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       The Dark Prophecy, p.30
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         Part #2 of The Trials of Apollo series by Rick Riordan
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  everything they’ve been pining for.”

  —Horn Book

  Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods

  “Percy’s gift, which is no great secret, is to breathe new life into the gods. Closest attention is paid to the Olympians, but Riordan has a sure touch when it comes to fitting much into a small space—as does Rocco’s artwork, which smokes and writhes on the page as if hit by lightning….The inevitable go-to for Percy’s legions of fans who want the stories behind his stories.”

  —Kirkus Reviews

  “The age-old stories are endlessly strong, resonant, and surprising, while the telling here is fresh, irreverent, and amusing. A must-have for the Percy Jackson canon.”


  Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes

  “…the most voluble of Poseidon’s many sons dishes on a dozen more ancient relatives and fellow demigods. Riordan leavens full, refreshingly tart accounts of the ups and downs of such higher-profile heroes as Theseus, Orpheus, Hercules, and Jason with the lesser-known but often equally awesome exploits of such butt-kicking ladies as Atalanta, Otrera (the first Amazon), and lion-wrestling Cyrene. The breezy treatment effectively blows off…the dust obscuring the timeless themes in each hero’s career.”

  —Kirkus Reviews

  “Written in the voice of Percy Jackson, these ancient stories sound fresh and vital. Like its predecessor, this large, handsome tome…will fly off library shelves.”


  The Kane Chronicles

  Book One: The Red Pyramid

  ★ “The first volume in the Kane Chronicles, this fantasy adventure delivers what fans loved about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: young protagonists with previously unsuspected magical powers, a riveting story marked by headlong adventure, a complex background rooted in ancient mythology, and wry, witty twenty-first-century narration.”

  —Booklist (starred review)

  “This tale explodes into action from chapter one….Readers pining for Percy Jackson will find new heroes in Carter and Sadie Kane.”

  —Kirkus Reviews

  ★ “A truly original take on Egyptian mythology…A must-have book.”

  —School Library Journal (starred review)

  “Once again, Riordan masterfully meshes modern life with mythology and history, reinvigorating dusty artifacts such as the Rosetta stone and revitalizing ancient Egyptian story lines.”

  —The Los Angeles Times

  Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

  Book One: The Sword of Summer

  “Rick Riordan’s new series is simply brilliant—maybe his best yet! I thought I knew Norse mythology, but now that I’ve read the gripping and hilarious Sword of Summer, I’ll never see Thor the same way again. Get ready to stay up all night reading!”

  —New York Times #1 best-selling author Harlan Coben

  “The Sword of Summer is a propulsive, kinetic, witty rebooting of Norse mythology with all the charm of the Percy Jackson novels. Instantly likeable heroes! Insane action! Cool villains! A twisting, turning, always exciting story! Rick Riordan does it again, even better.”

  —New York Times best-selling author Michael Grant

  “The Sword of Summer combines the glory of Norse myth with the joy of Rick Riordan’s effervescent world-building. One of Riordan’s funniest books—everything from the chapter titles to the wry humor of Magnus Chase will have you chuckling; even as the plot races along at breakneck speed. Check me into the Hotel Valhalla, please. I’ll be staying.”

  —New York Times #1 best-selling author Cassandra Clare

  “With an epic plot, engaging (and diverse) characters, and tones of wisecracking humor, Riordan’s latest is a page-turner. Those new to the author’s past series can jump right in; fans of his previous works will be happy to see clever nods and references to the other in-universe books.”

  —School Library Journal

  “[A] whirlwind of myth, action, and wry sarcasm, perfect for readers hungry for a new hit of that Percy Jackson–type magic.”

  —Horn Book

  “Riordan offers a terrific cast that is effortlessly diverse—all of the allies stand as independent, well-constructed characters who each bring entirely different skills, histories, interests, and personalities to the group. Riordan fans will be thrilled, and Norse mythology buffs will be pleased to see that his focus has shifted to their faves.”

  —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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