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         Part #8 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning

  He was close enough to touch her now and to feel the heat of her body through his clothes. But he kept his hands at his sides, knowing that as soon as their skin made contact, he’d be unable to control himself. Unfortunately, his condoms were all in his bedroom, so fucking her against the foyer wall was out of the question.

  “You have trust issues? Since when?”

  “I don’t trust anyone to treat Leah the way she deserves to be treated.”

  Jacob smiled and forced himself not to drag her against him. He doubted he’d be able to keep his desire in check much longer. “You mean you’re overprotective of your friend.”

  “I guess so. Especially after I’ve had a few drinks.”

  “You didn’t drink and drive, did you?” He thought she had more sense than that.

  “No, I stopped drinking early. Been sober for hours. Those two would not shut up.”

  Jacob took a step closer. Her breasts brushed against his chest, and he tilted his face toward hers, inhaling her familiar yet unsettling scent—a hint of spice, a touch of sweet, and something exotic that tugged at his balls.

  “Well?” she whispered, her breath tickling his throat.

  “Well what?”

  “Are you going to kiss me or do I have to take the initiative here?”

  “You messed up my plan,” he said.

  “Mmm.” That little sound did things to his tenacious grip on control. “Maybe we can make an adjustment to that plan,” she said.

  “Or maybe you can strip off your clothes, climb into my bed, and pretend to have been waiting for me all along.”

  “Mmm,” she murmured again. “But if I’d done that, I wouldn’t have been able to think of anything but how much I wanted you to join me, how it feels to have your strong, hot body against mine, your cock filling me. You probably would have discovered me with my fingers in my pussy, imagining they were yours.”

  That was exactly how he’d hoped to find her.

  “Amanda.” He lifted his hands, holding them a hair’s breadth from the skin of her arms. He fought the urge to grab her, throw her over his shoulder, and claim her as his. She shivered.

  “I am a little tired,” she said with a—hopefully—feigned yawn. “Maybe I should just go on to bed without you.”

  “Amanda.” He couldn’t seem to come up with anything more profound to say.

  “I guess I won’t need this,” she said. Her shirt brushed his face as she lifted her arms and stripped it off. “Would you mind holding it for me?” She handed him her shirt, and he bunched it into a ball against his chest.

  He wished there was more light so he could see her standing there in her bra, but the limited illumination was at her back, and he could only make out her silhouette.

  “Won’t need these either.”

  She unfastened her waistband, wiggled her hips, and then bent to collect her discarded shorts. He soon had them bundled up with her shirt against his chest.

  “Or this.”

  She released her bra and draped it over his shoulder. He should have turned on the light, he thought thickly.

  “It’s chilly in here,” she said. “My nipples are hard.” She leaned close and whispered in his ear. “Or maybe it’s because I crave your mouth on them.”

  Her bare breast brushed his arm, and he groaned. Damn, he wanted her. And he could take her; he knew she’d let him. But he was so enjoying her tease. He could only imagine what she’d do next, and he didn’t want to interrupt her little game.

  “Do you think I should take my panties off as well?” she asked.


  “Are you sure you don’t want me to leave them on? Sometimes when I think of you, I slide my hand inside them and touch myself. I did it this afternoon on my back patio.”

  “What?” It was more an aroused sigh than a word.

  “Remember when I texted you that I couldn’t stop thinking about you?”

  He nodded and licked his lips.

  “I wasn’t just making conversation, Jacob. After you signed off, I took matters into my own hand right there in my longue chair.”

  He sucked in an excited breath.

  “I was soaking in the warm rays of the sun, thinking about how you fucked me against that window in your hotel in San Antonio. I could almost feel the cool glass against my back, and I kept thinking about that excited-nervous feeling pulsing through me as you took me. I was so worried about us being seen.”

  Unable to resist, he nibbled on her jaw. “But you liked it, didn’t you? The thrill of wondering if you’d be caught?”

  Her huffed breath brushed over his cheek. “Yes. I think that’s why I slid my hand down my shorts right then and there. I don’t think anyone can see me in my backyard, but I don’t know that for sure. I barely had to rub my clit at all. I was already so turned on thinking about you that I came almost immediately.”

  “Wish I would have been there to catch you touching yourself.”

  “I could show you what you missed, slide my hand into my panties. I’d know what I was doing, and you could imagine what I was doing, but you wouldn’t be able to see my fingertips rubbing over my clit, dipping into my slick pussy.”

  Dear lord, the woman was driving him insane with words. Had she really masturbated in her backyard while thinking about him? He’d always been very visual when it came to sex, so why was her dirty talk making him so fucking hard for her?

  “So do you think I should leave my panties on while you watch me touch myself?” she asked in his ear. “Sometimes imagination is sexier than reality.”


  She slipped around him and walked slowly through the foyer toward the hall that led to his bedroom. He could make out her shape, but no details of her body as he trailed after her in the darkness, a slave to her whimsy.

  When they reached his bedroom, he reached for the light switch, but she covered his hand to stop him from turning it on.

  “Leave it off.”

  “How will I see?”

  She covered his lip with one finger. “I’ll let you see in a little while. Right now I want you to listen.”

  “Amanda,” he said against her fingertip.

  “No bright lights, no cameras, no video monitors this time, Jacob.” She kissed him briefly and stepped away. “Intimacy. That’s what I want from you tonight.”

  Intimacy? Whenever he had sex in his bedroom, it was basically a stage performance. He couldn’t imagine why she wouldn’t want the whole setup. She’d enjoyed the live camera feed well enough the first time she’d experienced his routine.


  “Shh, I’ll do the talking. You listen. And later, I’ll let you feel.”

  He liked the sound of that feel part. She took her clothes from his arms and dropped them on the floor. He didn’t resist when she pulled his shirt off or when she unfastened his jeans. As she lowered them to the floor, her warm breath against his belly made his body jerk. What was she going to do while leaning over him like that? But she didn’t touch him, didn’t drop to her knees and suck his cock into her throat as he anticipated. Didn’t lick its head or cradle his nuts in her palm. Hell, besides the teasing sensation of her breath on his skin, he couldn’t feel her at all.

  “It’s a good thing it’s dark in here,” she said. “I know I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off your hard chest or my mouth off your gorgeous cock if I could see you clearly.”

  “Then we’d better turn on the light.”

  “Mmm. Maybe just a taste,” she whispered before her hot mouth closed over the head of his cock.

  Her lingering sucking kiss on his sensitive flesh made his belly tighten. His balls ached with heaviness. He moaned and reached for her, but she drew away.

  “Sorry,” she said, her voice low and throaty. “I couldn’t help myself. I’ll behave.”

  “I don’t want you to behave.”

  Her shadowed form crossed the room—an inky black shape on a dark gray background. He trailed aft
er her, his eager cock pointing the way.

  “Stay back,” she warned as she crawled up onto the bed and disappeared from sight when her figure blended into the bedding.

  “How can I touch you if I stay back?”

  “Tell me where your hands would be if you were touching me, Jacob.”

  “First, I’d want your breasts in my hands.”

  The mattress creaked slightly as she shifted on his bed. And why wasn’t he on it with her?

  “They’re cool to the touch,” she said. “Would you massage them to warm them up?”

  “Are you touching them now?”

  “Just holding them.”

  “Squeeze them.”


  Damn, he wished he could see that, but he could imagine what she’d look like: her golden-brown hair tousled in waves against her suntanned shoulders and the red satin pillowcase; her lids heavy, partially closed over her green-flecked hazel eyes as she gazed at him; her back arched, breasts thrust forward, soft hands cupping them, red-tipped fingers digging into the soft globes.

  Wow. Apparently he was a visual lover even when he couldn’t see a damned thing.

  “I’d rub your nipples gently with my thumbs until they were so hard you’d beg me to suck them.”

  There was a slight rustle of the bedding, and she produced a sensual purr that grabbed him by the balls and demanded he take everything he wanted from her.

  “I can imagine your tongue flicking over a tip,” she said, “before you suck it into your hot, wet mouth.”

  He could imagine that too. And he was wondering why he was standing at the end of the bed with a hard-on while they discussed such delights rather than actually acting on his desires.

  “I’d slide one hand down your smooth belly,” he said. “Slow. Gentle. Drawing goose bumps to the surface.”

  “Yes,” she whispered. “God, you have the sexiest voice. Do you have any idea what it does to me?”

  He grinned, silently thanking the universe for the gift he’d been given. “Are you quivering, Amanda?”

  “A little. I’d be quivering more if it were your hand instead of my own teasing my skin. Touching me. Stroking. Mmm. Feels good.”

  It occurred to him that she was testing his resolve. He wasn’t sure if she wanted him to be stretched so far beyond his limit that he’d devour her, but she was quickly working him up to such a state.

  “Slowly I’d move my hand closer to that sweet pussy between your thighs.”



  “Yes, Jacob.”

  He loved when she called his name. His real name. Most of his lovers called him Shade.

  “But I wouldn’t touch it,” he said. “Not yet.”


  “I’d brush the backs of my fingers against the curve of your hip. Light touches. Slow and easy to make you squirm. Then I’d jerk your thighs apart and—”

  He heard a sound much too wet to be her stroking her hip. He smirked at her apparent haste. “Amanda, are you cheating?”

  “Why don’t you turn on the light and find out?”

  He almost tripped over the jeans circling his ankles in his haste to find the light switch. He kicked them aside impatiently and turned on the light. When his eyes adjusted to the glare, he found her in a position that far surpassed what he’d been imagining.

  She had one breast gripped in her hand, her painted fingertips twisting desperately at her pebbled nipple. Her other hand was between her splayed legs. Her panties had vanished, so no imagination was required on his part. He could see exactly what she was doing to herself. Her ring finger and middle finger worked her slick pussy, delving deep and stretching herself in wide arcs. Her little finger popped in and out of her ass. Her thumb massaged her clit in desperate, rapid strokes. She rocked her hips into her hand and lifted her head from the bed as her body shuddered with pleasure.

  Jacob stood at the end of the bed—mouth dry, balls tight, feet rooted to the floor—and watched her stunning performance.

  “This is what I wanted to record for you while I waited in your bed,” she said, gasping as her pinkie finger slid deeper. “I was going to send you a dirty video on your phone to keep you company on your plane ride.”

  He didn’t look at her face, couldn’t draw his gaze from the sight of her manicured fingers disappearing and reappearing as she plunged them in and out of her pussy. What was it that was so sexy about a woman’s fingers pleasing a pussy? Her own or another woman’s, he was absolutely riveted by the sight.

  “I prefer live performances,” he mumbled, surprised he could form a coherent sentence.

  Amanda’s thighs began to shake. Was she going to come? He glanced up to her face for cues and found her staring at him.

  “How long do I have to keep this up before you take over?” she asked.

  He grinned. “You seem to be doing fine on your own.”

  “I think you can do better.”

  He glanced down between her thighs again and found that she’d moved her hand. Her fingers were no longer buried inside her, they were spreading her lips, holding them open so he could see the emptiness at their center. Her gorgeous pussy begged to be filled with him. He crawled up the bed slowly, forcing his gaze to lock with hers rather than fixating on the parts of her that demanded his attention. He moved over her until he was suspended above her body on hands and knees, then he lowered his hips and brushed the head of his cock against her mound. She squirmed and when he didn’t move—merely stared down into her eyes—she took his cock in her hand and rubbed its sensitive head against her. Pleasure teased his nerve endings as she used his tip to stimulate her clit.

  “Do you have a condom?” she asked breathlessly.

  He wished he didn’t have to deal with them, but he hurriedly applied one for her. Now he was in command of her pleasure. Free to take her. Or not.

  He stared into her eyes as he rubbed her clit with two fingers, working the hardened nub until her mouth dropped open, her eyes rolled back, and she shuddered with orgasm. He shifted his hips and slowly slid inside her, his breath catching with the pleasure her clenching pussy provided his entire length. He rubbed her clit faster and faster, making her sputter and quake as he filled her with slow deep thrusts.

  Jacob’s arm began to shake with fatigue. It was holding his full weight so he could free a hand to work her clit, but at this rate he’d have to give up his plan to stimulate her clit while he fucked her. Hell, if he’d had another free hand he could have used it to finger her ass at the same time. He could probably manage what he envisioned if he fucked her on her knees, but then he wouldn’t be able to stare into her eyes. He wondered how she’d feel about using his sex swing tonight. She’d said she didn’t want the theatrics, that she’d wanted intimacy, but he wanted to please her without doing permanent damage to his body.

  “I know you said you wanted intimacy tonight,” he said, totally lost in her eyes.

  She reached up and stroked his face. “This is perfect,” she said, a gaspy moan escaping her as his touch on her clit slowed and he rubbed in deep circles. “Exactly what I want.”

  “Is the sex swing intimate?” he asked, hoping she’d see that it was. Or maybe she needed another demonstration. He could show her how intimate weightlessness could be.

  Amanda’s eyes popped open wide and her breath caught. “How could I have forgotten about the sex swing? Yes, please. Let’s use that.”

  He chuckled at her unexpected enthusiasm. The woman was amazing.

  Jacob lowered the device from its hidden panel in the ceiling. Amanda shivered as the padded harness descended toward her.

  He took his time with her, getting to know her body as he slipped a black strap beneath her back and eased each of her limbs through loops. He trailed kisses between her breasts as he adjusted the length of each strap so that when he tightened the tension, she’d rise from the bed in the exact position he had in mind.

  He wasn’t sure how
intimate trussing her up in a sex swing could be, but he was doing his best to give her the experience she wanted. He knew if he pleased her, he’d receive more than his share of pleasure in return. He remembered a time when he’d thought that
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