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Honeymoon from Hell VI, Page 2

R. L. Mathewson

  He chuckled as he pulled out his wallet. “I’m sure you do,” he said, pausing to kiss her cheek as he paid for their snacks with cash since he knew better than to leave any paper trails that his family could follow.

  “Time to shut that phone off,” he said with a pointed look towards her phone.

  With a sigh, because she was really going to miss screwing with all his brothers’ heads, she promised herself that she could always sneak on later and post an ominous photo on Facebook later to screw with his family later, knowing just how much she’d hate herself if she let an opportunity like this one pass her by.

  “You know they’ve probably already reported my car stolen, don’t you?” she pointed out as she looked up just in time to see a police cruiser drive by her parked car for the fifth time in the last ten minutes.

  “They reported it stolen two hours ago,” Darrin said with a wink as he paid for their things, waited for them to be bagged.

  “I see,” she said, not at all surprised that his family was going overboard considering the family’s history.

  She’d heard and seen some pretty fucked up things over the years happen to the Bradfords, some that had frightened her, some that even managed to give her a nightmare or two over the years, but nothing that she’d heard or seen had been enough to scare her into rethinking this honeymoon. Besides, she was with Darrin, a trained police officer as well as a Bradford that seriously enjoyed fucking with people’s heads so she felt completely safe no matter what the “curse” threw at them.

  “Let’s go, sweetheart,” Darrin said, grabbing their bags as he reached down and took her hand in his.

  Curious to see what he had planned next, she allowed him to lead her out the front door, past her car and down the street where a black livery car was parked. Without a word, the gentleman driving the vehicle stepped out of the vehicle, opened the back passenger and murmured, “Good evening, Mr. Bradford,” with a polite smile.

  Admittedly impressed that he was on top of his game, she climbed into the car, curious to see where this night was going to end.


  “Welcome to the Ritz Carlton,” the concierge said with a welcoming smile as Darrin held the chair out for his wife, who looked appropriately stunned and making this moment absolutely perfect.

  Not that he’d left anything to chance.

  He hadn’t.

  He’d taken his time, planned this trip perfectly to make sure that none of the Bradford bullshit could ruin this and on the off-chance that his plans were discovered, he’d planned ten different trips to fuck with his cousins and brothers’ heads, sending them on a wild goose chase. He’d made sure that if anyone found out about his trip to Boston that they would automatically dismiss it as bullshit for one very important reason.

  The Yankees were in town and he hadn’t tried to get tickets, something that no self-respecting Bradford would have been able to pass up. So, if anyone came across the plans for Boston they’d immediately dismiss it as a possibility and move on to the fake plans that he’d created to throw them off. Most Bradfords would never come to Boston unless they were catching a game between their much beloved Yankees and the hated Red Sox, but then again, most of them hadn’t married the woman they’d been in love with for over twenty years.

  The only thing that he planned on focusing on during this trip was his wife. He was going to spoil her, hold her, make love to her and make damn sure that she never forgot this trip and the bullshit that his family called a curse wasn’t going to fucking touch them.

  He’d made damn sure of that.


  “If there is anything that we can do for you during your stay, Mr. Bradford, please don’t hesitate to ask,” John, the bellhop that had been kind enough to help them with their bags, said as she stood there, staring out the large crystal clear window overlooking Boston Common.

  She’d probably been to Boston a hundred times in her life, but never once had she been able to see it like this. It was breathtaking. From here she could see the entire park and, God, was it beautiful and so much bigger than she’d imagined it would be.

  She’d driven past Boston Common several times, but she’d never really paid attention, too busy trying to find a parking spot or yelling at some moron who’d decided to play chicken with her by stepping in front of her car during rush hour traffic.

  Now as she stood there, looking out at one of the most beautiful sights in Boston, she could just imagine what it was like two hundred years ago with people taking leisure strolls around the common, venders setting up stands to sell flowers, fruits and sweetmeats. There was just something so serene about this view, something so perfect, she thought as she felt Darrin’s arms wrap around her and pull her close.

  “What do you think?” he asked as he brushed his lips against the nape of her neck and pulled her even closer, letting her know just how happy he was to be there with her.

  “I think you’ve outdone yourself, Mr. Bradford,” she admitted, licking her lips as she pressed her bottom back against the large erection straining to get to her, unable to help herself.

  “It’s just the beginning,” he promised her on a seductive whisper as he slid one large hand up and covered her large breast, giving it a firm squeeze that had her licking her lips and deciding that it was a damn shame that they were going to have to wait until later to enjoy that stroll around Boston Common.

  “I can’t wait to find out how wet you are for me,” he whispered in her ear as he reached down and flicked open her pants.

  “And what makes you think that I’m wet for you?” she asked with a breathless chuckle as she shifted her legs apart to give him more room as he snaked his hand beneath the waist of her panties and cupped her with a groan of pleasure.

  “Call it wishful thinking,” he whispered, kissing her earlobe as he slid one long, thick finger inside her, making her rethink her plans to explore Boston until later…

  Much later…

  Chapter 3

  God, he wasn’t going to fucking last, he realized as he slowly breathed out, trying to think about something, anything else other than how fucking wet Marybeth was as he slid his finger back inside her.

  He took a long slow breath, closing his eyes and licking his lips as he slid his finger back out just until his fingertip found the underside of the little hooded bundle of nerves where he paused so that he could press his erection firmly against her, needing the pressure so that he could think straight.

  “Darrin,” Marybeth moaned, pressing her curvy ass back against his erection and encouraging him to keep going.

  He didn’t want to keep going.

  He wanted to shove her pants down, rip her panties off, bend her forward against the crystal clear glass window and fuck her until his balls stopped throbbing in agony. He just wanted to slide inside her and fuck her until the only thing that he felt was pleasure.

  She’d let him do it too, probably scream at him to fuck her harder and even after he grabbed her hips and did exactly what she demanded, she would start screaming for more, beg him to fuck her, tell him how much she loved to suck on his cock, say and do anything to make him lose his fucking mind and he would love every fucking second of it and so would she, but this wasn’t the plan.

  And he definitely had a plan.

  So, forcing himself to stay on task, he licked his lips, took a steadying breath and slowly slid his finger back inside her, noting with a pained groan that she was even wetter. He licked his lips, imagining just how good she would taste if he dropped to his knees and buried his tongue inside her, and kept slowly fingering her.

  “Darrin, please,” she moaned, pushing back against him as she rode his finger, harder and faster until she was forced to slap her hands against the wall.

  “Shhh, it’s okay, baby,” he promised her as he continued to fuck her with his finger, wishing that it was his tongue or cock, but before he allowed his mind to wonder to all the things that he wanted to do to her, he remembered a
ll of the things that he’d planned on doing to her.

  By the time that he was done with her, she would never have to wonder if he loved her, because he planned on showing her just much he loved and worshipped her. She would never have to wonder if he’d reached the point where he’d lost his fucking mind like every Bradford in love did, because she would remember this trip and all the ways that he made her scream his name.


  “Oh, God,” she moaned even as her body screamed for a time out, but she couldn’t force the words out of her mouth, not with the most talented tongue in the world sliding between her folds.

  “So fucking good,” he growled against her pussy, making her breath catch and her back bow as she dug her heels into the most comfortable mattress that she’d every felt as his tongue threatened to make her lose her mind for the fifth time in…

  Well, she actually had no idea what time it was.

  Not that she really cared, she had to admit as she closed her eyes and licked her lips while she enjoyed the feel of her husband’s tongue as it slid inside her. She lazily rode his mouth as she lounged bonelessly on the large comfortable bed, absently running her fingers through her husband’s hair, encouraging him to continue.

  Not that Darrin had given her any indication that he planned on stopping anytime soon. Actually, if anything, he looked as though he was in it for the long haul. After he’d stripped every inch of clothing off her and laid her on the bed, he removed his shirt, tossed it aside and settled in between her legs.

  She knew that he wanted to end this, wanted to fuck her, but for whatever reason he wouldn’t take off his pants or take her up on her invitations to fuck her. If anything, each time she begged him to fuck her, he would growl something inaudible against her folds, double his efforts, add a finger inside her as he ground his trapped cock against the bed, obviously needing a little relief.

  She wasn’t sure what he was trying to do, but clearly he was trying to do something special for her. She appreciated it. She really did, she thought as she allowed him one last mind-blowing lick of her clitoris before she sat up, pushed him over on his back and leaned across him, smiling when he tried to stop her.

  Licking her lips, she shook her head, unlatched his belt, yanked his zipper down and freed the part of him that she craved the most. Groaning, she leaned over and wrapped her lips around the large, swollen head of his cock.

  “God, yes,” he growled, surprising her when he didn’t try to take back over, but instead reached down and freed more of his cock for her greedy little mouth. He wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and held it steady so that she could take his cock deeper into her mouth.

  Moaning, she took his cock as far as she could in her mouth, letting her tongue tease the underside, barely aware that he’d rolled her over onto her back, buried his face between her legs again as he held himself up over her and-

  “Oh, God!” came the muffled scream as he removed his hand and slid his cock in her mouth the same time he slid his tongue inside her.

  They’d been having sex for many years and done many things, incredible things that had the power to make her toes curl in pleasure just thinking about them, but they’d never done anything like this. She found herself grabbing onto his hips and holding on tight as he continued to fuck her simultaneously, guaranteeing that she wasn’t going to last very long, but judging by the groans that he was making, he wasn’t going to last very much longer either.

  Which as it turned out, was probably for the best.


  “You have got to be fucking kidding me,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief as he laid there, lying between two of the most annoying bastards alive while his wife, whom he was now ninety percent sure was no longer speaking to him, had locked herself away in the most luxurious hotel bathroom that he’d ever seen.

  “Yet, we’re not,” Jason said from his right where he sat, wearing a triumphant little grin that Darrin couldn’t wait to wipe off his face.

  “This is for your own good,” Trevor, the other bastard, who was currently sitting to his left, said with a satisfied sigh that only seemed to piss him off more.

  “How exactly is this for my own good?” he asked, not bothering to get up, raise his voice or more in any way for that matter since it was unnecessary.

  “You know why,” Jason said, flicking an invisible piece of lint off his shirt as he sat there, looking a little too cocky for his own good, but that was fine because Darrin would take care of that in a minute as well.

  “Enlighten me,” Darrin said, rubbing his hands roughly down his face as he silently counted to ten in his head, reminding himself that he didn’t want to do anything that would get him kicked out.

  “You can’t have a honeymoon, asshole,” Trevor simply stated as he reached over and grabbed the In-Room Dinning menu and began perusing through it.

  “Really?” he asked, closing his eyes and sighing when he heard the bathtub start in the other room.

  “Don’t act like this comes as a shock, asshole.”

  “You’ve been hearing the warnings since you were a kid, so this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise,” Jason said, which reminded him of something very important.

  “Didn’t, you two assholes, take honeymoons?” he asked, opening his eyes in time to find both of his cousins glaring down at him.

  “They were misunderstandings,” Trevor bit out.

  “Stop bringing that shit up, you insensitive bastard! I could have died!” Jason snapped, looking seriously pissed off and making him frown.

  Frowning, he looked over and found Trevor doing the same and looking just as lost, that is until Jason caught the shared look and had a hissy fit.

  “From the vicious animal attack!” he shouted as though that meant something to them.

  When they both continued to sit there, blinking at him and wondering what the hell he was talking about, he added, “When I had to save my fucking wife from those rabid animals!”

  Trevor frowned. “You mean that cute kitty and puppy that the Andersons adopted?” Darrin had to ask, thinking about the sweet little dog and cat that always greeted him whenever he received a call that brought him to Jason’s old neighborhood.

  “Cute little kitty?” Jason repeated back slowly as though he couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing. “Are you out of your fucking minds? They were vicious!”

  “Sure they were,” he said dismissively as he reached up and scratched his bare chest, wondering if he should call room service and ask them to hold off on delivering that romantic dinner he had planned until later.

  “They were!” Jason snarled.

  “Can we fucking focus?” Trevor asked, probably just as sick of hearing about that fucking kitty scratch as he was.

  “Please,” Darrin said, hoping they’d just get to the point so that he could throw them out.

  “The point is,” Jason said, pausing to glare at him as he pointedly settled back against the pillows to get more comfortable, “you knew what you were risking when you planned this trip.”

  “And you knew that we would have to stop you before anything seriously fucked up happened,” Trevor said with a resigned sigh.

  Chuckling without humor, he shook his head in disbelief as he turned to Trevor and asked, “You’re a little late, don’t you think?”

  Chapter 4

  “They’re gone.”

  “Don’t believe you,” she said, not bothering to open her eyes as she raised her foot and turned the water off.

  “That hurts, Marybeth,” he said with a hiss as she felt him climb into the deep tub behind her, “that really hurts.”

  “I’m sure it does,” she said, shifting forward so that he could join her and since she didn’t need to open her eyes to do that, she decided to keep them closed.

  It was a good plan, she decided as she sat back against Darrin. She could go through life without opening her eyes. At the very least, she could probably get by without openin
g her eyes when she was around his family, because after what his cousins had just walked in on there was no way that she was ever going to be able to look them in the eye again.

  Not that she really had to worry about Trevor or Jason opening their mouths and telling anyone what they’d walked in on, not only because Darrin would kill them, but because Bradfords didn’t do that. They would never say or do anything to purposely embarrass a woman, especially someone that they cared about.

  That didn’t change the fact that they’d walked in on her doing an interesting sixty-nine position…while screaming Darrin’s name…while she’d had her lips wrapped around his cock…begging him to keep fucking her…while grabbing onto his ass and-

  Well, it really wasn’t important what she was doing when those two large bastards had walked in on them. What was important was that she was going to have to divorce Darrin now, which was unfortunate now that she’d decided that she was going to keep him.

  But, really? What other choice did she have?

  “It’s fine,” Darrin promised with a kiss and what sounded suspiciously like a muffled chuckle, which wasn’t exactly