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         Part #6.6 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  “Right. I haven’t forgotten. Lick her,” Devlin demanded, his strokes hard and deep. “Make her come. Make her— Oh God, hurry.”

  Jake’s tongue brushed Michelle’s clit and she exploded. Her clenching pussy clamped so hard on Devlin’s cock that her hips rose off the bed.

  “Michelle,” Devlin cried as he rammed himself deep and his body shuddered against hers.

  Jake sucked her clit into his mouth and she screamed, claiming an earthshattering release that left her completely disoriented. Her body was still shaking with ecstasy when Devlin pulled out and Jake moved between her thighs to slide inside her—thrusting slow and deep to ride out the final waves of her orgasm. There was more inside her than just cock, her addled thoughts comprehended. The row of piercings down the underside of his cock made her moan with delight.

  Devlin crawled onto the bed beside her, kissing her lips desperately between gasps for air.

  “You’re supposed to be kissing her other lips,” Jake said.

  “Yes, I will,” Devlin agreed. “Just give me a second to worship her.”

  She was the one who should be worshipping them. She’d never come so fucking hard in her life and apparently Jake wasn’t quite finished with her.

  Chapter Twelve

  Devlin nuzzled his face against Michelle’s neck. He’d like nothing better than to hold her against his sweat-drenched body and drift to sleep, but that would be selfish. Jake had given them both incomparable pleasure, and the guy had to be aching with need. Devlin massaged soft kisses into Michelle’s damp throat, using his nose to brush aside the strands of hair clinging to her golden skin. The gentle rock of her body reminded him to assist Jake the way Jake had assisted him. He lifted his head to kiss Michelle’s lips and found her head tilted back, her mouth wide, eyes squeezed shut. He was pretty sure she’d stop breathing.

  “Michelle?” he asked in concern.

  “I’d say the piercings are a hit,” Jake murmured, a hint of laughter in his voice.

  Devlin glanced down the bed at Jake who was churning his hips as he claimed Michelle with slow, deep thrusts.

  Michelle took a deep breath and then groaned.

  “Does that feel good?” Devlin asked her.

  She opened one eye to try to look at him, but it rolled into the back of her head and her eyelid fluttered shut again.

  He’d take that as a yes.

  He extended an arm, sliding his hand down her belly until he found her clit. He massaged it gently and she nearly launched off the mattress. Just how hard could they make her come this time? Devlin was determined to find out. His tongue flicked over her beaded nipple as he stroked her clit rapidly.

  Writhing with overstimulation, Michelle grabbed his wrist with both hands. “Wait!” An instant later her body convulsed uncontrollably.

  Jake groaned, his thrusts growing more rapid. Before she’d stopped shaking, Jake pulled out and rolled her onto her stomach. He hurriedly filled her again, fucking her hard from behind—his expression tense, his muscles tightening with each deep thrust. Michelle clung to the sheets with both hands, moaning her pleasure. Devlin just stared. He was already getting hard again.

  After a moment, Jake slowed his strokes into those deep, churning motions that made the beautiful woman in Devlin’s bed scream.

  “Do you have any lube?” Jake asked.

  “Huh?” Devlin’s brain had completely disconnected and all he could focus on were the sights and sounds and scents of sex overwhelming his senses.

  “Do you have any—”

  As Jake’s initial question registered, Devlin scrambled off the bed and hurried to the bathroom. Did he have lube? Fuck yes, he had lube. He wasn’t sure how Jake planned to use it, but Devlin’s ass tightened at the thought of being filled with that big pierced cock. Or maybe Jake needed it for Michelle. Or for himself. Whatever he needed it for, Devlin was completely invested in seeing what Jake’s sexually creative mind imagined next. Hell, not imagined. Devlin imagined sexual acts of all sorts. Jake acted on them.

  When Devlin returned to the bed, Jake was massaging the sexy globes Michelle’s ass cheeks. Devlin watched for a moment, his cock fully erect now and wanting to join the festivities.

  “Here’s your lube,” Devlin said, trying to hand it to him.

  “That’s for you,” Jake said with a wicked grin.

  “Oh.” He dropped his arm. “What do you want me to do with it?”

  Jake cocked an eyebrow at him and slapped Michelle’s ass. Her body tensed with shock and she cried out. “That is entirely up to you. I just thought you needed a little encouragement to get in on this.”

  Entirely up to him. He glanced from Michelle—face down and writhing on his bed—to Jake who was doing her right, apparently. He couldn’t compete with a pierced cock and as much as he’d like to explode in her mouth, he doubted she had the mental capacity to suck him off. He examined her ass, wondering if they could find a way for him to take her from behind while Jake fucked her pussy raw. And then his gaze dropped to Jake’s ass, which was flexing and relaxing each time he thrust into Michelle. Did Devlin dare claim Jake’s body in that way? Did he even want to?

  “So what’s it going to be?” Jake asked.

  “Can we both do her at the same time?”

  Michelle whimpered.

  Jake grinned. “Excellent choice.”

  He glanced around the room and nodded toward an upholstered bench in the dressing room. “Do you want to drag that over here or should we take her over there?”

  Devlin wasn’t sure why he needed a bench, but he went to retrieve it and set it next to the platform. Jake leaned over Michelle’s back and spoke gently into her ear.

  “How are you doing? Are you sore?”

  She shook her head. “Even if I was, I wouldn’t admit it. I need this. You have no idea how much I need this.”

  He kissed her ear. “Then no complaining out of you when you can’t walk in the morning.”

  “Devlin can carry me,” she said.

  Devlin grinned, glad she hadn’t forgotten he was in the room.

  Jake pulled out and Michelle tried to slide off the bed. Apparently her legs wouldn’t support her.

  “She’s too tired for cowgirl,” Jake said. “We’re going to have to pile drive her.”

  Devlin blinked at him. “Sounds romantic.”

  “It is for us,” Jake said and laughed at Devlin’s expression.

  He had no idea what was in store for any of them, but he followed Jake as he lifted Michelle and carried her to the padded bench. He placed her on her back and basically folded her in half. “Hold your legs to your chest, sweetheart.”

  She did as instructed without protest and Devlin’s cock leapt at the sight of her exposed holes. Hands shaking with excitement, he opened the tube of lube and prepared her for penetration. Were they really both going to fuck her at the same time? Devlin had thought he had an interesting sex life, but it had nothing on tonight and the night was still young. Jake pressed up against Devlin’s back and stroked his cock.

  “I was sort of hoping you’d choose my ass over hers,” he whispered in Devlin’s ear. He deftly unrolled a fresh condom over Devlin’s length. “Maybe later.”

  Devlin’s breath escaped him in a huff. What was it about this guy that was such a turn on? And why did he feel cherished each time Jake took it upon himself to sheathe Devlin’s cock in latex?

  Still standing behind him, Jake urged him forward to straddle the bench. He watched Michelle’s face as Jake rubbed Devlin’s cock over the slippery entrance to her back hole. Her lips parted and breath caught as he pressed down. Filling her slowly. He thrust gently, getting her body used to his thickness; his length.

  “Oh,” she moaned. “I need it there too.”

  Jake moved from supporting Devlin from behind and lifted a leg so he could straddle the bench facing Devlin. Devlin looked down where he was already inside Michelle and watched Jake fill her pussy with a slow downward thrust.

  “Oh God,” she moaned.

  Devlin shuddered at the sensation of Jake’s cock rubbing his length inside her. Jake placed his hands on Devlin’s hips and directed him to pull out while he thrust and to thrust deep while he pulled out. Devlin had never experienced anything as intensely erotic or pleasurable in his entire life as having another man’s cock rub against his while he claimed a woman. Claimed Michelle, he reminded himself. They were inside Michelle. Both of them. Fucking her. Oh God.

  He looked up and found Jake watching him.

  “Feels good, doesn’t it?” Jake asked.

  Devlin’s only response was a whimper.

  “Next time, we’ll share her pussy,” he said.

  Next time…

  Jake’s hand slid over Devlin’s flank and his finger toyed with his ass. Devlin was too consumed by pleasure to protest the invasion. In fact, he liked being taken by Jake’s thick finger. When he groaned, Jake tilted his head and stole Devlin’s lips in a heated kiss. Devlin kissed him in return, clinging to his back as they claimed Michelle’s body together. She tightened around their cocks as an orgasm rippled through her, and he tore his mouth from Jake’s to cry out in bliss. How on earth would he ever go back to having one lover after this amazing experience?

  Jake shuddered, his arms clutching Devlin’s body as he found release and shouted his pleasure to the ceiling. Devlin locked his knees to hold them both upright as Jake went limp against him.

  After a moment of breathing hard against Devlin’s sweat-slick shoulder, Jake lifted his head. “Did you come too?”

  Devlin shook his head. “But I already did earlier.”

  “But you’re still hard,” he said. “I can feel you against me.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Michelle? You good to let him finish?”

  “I don’t think so,” she said timidly. He could feel her body trembling around him. She had to be exhausted.

  Jake slipped free of her body and eased Devlin out of her by guiding his hips backward. Devlin winced and groaned in protest as Jake stripped the condom from his cock. “Go climb into bed,” Jake said and slapped Devlin on the ass. “I’ll bring our pretty lady.”

  Balls aching, Devlin climbed into bed, wishing he’d found release with his partners. That would have been perfection. Watching Michelle crawl up the bed with her pretty blue eyes trained on his stiff cock was pretty damn close to perfection in and of itself. She licked him from base to tip and then sucked him deep into her mouth.

  Oh God. How many times had he jacked-off while imagining her doing exactly this? When Jake joined them and the pair of them worked Devlin’s cock over with their mouths, he wondered if it was possible to be in love with two people at the same time. He was most certainly in lust with both of them.

  After he spent himself, he collapsed into his pillows and wrapped an arm around Michelle who was cuddled against his right side and splayed his left hand over Jake’s lower back. He stared up at the night sky through the skylights over his bed and smiled at the stars above.

  He hoped this one starry night evolved into something that spanned thousands of nights. Because for all his millions of dollars and the respect he’d earned in his field, for the first time in his life, Devlin felt complete.

  Chapter Thirteen

  It was still dark out when Jake opened his eyes after a much deserved rest. Devlin and Michelle were curled up together beside him, still sleeping and looking entirely content. He smiled to himself and scratched his hip. Now that had been fun. He couldn’t remember when he’d last had such a good time and he was always ready to party. He also couldn’t remember the last time he’d fallen asleep after sex instead of finding his clothes and hightailing it out the nearest exit.

  Of course, he was pretty much trapped here, seeing as he didn’t have a pilot or a helicopter of his own and he wasn’t sure where the garage might be. Not that he wanted to leave. But having an excuse to stay made it easier for him to roll up against Devlin’s back and wrap an arm around his delightful pair of lovers. Michelle was just as amazing and sexy as she’d always been and Devlin… Well, he’d been an unexpected surprise. Too bad Jake couldn’t keep either of them. He placed a tender kiss on Devlin’s shoulder and one on the tip of Michelle’s nose—which crinkled most adorably against his lips. He then climbed from the crumpled bed and stretched his arms over his head, his gaze taking in the glorious view of the night sky and the stars that surrounded him in every direction.

  He could totally get used to this view. He peeked at the two still asleep in the bed. And that view. But no. He was for all intents and purposes a gypsy. No one had been able to tie him down yet, and he doubted the urge to be constantly on the move would ever leave him.

  Still naked, Jake stepped into the inviting hot tub at the foot of the bed and sank into its warmth. He sighed as it soothed his weary muscles. He sat there for a long time, trying to remember the constellations and forget the emotional attachments trying to draw him back to the bed. Lost in thought, he didn’t realize someone was out of bed until a naked body slid into the water beside him.

  “Trouble sleeping?” Dev asked, his voice low and calm.

  “You two are bed hogs,” Jake accused.

  Dev chuckled. “Even though she’s small, Michelle does seem to take up more than her fair share of mattress.”

  “She is hard to ignore no matter where she is,” Jake commented.

  Dev nodded. “I couldn’t even ignore her when she was absent from my life.”

  Jake rubbed his jaw and watched Dev out of the corner of his eye. Jake figured he should be the happiest guy on the planet—he’d just fucked the girl he’d been obsessed with for over a decade and he was financially set for life—but Dev didn’t look happy. He looked worried.

  “This night together,” Devlin said and drew a deep breath, “was amazing, but it’s probably ruined any chance I have with her.”

  “I wouldn’t say that,” Jake said.

  Dev massaged the crease between his dark brows. “I think she still loves you, Jake.”

  Jake shook his head. “I wouldn’t say that either.”

  “And then there are my unexpected feelings for you,” Dev said and lifted his gaze to meet Jake’s eyes.

  Jake’s heart skipped a beat. “Me? Man, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea…”

  Dev lifted a hand from the water and touched Jake’s jaw. His pulse rate accelerated and before he could stop the impulse, he leaned in and claimed Dev’s lips in a deep kiss. Yeah, great idea, Jake. Kiss him before you lie and tell him you’re not interested. And while you’re doing regrettable things, are you going to fuck Michelle again before you dump her this time?

  He knew he would if she’d let him.

  He tore his mouth from Dev’s and rested his temple against Dev’s forehead to keep his tempting lips from reach.

  “You and Michelle are good people,” Jake said. “You should go off and get married and have babies and live happily ever after and all that stupid domestic shit. Just forget about me.”

  “I don’t want to forget about you,” Dev said, his hand sliding up Jake’s back. “And I hate to speak for Michelle, but I can guarantee that she doesn’t want to forget about you either.”

  “Yeah, well, I can handle the mindless fucking part of this, but I’m not open to all the emotional garbage that comes with it.”

  “Then just fuck,” Dev said. “I’ll handle the emotional garbage.”

  Beneath the water, Dev’s hand circled Jake’s cock in a solid grip. Jake was instantly hard. His belly tightened with excitement, quivering uncontrollably as Dev’s hand stroked his length. Jake closed his eyes, allowing himself to experience the pleasure of Dev’s touch and the warm churning water without getting distracted by the glorious view of the star-speckled sky. Dev’s free hand touched Jake’s jaw sending droplets of warm water down his throat and shoulder. Jake opened his eyes just long enough to witness the heat in Dev’s gaze before his mouth was claimed by a pair of strong seeking lips an
d his eyes drifted closed again.

  Something stirred in Jake’s chest—much different from the lust churning in his gut. He wasn’t prepared to admit that he was already eyeballs deep in the emotional garbage he had hoped to avoid. Jake turned his head to break the kiss and looked up to stare at the beauty of the sky overhead so he could get his mind back in the gutter where it belonged.

  “Do you think we should wake, Michelle?” Jake asked.

  “We’d better,” Dev said with a cocky grin. “She’s as much a part of this as the two of us are.”

  Jake chuckled. “You really are a thoughtful guy, Dev.”

  “Only if it gets me what I want.” He rose from the water and stepped out onto the platform surrounding the tub. His dick was partially erect, until his eyes landed on Michelle who lay sprawled in blissful slumber on the bed, and it jerked as it thickened and lengthened to its fully hardened state.

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