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Christmas from Hell, Page 27

R. L. Mathewson

  “Show me how much you like this,” he whispered in her ear, leaving her with no other choice but to obey.

  She couldn’t believe that they were actually doing this, that she was actually doing this, but it felt too good to stop.

  So, she didn’t.

  She used her fingers to tease her clit, gently messaging the swollen little nub as Duncan’s grip on her hips tightened and he pressed his cock firmly against her.

  “How does that feel, baby?” he asked in that same seductive voice that was going to send her over the edge.

  Moaning, she licked her lips and tilted her head back, resting her head against his chest as she continued to finger herself and in the process, gave him a much better view that he really seemed to enjoy.

  “Don’t stop,” he demanded as she felt him shift back and then-

  Took her by surprise as he slid inside of her. Every time she rubbed the needy little muscle of nerves between her legs she could feel his cock sliding in and out of her. It felt absolutely amazing, but it felt even better when he wrapped an arm around her, placed his hand over her breast and slapped his other hand against the tiled wall, using it to help steady them as he fucked her.

  That was definitely the right term, because there was no way that what he was doing to her could ever be mistaking for making love. Although, the way that he held her and whispered her name reverently in her ear…

  Now, that was more than enough to make a woman fall head over heels in love with a man.

  She turned her head, silently demanding a kiss and he obeyed. He took her mouth in a hard punishing kiss as his strokes became harder and faster and she could barely keep up with him. Seconds before she thought that her legs were going to give out and drop her on her bottom an orgasm hit, making her scream louder than she’d ever screamed before until her voice was hoarse and she realized that as some point, he’d taken them safely to the floor of the shower and slammed inside her one last time with a groan that sounded more like a prayer.

  Chapter 34

  Friday, December 17th.

  “We’re going to be late,” she moaned as she threw her leg over his lap and straddled him.

  “No, we’re not,” he promised her, because they were already there. So, technically they were early with plenty of time to spare.

  “We should go in,” she moaned against his lips as she wrapped her arms around him and gently suckled his tongue the way that she suckled his cock.

  “No,” he said, cupping her face and turning it so that he could plant a line of kisses down along her jaw, “we shouldn’t.”

  “If we go in now we’ll catch the previews,” she said even as she ground herself down against the hard cock attempting to escape its confines to get inside her.

  “I hate the previews,” he told her, not really fucking caring what movie was coming next, not when he had Necie grinding on top of him.

  He’d never met a woman who loved sex more, who was open and willing to do anything that he wanted just to see if it felt good. Speaking of which, keeping his lips on her neck, he reached down between them and freed himself as she reached down with one hand and yanked up her skirts.

  As soon as he felt her wet, warm, and most importantly, naked pussy against his cock he had to smile. She had obeyed his request to take her panties off. The thought of her sitting next to him all night in the dark movie theatre without any panties had turned him on, made him wonder how it would feel to finger her as she was forced to sit there, being as silent as a church mouse so that they wouldn’t get thrown out, but now that he could feel just how wet she was, he couldn’t wait.

  With a slight shift from her and push of the hips from him, he was inside her and God, did she feel fucking amazing. He released his hold around his cock and let her take over as he slipped one hand beneath her blouse and cupped her breast with one hand and cupped her bare ass beneath her skirt with the other, encouraging her to take what she wanted, ride him as hard and as fast as she dared.

  He’d gladly take whatever torture that she wanted to hand out to him as long as he could feel her wet, silk walls grip his cock and squeeze pleasure from his balls.

  “You feel so fucking good,” he told her as she used her hold on him to ride him harder and faster, making him wonder if they should have bothered leaving the house tonight.

  They definitely should have stayed home, he decided as he groaned and moaned along with her as she rode his cock.

  Never should have left the house, he agreed moments later when she cupped his jaw, kissed him in a way that definitely made him wish that they were in a bed so that he could throw her on her back and bury his tongue inside her.

  But, he’d asked her to go to a movie when he knew damn well how they’d end the night. It had been a foolish mistake, one that left him spreading his legs apart, slammed his feet against the floor and pushed up, fucking her harder and harder.

  Until she was throwing her head back and screaming his name as he cursed hers.


  Saturday, December 18th.

  “I-I thought you were hungry,” she gasped, forced to reach back and grab hold of the headboard as Duncan slid his tongue deeper inside her.

  “I am,” he said as he pulled his tongue out.

  “Then maybe we should go get something to eat,” she said, even as she threaded her fingers through his hair and kept him right where he was.

  “Later,” he murmured against her folds, “later.”


  Sunday, December 19th.

  “Are you watching this movie?” she asked, but he was so damn exhausted that just thinking about opening his eyes right now seemed impossible.

  “No,” he said, not really giving a damn what was on television when he was this fucking tired.

  He couldn’t remember ever being this tired, but he wasn’t about to complain, he decided with a smile. Well, he tried to smile, but since he was exhausted and even that small exercise seemed to be too much for him to handle right now he settled for just lying there with his eyes closed.

  “Then shut it off,” Necie demanded sleepily, following up her demand with a pathetic little push that was meant to get him off the bed and search for the remote so that he could shut the television off.

  It wasn’t happening.

  Not when he could barely move without one of his sore, over-abused muscles protesting in agony. They’d made love, fucked, screwed, whatever you wanted to call it for days now and he wasn’t sure that he could keep going like this.

  Every now and then when his cock stirred, demanding more of her, he tried to ignore it, tried to distract the damn thing, but the damn thing wouldn’t listen. It wanted her and it refused to listen to common sense. No matter how many times he worried that the damn thing would fall off, it wouldn’t listen to reason.

  He’d never wanted a woman like this before, terrified that he’d die if he didn’t feel how good it felt to have her body wrapped around his one minute and how much peace he was able to find in the next as she slept in his arms, trusting him to take care of her and protect her from everyone and everything in this world.

  It was the greatest feeling that he’d ever known, but he still wasn’t sure if this was it, or if he was seeing what he wanted to see. He knew about his family’s history, about its traditions and he was terrified that he was projecting all of his hopes and dreams on his small little baker simply because he couldn’t stand the thought of being alone for another minute.

  She made him feel whole and that was an intoxicating feeling.

  He didn’t want to make a mistake and rush this if she wasn’t the one. He wanted what his father had, his uncles and some of his brothers had, he wanted the one woman that was meant for him and if that wasn’t his little baker…

  He needed to know soon before it was too late and he said the hell with it and accepted her as the one that he couldn’t live without.


  Monday, December 20th.

  “I’m too tired to move,” he complained as she laid there, torn between exhaustion and the need to get up and do something.

  She’d never felt so lazy in her life as she had during the last week. They ate, slept, made love, ate, made love, watched movies until dawn, made love and that’s pretty much all they did. The first few days of this had been wonderful, exhausting, but wonderful.


  Now, she just wanted to go home, go back to her life, her routine, her bakery, but basically she just wanted to go home where she wasn’t made to feel like everything she said or did was all part of some test that he’d decided to put her through. As much as she loved spending time with him, she would rather do it somewhere else, somewhere where she wasn’t made to feel if she said or did the wrong thing that this entire dream would end without a moment’s notice.

  She just wanted to stop playing this game that she had absolutely no idea what the rules were or what she was playing for.

  She just wanted to go home.

  Chapter 35

  Thursday, December 24th.

  “What’s wrong?” he asked as he yanked his towel off and tossed it to the side so that he could climb onto the bed and lay down next to the woman that he was starting to think that he couldn’t live without.

  He expected her to tell him that everything was fine, let him take her out to dinner once he could move again, make love to her once they got home and fall asleep tangled in each other’s arms. Instead, she told him the one thing that he wasn’t ready to hear.

  “Duncan,” she said, toying with a strand of his hair as he seriously contemplated taking a nap before dinner, “I want to go home.”

  “What?” he asked, forcing his eyes open so that he could pay attention to what she was saying.

  “I want to go home, Duncan. I need to go to work and make sure all the orders go out on time, but I also miss my grandfather. I want to make sure that he’s taking care of himself and eating okay,” she said and if it wasn’t for the fact that she couldn’t exactly meet his gaze, he would have believed her.

  Well, he did believe her when she told him that she was worried about the bakery and her grandfather, but he knew there was more to it and until she told him what was going on, they weren’t leaving.

  “What’s really going on?” he asked, tipping her chin so that he could look her in the eye the next time she spoke.

  She surprised him by meeting his gaze head on and saying, “That’s what I’d like to know.”

  “What do you mean?” he asked, pushing back her curly black hair out of the way.

  She sighed heavily as she said, “You know exactly what I’m talking about, Duncan. Why are we here?”