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Christmas from Hell

R. L. Mathewson

  and yanked her up unitl she was on all fours, she really didn’t care because he was still rubbing that large tip of his cock against her and she was close, so unbelievably close to a second orgasm that she-

  “Oh, God!” she screamed in pleasured pain as she suddenly found herself impaled on that large cock that she’d been enjoying so much. When he pulled out and plunged back inside her, she realized something very important.

  Her grandfather had lied to her the same way he’d lied to her whenever she had to get a shot. It wasn’t a quick pinch that was over in seconds, but an agonizing pain that threatened to tear her in two as he tightened his hold on her hips, held her still and ground his cock inside her.

  She was definitely putting her grandfather on a bland diet after this, she decided, biting back a scream as Duncan continued to fuck her harder and harder with each thrust. Definitely, a bland diet…

  Chapter 16

  Monday, December 7th.

  “Oh, fuck no,” he said, panting hard as he held onto the trembling woman in his arms, who was desperately trying not to cry even as he licked his lips, trying to hold back another moan as the last trace of the most powerful orgasm that he’d ever had ran up his cock, into his satisfied balls and finally into his spine, giving him another hit of pleasure.

  She’d felt so fucking good, had been so responsive, so wet, so unbelievably tight and worst of all, a fucking virgin.

  He squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to focus on anything besides the fact that he was still inside her and that she felt so fucking good, so fucking tight that he wanted to-

  The little grunt of relief he heard when he pulled out had him smiling despite how pissed off he was at the moment. He should never have touched her. He definitely should never have kissed her and he sure as hell shouldn’t have fucked her, but after he’d seen that book and that drawer, he hadn’t been able to think about anything else.

  It had been a huge mistake to come back here, he realized as Necie slowly rolled over to face him. He prepared himself for the tears, the screams, sobs and about a million other things that he deserved for what he’d just done to her, but what he hadn’t been prepared for was her beautiful eyes searching his, looking for answers that he didn’t have. He opened his mouth to ask her if she was okay and to tell her that he was sorry, but instead he found his gaze locked with hers as he shifted over her and settled between her legs.

  He leaned down and brushed his lips teasingly against hers, groaning in pleasure when the small action rushed blood to his satisfied cock, hardening it by the time that it came to rest against her slit. He told himself to stop, to get off her and back the fuck up before he made it worse, but she took the decision out of his hands when she reached up and gently cupped his face in her delicate hands and pulled his face down so that she could return the kiss.

  Once her lips brushed against his, he was lost.

  Absolutely fucking lost.

  He grabbed fistfuls of the sheet, trying to gain some semblance of control, but the sweet little moans that she was making against his lips had him quickly forgetting that he was making another serious mistake. He groaned when she tentatively suckled his tongue, making him want her more than any other woman before her.

  He tried to do the right thing. He tried to stop kissing her, tried to calm his breathing, tried to think straight, but nothing worked. So, he tried to pull away from her, but she put a stop to any half-assed attempts he made to do the right thing by wrapping her legs around his waist and loosely locking her feet over his ass, snapping his control within a split second and making it humanly impossible to do anything but pull his hips back, aim himself towards her core and slowly push back inside.

  “Fuck,” he gasped, realizing just how wet she still was.

  She gave a little whimper that him stopping immediately, but when she ran her fingers through his hair and tenderly whispered, “Shhh, it’s okay,” as she brushed her lips against his bottom one, he knew there was no turning back.

  This time though, he was going to make sure that he did this right for her. Releasing his hold on the tangled sheet, he carefully wrapped his arms around her as he slowly entered her, savoring her tight sheath while he struggled not to lose control.

  God, how he wanted to fuck her.

  As he looked down into her beautiful grey eyes as he slowly sank inside her, he told himself that this was only sex. He’d fucked up assuming that she was experienced and open to a night of casual sex to stay warm and pass the time, but he’d been so fucking wrong, he realized as he licked his lips. She felt so fucking fantastic, he thought as he slid inside her, savoring the way that her velvety walls tightened around him, pulling him in deeper and deeper until he thought he’d lose his fucking mind.

  “Duncan,” she whispered his name reverently as she leaned up and kissed him. “Oh, God, Duncan,” she moaned against his lips as he slowly pulled back and slid back inside, eliciting moans of pleasure from both of them as he lost himself in the sensation of sliding inside of-

  “Oh, God, Duncan,” she moaned and whimpered, sounding close to the edge and bringing him there faster than he would have liked when she added, “I love you.”

  He wished that he’d been able to say something reassuring to her, had given her a smile, brushed his lips against hers, pressed a kiss to her forehead, but he didn’t do any of that.

  Instead, he opened his mouth and let the first thing that came to mind out. “Please tell me that you’re fucking kidding me.”


  “Oh, my fucking God,” he said, dropping his head into his hands as he sat on the edge of the bed as she sat there, hugging her knees to her chest and biting her lip as she sat there, humiliated and pretending that he hadn’t just broken her heart.

  Asshole, she thought bitterly as she reached up and wiped away another tear, wishing that there was somewhere that she could go and hide and pretend that this never happened. What she wouldn’t give to make the last three hours disappear.

  “Just leave,” she whispered around a soft sob, praying that this time he listened to her and just left her alone so that she could cry in peace.

  “I’m sorry,” he said, starting to sound like a broken record now and making it worse every time he said it.

  He was sorry and that was supposed to make everything better.

  He was sorry that he’d ever come here.

  He was sorry that he ever touched her.

  He was really sorry that he’d kissed her.

  And she was sorry that she’d just given him her virginity, but most importantly, she was sorry that during the most vulnerable moment of her life, she allowed herself to believe that he finally saw her as something more than an annoyance.

  That he finally saw her as a desirable woman that he wanted for himself, but how foolish she had been. He hadn’t wanted her at all. He’d just wanted to get off and she’d just wanted to be alone, but he refused to leave.

  “I’m so fucking sorry, Necie,” he said, sounding absolutely miserable and just adding to her pain.

  She’d just given this man her virginity and he was sorry, she thought, shaking her head with a humorless chuckle as she reached up with a shaky hand and wiped away another useless tear.


  “An asshole,” she said in disbelief, finally getting his attention and unable to believe that she’d ever wanted it in the first place.

  Sighing heavily, he shifted so that he was facing her. “Necie, I’m going to make this up to you,” he swore as he reached out to touch her, but she wasn’t having it.

  “Get out,” she said firmly as she glared at the wall, refusing to look at him.

  “Necie, I-”

  “Get out!” she cried, not caring that she sounded hysterical or that she was making herself look even more pathetic. She just wanted him to go even as she prayed that he wouldn’t leave.

  She wanted him to shake his head, refuse to leave, pull her into his arms and tell her that everything was g
oing to be okay. She wanted him to do anything other than what he was doing right now, looking at her with pity.

  It wasn’t the look of a man in love.

  It was the look of a guy who’d just slept with a woman that he couldn’t stand. It was also the final straw, the final wake up that she’d desperately needed.

  “We need to talk about this, Necie,” he said, still reaching for her when fate finally stepped in, and for once, didn’t screw her over.

  “You have about thirty seconds to explain why my granddaughter is crying and then ten seconds after that to tell me why you’re naked in her bed,” the man that she was going to grill the biggest steak for tonight after she’d finally stopped crying, said.

  “It’s just a misunderstanding,” Duncan said as he slowly reached down, grabbed his boxers and pulled them up right around the time that the power was finally turned back on.

  Duncan shot her grandfather a questioning look before settling his gaze back on the shotgun that was aimed between Duncan’s legs.

  Her grandfather’s lips kicked up into that smile that terrified most men as he asked, “You really didn’t think that I would leave town without making sure that my little girl was being watched after, now did you?” he asked with a tsk and a sigh as he gestured with the barrel of the gun for Duncan to get off the bed and away from her.

  Duncan slowly stood up, raising his hands in the air even as he leveled a glare on her grandfather that let her know the only thing saving her grandfather from a broken nose was the gun.

  “Then I would say that whoever you left to watch her did a horrible fucking job, wouldn’t you?” Duncan said, squaring off with her grandfather as she sat there, trembling and hoping that Duncan did them all a favor and just left.

  Grandpa nodded once in agreement. “You’ve got me there, but it’s a mistake that I won’t be making twice.”

  “How did you get the power on so quickly?” Duncan asked instead, making conversation when he really should be taking this as the blessing in disguise that it really was and leave.

  “As soon as I found out that I had a Bradford shacking up in my house, I called in a few favors, got the roads cleared, the wires fixed on the house and the electricity turned back on,” her grandfather explained as he slowly backed away from her bedroom door, the barrel of the gun remained locked on its target.

  “I was taking care of her,” Duncan bit out, sounding offended and somehow managing to take her misery to a whole new level.

  “I can see that,” her grandfather said as he glared at Duncan, “but now it’s time for you to go.”

  Shaking his head, Duncan said, “Not until Necie and I talk about a few things.”

  “Doesn’t look like she’s interested in talking to you right now, son,” Grandpa said, gesturing with the gun for Duncan to get out.

  “We need to talk,” Duncan said firmly, but she’d had enough.

  “No, you need to go,” she said in a tone that let him know that she was done being pitied.

  Chapter 17

  “May I ask why you’re walking through the snow wearing only a pair of boxers?” Danny asked in a bored tone as he grabbed another cup of salt and threw it on the walkway that Duncan had shoveled the night before.

  He simply flipped his brother off, fucking pissed that he’d been chased off before he could make things right, before he could explain things, apologize and most importantly, before he could grab his clothes.