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Viva la vida (english version)

Quelli di ZEd

  English version (hybrid)

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  Luca Attrattivo

  Viva la vida

  Viva la vida

  Copyright © 2012 Zerounoundicis Editions ISBN: 978-88-6578-132-6 Cover: Luigi Pozzoli

  To avoid every misunderstanding, formally declares that the places, the characters and the facts of this novel being also inspired, as licit, from the real life, they belong to the world of the mere imagination.

  The author

  To Fabiana, to my family, to the friends" those there"

  and to all the people that persist him in his/her own dreams.

  It is time that escapes, no fear that sooner or later it takes back us because there is time, there is time there is time, there is time for this endless sea of people.

  (Ivano Fossati)

  Part One

  1. Great in a moment.

  One of the things that I expect me have to happen sooner or later, an unusual and absolute certainty that I don't know when it will arrive, it is the moment in which I will realize to definitely be an adult.

  Mark was recommended with a sms that didn't leave space to fraintendimenti": Wednesday evening... 21.30... all in the Wine cellar. The have to speak to you. it is important. no excuses... not even you Paul... nothing sweeps of the last minute..."

  All that dots of suspension moreover: how nervous.

  Because then to concern me such a personal space inside a message destined to everybody? Because to put always me in mean?

  As if I/you had been only me what swindled for appointments inderogabili.

  David for example stopped working to an inexpressible schedule, he shot 13 hours of job shoals to climb on pipes and to install boilers. It arrived the evening with the distorted face, cursing among the teeth and thinking continuosly about for the discussions had in the yard with masons, electricians, surveyors and engineers launches; condemned to a working life as it was a continuous brawl, even if there is to specify that David would also have quarreled with St. Francis if you/he/she had worked together us.

  Chicken, from his/her song, with the whole horde of absurd courses to which it persisted him to also participate to escape the boredom, it was not certain more reliable than me or of David. To quote, only in the last year, there were": The Softair", or to fake himself/herself/themselves soldiers and to approach himself/herself/themselves to wage war in predominantly wooded sceneries provided of special weapons plastic shoot-little balls; him" Jeet Kune Gives", martial art of recent affirmation learned by Chicken with absolute discontinuity with the purpose to learn to defend himself/herself/themselves in the case the usual Ninjas of passage they attacked him/it for an any futile motive and, dulcis in fundo, the mythical group" Fantasy", that frequented pure Gianca and that, as far as I know, it was the fusion between a kind of performance and the classical game in box, an eccentric around a table to tirar dice personifying elves, magicians, dwarf and who knows what other strange creature.

  Speaking of Gianca, the last to close the group of the recipients of the message of Mark.

  Beh Gianca, group" Fantasy apart", as a rule it was not busy a cazzo, but you/he/she would certainly have been able to delay to the appointment because dormant on the couch while it was looking at so unknown dvd of Japanese souls that the importer had not even doubled them, only subtitles.

  How one fixed of the kind can you/he/she be had?

  However at 21.30 o'clock, correct to observe that I didn't release really anybody for one" swept of the last minute", the first one to reach the appointment I/you/they have been me.

  To wheel you/they have followed me: Gianca, visibly drowsy and unquestionably dressed ache; Chicken, with purse of the attached swimming pool (as to forget the weekly time of free swimming); David, with his/her usual impatient expression and the black sweater; Mark, reached finally with notable separation on the rest of the group.

  «You excuse people but with Simona we have served a pull as the hospital. The usual ones delay sanitary, unbelievable! Make a banal visit have waited for the hours! I have done as soon as in time to bring her/it to house and flies here» Mark is excused immediately.

  «It is all right, but is thing that you owed us to say of so much main point to organize all it is manfrina?» you/he/she has replied for against David, always as if it had hurry to return on the yard.

  I have intervened «Zinzi, wait for an instant! Let's soothe us with calm and we order to drink at least. If you/he/she has sent that message will it have something to say, no? What do you have? Do you have to stamp the label?»

  «Calm David, calm everybody! Now I explain you every thing, give me an instant to eat a sandwich and I adjourn you on the state of the things» you/he/she has specified Mark while Chicken and Gianca, completely disinteressantis, spoke of the last collection number of Alan Ford.

  Is sat out there, in the small porch ache cemented with sight railroad, to one of the two tavolinis of plasticaccia made yellow that Silvio of the cafe threw out of who knows what hideaway on the occasion of the beautiful season.

  With all the chic places" sees lake" that we would have been able to choose, we was bottled to the there" Great Wine cellar of the river", become with to simply spend some years" You Wine cellar." In practice a kind of casermone in which you/they perfectly melted him a circle worker with so much of field from bottles, a center of permanent reception for social cases and a real clandestine bisca.

  A life had passed from what we had begun to frequent" You Wine cellar", precisely from when the coin up of" Street Fighter II", true prodigy to be baited with 500 liras, was fed for months of every weekly paghetta of ours. I still remember as Gianca, only among everybody, you/he/she had also ended him with Dhalsim, what lengthened completely but it was slow.

  As has succeeded there it is everything a mystery today.

  The evening of the news of Mark was a beautiful evening of the second halves June, perhaps the most beautiful period to be lived on the lake, and to complete the gratification was warned in the air a good odor of grass cut coming from the agricultural zone of the country, not very distant from the" our" cafe.

  It didn't make the warm dampness yet and unbearable of August, and not even the deceptive coolness of April; in short, he was only also well with I wear a shirt.

  Not as soon as Silvio has made his/her entry in the porch we have immediately thought about ordering and, as I often did for shortening the times, chosen spokesman of the group I am me. I have asked to Silvio that brought us four beers and a Coke to the thorn, our standard consummation from Wednesday evening, but immediately David, almost turned more to me that to the barman, you/he/she has corrected

  «For me n
o Coke Silvio, goes of vodka energy!»

  I have immediately thought that that pits for David a strange blow of life, since it is abstemious, even if a type of particular non-drinker.

  He/she doesn't drink and you/he/she has never drunk anything, not the beer, not the wine, not even the alcoholic cocktails slightly that don't feel even them: but the vodka mixed drink to an energy drinks her/it, eccome if he/she drinks her/it. It doesn't bear varying and certain nessun'altra it doesn't bear the vodka by itself, it would do him/it vomit, but the fact that is mixed with taurine and caffeine and sweetened with who knows what synthetic syrup helps him/it to send down her, it annuls him the negative effects.

  However, once finished that unusual ordination, my curiosity toward Mark and its official convocation was partially darkened by the fact that David drank alcoholic of Wednesday. Traditionally if it reserved them for the weekends or for very special moments and I felt like thinking that David knew more than all of us on the history of Mark and on what would have told us. Perlomeno I suspected that you/he/she had received some anticipation.

  While Silvio still wrote it commands her/it, Gianca, suddenly waked up again by an apparent alone lethargy, everything is gone out of a hit, as if it was not until then speaking of other, as if you/he/she was absolutely inserted in the central part of the discussion, even if the discussion in effects still had to start.

  Mark is turned to and you/he/she has exclaimed become impatient:

  «Oh but is it what that owe us to say, do you tell us her or no? What is it, do you want to create suspance? Let's be at all to the" Millionaire" cazzo! Do you give, then?»

  «Ah yes, correct!» it has bofonchiato Mark before recalling Silvio to order the sandwich that was forgotten. In effects it was a beautiful po' rolled; Mark, or better" Marcolino" as we had always called him/it we, was a beautiful po' out phase.

  For a long time Marcolino had been renamed because, in spite of his/her years, it always seemed an eternity child.

  Half German, from his/her/their mother you/he/she had inherited the blonde and thin hair, the narrow blue eyes and the white skin, ready to him to explode in red I live on the cheeks when it was ashamed or it became angry.

  Gracilino as it was, he/she remembered some DiCaprio to the times of parents in blue jeans. Altogether you/he/she has always had an indefinable age, so much that every time that we entered a place to the foreign countries, the inevitable one employed-buttafuori of turn asked him for the documents to verify that it had at least eighteen years.

  For Mark this thing of the age was a point of strength and you/he/she has always sustained that also when you/he/she would have spent the fifty or the sixty years you/he/she would be seemed very more youth.

  Me however, to the idea to see Mark to sixty again, with the white short beard and the brat face, I bent me to laugh.

  Before pronouncing any exceptional revelation Mark has lit up a cigarette giving life to a chain of emulative lightings typical of the smokers. The chain is broken once reached Chicken, not because it didn't smoke, on the contrary because it never had her. In fact the parasite is turned verse me with its typical suppliant face from" then I buy her" and you/he/she has remained to fix me until I have not launched him the packet hoping to center him/it in full nose.

  «Simona is pregnant. We marry there before his/her child is born, perlomeno in common, even if Simona would care so much to the wedding in the church. To every way, you are all guests.»

  Mark, with rapids naturalness and almost with sufficiency, as if it treated joky futilities, you/he/she has pronounced these exact words.

  I don't know why but absurdly my first thought post revelation has been to understand if David knew him/it or if you/he/she had realized something before us. An enormous bother aroused me the idea that Mark had given him a preview.

  I have begun to make conspiracies hoping that the two was met by chance and to Mark something had escaped in the discourse, for pure casualness; or David had met Simona to the supermarket and her you/he/she had revealed him/it to him among the shelves of the cleansers or the biscuits, unaware of the fact until that Mark had there kept silent the thing; or perhaps David, that was very awake for some aspects, had gathered him/it of his and you/he/she had persistently looked for confirmations up to get her from Mark or from Simona or even from both.

  Otherwise because the vodka of Wednesday?

  Fortunately the first one to pronounce him after the stravolgente news has been really David

  «Cazzo Marco, that blow! Really I didn't wait me for him! And now? Where will you go to live? But do you buy or in lease? And yours and do his know him/it? How have you/they picked her up? Will they help you however, true?»

  David was one practical, a job man, one that didn't ask questions on the emotional lapels of the news. He was attracted by the logistics, from the project, from the concrete parts. And fortunately he/she didn't know and it was not imagined anything of that that had just confessed us Mark. Yet that vodka that, after having received the news, it seemed me to almost drink with hurry as to want to quickly eliminate its traces, it kept on provoking me questions and suspects.

  I Mark in effects you/he/she had wanted to tell together it everybody, equidistant and politically correct, in the suit respect of that that was his/her style.

  Chicken, that always talked to blunder in certain situations, has asked seriously stricken:

  «Cabbage, but as has happened?»

  David has slashed him «Á. departs that didn't feel to say" cabbage" from 1992, but then it seems, that you macaws speaking of an accident to car. Don't be at all an ugly news! And then idiot, as do you want that has happened?»

  Chicken in these things really it didn't make her/it.

  Inevitable you/he/she has followed him/it to wheel Gianca:

  «I knew him/it, I swear! That is it is not, that I knew him/it with certainty, but I was imagined him to me, I had understood him!»

  Gianca always knew everything. Every time that leastly happened something of unpredictable, he knew him/it. The beautiful one is that he/she affirmed him/it as if it were true, as if indeed he/she read the future. Gianca was as those prophecies that become true solo when they happen. Type the twin towers, that if you go to see a triplet of Nostradamus you discover that you/he/she had foretold him thousand years before... Cazzate.

  You/he/she would have had to make the magician in the local televisions: 899.266.266. magician Giancarlo responds. A turban put on him in head and him it told you everything, love, money, health. Least rate 3,75. to minute the, alone of age.

  Technically you/he/she would also be touched to me to tell something Mark, but I didn't succeed there, I didn't know really thing to declare. I was stunned or perhaps as usual passive and it didn't even come me to simulate a happiness from what is suitable, a thing of façade to give a some kind of signal of presence, of pretense share, that would not have been correct however towards Mark.

  I tried only to understand, with useless run after of mental simulations the impact that would have had on our friendship that news but it was as to have the concepts wound by the wadding.

  Obviously you/they have thought of us the others to cover my silence stuffing Mark of all those questions that does him in these cases.

  «You have looked for him?»

  «You already know if it is male or female?»

  «And when you/he/she should be born?»

  «But as you will call him/it?»

  Mark has answered industrious as a candidate to the maturity and you/he/she has clarified with all calm as, more than" to look for him/it" that child, had not done anything to avoid him/it. You/he/she has specified then that it was too soon to know its sex and that if you/he/she had been male you/he/she would have called Mattia, if female Martina or Cristina. You/he/she has added that the next day would have gone to sign the compromise for a trilocale recently restructured: 145.000 European, 440 European of expenses annual condominiali. A nest t
hat his/her future wife and he Simona would have paid for 25 years.

  Then you/he/she is stopped, almost of release, even if with his usual calm.

  With the endless tempistica of Silvio, after having consumed well three turns of beers, two cocktails to the vodka and a Coke to the thorn (David had practised a sospettabile inversion of consumption), the sandwich had finally arrived to him.

  I had still stopped and I had not told an only word the whole evening; in remuneration I had ended the three beers with wide advance on the group and the mouth it was me as mixed from how much I was smoking.

  As you/he/she had observed David, that of Mark that became father was everything anything else other than an ugly news and I would have had to be happy for my friend; of certain it was not really the case to do a play of it.

  In effects it is not that I was sad: I was not anything.

  I didn't do whether to think about the fact that from some time Mark was designing this joke, but you/he/she had not given me so evident signals to psychologically prepare me.

  Simona and he had been being together for 8 months as soon as and in that 8 months it is not but the relationship among us two you/he/she was changed of a lot. We had kept on making as always the fools, behaving us as little boys, destroying us of" Long Island" to every evening passed together, assaulting every female creature to the white weapon, also the latrines, also being engaged both.

  Nothing was not changed and now it changed everything.

  Honestly I sometimes asked me him when would have happened, when the life of one of us five would be decontrolled and who the first one would have been to raise he/she anchors him to depart toward the true responsibilities. However it was a thing that I postponed, as the examinations of the university that I moved in September to do from April yes that they were so distant from not to exist.

  I had always believed that he became for degrees adult, that pits as growth of height. He doesn't grow all of a hit, happens plain, naturally, without minding too much us and until don't have arrived him it proceeds with calm.

  At that time I felt instead me as a twenty-six year-old big baby, come on everything of a hit; pushed by the strength of the things that happen without asking you any opinion; an annoying feeling from fear.

  Probably mine was an exaggerated attitude, I/you/they have immoderately been always theatrical in the states of mind, but I was done so and I was not able it stuffed nothing.

  It seemed yesterday that Mark and I found us every day to go together in oratorical and now you/he/she was telling me that a child waited.

  Mark has ended the sandwich listening with father's patience already consumed our comments and recording our reactions, understood my stagnant immobility, until the evening you/he/she is not incredibly relaxed and the discussions have been brought to the usual and tested runs.

  For an effect of normalization that I would define impossible or unreal, you/he/she has shortly returned to speak of kick and of the Inter that, even if one were become" winning", a season was enough for her because it returned to it stuffed to suffer; then you/he/she has spoken of women and you/he/she is done as always it, in colored way and some childish; you/he/she has spoken of job and of David, that sooner or later would have killed someone in the yard, and you/he/she has spoken of cars and of Gianca, that told to have to change the Peugeot 106 red ten years, but it never changed him/it.

  They are served chatters as cafe as if nothing of eclatante had happened, they have been being served ordinary chatters for Wednesday evening.

  I considered absurd that an event of the kind had had such a fast assimilation from the group, however it was so and you pass as soon as two orettes from the formidable announcement of Mark nobody seemed particularly disturbed.

  Before leaving really Mark is brought over-the-counter from Silvio and you/he/she has settled for everybody. It was not a gesture from the thing and he you/he/she has partially rejoined us to the idea that that pits an exceptional evening decidedly. Fact this, has greeted all and the other ones you/they have greeted him, even if only David has thanked him/it for the offered drink.

  «It waits, I come! also» I have told him before healthy Silvio and the others.

  We are gone out together of her" Wine cellar" that it was past midnight.

  It did fresh, almost cold, and Mark is inserted a maglioncino of blue cotton that had held wisely on the shoulders up to that moment; I didn't have anything with which to cover me.

  Before we reached our respective automobiles you/he/she has finally come me to mind something to say.

  «You are happy?» I have asked him.

  «What he/she wants to say? Yes, I am him/it, some that I/you/they am him/it!» you/he/she has answered dry and some incredulous for my stupid question frankly.

  Mark had the sincere and serene face and, for how much the aspect didn't help him/it, it emanated a conviction of intents that to my eyes it made him/it very more man than I didn't feel me me.

  I felt like thinking that so much serenity I/you had not seen him to him I ever set, but perhaps it was one of my usual exaggerations.

  «We see us Friday or Saturday?» I have asked him without too conviction.

  «I don't know if there am this weekend, I will have a beautiful po' to do in this period» you/he/she has answered modest.

  «It would miss us, I understand you» I have made up for impeccable.

  We are given the good night so there and we have gone in bed.

  To house, also under two covers, I felt cold to the feet and despite out pits June and the summer it was near, I had the feeling that the times that would have arrived would have been everything anything else other than light and happy-go-lucky.