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       Tempt Me, p.6

         Part #2 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning
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  His grip on her hair loosened, and he smoothed the long strands from her face. His lips brushed her forehead tenderly. “I wish it did. I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t know it would matter to you. I should have realized, I just . . . I’m sorry, baby.”

  Overwhelmed with emotion, she jerked back. She couldn’t stand him to be tender with her. Not when she was already this close to tears. “I need you to spank me, Adam. Right now.”

  His eyes searched hers for a moment, and then his hand tightened in her hair again. “I'll never figure out why you like the rough stuff, Madison.” He swatted her ass with a loud crack and her pussy throbbed with excitement. Some of the heavy emotions churning through her body parted to make way for primitive lust. It was so much easier to deal with those feelings.

  Oh, thank you.

  “I only like it rough with you, Adam.” Because he was the only man who had ever made her feel so many profound and confusing emotions. And he was the only man who made her feel secure enough in her sexuality to even ask for such treatment.

  “How many men have you fucked, Madison?” he asked, his strong hand connecting with her stinging ass a second time. “Tell me.”

  She groaned, so aware of the empty ache in her pussy that she worked his leg between hers and rubbed her mound against his thigh. “In my entire life?” she asked. She kind of liked that he was jealous, even though he had nothing to be jealous about.

  “Since we met.” He spanked her again. Her entire body trembled with need.

  She fumbled under her dress to push her panties down. They got caught on his thigh, but she couldn’t find the strength to move away. She wanted him buried inside her while he spanked her.

  “One,” she admitted. “Just one.”

  His palm connected again, and she thought she might die if he didn’t fill her soon.

  “What was his name?”

  “Adam,” she said. “His name was Adam Taylor.”

  He went still, his hand resting on her sensitized ass cheek. Wanting him to continue, she whimpered.

  Adam’s eyes widened and he shook his head in astonishment. “I’m the only one?”

  Tears flooded her eyes and she nodded. Damn it. She was an emotional wreck again. “Please, Adam, don’t make me cry. I need you to fuck me and spank me at the same time.”

  He moved so fast, she stumbled. In an instant she found herself bent forward over the back of a sofa with her panties around her knees and a big stiff cock seeking entrance into her swollen pussy. He surged forward, filling her in one deep, hard thrust. “I always have the best intentions to please you with slow, tender lovemaking and end up driving my cock into you like an animal.” His cock buried deep, he slapped her ass and she cried out, squirming against him. “Why is that, Madison? Why do you tempt me into taking you so rough?”

  “I like it.” She groaned, her face pressed against a sofa cushion. “I like you to fuck me, Adam. No one else has ever fucked me hard. Spanked me. Pulled my hair. Pounded me in the ass. I love it. All of it. Don't make me beg.”

  He slapped her ass again, and she whimpered. “Maybe I like to hear you beg, babe. Maybe that's why I hesitate and tell myself I should treat you gently. Because I know if I take it slow, you’ll beg to be fucked.”

  She rocked her hips against him, impatient for the deep, hard thrusts she craved. Why was he holding still?

  “Adam,” she whispered desperately. “Please.”

  “Please what?”


  He rubbed her ass, which was stinging yet craving another swat. “Your ass is really red,” he said. “Did I spank you too hard?”

  Was he intentionally trying to drive her insane? “No, I like it. I want you to spank me hard. And I want you to fuck me even harder.” She wriggled her hips, hoping he'd take the hint.

  Finally, he began to thrust. Deep and forcefully, just as she wanted it. When his hand slapped her ass again, she cried out, her pussy clenching his cock.

  “Damn, that feels good,” he said. He spanked her yet untouched ass cheek and she clenched again, the stinging pain causing her muscles to contract automatically. Within a few thrusts and swats, she peaked and was screaming her release into the sofa cushion.

  “God, I wish I had some lube with me. I want to punish your ass so bad right now.”

  He rubbed her puckered hole with his finger, and she moaned. She didn't think she could want more after the amazing orgasm she'd just experienced, but her ass suddenly felt hopelessly empty. She squirmed, trying to get his finger to dip inside her. She whimpered. “Please. Take my ass.”

  He pulled out. She was lightheaded from standing bent in half for so long, so it took her a moment to realize the soft, warm, wet thing rubbing against her aching asshole was his tongue. He'd never licked her there before. Her legs began to tremble as pleasure raged through her core. The naughty, dirtiness of his actions fueled her excitement into an inferno of lust.

  “Adam,” she called breathlessly. “Oh God, that is the hottest thing ever.”

  His tongue dipped inside her and her knees gave out. She clung to the back of the sofa so she didn’t sink to the floor. He kissed a trail up the crack of her ass and lower back as he rose again. She heard him open a condom and her pussy clenched. He only wore condoms when he fucked her ass. Oh yes, she couldn't wait.

  “Hurry,” she pleaded.

  He rubbed his cock through the juices wetting her seam and then the head of his cock brushed her saliva-slickened hole. He struggled to enter.

  “Not wet enough,” he said. “Even with the lubricated condom.”

  She didn't care. She pushed back against him, taking him inside a few inches. She loved that full, hot feeling that made heat prickle her skin as he slipped into her receptive ass. Even the soles of her feet tingled in awareness of his invasion.

  “It's good enough,” she insisted. “Go deep.”

  His fingers slipped inside her pussy, collecting her cum and rubbing it over the connection between their bodies. His cock slid an inch deeper.

  “Are you sure?”

  He was always so worried that he was going to hurt her. That she was fragile. That she'd break. She supposed she should be grateful that he was so careful, but she didn't need him to be. If she wanted him to stop, she'd tell him. Maybe that's why he held back. Maybe he didn't think she was capable of telling him no, because she never did. Not because she couldn't or because she was afraid to. She never wanted to.

  “I'll tell you if I need you to stop,” she said breathlessly.


  She nodded.

  He didn't take her as deep as she liked it, but his shallow rapid thrusts tugged at her ass just right and she was soon writhing against the back of the sofa in ecstasy. With each thrust, he inched deeper. Deeper. Yes! Deeper, Adam. She wasn’t sure if she was thinking the demand or chanting it aloud.

  When he swatted her ass unexpectedly, her back arched and she felt him inside her even more distinctly. Oh! She straightened her back slowly and rose to standing, each of his deep thrusts stimulating her in a slightly different place as the angle of his penetration changed.

  “God, Madison.” Adam groaned. One of his hands threaded through her hair and tugged her upright, the other moved to her breast, kneading her sensitized flesh, plucking at her tender nipple until it ached almost as much as her empty pussy.

  She didn’t know why this turned her on so much—to be filled from behind. Her vagina rippling with spasms of unfulfilled need. Her ass protesting the invasion.

  Adam’s hot breath came in jerky gasps against her shoulder. He was getting close. His hand moved from her breast to between her thighs. The heel of his hand ground into her clit; his strong, calloused fingers slid through her center, dipping sporadically into her wet opening.

  “Fly with me, babe,” he said brokenly, giving her hair a demanding tug. “Fly.”

  She let go, straining against his hand and his cock as she took her release. The pleasure was so exquis
ite that tears streamed from her eyes. “Adam,” she whispered as his body jerked behind her.

  He gasped brokenly and cried out an indistinguishable mantra of curses and disjointed syllables.

  How could she have ever thought she’d be able walk away from him? He left her incapable of walking. Figuratively and, after that wonderfully rough fuck in the ass, literally.

  Chapter Seven

  Adam released his hold on Madison’s hair and tugged her body closer, his hand still cupped possessively over her mound. He stroked her drenched lips with two fingers, drawing intermittent shudders from her slight frame. He loved that he could give her such pleasure. Loved that she opened herself to him. Loved her.

  He’d never felt this all-encompassing need to possess a woman before. It had to be more than lust. More than affection. More than friendship. More even than gratitude for all she’d done for him. A hell of a lot more than simple infatuation. There was no other word for it. He loved her. Why had he not realized it until he’d been threatened with her leaving him?

  “Madison?” he murmured against her sweat-damp neck. His arm squeezed tighter just beneath her ribs.


  Did she love him? Could any woman as wonderful and as fundamentally good as Madison Fairbanks give a shit about someone like him?

  Adam took a deep breath. “I lo—”

  A sharp knock rattled the dressing room door. “Ten minutes,” someone called from the hall outside.

  Madison tensed and jerked away. Watching her struggle to pull her panties up her trembling thighs nearly broke his heart. Her inability to meet his eyes. The blush of shame on her beautiful face. After the concert, he’d take her to bed, hold her naked body against his for as long as he liked, take her gently, tell her he loved her. A thousand times. A thousand ways. Tell her. Show her. Love her.

  “You’re beautiful,” he said, kissing her bare shoulder as she worked to return her dress to its proper location.

  She smiled shyly, and his heart panged. He had it so bad for her.

  Her blue eyes flicked up to meet his briefly and her blush deepened. “Thank you.”

  “Do you want to watch the concert tonight?”

  “Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.” She kissed his cheek. “Is there a bathroom in here? Or do I have to take the walk of shame?” She took a step to the side and winced. “Hobble of shame?”

  “Are you okay?”

  “Never better,” she said breathlessly.

  He settled a hand on her lower back and directed her to the restroom. She locked herself in one of the two stalls while he disposed of his expended condom and cleaned up in the sink.

  Another knock sounded on the dressing room door. “Adam, are you in there?”

  “One minute,” he yelled.

  “You don’t have a minute.”

  “Madison, are you ready?” He hurriedly tucked his recently washed and still damp dick into his pants.

  “Go on ahead,” she said. “I’ll catch up.”

  He really wanted her on his arm when he’d arrived backstage. Wanted to show her off. This beautiful, wonderful, sexy-as-sin woman is mine. You may look—and seethe with envy—but never touch. Since they’d met, she’d only given herself to one man. Him. And it was going to stay that way. Should knowing she’d been true to him, even though he hadn’t asked it of her, make his chest swell with pride? Maybe not, but it did.

  “They won’t start without me,” he said. “I can wait a few minutes.”

  “I . . . uh . . . need a bit of privacy.”

  He chuckled. How could she still be shy around him about anything her body did?

  “Okay, I’ll go, but I want to see you standing in my corner of the stage by the end of the first song.”

  “I’ll be there.”

  When Adam arrived behind the stage, the entire band was waiting in the wings. Their pointed glares bounced right off him. Adam didn’t give a shit if they were pissed. He was in love.

  Jack handed him his silver guitar and attached his wireless transmitter to the back of his belt.

  “The show started five minutes ago,” Shade grumbled.

  “I don't hear any music.”

  “I know your dick means a lot to you, but you need to get your priorities straight.”

  “Don't start with me,” Adam warned. Could they get through a single day without arguing? Yeah, he was five minutes late, so what? He'd been concerned for Madison. She had to be hurting. In the future, he'd make sure he carried lube in his pocket whenever her sexy and always eager ass was within reach.

  Owen, who started the show, shook his head at both of them. “Are we going to stand here and listen to you two bitch at each other, or should I proceed?”

  Adam stuck a sound feed into one ear and an earplug into the other. “What's the hold-up?” the head of their sound crew shouted into his ear.

  “Adam was getting laid. Again,” Shade said. “You know what he's like. Two girls a night. Three. Four. He doesn't discriminate if it has a vagina.”

  Like he could talk.

  “Shut up,” Adam said. He wasn't sure if he deserved his reputation. Especially in recent months. A year ago? Sure. He'd fucked anything that stood still long enough for him to mount it. But now? He was getting his priorities straight. Or trying to. No one seemed to take notice of his efforts to keep clean and sober or to forge a steady relationship. He wasn't an irresponsible kid anymore. Would he ever live down the mistakes of his past? Madison seemed to be the only one who saw who he was becoming. Everyone else had pegged him long ago and held him down in the hole they’d chosen for him. Was it even possible to dig himself out of that hole at this point?

  “Go, Owen,” Hawkeye, their soundboard operator, said into their feed. “The rest of them will figure it out.”

  Owen entered the stage, playing his bass solo backed by the hard and heavy beat of Gabe's drumming.

  Adam plucked a guitar pick from the tape attached to the neck of his guitar. He scratched his nose with the back of his wrist and was instantly engulfed in Madison's scent. He inhaled her essence deep into his lungs and fought the urged to lick his fingers. How was he supposed to concentrate on the show with the smell of her sweet pussy all over his left hand?

  “So fucking selfish and irresponsible,” Shade muttered under his breath.

  Adam stiffened and lowered his hand so he could concentrate on dealing with Shade. “What is your problem?”

  “You, Adam,” Shade said. “Let’s review your behavior in the past twenty-four hours alone. Smoking weed backstage before a concert.” He ticked off Adam’s crimes on his fingers. “Taking the limo without telling anyone so the rest of us had to find a cab. Thirty minutes late for sound check. Almost starting a riot in front of the stadium. Too busy fucking some slut to show up for the concert on time.”

  Adam took a swing at him. Busting his balls was one thing; calling Madison some slut was going way too far. Unfortunately, Kellen stepped between them before Adam could connect his fist with Shade’s face.

  “Now is not the time for this,” Kellen said. “Adam, your cue.”

  Fuck the concert. Adam wanted to beat the shit out of Shade. Just because Adam had wanted to spend time with Madison at the expense of his other responsibilities did not make him irresponsible. Did it? And even if it did, why did Shade think it was any of his business? Adam wasn’t Shade’s responsibility. Fuck him.

  Adam heard the drumbeat that signaled the start of his guitar intro. His hands found familiar strings and began to play automatically. He should already be on stage in the red spotlight over his stomp pad. If Shade would stop sticking his arrogant nose where it didn’t belong and making Adam’s blood boil, Adam might be able to concentrate on what he was doing. He played his way up the stage steps and pretended his entrance was part of the show. The crowd wouldn’t know any different. When the spotlight bathed him in an aura of crimson, the crowd erupted in screams of excitement. Yeah, just try continuing this band without me, ass

  Shade darted across the stage and stood at its center, belting out a battle cry that would have made Spartans tremble. The crowd roared even louder. Son of a bitch.

  If Adam didn't love Sole Regret’s music so much, he'd have left the band—and Shade's bullshit—long ago.

  Fingers flying over the strings near the body of his guitar as
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