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       Treat Me, p.8

         Part #8 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning
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  taking what he wanted from a woman was the best way to get his rocks off, but he’d come to realize that the more pleasure he gave, the more he received. Funny how that worked. So while his body demanded he get to fucking, his head reminded him to take it slow, put her needs first, make her want him with the same desperation that he wanted her.

  He tugged a strap that popped the overhead tension rod into place, and Amanda was lifted from the bed. She gasped in surprise at the sudden change in position but smiled at him with trust in her amazing hazel eyes as she swayed gently in the swing. She was basically sitting in midair, her legs held wide open by the contraption’s straps. He hoisted her body another foot higher and then knelt between her legs, leaning forward to thrust into her pussy with his eager-to-please tongue.

  While teasing her clit with rapids licks, he explored her body with both hands. The swing allowed him to simultaneously massage her breast and grab her ass. When her sighs of pleasure intensified to moans begging for release, Jacob yanked a strap that tilted her into a more upright position and then grabbed her hips to pull her down onto his lap. He sank into her molten pussy, his biceps straining as he stretched the spring suspension at the ceiling to its maximum tension. He shifted his hips forward, finding the perfect tilt to increase the depth of his penetration. God, she felt good.

  “Jacob,” she groaned as he ground into her, pushing deeper still.

  “I want to be so deep inside you that you forget how to breathe.”

  Her eyelids fluttered as she forced them open to look at him. “You’re there.”

  He loosened his hold and the swing recoiled, yanking her body away from his until only his tip remained inside of her.

  “Oh!” she cried out and looked down between her thighs as if unable to comprehend what had happened.

  He used his arms to pull her toward him again, burying himself deeper, deeper, and when her bottom rested firmly against his balls, he released the swing again. This time when she shot away from him, his cock feel free of her body, so he shifted forward on his knees slightly and adjusted the swing, lowering it an inch.

  “What are up to?” she asked, a crooked grin on her face.

  “Do you like how quick withdraw feels?”

  She nodded eagerly.

  “Then give me a second to get our positions exactly right so I don’t break my dick.”

  She chuckled. “I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen.”

  He did another trial run—pulling her down onto him, claiming her so deeply that her breath caught in her throat, and then releasing the tension in the swing to pull out quickly. Tightening his arms, he stopped her recoil a scant inch before his cock fell free of her body.

  “You sure you can handle this?” he asked with a teasing grin.

  Her soft laugh made his heart thud. “Do your worst, Silverton.”

  “My best,” he corrected.

  He could fuck a woman fast or he could fuck her deep, but with the swing he could do both simultaneously. He claimed her with a perfect cadence of pull and thrust, release and withdrawal. As he perfected the motion, he increased his tempo. Her breasts bounced with each hard, deep, fast penetration. His mouth watered—he wanted those rosy tips between his lips, against his tongue. But if he shifted to suck her hardened nipples, he’d lose their momentum.

  Amanda’s moans had become frantic cries. Her back arched, forcing him to compensate for her shift in position. He squeezed his eyes shut, fighting his sudden need to come.

  Oh God, her pussy was clenching over him so hard, adding a squeezing sensation to the already blissful hot, rapid strokes. If he didn’t pull out soon he was going to lose control, but he didn’t want to deny her the orgasm that was ripping through her body with the force of a hurricane.

  “Jacob, Jacob!” she screamed.

  Her cum dripped off his balls as her entire body went rigid. He wanted to follow her over the edge, but he wanted more than guaranteed bliss; he wanted their time together to last. He pulled out with a groan of torment and shifted to sit on his heels. He grabbed the harness at her back and pulled her pussy to his mouth. He drew in a deep breath and rammed his tongue inside her as far as he could before tightening the suction around her still-clenching hole and sucking her slick flesh.

  Slick, hell. She was fucking gushing.

  Amanda cried out, her body shuddering violently at the change in sensation.

  Jacob’s balls tightened, and he fought to keep his load from spurting, but he couldn’t stop the pleasure from pulsing through his length. He grabbed his cock, pressing his fingers hard against the thickened ridge along its underside, holding his cum back, refusing to let this be over.

  Suddenly unable to find enough air, Jacob released Amanda’s pussy and rested his forehead against her mound, his breath coming in rapid, jagged gasps.

  “Oh my God, Jacob,” Amanda said, her body falling limp in the swing. “I’ve never come like that before.”

  He grinned, his breathing still harsh and irregular, the cock in his hand still as hard as granite and soon to be ready for round two.

  “Was it as intimate as you’d hoped?” he asked.

  “Intimate? I came so hard I think I blacked out.”

  He kissed the softness between her thighs before lifting his head and looking up into her eyes. “I’ll do better next time.”

  “Next time?” She released a weary chuckle. “If you came even half as hard as I did, you won’t be able to get it up for a week.”

  “I didn’t come at all.”

  She lifted her head to stare at him incredulously. “You didn’t?”

  He shook his head.


  His cock twitched. What was it about that throaty sound that always drew a response from his nether regions?

  “Stand up and turn me around,” she said.


  “I want to suck your cock.”

  He didn’t mind taking orders when they benefited him. He stood on the bed and rotated her so that her head was toward him. Her long hair trailed down behind her and brushed his legs as she swayed gently on her back within the swing. Smiling at him, she stripped the condom from his length and tossed it aside. At first, her touches, kisses, and delicate licks were reserved, but apparently something about his soft groans of encouragement made her bolder. He gasped when she drew him into her mouth and took as much of his length as she could into her throat. Her throat constricted as she sucked at him, her glorious hair tickling his thighs rhythmically as she used the sway of the swing to pull him in and out of her mouth. He stroked her breasts and plucked at her nipples as she sucked. The feel of her mouth tugging at his bare skin soon had him again teetering on the edge of release.

  She must have tasted his impending orgasm because she suddenly pulled away. “Don’t come yet,” she said. “I want to try something.”

  The green flecks in her hazel eyes caught the light. He couldn’t resist leaning forward to kiss her in her upside-down position.

  “What did you have in mind?” he asked.

  “Can I use the swing in reverse cowgirl?”

  “You can use it any way you want.”

  He soon found out how imaginative his new lover could be. Smart girls rocked his world. And this one in particular had stolen his heart.

  Chapter Four

  …plastic, it’s fantastic!

  Amanda caught the tail end of that very specific ringtone when she was woken by her blaring cellphone. She accidentally smacked herself in the face when she tried to open her eyes. Her lids refused to budge. Why the hell was Tina calling at this ungodly hour? And why did it feel like a log was resting on her belly?

  The log shifted and slid up her torso to grasp her breast. She smiled when she realized the log belonged to Jacob. Her phone stopped ringing, and she relaxed back into her pillow. She had no desire to speak to her sister this morning. Not when she had a hot and hunky man at her disposal. Amanda rolled onto her side and trailed a hand over Ja
cob’s hard-muscled back. He buried his face in her neck and inhaled. Amanda shivered and dragged her fingertips along his hip, the curve of his ass.

  Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” blared from her phone again.

  Amanda groaned. Ugh! Too early for that annoying, perky shit.

  “Are you going to ignore that?” Jacob said, his warm breath teasing the skin along her throat.

  “That was my plan,” she said.

  Jacob tugged her closer, seeming to agree that ignoring Tina was a great idea. “What time is it?”

  “I dunno,” Amanda said, caught by an unexpected yawn. “Five a.m.? Six?”

  Jacob lifted his head to peer at the clock next to his bed and stiffened. “It’s almost nine.”

  “Nine? Nine! Oh shit, I was supposed to pick up Julie at eight!”

  Amanda scrambled from the bed and reached for her phone. It fell silent in her hand. “Tina’s going to be so pissed.”

  “We can pick up Julie together,” Jacob said.

  Amanda slowly turned in his direction, her eyes burning from being stretched wide. “Are you fucking insane?”

  “Why? It’s my weekend to have her. Tina can’t keep her from me.”

  “If Tina sees us together, she’ll flip. Have you ever seen her lose her shit? Scary. Very scary.”

  Jacob shook his head. Of course he’d seen Tina lose her shit. He’d been married to her once. “You can tell her you picked me up on the way to get Julie.”

  “Then she’ll know we talk to each other.”

  Jacob grinned crookedly. “We do a lot more than talk to each other.”

  “Jacob, Tina cannot find out about us.”

  Jacob’s jaw hardened. Avoiding her gaze, he rolled out of bed and reached for the switch that raised the swing into the hidden panel above the bed. God, she loved that swing.

  “After last night, I thought maybe you were willing to declare me as yours.”

  “I wish I could,” she said. “You know she’ll use our involvement against you. You know she will.”

  “Well, maybe I’m sick of letting her dictate my life. We aren’t married anymore. She has no claim over me.”

  “She has a claim over your daughter. Do you want to risk losing visitation rights?”

  “The courts can’t take Julie away from me just because I’m in love with someone my ex-wife wouldn’t approve of.”

  Amanda’s phone rang in her hand, and she dropped it. Jacob didn’t mean he was in love with her. He’d just been stating a broad example, hadn’t he?

  Oh God, hadn’t he?

  Amanda scooped her phone off the floor and answered it, because dealing with her sister was far easier than dealing with the idea that Jacob Silverton had done the stupidest thing imaginable and fallen in love with her. Shit!

  “Hello?” Amanda said, hoping her voice sounded normal.

  “Where are you? I thought you were going to pick up Julie and take her to Jacob’s for me.”

  The sound quality was grainy, and Amanda could hear Julie singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” in the background. Tina must be calling from her vehicle.

  “Sorry,” Amanda said. “I was out late with Leah last night and I overslept. I’ll get dressed and be right over.”

  “Don’t bother. I’m already on my way to her dad’s. If I miss my spa appointment because of this—”

  “You’re on your way?” Amanda blurted, searching wildly for her discarded clothes.

  “I probably should have called Jacob to let him know, but I’d love to catch him with some bimbo in his bed, and then Julie will see what kind of asshole she has for a father.”

  Well, the poor child must definitely see what kind of bitch she had for a mother. Amanda couldn’t believe Tina would say something like that within hearing range of her four-year-old daughter. On second thought, Tina making such an inappropriate statement didn’t surprise Amanda in the least.

  “You can’t do that kind of stuff to her, Tina. She’s just a little girl.”

  “I’m a big girl, Aunt Mander!” Julie called, presumably from the back seat of the car.

  “Yes you are, sweetheart,” Amanda said, crushing the phone between her ear and shoulder as she hopped into her panties. “Are you going to see your daddy today?”

  “Yes! And we’re going to the zoo. I want to see a lephalant.”

  Amanda grinned at how adorable her niece was. “You mean an elephant?”

  “That’s what I said—a lephalant. He has ears as tall as me.”

  Amanda found her shorts and wriggled into them. “Wow, those are big ears! He must be able to hear really well.”

  “I will sing a song for him with my daddy.”

  Amanda grinned and glanced at Jacob, who’d already found all of his clothes and was watching her with a scowl on his handsome face. “They’re on their way,” Amanda mouthed to him. “Where’s my bra?”

  While Julie told Amanda everything she knew about lephalants, Jacob retrieved her remaining clothes and shoved them at her chest. He left the room without saying a word.

  What the hell was his problem?

  “I hope you have fun at the zoo,” Amanda said. “I’m going to let you go now.”

  “Bye, Aunt Mander!”

  “Have a nice day at the spa, Tina.” She hung up before her sister could get in the dig she knew was coming.

  Finally dressed, Amanda headed for the front door. She hesitated with her hand on the door handle when she remembered her alarm-greeted welcome from the night before. “Jacob,” she called. “Can you let me out? I don’t want to set off the alarm again.”

  After what seemed like an eon, Jacob came out of the kitchen and disarmed the alarm system. When he started to walk away without so much as glancing at her, she grabbed his arm.

  “What’s wrong?” she asked.

  “I say I love you and you don’t even acknowledge it?”

  So that hadn’t been a slip, he’d actually meant it? Shit!

  “I haven’t even had time to process it yet, Jacob. I’m sort of in a hurry to get out of here before Tina catches us together.”

  “Whatever. Just go,” he said, turning his back to her and raising a hand in farewell.

  “I’ll be back in less than an hour.” She needed to grab a quick shower and fresh clothes. “Or have you changed your mind about wanting me to come with you and Julie to the zoo?”

  “See you in an hour,” he said before disappearing into the kitchen.

  She would have stood there for a while and tried to puzzle him out, but she knew Tina would arrive any minute and she had to leave immediately.

  As Amanda sat at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear so she could turn onto a cross street, she glanced in her rearview mirror and sighted Tina’s enormous cream-colored SUV turning onto Jacob’s road behind her. Amanda scrunched down in her seat automatically, even though if Tina was paying attention, she would recognize Amanda’s car. She drove a common beige Toyota Camry, not a rare, attention-grabbing vehicle, but she didn’t want to get caught. Panicked, Amanda jetted into the flow of traffic, surely cutting off some unsuspecting driver and prayed that Tina hadn’t noticed her.

  Chapter Five

  He couldn’t believe Amanda had walked out on him. Well, that wasn’t exactly what she’d done, but it sure felt like it.

  Jacob was jolted from his turbulent thoughts by the ring of his doorbell. Thinking about seeing Julie brought a smile to his face. His sweet angel was probably the only thing on the planet that could have dredged up any feeling of joy in him.

  What the hell was Amanda’s problem? He knew he shouldn’t have blurted his feelings to her so soon into their relationship, but how could she blow him off so easily? He thought they had something special and had a difficult time believing she didn’t at least like
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