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         Part #8 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  contact to stop for anything.

  “I like this talk,” she said, pulling away when her back bowed and the move caused the head of his cock to land in just the right place.

  Watching as she licked her lips, he pushed forward, licking his lips as he leaned back in for a kiss while he slowly buried himself inside her. “I love this talk,” he said, flexing his hips to bury the last few inches inside her, knowing that she could take it.

  “It’s not bad,” the little tease said, gasping when he reached down and grabbed her thigh, pulled her leg up and-

  Finally slid home.

  “This is definitely the way that we should handle all our discussions,” he decided, suddenly looking forward to every argument and discussions that she wanted to have.

  “Might be a little time consuming,” she whispered on a shaky laugh.

  “Probably,” he agreed as he flexed his hips, “but I think it will make morning meetings go more smoothly, don’t you think?”

  “Um,” she muttered, visibly trying to focus as he pulled his hips back and then with a groan that he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to, he pushed back inside her welcoming pussy, deciding that this was definitely the way to go, “what?”

  Smiling, because after five years he’d finally found a way to get through the stubborn woman. “Morning meetings, sweetheart. I’m thinking that we should get rid of the couch in our office and look into getting a bed,” he suggested, really liking the idea of all those meetings that they were going to have. There were going to have to talk about venders, employees, schedules, menus, and so many other things and in so many ways.

  The possibilities were endless.

  “I-Oh, God!” she screamed, letting him know just how easily she could be distracted.

  This could definitely work in his favor, he thought as he gave her one last kiss and sat up, deciding that it was time to set things right.


  “Wait,” she said, trying to catch her breath when the large bastard took her by surprise and sat up, taking her with him.

  At least, he took her lower half with him, she amended a few seconds later when he raised her legs, placed them against his chest, and wrapped his arms around her thighs to keep her exactly where she was. Gripping the sheets, she held on as she watched Lucifer, looking determined as he licked his lips, thrust back inside of her, making he back bow and ripped a scream of pleasure from her lips.

  She tried to focus, tried think about what he’d said to her, but he refused to slow down, refused to give her quarter and when he ripped that first orgasm from her, she decided right then and there that he could have anything that he wanted as long as he did that again.

  “That’s it, sweetheart. Keep squeezing my cock,” he growled, guaranteeing that it was going to happen.

  “Don’t stop, Christopher,” she heard herself murmuring over and over again as her eyes slid shut and her moans grew louder.

  The answering growl had her whimpering and squirming on his lap, desperate for more. She wanted more, needed more and she thanked God that he seemed to realize exactly what she needed, because it was in that moment that he seemed to lose it.

  One minute she was being held off the bed and fucked slowly and the next she was on her stomach with the man that she loved covering her and fucking her harder. He wrapped one arm around her and slapped his hand against the headboard in a desperate attempt to keep her from slamming into the wall with every hard thrust.

  “Love you so fucking much,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear, making her toes curl and her breath catch as another orgasm took her by surprise and sent her screaming his name, which seemed to be exactly what he’d been waiting to hear.

  He buried his face against hers and growled, “Rebecca,” sending her over the edge one last time and completely destroying her ability to tell him no ever again.

  Sneaky bastard, she thought with a smile as she shoved him away so that she could push him onto his back, crawl back on top of him, close her eyes and decided to deal with the sneaky bastard after she took a little nap.

  Chapter 57

  “So,” the small woman that was going to be the death of him said as she allowed his cock to slip out of her mouth with a pop, waking him up so that she could ask, “what should we talk about?”

  “I-” he started to answer, but the cruel woman apparently had no plans of letting him talk until she was ready, because she licked him from balls to tip, making it impossible for him to answer her.

  “Because I was thinking about what you said last night,” she said conversationally as she wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it a squeeze.

  “About getting married or the job?” he managed to get out as she continued to torment him.

  “Both,” she said with a shrug as she leaned back over him and took his cock into her warm, welcoming mouth.

  “Fuck,” he groaned when her lips wrapped around his shaft.

  “Afterwards,” she said when she pulled back after slowly letting his cock slip free from her mouth this time before adding, “if you’re good,” with a wink.

  “We’re getting married,” he bit out, deciding that this whole Bradford theory on marriage was definitely the way to go since it didn’t give her an option to tell him no.

  When she shrugged like it was fine and continued sucking on his cock, he decided to take that as a win and move on. “You’re also going to help me run the Fire & Brimstone,” he said, moaning as he placed his hand on her back, encouraging her to continue as he explained his plans.

  “You don’t need my help,” the stubborn pain in his ass said as she released his cock to argue with him.

  “Yes, I do,” he bit out, wondering why she was arguing with him now when she’d spent the last five years doing everything she could to prove that he couldn’t do it without her.

  She shook her head, which he had to admit sent a very interesting sensation down his cock and pulled back so that she could keep arguing with him. “The Fire & Brimstone is yours,” she said, pissing him off.

  “It’s ours,” he corrected her, deciding that maybe he should take over again if they had any hopes of getting through this conversation without killing each other.

  Sitting up, he took her by surprise, picked her up and laid her across his lap so that they could clear a few things up. “Okay, let’s talk about a few things, shall we?” he asked, resting his arms across the wiggling woman as she tried to climb off his lap.

  “Seriously? You’re going to manhandle me now?” she snapped, continuing with the squirming.

  He ignored her question and moved on, deciding that they’d wasted enough time arguing. “You’re going to have to turn down that asshole and tell him that you already have a job,” he said since that needed to be cleared up immediately.

  She stopped squirming on his lap to throw him a questioning look over her shoulder. “Who?”

  “That asshole from the bar,” he said while his hand found her ass and stayed there since it soothed him.

  When she continued to blink, he said, “The guy that talked your ear off for over an hour last night.”

  She blinked, again.

  “The guy that offered you a job!” he snapped, giving her ass a squeeze because he’d earned it for the bullshit that she put him through.

  “Nobody offered me a job,” she said with a sigh as she folded her arms beneath her head so that she could use them as a pillow.

  Frowning, he asked, “What the hell are you talking about?”

  She grumbled, “He wanted to talk about being gluten free, because his wife just found out that she has a gluten sensitivity and he wanted to know how to keep her safe.”

  “Oh,” he said, digesting that as he continued to kneed her bottom.

  “Yeah,” she said, sighing as she laid there.

  “So, then there’s no reason for you not to come back?” he asked, wondering if he’d missed anything that the stubborn woman might use to argue her away out of this one.
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  “No,” she admitted, but he sensed a “but” in there.

  “But…” he said, deciding to help her along for the sake of his sanity.

  Sighing, she reached back and swatted his hand away so that she could climb off his lap, but she didn’t go far. Tearing a strangled groan from him, she threw her leg over his lap so that she was straddling him and in one move, slowly impaled herself on his cock that had been straining to get back to her since he’d pulled her mouth away.

  “Everything okay?” she asked with that damn innocent expression that had caused him to lose his fucking mind more times than he could count.

  Narrowing his eyes on her and trying not to think about just how fucking tight she was, he bit out, “Fine.”

  “Good!” she said brightly as she shifted more than what was necessary in his opinion to get comfortable. “Now, where were we?” she asked, wiggling.

  “You were just about to tell me how you were going to piss me off,” he reminded her, cupping her hips to stop the damn woman from wiggling again.

  “Yes, yes I was,” she said with a firm nod and another fucking wiggle!

  “Spit it out.”

  Sighing, she tried to wiggle again, but he’d been ready for it and stopped her. “You don’t need to let me help run the Fire & Brimstone, Christopher,” she said, smiling as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and leaned in until her forehead touched his. “I miss the Fire & Brimstone and I miss you.”

  “You see me every day,” he reminded her before adding, “and we both know that you’ve been running the Fire & Brimstone with me since the moment that you set your eyes on it. So, let’s not play this game. We’re getting married today, Rebecca, and then we’re going to run the Fire & Brimstone together, making it the best restaurant in the state.”

  Smiling, she leaned in and quickly kissed him. “It already is the best restaurant in the state and seeing you after work isn’t the same and you know it,” she informed him in a teasing tone.

  “It can always get better,” he reminded her, returning the kiss that had him struggling to focus on what mattered.

  Getting this woman in front of a Justice of the Peace.

  “I suppose it can,” she said, sounding a little distracted as she slid her fingers through his hair and raised herself up on her knees.

  “It definitely can,” he said, using his hold on her hips to help guide her back down and making them both moan.

  “Then should we discuss the terms of my return?” the frustrating woman asked as she tore a groan from him.

  “Marrying me isn’t enough?” he asked, tilting his head so that he could kiss her better.

  “No,” she said, chuckling as she slowly kissed him, “Not really.”

  “You are a mean woman,” he said, smiling as he kissed her chin.

  “But you adore me,” she reminded him.

  “I love you,” he corrected her before adding, “and you fucking adore me.”

  Smiling, she said, “Well, I might be in love with you, too.”

  Chuckling, he cupped her beautiful face in his hands and leaned back so that he could look into her eyes. “Might be?”

  She shrugged. “It’s a possibility.”

  “So, then what’s the problem?” he asked, leaning in so that he could kiss her stubborn little chin simply because he couldn’t help himself.

  “There’s really no problem, but I just think that we should discuss bonuses, raises, vacation time, my own office, an assistant, a few minions to be at my beck and call and-”

  “You’re pushing it,” he said, chuckling as he leaned in to shut her up with a kiss.

  “Yes, but you knew that I would,” the little demon proudly said.

  “Yes, I did,” he said, keeping an arm wrapped around her so that he could lower them both back onto the bed. “And I expect that you’re going to do it for the rest of our lives.”

  Threading her fingers through his hair, she gave him that grin that absolutely terrified him and said, “You can count on it.”


  Two Months later…

  “He’s going to kill you.”

  “You think so?” Rebecca asked as a group of Lucifer’s cousins walked past them, all of them shooting her winks as they headed for her old section.

  “There’s a good chance,” Melanie said, nodding as she placed her hands on the swell of her belly.

  Rebecca considered asking Melanie when she was finally going to tell Aidan, but she really didn’t feel like hiding in bathroom, texting Lucifer for help as the crazed, hormonal woman tried to break in and slap her silly as she sobbed hysterically, again. So, instead she decided that she would continue sitting there, sipping her Coke and periodically glancing towards all the exits, looking out for the man that might have take issue with the fact that she’d allowed his relatives back inside or the fact that she’d cleared the dance floor and had inadvertently turned the Fire & Brimstone into a nightclub for the night.

  Then again…

  If he hadn’t banned her poor, sweet baby from their bedroom this morning over a little misunderstanding involving a puddle of drool on his pillow, she wouldn’t have been forced to do this. That and she enjoyed the fact that when it was her nights to run the Fire & Brimstone she was able to triple the profits, something that she was able to do thanks to all his relatives. Not only did they order an insane amount of food, but they were also incredibly hot, which drew a surprisingly large amount of women, which in turn drew a lot of single men, filling the restaurant to capacity for the night.

  “Don’t you have a paper due tomorrow?” Melanie asked, sipping her glass of apple juice since she’d given up soda while pregnant.

  “Already done,” she said, still shocked at how well she was doing in school.

  It had only been a month since she’d started and it was only part time, but she loved it. She was taking a course on management and introduction to business and so far she was doing really well. Of course, that probably had something to do with her self-appointed tutor.

  Her husband hadn’t been excited when she’d announced that she wanted to go back to school, but that all changed after she’d enrolled in college and had to pick her classes. After he found her course catalog lying on the bed and decided to have a look, he’d decided to offer his services.

  Since then he’d outlined all the course that she needed to take over the next four years, had decided that she was going to attend the summer term to catch up with the rest of the freshmen class and then starting next year he wanted her to switch to full-time. At first she’d argued with him, because she hadn’t been sure that she could handle it, but once she realized that Lucifer’s questionable OCD demanded that he organize her notes, make her flashcards and proofread all her papers she’d agreed to at least try to do things his way.

  “What do you think he’s going to do when he sees this?” Melanie asked gesturing to the crowded restaurant.

  “Thank me?” she said with a hopeful smile.

  “You mean with more yelling?” the betraying bitch said, reminding her about her first week co-managing the Fire & Brimstone with Lucifer.

  “He wasn’t yelling,” she said, trying not to think about all that yelling and God, there had been so much yelling, but thankfully Lucifer was partially to her ass and blowjobs so it hadn’t been that bad.

  “Really? Then what would you call it?” Melanie asked, stealing a bite out of Rebecca’s gluten free cheeseburger, one of the many new gluten-free menu items that Lucifer had created for her.

  “Expressing his undying love for me in a tone that would ensure that I didn’t miss the extent of his feelings for me?”

  “Or,” the incredibly sexy voice that she loved to hear whispering her name drawled, alerting her to the fact that she’d lost the element of surprise, “he probably yells because you drive him out of his fucking mind.”

  “There is that,” she admitted with a smile when she felt him turn her barstool around so that she
was facing him.

  “What have you done now?” he asked, cupping her face in his hands as he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers.

  “Probably violating several fire codes,” Melanie said around another bite of her burger.

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