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         Part #1 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning
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  Chapter 10

  Watching Melanie get off so hard excited Gabe almost as much as the feel of her pussy clenching around his plunging cock. He couldn’t believe she was coming again. He’d heard of multi-orgasmic women—he’d even fucked a few—but this was ridiculous. Of course, it was his devices that had her so overwhelmed with pleasure that her body was drenched in sweat, her words had become incoherent, and she was drooling all over the bed.

  He had honestly thought his perversion would turn her away. What kind of guy thought about how to make a woman come so much and so hard that he not only imagined devices to get the job done, but designed and made them? He’d expected her to head for the hills in terror when he’d told her about his unusual hobby. He was sure most women would have freaked the fuck out. It was probably why he’d told her in the first place. His way of driving her away. But Hell, if she was okay with it, he was more than eager to share it with her.

  Seeing her mingling with the band had scared the ever-loving shit out of him. It had made her real. Not just some nice girl he could remember fondly while whiling away the long lonely hours on the tour bus. Not some girl he’d spent one night with, hoping for more. She wasn’t some fantasy in his overactive imagination; she was real. And not just to him, but to everyone.

  And . . . Not only had she not called him a freak for inventing sex toys, she seemed to be perfectly okay with his hobby. She’d not only screamed his name, she’d screamed in pure, bone-deep pleasure. And when the pleasure became too much, he’d showed her how a little pain made it even better and she’d fucking liked it so much she’d erupted with another orgasm. She was perfect. He wanted to use every prototype in his collection on her. Wanted her trembling with pleasure again and again and again. Wanted to fuck her every which way he’d ever imagined.

  He had to get her to visit him in Austin.

  Gabe cringed as he unsnapped the leather band at the base of his cock. It would take him an hour to come with that strap squeezing his dick closed at the base, and she really did seem to be at her limit. She shuddered as he tugged the knob free of her ass for the last time and set the gadget aside.

  “Love that thing,” she whispered, her voice raw.

  “I’ll use it again next time,” he promised. “I have them in all different shapes and sizes. We’ll figure out which one feels the best.”

  “Next time . . . I hope there are many, many next times.”

  He pulled out and encouraged her to roll onto her back. He wasn’t sure why, but he wanted to look into her eyes as he came. And he didn’t want any of his devices in the way. It had to be all him this time. He carefully removed the clips from each reddened nipple. Her body went limp beneath him.

  “Are you finished?” she asked, her words slurred, as if she’d had too much to drink.

  He shook his head. “I haven’t come yet. I need to take the suction off your clit now. It will probably bruise.”

  “Worth it.” Her eyelids fluttered. “Totally fucking worth it.”

  He grinned. “You liked it?”

  She made a sound halfway between a laugh and a moan. “Where did you get it?”

  “I told you; I made it.”

  “Fucking genius. You need to patent it. And that ass teaser too. Dear lord, it tugs just right. Makes me want you to fuck me in the ass.”

  He grinned. “And you were so hesitant at the beginning. I knew you’d like it.”

  “I’ll never doubt your judgment again.”

  He moved down her sweat-slick body and released the suction on the cup attached to her clit. Her body jerked, and she sucked a breath through her teeth. He lowered his head and soothed the overstimulated flesh with soft caresses of his lips. “You’re going to remember this for a few days,” he said. He shouldn’t have kept it attached for so long.

  She laughed and covered her eyes with both hands, her elbows pointing toward the ceiling. “Gabe, I have no doubt that I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. You’ve ruined me for all other men.”

  “Good. I don’t want other men touching you.” He shifted his arm so he could stroke her red and swollen lips with his fingertips. “Kissing you.” His pressed his lips to her heated flesh. “Tonguing you.” He plunged his tongue inside her opening.

  “Ohhh . . . ”

  He crawled up her body and used his hand to guide his cock into her receptive pussy. He sank deep and his balls throbbed with their need for release. “Fucking you.”

  She wrapped her arms and legs around him. “What about holding me?”

  He drew her closer. “No. No other man can hold you either. Just me.”

  “Just you,” she whispered. Their eyes met. Locked. He began to thrust into her gently. It felt so good, but he knew it could feel even better.

  “I want to fuck you raw, Mel.”

  She smiled and clasped the sides of his head between both hands. “I think I’ve already been fucked raw, Mr. Banner.”

  He grinned at her. “I mean without a condom. I’m clean. Are you?”

  She nodded.

  “Do you trust me to pull out in time?”

  “You don’t have to; I’m on the pill. Come inside me.”

  “Do you trust that I’m clean? I am, but if you’re worried, I won’t.”

  “I do trust you. You haven’t lied to me yet. I want . . . to feel . . . closer.”

  He smiled and brushed the hair from her sweat-damp cheeks. Kissed her gently. “I’m crushing on you so hard, Melanie Anderson.” In his adult life, he’d never asked a woman to have sex without a condom. Melanie was already special to him, but this, this trust, this flesh touching flesh, cemented their connection. He wanted nothing separating them.

  He eased out of her body, removed the condom, and then slowly slipped inside again. He sucked a stuttering breath through his teeth. Her slick, tight heat was his own piece of heaven on earth.

  He claimed her with slow, deep thrusts, delighting in each stroke. The skin along his spine began to tingle. The soles of his feet dampened. Every muscle in his body tightened. He never wanted it to end, this time with her. He never wanted it to fucking end.

  There was a loud knock on the door.

  “Force,” Adam yelled from the hallway. “The bus is about to leave. Get your sorry ass downstairs!”

  “Shit,” Gabe muttered under his breath.

  He lifted his head to look down at Melanie, stunned to see her lips trembling and her eyes watery. A lone tear slipped from the corner of her eye and glided down one smooth cheek. She hugged him and buried her face against his neck.

  “Finish,” she whispered.

  “What’s wrong?”

  She shook her head. “I’m not ready to let you go. I’m sorry. I knew this was coming; I just didn’t expect it to hurt.”

  He eased away so he could kiss her tears, kiss her lips, kiss her lovely face while he slowly thrust into her welcoming warmth. He wasn’t fucking her anymore, he realized, he was making love to her. He not only felt the pleasure her body provided, but the comfort her soul offered his.

  “We’ll see each other again,” he promised.

  She clung to his shoulders and nodded. “I want that. You. I want you. Gabe.”

  A hard spasm gripped the base of his cock, and his mouth dropped open in wonder as he claimed his release inside her. She stroked the skin of his back as he shuddered. Her touch was so tender. So loving. Exactly what he needed. Even if the sweetness of it did rip his heart in two.

  His body went limp, and she wrapped both arms around him. He turned his face into her throat and inhaled deeply.

  They lay like that for several moments, entwined in the aftermath of togetherness.

  “Gabe?” she whispered.


  “I think I want to get a tattoo. Will you go with me to get one?”

  He lifted his head and looked down at her, framing her lovely face with hands tangled in her thick curls. “I thought you didn’t like tattoos.”

  She swallowed
and avoided his gaze. “Actually, I was sort of afraid of them. I . . . when I was thirteen, these four bikers cornered me and said all sorts of suggestive things. I used to have nightmares about their tattooed bodies and gruff voices surrounding me. Trapping me against the wall. I couldn’t get away.”

  He kissed her cheek. “You should have told me sooner. I would have kept my shirt on.”

  Her eyes flashed. “Like hell you would. I love your body.” She bent her head to kiss his collar bone. “Including your tattoos.” Her small hands glided over his back and the tattoo of the phoenix which decorated the skin there. “Why are they all animals?”

  He frowned, not sure how to answer. “I don’t know. No one’s ever asked me that before.”

  “Are you a nature geek too?” she asked with a grin.

  He laughed. “Maybe. You’d better keep that just between you and me.”

  She smiled. “I like learning all your secrets. Tell me more.”

  He kissed her. “Next time,” he promised. “I want to keep you coming back to me.”

  Her arms tightened around him. “As long as you’re sure there will be a next time.”

  “I guarantee it.”

  Chapter 11

  Gabe climbed the tour bus steps, walked down the aisle, and tossed his overnight bag into his bunk. Owen and Kelly were already sprawled on the semicircular caramel-colored sectional in the seating area near the front of the bus, but there was no sign of Shade or Adam. Gabe pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and checked his messages. He had a few texts from friends in Austin and a voicemail from his mother asking him when he’d be in town. She said she had a nice girl she wanted to introduce him to. Gabe was pretty sure his mom thought it was her duty to find him a woman or she would never be a grandmother. He wondered what she would think of Melanie. Would Melanie count as a nice girl even though she had a deliciously naughty side?

  “Don’t you dare call her yet, dude,” Shade said as he dropped his bag on the floor next to his bunk. “She’ll know your balls belong to her.”

  “I wasn’t going to call her,” Gabe insisted. At least not for thirty minutes or so. He’d secretly been hoping she’d called him by now. He missed her voice already. Shit, Shade was right. He hated when Shade was right.

  Despite all of his talk about relationships, he hadn’t really been sure if he’d ever call her. Hadn’t been sure if the complications would be worth it for either of them, but especially for her. When he’d seen the tears in her eyes, he’d known he couldn’t stay away. Until that moment, he hadn’t been positive that she’d really want him to keep in touch. Now he was sure; she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He hoped she was strong enough to have him in her life. Few women had what it took to love a man married to the road and a music career.

  “I don’t believe you,” Shade said as he snatched the phone out of Gabe’s hand.

  Gabe shrugged and sat next to Owen on the sofa. He knew how Shade ticked—you didn’t spend ten years of your life living in close quarters with someone and not know how his mind worked. Well, Gabe understood Shade, but Adam was clueless and let Shade push all his buttons. Gabe knew Shade pretended to be cool so no one figured out how insecure he was about certain things. Not about women. Not about his singing. Shade had absolute confidence in those arenas. Shade had become a master of hiding secrets about himself that he was not open to sharing, but Gabe saw through his façade of cool. And he knew the best way to deal with Shade was to never rise to his bait.

  “Are you going to call that little hottie you hooked up with, Shade?” Owen asked. “What was her name? Nikki?”

  “Darling Nikki,” Kelly said. He reached into the mini-fridge near his end of the sofa and hauled out two bottles of water. He handed one to Owen and kept one for himself.

  “Maybe we should do a remake of that song,” Owen said. “It could be metal.”

  “Been done,” Shade said.

  “You’re not going to call her, are you?” Gabe asked. He didn’t want his newfound relationship with Melanie sabotaged by Shade fucking things up with her best friend.

  Shade shook his head. “She didn’t want me to.” He shrugged. “You know how it is.”

  Gabe took a deep breath and nodded. Owen and Kelly exchanged knowing glances.

  “Whatever,” Shade said. “She did say next time we come to Wichita she’d love to hook up again. Maybe she’ll get her stick-in-the-mud friend to open herself up to a little fun next time.”

  “She’s not a stick in the mud,” Gabe said, a bit more perturbed by Shade’s taunt than he should be. He didn’t usually let Shade’s bullshit bother him.

  Shade chuckled. “As if you would know the difference. You’re a dud in the bedroom yourself. Probably think doggie style is adventurous.”

  Gabe forced a puzzled look on his face. “What’s doggie style?”

  Owen laughed. Kelly just rolled his eyes. Adam came out of the bedroom at the back of the bus. “Are we going to hang around here all day? I need to get to Dallas. Like yesterday.”

  “Just waiting for the driver,” Owen said.

  Adam sat in one of the captain’s chairs across from the curved sofa.

  “Can I have my phone back now?” Gabe asked.

  “Are you going to call your mommy?” Shade asked. He tossed Gabe’s phone in the air and Gabe caught it in one hand.

  “Later,” Gabe said. “I need to call Melanie first.”

  Owen leaned across Gabe’s body and snatched the phone out of Gabe’s hand before he could find Melanie’s picture and name in his long list of contacts.

  “Twenty-four hour rule,” Owen said.

  “Rock stars live too fast for the twenty-four hour rule,” Adam said. “Our average life expectancy is equal to one-half normal divided by number of addictions minus the number of small craft flights per month, the number of fast cars owned, and the number of miles driven on a motorcycle without a helmet. I’d say the three-second rule better applies to Gabe here.”

  Gabe chuckled. “See? I’m already late calling her.”

  “Nah,” Owen said, “you have fewer addictions than Adam and don’t own a motorcycle. You have at least twenty more minutes.”

  The bus driver, Tex, climbed up the steps and did a head count. “Y’all ready t’go?”

  Most of the band and crew had lost their Texas drawls after traveling around the country and the world for ten years, but not Tex. Gabe figured he took refresher lessons. And when Gabe hung around with him too much, he started talking just like him.

  “We’re ready,” Adam said. “Let’s go. I so need to get laid.”

  Adam had a regular hook-up in Dallas. Not a girlfriend, exactly. None of them had girlfriends, exactly. Kind of depressing.

  Shade headed for his bunk. “I guess I’ll get some sleep. Sure didn’t get any last night. Darling Nikki has some serious stamina.” He took off his sunglasses, revealing weary ice blue eyes. He tucked his shades into the neckband of his T-shirt. “Don’t let Force call that chick while I’m out.”

  “Why are you so worried about him calling her, Shade?” Kelly asked.

  “He’ll get all pussy-whipped on us if he lands himself a steady girlfriend.” Shade climbed into his bunk. “Besides who would want to be stuck with the same chick all the time when there is so much delicious variety available?”

  “Me,” Kelly said.

  “Yep. Me too,” Owen agreed with a nod.

  “Fuck that. For once, I agree with Shade,” Adam said. “The more variety, the better.”

  “Man whores,” Owen said and shook his head at them. “Both of you.”

  Shade grunted and slid his bunk’s curtain closed. An instant later his boots dropped out of his bunk onto the floor.

  “You don’t have room to talk,” Kelly teased and punched Owen in the shoulder.

  “You either.”

  “At least we’re ashamed of our whorish ways,” Kelly said, leveling his most serious look at Owen.

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