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         Part #8 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  “Pathetic,” she mumbled as she returned to her escape, but unfortunately for her, sometime in the last thirty seconds or so, Mojo had woken up and readjusted his position so that his large body now pinned her knees down to the floor.

  This really was not her day, he thought with a sigh as he allowed himself to enjoy the fact that Rebecca was draped over his legs. Definitely not a bad way to end the day, he thought as he reached down and plucked her out from beneath Mojo and settled her on his lap with a satisfied sigh.

  So, when she opened her mouth to argue, he really had no choice but to lean down and kiss her before she could do something stupid like kick him out of her apartment.

  Chapter 18

  Shouldn’t she be having some moral dilemma about doing this, she wondered at the back of her mind as she adjust herself on his lap until she was straddling him and could wrap her arms around him as he kissed her in way that left her hungry for more. Never in a million years would she have pictured Lucifer, the straight-edged asshole, capable of being this passionate, but now that she knew, she couldn’t help but wonder how it was going to be like when she got him out of these clothes.

  She moaned at the thought, because she was definitely going to have to find out. Even though she didn’t make a habit of jumping in bed with whatever guy that caught her eye or took her out, it also wasn’t something that she lost sleep over or had internal debates about. She was the kind of woman who liked to be turned on, lived by the moment and if a guy managed to make her lose her mind and made her feel like she would die if she had to go one more second to feel him sliding between her legs then she went for it.

  She didn’t do regrets, overanalyze her choices or live in the past.

  With that being said, she could still count the number of men that she’d slept with on one hand and she’d never slept with a guy that she hadn’t been dating for at least three months. She liked having an emotional connection with a guy before sleeping with him and she usually needed it in order to get this turned on.

  Then again, she’d never actually been this turned on before, she thought with a smile as she lowered herself until she was sitting on the hard bulge hiding behind Lucifer’s zipper that told her that she wasn’t the only one on the verge of losing control. The groan that he released had her adjusting herself on his lap and moaning when the friction from the movement hit her in all the right places.

  Even though she didn’t have many hang-ups about sex, she did have some rules, like never sleeping with your friend’s ex, her friends’ brothers, co-workers, or more importantly, her boss. But, since she was in the process of quitting this really didn’t count, she told herself as she ground down against that large bulge as Lucifer drove her out of her mind by gently sucking on her tongue as his hands found her ass.

  He used his hold on her ass to help her move against him and God, was there really anything sexier than a man that was aggressive in bed? As she slid her hand beneath his shirt and caressed the muscles jumping beneath her touch, she couldn’t help but wonder if they should move this to a bed.

  It would definitely be more comfortable, she decided even as she continued to grind down against him, her breaths coming faster as she realized that she was seconds away from having an orgasm that was guaranteed to leave her devastated. They really needed to move this to a bed.

  She kissed him one last time before she pressed her forehead against his and tried to focus on something other than how good it felt to grind against him. Licking her lips, she forced the words out that would guarantee that she would have to quit her job in the morning.

  “Lucifer, we need to move this to the bedroom,” she ground out with a whimper as she pushed down against him and-

  “I have a better idea,” he said, allowing her one last grind that brought her closer to the edge, but wasn’t enough to push her over, before carefully picking her up and setting her down on the floor.

  “What?” she asked, feeling a little dazed as he managed to stand up, because she was pretty sure that they should definitely be taking this to the bedroom.

  “Let’s go grab something to eat,” he said, reaching down and helped her to her feet while she struggled to make sense out of what he was saying.


  He wanted to eat?

  She threw a wistful glance in the direction of her bedroom and almost cried when he took her hand in his and headed for the door.


  “You should probably put some ice on that,” Rebecca said from where she sat in the passenger seat of his truck, fidgeting with everything within reach and driving him out of his fucking mind, because every movement made him more aware of her.

  He could be inside her right now, his fucking dick reminded him as it angrily pushed against the zipper, demanding that he pull over and finish what they’d started, but he couldn’t do that. Not until he made sure that she wanted him just as badly.

  He refused to take her until she said his name when he slid deep inside her. He didn’t care if she moaned it, whispered it, groaned it or screamed it at the top of her lungs, but he had to hear it. He had to hear her say his name the first time he took.

  He had to hear her call him, “Christopher.”

  There was something seriously wrong with him.

  “I’m fine,” he said, resisting the urge to check his shoulder for blood.

  “You’re lucky that she has bad aim,” Rebecca said with a sigh as she gave up fidgeting with the air-conditioning and sat back in her seat.

  “Remind me to remove that fire extinguisher when we get back,” he said even though he doubted that it still worked.

  “Knowing Melanie, she probably already used it to coat your door in foam,” Rebecca said, sounding bored while he was still struggling to get his body back under control.

  Great, one more thing to get in the way of his schedule, he thought as he pulled into the back parking lot of Dixon’s Gluten-Free Bakery and parked his truck. He looked at Rebecca to find her slumped in her seat, looking defeated.

  “What’s wrong?” he asked, turning off the truck.

  “I can’t eat here,” she mumbled softly.

  “Because of the gluten thing?” he asked, opening his door.

  “Because of the gluten thing,” she repeated with a dejected sigh as she opened her door and jumped out.

  He climbed out of the truck and headed to the sidewalk, unsure of how he should proceed. They weren’t a couple. Hell, they weren’t even friends, but he couldn’t act like she was nothing more than a pain in the ass employee anymore, could he?

  Fucking hell.

  This was already getting complicated and there was nothing that he hated more than complicated. So, when she started walking by his side and stuck her hands in her back pockets he was relieved.

  To a point.

  “This place is gluten free,” he said, mostly to have something to say so that he could get his mind off how good it had felt to finally cup that beautiful ass in his hands.

  “It’s gluten free?” she asked as she worried her bottom lip, no doubt trying not to get her hopes up. “Are you sure?”

  “Since I helped build it, I’m pretty sure that it is,” he explained as they reached the front door.

  “Your family’s in construction, right?” she said, sounding a little nervous as he held the door open for her. She hesitated before throwing him a small smile and stepping inside.

  “Among other things,” he murmured as he followed her inside. “But, it’s the one thing that we all have in common.”

  “What do you mean?” she asked, glancing around the small shop nervously.

  “Relax,” he said as he leaned down and kissed her forehead, because she looked like she could use a little support and not because it felt like an eternity since the last time he’d touched her. “Everything in here is safe for you to eat.”

  After a slight pause she nodded and ventured closer to the large menu posted on the wall. She stood there for several minutes, n
ot saying anything as she took in what they had to offer.

  “What do you recommend?” she asked, chewing on her bottom lip as she started at the top of the menu and worked her way down again, obviously wary of her first real taste of gluten-free cooking.

  He hadn’t actually tried anything here, because of the obsession he had with dissecting recipes and recreating them for his restaurant, but his brothers had. As far as he knew they’d given every item on the menu the Bradford seal of approval so he pointed at the first item on the menu.

  “The baked macaroni and cheese is pretty good,” he said, praying that his brothers hadn’t made him a liar, otherwise he was going to have to hunt them down and beat the shit out of every last one of them.

  Chapter 19

  “Would you stop doing that?” Lucifer snapped as he was once again forced to pluck an ice cube out of his glass and place it on the back of his hand.

  “Probably not,” she said, taking her time to scoop up another spoonful of that delicious beef stew and dumplings that she’d let him talk her into ordering after she’d devoured the baked macaroni and cheese.

  “You could share,” he pointed out, on the verge of pouting as he sat there looking from his empty bowl to hers and then back again.

  “I could,” she agreed, pausing long enough so that she could enjoy that perfect spoonful of beef, gravy, vegetable and dumpling before adding, “but I’m not going to.”

  His eyes narrowed dangerously on her and she knew that look well enough to know that he was seriously considering stealing the rest of her food, but lucky for him, he didn’t try. She really hated the idea of sending him to the ICU after everything he’d done for her, but if he tried to steal another bite of her delicious food she wouldn’t have much of a choice.

  “You’re mean,” he grumbled, signaling to the waitress for another bowl.

  “Yup,” she agreed as she scooped up another spoonful, already planning on stealing his bowl of beef stew when it came, “that’s me.”

  “And it doesn’t bother you?” he asked with a curious tilt of his head as he studied her.

  “Not at all,” she said with a shake of her head as she reached for the hot roll that she’d noticed Lucifer eying. “Does it bother you that everyone thinks you’re an asshole?”

  He chuckled as he grabbed the roll before she could. “No.”

  “Seriously?” she asked, not because she didn’t believe him, because she did, but because she was honestly just curious.

  “Why would it bother me?” he asked with a careless shrug as he broke off a piece of his roll. He dipped it in her bowl and soaked up some of the gravy.

  “Because most people would have a problem with everyone believing that they’re an asshole,” she explained as she watched him.

  “Most people are fucking morons,” he said unapologetically as he took the bowl of stew from the stunned waitress, who practically ran away as soon as she placed an extra basket of freshly baked rolls on the table.

  “And why’s that?” she asked, grabbing a gluten free roll, still surprised at how good it tasted. It didn’t taste exactly like a regular roll, but it was close enough that she didn’t care.

  “Because they care what other people think,” he said as he stole the roll out of her hand.

  Sighing, she reached for another roll. “And you don’t?”

  “Not one fucking bit,” he said as he dug into his stew, leaving her to wonder how that must feel.

  It was definitely a tactic that could have come in handy for most of her life, she thought as she picked up her spoon and-

  “Did you want me to kill you?” the selfish bastard asked with a cold glare that had her sighing as she continued with her mission to steal a large chunk of dumpling out of his bowl.

  “Yeah, because you really scare me,” she said, making a show of stealing that large delicious bite of food and eating it all while keeping her eyes locked with his.

  A small smile touched his lips. “You’re not scared of me, are you?”

  “Not in the least,” she admitted with a wink as she put her spoon down, pushed her chair back and decided that it was time to check out the large selection of gluten free baked goods for dessert.

  So many pretties, she thought wistfully as she tried to decide between the cheesecake brownie that had caught her eye or the vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting.

  “Get it to go,” the harsh whisper teased her ear as she felt Lucifer’s arms wrap around her and pull her closer.

  She opened her mouth to ask him if something was wrong when she felt it, that very large and very hard bulge pressed against her lower back. She licked her lips as she tried to come up with a witty response, but all she could manage was a nod as Lucifer released his hold on her so that he could grab his wallet and pay the bill.

  As she stood there, waiting for the waitress to figure out what was wrong with the credit card reader, she couldn’t help but wonder if she should give him her two weeks notice before she pinned him to her bed and stripped him naked or after.


  “Where are we?” she asked, breathing heavy as she finished climbing onto his lap and straddling him, barely giving him a chance to throw his truck in park.

  “Don’t know. Don’t fucking care,” he said, breathing just as heavy as he shifted them towards the middle of the seat and away from the steering wheel that had absolutely no chance of surviving this encounter.

  Although he couldn’t say with a hundred percent certainty, he was pretty sure that they’d made it to the Fire & Brimstone’s back parking lot before she’d stopped rubbing his cock through his jeans and started to climb onto his lap. He should put a stop to this and carry her inside where they could finish this in his bed, but that would mean that he had to stop kissing her and there was no fucking way that he was going to stop kissing her.

  The needy little moan that she made when she sat back on his legs only guaranteed that he wouldn’t be leaving this truck until he found out what other noises he could get out of her. He wouldn’t fuck her, not until she gave him what he wanted, but he would do absolutely everything in between and probably a few things that could be considered sex instead and he would make sure that she enjoyed every last fucking second of it.

  He wanted her so fucking badly that he didn’t care that he had strict rules about this sort of thing. Never in public, never lose control and never with a woman that drove him out of his fucking mind. He liked being in control of his life, his career and his future and women like the one threading her fingers through her hair as she sweetly suckled on his tongue made that fucking impossible.

  If he had a type, she definitely wasn’t it. He normally dated serious women who were married to their careers and didn’t want anything more than a good fuck when their schedules permitted it. He never lost control, texted them during the day just to say hello or thought about them twenty-four/seven. Granted, most of the women that he dated took his indifference as a challenge and usually ended up pissing him off, but...

  Christ, he couldn’t think straight with her running her fingers over his fly like that, teasing his cock into a frenzy. When she stopped tracing his cock with her talented little fingers he nearly begged for more, but seconds later she had him groaning and losing control of that kiss as she pulled down his zipper, reached inside his pants and wrapped her warm, soft hand around him.

  “Fuck!” he groaned as he was forced to break off from that kiss as a shot of pleasure surged through his body, making his cock harder than it had ever been before.

  Gasping for air, he watched as Rebecca licked her lips hungrily while she watched her hand move over his cock. Groaning when she ran her hand over the tip, he found himself following her gaze. He watched, entranced by the lightly tanned hand slowly moving up and down his shaft.

  He couldn’t remember the last time a woman had given him a hand job, probably because it had never felt this good. He watched as her hand slid down to the base and paused long enough so
that she could squeeze a groan out of him only to work her way back up to the tip and use her thumb to spread the drops of excitement that were already forming there over the head, making the already sensitive skin tingle with indescribable pleasure.

  “God, that feels good,” he groaned, licking his own lips as he continued to watch her lazily run her hand over his shaft, applying just the right amount of pleasure at just the right time.

  “You like that?” she asked with a seductive smile that made him think about how good those full, pouty lips would feel wrapped around his cock.

  He nodded as he leaned in to kiss her. “Keep doing that and you’ll find out just how much,” he promised her as he placed his hands on her thighs.

  “Then maybe I should stop,” she teased with a smile against his mouth as he reached for the fly of her pants.

  “Maybe you should,” he murmured as he pulled her zipper down and reached for the waist of her pants.

  With a little effort and some wiggling on her part, he had them pulled down along with her panties far enough to give him access to
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