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       One Starry Night, p.8
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         Part #6.6 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  Damn Jake wanted to fuck the guy. He’d never been so turned on by a man before, not even the one who’d first seduced him.

  “That makes two of us,” Jake said. His balls tightened when Dev crawled up on the bed and opened Michelle’s thighs to wake her with deep vaginal kisses. She moaned in delight and slid her fingers into Dev’s hair to keep him near.

  Nibbling on his lower lip, Jake stared at Dev’s exposed ass for almost half a minute before he sought the discarded tube of lube.

  Chapter Fourteen

  Michelle lifted her head from her pillow and squinted to take in her unfamiliar surroundings. Damn, it was bright in here. It didn’t take her long to recognize that she was in Devlin McAllister’s master suite, that the sun had risen rather high in the sky and that she was alone.

  Protesting its fullness, her bladder forced her from the comfort of the bed and she hobbled to the adjoining bathroom. My god, what had those two done to her last night?

  Mmm... What had those two done to her last night…? Wow and ow. If that first double penetration hadn’t been enough to make her walk funny for a week, her middle of the night introduction to being taken by a man who was getting enthusiastically fucked up the ass by another man—who she knew from experience had the most wonderfully pierced cock—had definitely done the trick. Devlin was probably walking a bit funny this morning as well, she thought with a grin. And where had those two disappeared to anyway? She’d been hoping to find them in the shower together so she could join them and become permanently crippled, but no such luck.

  When she finished in the bathroom, she stumbled back into the bedroom and eyed the hot tub with an appreciative smile. Since sex was out, the hot tub was exactly what she needed to soothe the ache from her overworked muscles.

  Just as she was about to dip her extended toe into the steaming water, the elevator dinged. A pair of sexy naked men entered the room laughing with each other until they spotted her and their faces fell. Their cocks rose, however, so she was okay with their laughter dying.

  “You’re supposed to be in bed,” Jake said and shoved the tray of food he’d been carrying into Devlin’s gut. Devlin caught the tray just before Jake released it.

  Michelle gasped in surprise when Jake scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, dropping her onto the soft surface.

  “How can we spoil you with breakfast in bed, if you aren’t in bed?” Devlin said, setting the tray down on a familiar upholstered bench.

  “How was I supposed to know you’d left me here alone because you were going to spoil me?” she said, raising up on one elbow to see what they’d brought her.

  “We wouldn’t have left you alone for any other reason,” Devlin said.

  She wasn’t so sure.

  “How does your body feel this morning?” Jake asked, climbing up on the bed to sit cross-legged beside the tray of food. He reached over the edge of the bed, selected a piece of crisp bacon from her tray, and munched it while he waited for her reply.

  “My muscles are achy. That’s why I was heading for the hot tub.”

  “And what about your pussy?” Jake asked, taking a bite out of a sausage patty.

  “Jake,” Devlin admonished. “You promised if I made you breakfast, today wouldn’t be all about sex.”

  “I’m just concerned for her well-being,” Jake said, trying—and failing—to look innocent. His attentive cock pretty much gave away the direction his thoughts had taken.

  “My pussy,” she said, “is also achy.”

  “I figured you’d be sore,” Devlin said. “We’ll take it easy on you today.”

  “Not sore,” she clarified. “Achy.”

  Jake grinned as he caught on to where she was going. Devlin still hadn’t figured out how swiftly her mood could shift.

  “It gets that way when it wants cock,” she said, and popped a blueberry into her mouth.

  “Would it settle for tongue?” Jake asked and shoved her onto her back in the center of the bed.

  “Maybe as a warm-up,” she said with a laugh. “You know how greedy it can be.”

  “So much for my attempts to protect you from his libido,” Devlin said and joined them on the bed.

  “You should probably be more concerned about protecting me from her libido,” Jake said from between her legs.

  “He’s right,” Michelle said and sighed when Jake’s tongue flicked over her sensitive clit. “I’m constantly horny. Maybe the two of you could manage to keep up with me if you worked together.”

  She was only half teasing. She didn’t want to force either man into a relationship he wasn’t comfortable with, but after a taste of what they could do for her when they warmed her bed together, she doubted she’d ever be able to settle for less. And the fact that the two of them were so obviously hot for each other was a total turn on.

  Michelle stroked the soft strip of hair down the center of Jake’s head as his mouth went still on her. “Are you serious, Michelle?” he said, his breath teasing the heated flesh between her thighs.


  “Keeping us both in your bed,” Jake clarified.

  “Yes. I’m totally serious about that.” She patted his head. “Finish what you started, Jake.”

  She smiled in satisfaction when his tongue began to move against her excited flesh again. Devlin crawled up to her shoulders and eased her off the mattress. He settled her with her hips between his legs and urged her to lean back so she was reclined against his hard chest.

  “I always thought I wanted you all to myself,” Devlin said in her ear and cupped her breasts to massage her nipples. She moaned in pleasure. “I sometimes fantasized about bringing you here and keeping you isolated from the world, to be only mine. Not just as my lover, but as my dearest friend. My everything.”

  “You are a little twisted in your obsession with me, Devlin,” she said with a chuckle.

  He gripped her hips and lifted her. She gasped when he penetrated her and she slid down his cock. Straddling him, with her back to his belly, she shifted so his cock would slide deeper. Jake licked where her body was joined with Devlin’s and she shuddered at a sensation she’d never imagined she’d experience. Jake’s tongue traced her stuffed opening and continued to do something to Devlin that made him gasp in her ear. She looked down to watch Jake lick and suck Devlin’s balls. She was going to try that on Jake later, if he’d hold still long enough. Jake had no patience. He gave pleasure, but when it came to claiming some for himself, he just wanted to fuck.

  “It was a selfish idea,” Devlin said. “I never would have acted on it. Not really. And now I know for sure that you’d never be happy here with just me.”

  Jake’s mouth moved to Michelle’s clit and she rocked her hips to grind herself onto Devlin’s cock and against Jake’s mouth.

  “I can’t stay here, period,” she said. “I have to work.”

  “I could support you,” Devlin said.

  A flash of Dee bragging about her husband being a good provider interrupted Michelle’s enjoyment of the moment. “I wouldn’t want you to,” she said.

  “I figured as much,” Devlin said, “but we can meet here. The three of us. Whenever we’re able. What do you think?”

  Jake nodded without hesitation and Michelle patted his head to remind him to flick the clit his tongue had gone still against.

  “Give me a minute to think about this,” she said, though she’d already made up her mind. She just wanted a moment to reflect on how awesome her sex life had just become.

  “You’re good at math, aren’t you?” she asked Devlin as she rode his cock. Jake matched her pace by moving his head with her motion.

  “Usually, but I’m having a hard time concentrating…” Devlin’s breath caught as Jake abandoned Michelle’s clit to suck on Devlin’s balls again.

  Michelle slid a hand over the back of Jake’s head to urge him back to her clit so that Devlin could concentrate. They had important things to discuss and she needed him to be ab
le to think. Her eyelids fluttered as Jake followed her lead without missing a stroke. It took her a moment to remember that she’d wanted to ask Devlin a question. Because yeah, thinking while Jake was between your legs wasn’t an easy task.

  “H-how many different sexual positions are there between a man and a woman?” she asked.

  “I’m not sure,” Devlin said. “A lot.”

  “How about between a man and a man?”

  “Also a lot.”

  “So when you combine a man and a woman with a man and a man and combine that same woman with the other man, what do you get?”

  “A very happy Michelle,” Jake said and shifted his tongue to trace her cock-stretched opening once again.

  “So I guess Jake is the one who’s good at math,” she said with a laugh.

  “No, not math,” Jake said. “I’m just good at sex.”

  “That’s why we’re going to keep you around,” Devlin said, squirming as Jake’s attention to turned to Devlin’s pleasure once more.

  “Hey,” Jake complained rising up onto his knees to look at him. “What about my feelings?”

  “I thought you didn’t want to involve your feelings,” Devlin said.

  Michelle cupped Jake’s face between her hands and kissed his resistant lips. “Too late. His feelings are already involved.”

  “Shut up,” he said and kissed her back.

  “It’s okay. No one knows but me,” she said.

  “And me,” Devlin added.

  “Fuck you both.”

  “We’re both willing. You know that,” Michelle said.

  Jake looked from one to the other of them, appraising them closely. “You know what I think?” he said finally.


  “I think we have to find a way to make this work,” he said.

  Michelle smiled. “I completely agree.”

  Jake cocked an eyebrow at her. “Good. Now give me some room, Dev. I’m going to join you in there and fuck you both.”

  “In where?” Devlin asked.

  Jake slid a finger up Devlin’s cock and into Michelle’s pussy. “In here. You won’t even have to move, Dev. My piercings will rub you while I thrust into her. I’m sure I can make you both come that way.”

  “Only one way to find out.” Devlin grabbed her thighs and spread her wider.

  “Wait!” she said. “This isn’t what I meant when I agreed that we needed to find a way to make this work. I meant that we need to find a way to be together long term.”

  “I know that,” Jake said, “and I agree. Is that what you want too, Devlin?”

  “More than anything,” Devlin said behind her.

  Jake grinned. “I’m glad that’s settled. Now hold on, sweetheart, I’m about to bring us all closer together.”

  And he did. She should have trusted that Jake Tremaine knew what he was doing. Beneath the stars or with the morning sun touching upon his tattooed skin, the man always had her best interests at heart. No matter how unconventional.

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