had just happened. His knee-jerk reversion to humor had done nothing to alleviate Jeisa’s angst. Without anything to compare it to, he had to face the real possibility that it might not have been as good for her as it had been for him.

  She’d looked like she was enjoying it and, unless he was totally wrong, he could have sworn she’d had two orgasms. Maybe she was used to more. Some women were—at least according to the sites he’d read.

  He replayed the scenario in his head. He’d assumed that the phrases she’d cried out in Portuguese were indicative of climaxing, but now he wasn’t so sure. I should have taken more time. What an idiot I am—saving what might have been the best for her for another time. I may never get another time with her. Not if our first was a complete wash.

  He thought about how beautiful she’d been standing in the doorway of the bedroom, her hair tousled from sex and her cheeks pink with emotion. I should have told her to come back to bed. I shouldn’t have joked when I knew she was upset.

  I’m too comfortable with her. They had a friendship unlike any he’d known before. He hadn’t expected her to be angry when he’d shared the truth about his limited sexual experience.

  It didn’t make sense to him. Why wouldn’t she want to be his first? He wished he could have been hers.

  But I have better—I’ll be her last.

  The thought startled him into sitting up.

  I don’t want another man to ever touch her.

  A devil of a thought challenged his inner declaration.

  That would mean that Jeisa would be the only woman I’d ever sleep with. Am I ready for that?

  He flopped back onto the bed. An image of her rolling over and greeting him with a kiss each morning tickled his imagination. He closed his eyes to savor the sensual collage his mind was conjuring. Jeisa laughing with him as he practiced greeting dignitaries. The light scent of her perfume when she leaned in to adjust his tie. Jeisa’s voice husky from sleep. He hardened as the images became less innocent. Jeisa’s tongue meeting his with enthusiasm. The taste of her skin. The feel of her wet center welcoming his fingers, making him suddenly wish he had gone the step further to taste her.


  He was fully erect and throbbing with a desire to lose himself in Jeisa’s arms again when she opened the door. He rolled onto his side and quickly bunched the sheet in a way he hoped concealed his erection.

  Her knuckles were white on the hand that clutched the door handle beside her, the only sign that she was more upset than she wanted to let him see. She said, “Most men would have followed me and apologized. ”

  He met her eyes and told her the truth. “I’m not sorry. ”

  She inhaled an angry breath.

  He added, “It was amazing. You were amazing. ”

  Her face reddened. “That wasn’t what I was talking about. ”

  “You want me to apologize for not having slept with a hundred other women?”

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