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         Part #8 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  “Are you sure that there isn’t something that you wanted to say?” he asked, chuckling when she gasped as cold water continued to assault her body.

  “I hate you!” she snapped when he stepped away from the spray of ice-cold water.

  “Are you sure?” he asked, innocently.


  “That’s really too bad,” he murmured as the large bastard once again stepped back into the cold water and managed to rip a hysterical scream out of her.


  “Was that ‘I’m sorry, Lucifer, for tormenting you for shits and giggles’?” he asked, sounding like he was really enjoying himself, which he probably was.

  Not that she could blame him after everything that she’d done to him over the years. Still…

  “Don’t make me hurt you!” she snapped, deciding that they’d reached the point of no return.

  She was going to have to kick his ass.

  “You’re going to kick my ass, huh?” he guessed as he paused just right outside the stream of ice cold water.

  “Yes!” she hissed, swearing on everything that she owned that if he so much as looked at that water that she was going to-

  Scream her head off as he stepped back under the ice-cold spray.

  “I’m still waiting to hear those special words,” he said tauntingly, and she couldn’t help but respect the man for his commitment to screw her over.

  He had learned from the best after all.

  “Come on, Rebecca. Don’t you have something to say to me?” the bastard asked, continuing to taunt her as he turned around so that she received the majority of the cold water on her back and ass.

  When the water hit her in a particularly sensitive area, she screamed the one thing that she hoped would save her, “Christopher!” before she found herself back on her feet, pushed up against the wall and having her mouth devoured by the sexiest man that she’d ever met.


  “Oh, God!” Rebecca gasped against his mouth as he continued to slowly trace her wet slit with his fingertips.

  “You like that?” he asked, kissing her chin as he watched her lick her lips in pleasure.

  “Mmmhmm,” she moaned with a nod as she spread her legs further apart to give him better access.

  “Is this okay, baby? Or do you want to lie down?” he asked, not sure that he would be able to survive if she made him stop even if it was only for a minute.

  “This is fine, more than fine,” she swore as she wrapped one arm around his shoulders to steady herself as she leaned back against the warm shower tiles, careful not to press her lower back against the wall.

  “Are you sure?” he asked, shifting her slightly to the side so that she was closer to the hot water mist.

  “Yeah, I’m fine,” she promised him, but he felt the way that her body tensed up when he shifted her.

  “No,” he said, pausing just long enough to brush his lips against hers, “you’re not.”

  Before she could argue, he carefully swept her up into his arms and carried her out of the bathroom. He loved the way that she wrapped her arms around him, but he loved the way that she kissed him even more.

  He carried her back to his bed, laid her down and followed her. He was careful to keep his weight off her as he leaned down so that he could continue to kiss her. God, she felt so fucking good, he thought as he reached up and pushed several wet strands of her hair out her face.

  “I know your secret,” she said, smiling as she ran her fingers through his hair.

  “Yeah, and what’s that?” he asked, pulling back far enough so that he could watch as he run his fingers down her chin, her neck and between her large breasts, fascinated by the trail of goose bumps left behind.

  “You like it when I call you Christopher,” she said, sounding smug as she continued to run her fingers through his hair.

  “Yes,” he said, smiling as he leaned back down and kissed her, “I do.”

  “And when anyone else calls you that?” she asked, teasing his bottom lip.

  “I’ll fucking kill them,” he admitted, gently running his fingers from one breast to the other, stopping just before he touched either nipple.

  “So, what makes me so special?” she asked, making him wonder how it was even possible that she didn’t already know.

  He looked into her eyes as he finally allowed his fingers to skim across one hard nipple and said, “Because you drive me out of my fucking mind.”

  Chapter 30

  “We’re going to get your sheets wet,” she said, absently wondering if they should go somewhere else before they ruined his bed as she licked her lips and enjoyed the feeling of having Christopher’s very talented lips kissing a path from her jawline to her neck.

  “The only thing that I care about getting wet,” he said softly, pausing to press a kiss against the spot where her neck and shoulder met, “is you.”


  She could cry. She really could. Not only did he talk dirty, but he did it really well. If there was one thing that had always disappointed her, it was that none of the men that she’d been with knew how to talk dirty during sex. They’d tried, but no of them had ever been able to pull it off.

  Their attempts had always left her cringing and wishing that they’d just hurry up and finish so that she could grab something to eat and maybe catch an episode of The Walking Dead before she called it a night. Well, that wasn’t completely true. That one guy who’d thought calling her a dirty whore and a slut while he slid his hand beneath her shirt was a good idea had ended up walking home with a limp.

  “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve thought about getting you in my bed?” he asked as he ran his palm over her nipple, just touching it enough to make it harden in response.

  Biting back a smile, she said, “Why don’t you tell me,” curious to see just how far the uptight, straight-edged, questionably OCD, man was going to try bringing this.

  He chuckled as he pressed another kiss against the spot that she’d never realized was so sensitive before. “How about I show you instead?” he asked with a wink and an unbelievably sexy grin that had her heart doing an odd little flip that took her by surprise and left her feeling like she’d just been shoved off a ledge and was falling fast, a lot faster than she was probably ready for.

  But, she also wasn’t ready to stop yet.

  Returning his smile was probably the most terrifying thing that she’d ever done, but the way that his expression warmed as he looked down at her made her want to risk everything as long as he kept looking at her that way.

  “Have you thought about me?” he asked as he cupped her face in his hand.

  “What makes you think that I’ve thought about you?” she asked, laughing when his glare turned mocking.

  Sighing heavily, he wrapped his arms around her and-

  Tore an embarrassingly high squeal out of her when she suddenly found herself sitting on top of the large bastard.

  “Stop manhandling me!” she said with a huff as she stubbornly folded her arms over her bare breasts and pointedly looked off to express her displeasure at being thrown about.

  “How else was I supposed to show you?” he asked, all innocence as he placed his hands on her hips and gently rocked her, startling a startled moan from her when she realized exactly what he’d done.

  Licking her lips, she let her arms drop so that she could place her hands over his where they continued to guide her, back and forth over the large erection now cradled against her wet slit. Allowing him to continue moving her slowly against him, because it was the polite thing to do, she pursed up her lips while she considered the man devouring every inch of her with his eyes.

  “How exactly is this showing me what you’ve been thinking about doing to me?” she asked, running her hands over his forearms, savoring every muscle bulging against her hands.

  “This is the considerate version,” he said, licking his lips in a way that had her wondering if he was imagining l
icking her breasts.

  “How is this the considerate version?” she asked, grinding down against him with a moan as she savored the feel of thick, hard erection pressing against her in all the right ways.

  “I didn’t think your bottom could handle anymore abuse tonight,” he said with a shrug as he continued openly admiring her body.

  Well, that was true, she mused. While the damaged area no longer made her want to cry and demand a quick and painless death thanks to the pills she’d been given, it probably wouldn’t feel too great later if she allowed the area to be abused now. Which inadvertently brought the question to mind, was he a spanker?

  Was that too much to ask for?

  Probably, she decided with a sigh, telling herself that there was no need to be selfish and that she should just be grateful that he was great in bed, considerate and knew how to talk dirty. Anything more would just be asking too much.

  “You still haven’t explained how having me on top is showing me what you’ve been thinking about,” she teased with a smile as she leaned down so that she could kiss him.

  “Isn’t it obvious?” he asked, playfully nipping at her bottom lip.

  “No, not really,” she admitted, smiling as she sat back up and-

  “This is where you make every one of my fantasies come to life.”

  “By doing all the work?” she teased as she returned to slowly rocking against the hard erection that somehow seemed harder than it had been only a few seconds ago.

  “That’s just a plus,” he explained absently as he watched her move back and forth over his cock.

  “I see,” she murmured, licking her lips as she started to lose herself in what she was doing.

  God, he felt so good.

  “This is every man’s fantasy,” he said with a groan when her slit spread open and allowed her swollen little clit to tease the tip of his cock.

  “Really? This is it?” she asked with a chuckle, because she honestly thought that every man’s fantasy was two women-

  “Having the woman that you can’t stop thinking about moan your name as she puts every fantasy that you’ve ever had to shame,” he said as he sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

  Smiling, she wrapped her arms around him. “You can’t stop thinking about me?”

  He groaned as his lips found hers. “What do you think?” he asked as he gave her the sweetest kiss.

  “I think,” she said, using her hold on him so that she could sit up higher off his lap, “that we’re wasting time talking.”

  Smiling, she reached down and wrapped her hand around his shaft, loving the way that he groaned when she started stroking him. She stroked him from base to tip and moaned when he growled in pleasure. She loved touching him. It didn’t matter if it was something as simple as an accidental touch when she was walking past him or when she wrapped her arms around him, closed her eyes and let the rest of the world drift away. Whenever she was near him, she felt…complete.

  It was an intoxicating feeling and one she knew that she could easily become addicted to if she let herself. She was so tempted to let herself fall for this man, she thought as she looked into a pair of intense green eyes that always seemed to soften when they saw her.

  “I missed you,” he said as he reached up and brushed a strand of hair out of her face.

  Giving his shaft one last stroke, she shifted until the tip was at her core and carefully guided it inside herself as she held his gaze. “I’ve missed you, too,” she admitted with a smile as she leaned down and kissed him.

  For several minutes they sat like that, holding each other as they slowly kissed, savoring their connection and every touch that brought them closer together. Soon it wasn’t enough for her and she found herself slowly riding him.

  She expected him to take over or at the very least, encourage her to move faster, but he never did. He simply held her close as they kissed, only breaking away occasionally to kiss a trail down her neck as his hand found her breast and caressed it. They never stopped touching as she continued to slowly ride him, enjoying the feel of him inside her and it was then that she realized that for the first time in her life, she was actually making love to a man.

  To Lucifer.

  Stunned at the realization, she pulled back from their kiss and found herself looking into kind, emerald eyes.

  “You’re so beautiful,” he said, leaning in to kiss her when she took them both by surprise and said the one thing that she never expected to hear herself say.

  “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

  Judging by the panicked expression on his face, she probably should have kept that to herself.

  Chapter 31

  “Oh, my god! I take it back!” Rebecca screamed as she frantically tried to crawl away, but every time she managed to grab hold of the pillows or headboard he simply pulled her right back to the edge of the bed, flipped her onto her back and buried his head between her thighs.

  As he licked her from core to clit, he couldn’t help but wish that she’d stop screaming like that. It was really making it difficult to think. Sighing, he continued to lick her as he thought about what she’d said.

  She thought she was falling in love with him.

  “Oh, god!” she screamed again, making him wonder why she was being so damn inconsiderate at a time like this.

  He still wasn’t sure why he hadn’t shown her to the door yet since that’s what he normally did when a woman professed her undying love for him. But, then again, she hadn’t actually professed her undying love for him, had she?

  Glaring at her as he slid his tongue inside her, he couldn’t help but wonder why that pissed him off. When she told him that she thought that she might be falling in love with him, asking her to leave had been the last thing on his mind. He’d wanted to smile, to pull her in his arms and kiss her, but instead he’d felt like he’d been hit with a sledgehammer and not because she was falling for him.

  But, because he already knew that he was falling for her.

  “Christopher!” she yelled as she gave up on trying to escape, which he appreciated, and threaded her fingers through his hair.

  Groaning, because she tasted so damn sweet, he ran the flat of his tongue over her clit before flicking the excited little nub with the tip of his tongue. When she released a sexy little moan he nearly said fuck it and rammed his cock back inside her, but he needed more time to think, which meant…

  “Oh, god, yes…” she moaned, licking her lips hungrily as she ground her hips against his mouth so that she could ride his tongue.

  He groaned as he ran his tongue around her clit, loving the little sounds of pleasure that she was making. She really was fucking beautiful, he thought as he slid his hands from her hips to her breasts. He cupped her breasts, enjoying the weight in his hands as he flicked his thumbs over the hard nipples that he fully planned on tracing with his tongue before the night was over.

  He had no idea when he’d started falling in love with her, but he knew that there was absolutely no way of stopping it now. He was falling for her, harder and faster than he ever thought was humanly possible. A few times over the years he’d thought that he’d felt a glimmer of something for a few of the women that he’d dated, but nothing like this.

  He knew that he could live without her, but the problem was that he didn’t want to. He wanted to wake up with her in his arms every morning and fight over the remote with her every night. He wanted to see that little devious smile play on her lips every time she screwed with someone’s head because she was bored. He wanted to be with her, but he wasn’t ready for this yet.

  He still had so much to do, to accomplish, before he could even think of getting serious about anyone. There was still so much that he wanted to do with the Fire & Brimstone, so many things that needed his attention and falling in love with a woman like Rebecca wasn’t something that he was ready for. He couldn’t give her what she wanted, what she needed and that wasn’t fair to her. He needed t
o do the right thing and walk away before either one of them got hurt, but unfortunately for her, he was a Bradford and they were selfish bastards. There was no way that he could let her go, he realized.

  Not now.

  Since putting some space between them and trying to slow this thing down wasn’t going to work, he was going to have to figure
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