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The hands of Leo, Page 1

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  Andrea Lepri

  The hands of Leo

  The hands of Leo

  Copyright © 2012 Zerounoundici Edizioni

  ISBN: 978-88-6307-464-2

  Cover: Image furnished by the author

  Chapter 1. Leo looks at the TV

  Out it was dark I crush, the bells of the church had played for a long time and from under to the door of entry a good perfume of something entered to eat; the neighbors had just started to quarrel and to smash flat. Therefore they were about to start the Looney Tunes! Courses to camp me on the couch in the hope that you/they gave Cat Silvestre, mine preferred, and I started to crush at random the keys of the remote control in the difficult attempt to regulate the volume. I was correct asking me because devil remote controls and relative keys had to do them so small when Steve entered, and punctually the same scene repeated him that developed him in every pluvius evening. The wet sole of its shoes slipped on the parquet, him lost the footstep and it stumbled in the carpet to end straight against the cristalliera it posts in an angle of the entry, by now for a long time deprived of knickknacks. This started to stagger and Steve engaged a sort of struggle Greek-Roman to succeed in holding her/it standing. My friend Steve was an inspector of police and was indeed a good police officer, the best with which I/you had worked and to will to be sincere until after all the only one. But for how much on the job it was perspicacious and precise, definite and careful, in the private life it was a real landslide. It was messy and distracted, and more timid, and probably it was really for this that to the age of trentasette years you/he/she had not succeeded in building a serious and lasting relationship with one his similar yet.

  After having taken back from the clash with the cristalliera, Steve it cursed a couple of times rubbing himself/herself/itself strong a knee and beating the earth foot for the pain and the anger, then it launched the worn-out and rotten raincoat on the clothes-stand keeping on chewing some curse-word. Finally, as every evening, he allowed to fall in armchair with the braccias that dangled over the arms and the head reclined back to the. Closed the eyes for some instant, apparently looking for an instant of peace. It considered us. It reopened the eyes and it quadrated me serious, it got up and it came to get away the remote control, regardless of my occhiatacces, then it threw again him in armchair. It lowered the volume that I had just succeeded in regulating after so much work and it started to speak. Aware than it attended me I resigned telling me that I was victim of a real injustice; one works all day long, malpagato, a little appreciated, even maltreated often and without certain perspectives for the future and for the pension. You put there at the end of the day yourself on the couch, calm, without disturbing anybody. Without pretensions, hoping only to succeed in seeing a damned cartoon in holy peace. and instead no! You are forced to sip you the chatters of your companion of job, that it has the accursed vice to never disconnect the plug. For the truth it is not that it very often did him/it, but when it behaved in that way I detested him/it.

  «I regret to have left only you, but I was busy. Soon we will have to go to sentir to sing a birdie» it said while its look illuminated him, and I have never understood because he liked so much to express him in that character way of police film of fourth grade category. My despite I rotated of a few the head, trying not to lose sight the television, and I looked under it of in on faking me party.

  «Is this way! We are near» it added excited after having nodded for a long time in the attempt to make to raise my curiosity up to the level of watch.

  I kept on looking in the blink of an eye at it, distractedly, but only for an instant. Immediately after my eyes, irresistibly attracted, they rotated for again placing him on the screen. Cat Silvestre was hardly stuck out by the eaves, and you/he/she had made him/it that tantinos of too much that you/he/she had been enough to make to fall him/it from the roof of a building tall twenty-six floors.

  Chapter 2. The disappointment of love

  «Hey, I tell you» it called me to the attention my companion back, and I returned to look at starting him/it to feel me irritated.

  If I could not have the audio I wanted at least to taste me with the eyes the fall of the gattaccio. When it raised again him senseless, with the veined eyes of red and the birdies that fluttered around his head, for then immediately later to crumble himself/herself/themselves in thousand pieces, me spanciavo from the laughters.

  «I have had a new contact» it continued Steve with the eyes that shone of satisfaction, «soon we will have an appointment with a confidante. It will give us some concrete tests, so we will finally succeed in making to stop of circular extra money inside the district of police. Will we send home so many of those corrupt agents that will have to make a new contest, will there be otherwise more police squad that police officers. hey, but I give you want to listen to me or no?»

  More and more cross I definitely brought the look on him, by now you/they were flowing the titles of tail. Me stiracchiai and I mentally got ready me to the best to listen to him/it, I lifted even the canopy ears, dopodiché - I had already decided - I would have made a beautiful nap. But my companion, by now offended by my behavior, he/she let me lose. It lengthened back an arm to the and it pressed a key of the answering machine systematized on a mobiletto to his/her shoulders, inserting the vivavoce.

  "Steve treasure, when you come to find his/her mother? They are weeks that you don't make yourself feel. Tell me the day before, so I prepare you the eggplants to the parmigiana, that you like. ah, has bought you three pairs of underpantses, of those beautiful comfortable. and then remembered of."

  My companion premises another button.

  "Steve, is Paul. Well, are you I always live? Remembered that tomorrow evening we have the revenge of the tournament of vials. And you are assembled, after the figuraccia of the other time we have to crush. This time we have to humiliate all of them, or the whole district will take around us up to the pension."

  Steve crushed a few other times the button to make to flow faster the ribbon, ignoring the messages that didn't interest him. Of sudden a voice of woman was heard.

  "I am me, Mara" it told persuasive tone" I wanted to thank you for the flowers. You/he/she has been very kind indeed on your behalf to remember my birthday. You/they have been a pleasure for me, seriously, nevertheless I gather the occasion to specify a thing; in the last three months, to more resumptions, have delivered a whole greenhouse to my house. Have devoted me sixteen mock to the radio, have brought me to see fourteen sunsets and twenty-one film of love, and to end has prepared me four aphrodisiac suppers. but to go over really doesn't speak! It looks, that I am not Heidi. I am almost forty
years old, you would have at least can give me a kiss. However I have need to reflect for some, therefore please look not for me. The wills I give me long live me."

  Steve blushed and looked me amazed without saying nothing. Me embarrassed I turned him an expression of circumstance as to say" Be', not to worry you, is so many others of it." Meanwhile I wondered me because the relationships between men and women are often so difficult. The human beings are the only kind to the world in which two elements of opposite sex, to build a relationship, has to satisfy a lot of rules: indeed it is necessary that they are reciprocally found pleasant from the aesthetical point of view, and then that has a dialogue and the same tastes in fact of cinema and music, of pastimes and readings, and of culture. Besides they have to find the respective pleasant families, not to speak then of the breath, of the look or of the color of the eyes and the hair. or of the job and of the account in the bank, even if these elements often have to different weight. However every rule has its exceptions, so sometimes understands that someone, to embark himself/herself/themselves in a sentimental history, sufficiently finds interesting also the only checking account, or an anatomical detail. And to think that all the other races that populate the thick planet are satisfied of an odor or of a color!

  Chapter 3. The contact

  Its expression was made indeed sad and I discovered to be of it really been sorry, few times I had seen him so embittered. While the ribbon of the reception office kept on flowing reporting him banal messages, Steve he/she took the wallet and it threw out a photo and a pair of letters all crease ones. It looked in silence the photo for some instant, it quickly flowed then the letters because by now it knew her to memory. It smelled her, then he/she rolled up her and it made the gesture to throw her street, but it considered us. It went to the piece of furniture of the stay, it inserted a key in the patch of a drawer and it opened him/it. I called him/it" the drawer of the lost occasions." It overflowed of photo, letters, keyring, perfumed, musical and phosphorescent rag dolls, tickets of cinema and discos, postcards, plush and gadget you launch. With a sigh it threw you inside photo and letters, then it closed again him/it with a hot tempered push and in that precise instant he made road in me the awareness of what it waited me: at least two hours of exasperated outlet, with so much of synthesis of all the sentimental histories, you ever start or died on to be born, of the last twenty-nine years of his/her life. or from when it had to venir eight of it on. And to think that almost all the women of the district of police stravedevano for him, that taken as it was from the job not even if it realized of it. If rather than to always think and only to complete his/her own duty was looked around at some, you/he/she would surely have found a fiancée. I looked for a more comfortable position to prepare to listen to me and I tried to assume a careful expression and partecipe. Was my companion and I didn't want to also disappoint him/it me!

  «Possible that from the first time in which.» you/he/she had just started to say walking before and back for the stay, when it jammed.

  Runs toward the answering machine, that meanwhile you/he/she had kept on pitting messages on messages, riavvolse the last and it did him/it depart again.

  «There are» it said a hoarse voice «the type is prepared to collaborate, but he/she wants a beautiful po' of money. The appointment is at nine o'clock of to the old industrial zone tonight, in front of the only vacant shed. It tries to be punctual and you come alone above all and unarmed, or that takes the flight and we doesn't track him/it down more.»

  Steve looked at the clock to wall and jolted. Raced to the clothes-stand and takings the raincoat, that meanwhile you/he/she had produced a puddle of water on the floor, then it turned him to look me serious. My goodness, the whole world was conspiring against me; no cartoonses and no nap! I gone down by the couch and I followed reluctantly it.

  Chapter 4. To the shed

  Fortunately you/he/she had stopped raining. In fact Steve had the vice to want everything to be repaired by itself, so his convertible, in a distant evening of June, you/he/she had definitely become cabriolet. It was the only one that in that colds and rainy days of end February drove holding a narrow umbrella among the legs, keeping on repeating that the reparation of the automatic canopy would have asked for a pair of its salaries. The problem was that as it punctually overcame a certain speed the umbrella he upset or it flew away; with what was spending in umbrellas you/he/she would have been able to repurchase him the automobile all whole.

  «My goodness, we have arrived late» he/she ascertained my friend when we were in front of the shed.

  The air was fizzy and had an intense and bitter odor, as of oil. A man was waiting us in front of the gate, he wore a black coat with the raised again collar and a strata hat wide, that gotten heavy by the rain they reverted of side up to almost entirely hide him the face. It held the hands sunk in the pockets, Steve went down from the auto to reach him and me I followed him/it.

  «Where the birdie is?» he/she asked Steve.

  «You/he/she has already entered» the Bogy man answered.

  «You/he/she has said that the time doesn't see to make himself/herself/themselves a beautiful cantata, but I had told you to come alone» it observed severe pointing out me with a sign of the head.

  I immediately recognized his/her voice, it was the same that had left the message in reception office and I deduced of it that therefore probably the Bogy man was one colleague of ours. Steve looked me lifting the eyebrows and tightened him in the shoulders, I returned in auto with sad footstep. The man opened the heavy flowing gate that gave access to the courtyard of the store, as soon as they were inside you/he/she hastened to close again him/it. I didn't like at all that type, and that situation still less. If Steve had a defect, you/he/she was in itself the too trust and in certain cases also in the others, thing strange datum the work that did. Also I had a pair of it, of defects; the first one was that contrarily of Steve I never trusted anybody, the second it was that I hated to have put aside. Hardly the footsteps on the gravel over the gate were distant, I jumped down again from the auto and I started to turn around the structure to the search of a small opening that allowed me to guard them. I had almost completed the turn of the building and I had just stayed to pee for the third time - he/she is never known, at times in the places it happens to owe to return us - when suddenly the volumes of the voices started to climb, sign that a violent discussion was in progress. Definite to quickly finish the turn looking for another entry, Steve you/he/she could need me. Unfortunately the stradina that followed the perimeter of the shed brusquely interrupted him in a blind alley. The voices were heard more and more strong and agitated, by now they were almost of the cries. I rotated the head and I straightened the ears to understand better what you/they said.

  «But what happens? Does go crazy by chance, or does it perhaps deal with a joke? What do you want to do with that gun? Put her/it street, you/he/she could depart you a hit» you/he/she was saying worried my friend.

  «You have to tell me who the other informers are!»

  «But thing you want to do, do you want to shoot me?»

  «If force me I will shoot you eccome, can be certain of it! Have I told you that you have to tell me all the names, and then you have to stop involving you in things that don't concern you, have you understood? This matter is too greater than you!» insistette the Bogy man.

  «Okay, okay, has understood» Steve answered for earning time «I will tell you everything and I will deliver you the documents that I have picked up. But you put away now the gun and we go out, if my companion sees you threaten you/he/she will become me aggressive.»

  «And you that kind of sack of fleas calls him/it companion?» it replied in disdainful tone the Bogy man doing me. it is the houses to say him/it - to become furious.

  «However for me it is all right, but first you have to succeed in convincing me that the lesson you have learned. And then they are still there a pair of things to clarify» concluded.

nbsp; Chapter 5. The situation falls

  I started to cross the road to bashful racing faster than I was able. During the walk around the building I had noticed a finestrone set very aloft. Under, set to the wall, there were some scatolonis stacked on which I would have been able to try to climb me. Without thinking twice of us I launched me and I started to jump of scatolone in scatolone to arrive on top of the mountain. I almost immediately realized me that they were empty, and who knows because it returned me to mind Cat Silvestre. Sticking out me and fighting for not losing the balance, to risk to fall down because the pluvius damp cardboards had already started to surrender under to my weight, I succeeded in throwing the look over the glass door. Under the bleak light of a neon, the Bogy man was holding under draught Steve giving me the shoulders. My friend saw me and a lightning of hope crossed its blue eyes.

  «Go, Leo! You now go» it shouted me with the whole breath that had.

  The other one hesitated and it turned him to look at himself/herself/themselves the shoulders, Steve it took advantage of that instant of his of indecision to jump I set him and they started to fight rolling himself/herself/itself on the slippery floor. I remained to look, incapable to decide on the to make himself/herself/themselves and meanwhile I kept on debating not to fall under me of from the mountain of cardboard. The Bogy man succeeded in striking my companion with a heading to the chin, Steve you/he/she loosened the taking, senseless, and the atro took advantage to wriggle out himself/herself/themselves of it. It raised the dose sferrandogli a fist to the stomach, then it threw him to dive on the gun that had slipped away him of hand.