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       One Starry Night, p.5
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         Part #6.6 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  hadn’t meant to. “Yeah. I needed one for work.”

  He buckled himself into the comfortable leather seat across from Michelle. His helicopter seated four comfortably and the seat configuration could be modified to seat eight if necessary. He was in this chopper more often than he was in all of his cars put together.

  Jake laughed. “He needed a helicopter, he says.”

  It was a fact. Devlin did have to get between his offices in a hurry and the LA traffic was consistently a nightmare, but he wasn’t going to argue about it. He already felt like a tool for mentioning that his helicopter had been built by fucking Mercedes Benz.

  “How about you, Jake?” Michelle shouted as the engine whirred to life. “Have you ever been in a helicopter?”

  “It’s my first time,” he said and glanced at Devlin. “These things are safe, right?”

  “As safe as anything that rises hundreds of feet off the ground.”

  “If we‘re killed before I get the two of you into bed, I’m going to take over Hell and figure out a way to raise the dead.”

  So Devlin wasn’t imagining things. Jake was coming on to him. Sure, he kept making comments and touching him, but Devlin had convinced himself that Jake was just joking around.

  Michelle laughed. “You act like you’ve had a threesome before,” she said.

  “Because I have,” Jake said, his hand tightening on his knee as the chopper lifted off the ground.

  Maybe that was part of the rock star lifestyle he’d been talking about earlier.

  “Are you being serious, Jake? You wouldn’t pull my leg, would you?” Michelle asked.

  “I’d rather pull your hair.” His other hand tightened on his opposite knee as the aircraft flew rather close to a skyscraper. “Okay,” he said breathlessly. “When do we land?”

  “You aren’t afraid, are you?” Devlin asked.

  Jake’s grip on his knees loosened and he clapped his hands together. “Of course not. What a view!” he yelled, looking out the window on his side of the chopper.

  “Indeed,” Michelle said, but she wasn’t looking outside. She looked from Jake to Devlin and back again. “Great views.”

  “You don’t think he’s really serious, do you?” Devlin asked her.

  “About not being afraid?”

  “No, about having a threesome in the past.”

  “Who knows what goes on in those tour buses? Horny fans. Rock stars otherwise occupied. Roadie available. Horny fans do roadie. Yeah, I can see it happening.”

  Jake turned to look at them. Apparently he’d overheard their conversation from his side of the chopper. “Or, rock star otherwise occupied with horny fan. Roadie available. Rock star does roadie and fan.”

  “Was it Sed?” Michelle blurted.

  Jake laughed and shook his head. “Nah, Sed used to do multiples, but only chicks. You don’t know this guy. I take care of his guitars.”

  “Among other things?” Devlin pressed.

  Jake laughed. “Yeah, well, not anymore. He’s settled down now.” Jake shook his head slightly. “Well, as settled down as Trey Mills can possibly be. So, where are we going anyway? To your private island?”

  “How did you know?” Devlin teased.

  Jake’s eyes widened. “No shit. You own an island?”

  “No, but my property is rather secluded. It takes a lot longer to drive there than to fly there.”

  “So are you going to tell us how you became so successful?” Michelle asked.

  “My corporation is in software development. Nothing as exciting as marrying an ancient heiress in poor health, I’m afraid. And not nearly as interesting as having wild sex with rock stars and their fans.”

  Jake shrugged. “I told you I wasn’t missing out on much of the lifestyle. I’m sure Europe will be a blast.”

  “Are you ever going to settle down?” Michelle asked Jake with a crooked grin.

  “Only if it’s with you,” Jake said and turned his attention to the coastline scenery.

  Michelle stared hard at her lap and the hands she held folded there.

  Devlin bit his lip and folded his own hands in his lap. Perhaps coming between these two was a mistake. If they were invested in one another, he didn’t want to interfere. He liked Michelle. He’d been infatuated with her for years. But he wasn’t in love with her. Yet. Was Jake in love with her? He’d dumped her a long time ago. That made her free to see other people. But what did Michelle want? Really. Just a night of hot, meaningless sex with two guys from her past, or was she interested in pursuing a deeper connection?

  “Michelle?” he said. He leaned across the aisle toward her, hoping Jake wouldn’t overhear. “Are you in love with Jake?”

  She was silent for a long moment as she contemplated her thumbs. “I wish I knew,” she said finally.

  She might as well have said yes.

  Devlin sighed. “As much as I want you, I don’t want to come between two people who love each other.”

  What? Why was he saying these things? He did want to come between them. He wanted her in any and every capacity. He didn’t care who got hurt in the process. He was no longer the nice, complacent doormat she’d known in high school. He went after what he wanted and to hell with what anyone thought of his actions. Right? Devlin stifled a laugh at his own expense. No. Not right. He’d been pretending to be that guy. That self-serving jerk he’d always wanted to be, but it wasn’t who he really was. Maybe nice guys really did finish last, but at least they could live with themselves.

  “No worries. I don’t love her,” Jake said. “I just want to fuck her. You know, for old time’s sake.”

  Now why couldn’t Devlin be like that? Because it made Michelle’s entire body tense and her eyes narrow. “Well, maybe I don’t want to fuck you. For old time’s sake.”

  “Then why are we here, Michelle?” Jake said, turning his attention from the window and resting his gaze on the suddenly fidgety woman beside him.

  “Because I’m horny,” she said. “And I figure it’s going to take both of you to fully satisfy me.”

  Devlin gaped at her.

  “You’re shocking Devlin again, sweetheart,” Jake said with a laugh.

  “I’m seriously starting to worry that he’s too vanilla to complement our flavor, sweetheart,” she said.

  “That sounded like a challenge,” Jake said and lifted his eyebrows at Devlin. “Are you too vanilla?”

  He chuckled. “I hope not.” He unfastened his seat’s harness and sank to his knees on the wood veneer floor at Michelle’s feet.

  “What are you doing?” she asked, looking down at him in surprise.

  He slid his hands under her skirt, up the outsides of her thighs and hooked his fingers into the elastic waist of her panties.

  “Showing you that I’m not all talk.”

  Chapter Nine

  Michelle’s breath caught when Devlin tried to tug her panties down. She didn’t immediately lift her hips to aid his motion, so he changed tactics, sliding her skirt up to bunch in her lap. His lips brushed the inside of her knee and her body jerked in response. He trailed kisses up the inside of her thigh, slowly making his way toward the hot, swollen flesh between her legs. God, how she ached. She lifted a hand to touch his hair, finding the dark waves thick and smooth against her fingertips.

  His lips caressed a path of pleasure closer to his goal. Closer.

  Her fingers curled in his hair beckoning him closer. Closer.

  Devlin’s strong hand gripped her thighs and spread her legs wide and then his mouth was on her. His tongue swirled against her opening, rubbing the fabric of her panties against her aroused flesh, heightening the sensation of his touch, driving her mad with the need to feel his mouth against her bare skin.

  “Dev,” she said in a gasp for breath.

  He drew the point of his tongue up her seam, finding the center of her pleasure. He sucked at her throbbing clit through her panties, providing just enough stimulation to make her crazy. She prayed t
he fabric would disappear, but it seemed she needed to take things into her own hands.

  She released her grip on his hair and reached for her panties. She wanted them off. She wanted them off now. Wanted his lips to suck her naked flesh. His tongue to caress her without the hindrance of satin and lace. But he grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the seat on either side of her hips.

  “Dev, please,” she murmured.

  He used his teeth to provide greater stimulation—not nibbling, but rather scraping her tender lips with the hard edge of his teeth. On bare flesh, it would probably hurt, but it felt so good through her panties that she shuddered and twisted her trapped hands to grasp his wrists. She had to hold on to something or she was sure she’d launch into space.

  Movement to her left drew her attention. She’d completely forgotten that Jake was even there until he unfastened his harness and left his seat to kneel behind Devlin. Devlin didn’t protest whatever Jake was doing at his waist. His breath came out in a hot, excited huff against Michelle’s wet panties. He lifted his head and groaned.

  “Ever had your cock in another man’s hand,” Jake asked, in that demanding tone he used on Michelle when he was gaining her cooperation.

  “Yes,” Devlin said brokenly.

  Jake’s surprise-widened eyes met Michelle’s gaze.

  “Yes, you’ve had your cock in another man’s hand, or yes, you like it now?” Jake asked for clarification.

  “Both,” he said.

  Devlin’s maddening exploration between Michelle’s thighs became more desperate, more intense. She moaned as his lips sucked, teeth nibbled, tongue danced against her covered flesh. She couldn’t see Jake’s hand on Devlin—no matter how much she wanted to—but she could see the motion of Jake’s arm, the slight rocking of Devlin’s hips and the rising bulge in Jake’s jeans.

  She moaned in torment as her orgasm eluded her. “Take me,” she pleaded, struggling to free her wrists from Devlin’s iron grip. “Please. I can’t stand it.”

  Devlin centered his attention on her clit, working the saturated fabric of her panties into the swollen nub. He took her higher, higher. Jake’s arm moved faster, faster. Over the sound of the helicopter blades, she could scarcely hear the repetitive beat of Jake’s hand sliding over the flesh of Devlin’s cock.

  “You wanna come in my hand, Dev?” Jake asked.

  He shook his head. “No,” he said breathlessly.

  “Where do you want to come?”


  “In her mouth?”

  Yes, she thought.

  “No,” Devlin said.

  “On her tits?”

  “Inside her.” Devlin released her wrist and reached under his body to grab something. “Stop,” he demanded and the motion of Jake’s arm halted.

  “Sir, we’ll be landing soon,” the pilot’s voice came through an intercom somewhere in the cabin.

  “What does that mean?” Jake asked, glancing around as if he just remembered where he was. Michelle knew the feeling. She was delirious with pleasure. Unfortunately, she hadn’t quite attained orgasm yet.

  “Devlin?” she pleaded for release.

  “We have to strap into our seats,” Devlin said.

  Jake leapt into his seat and started fastening his harness as if the pilot had said we’ll be crashing soon.

  Devlin kissed the inside of Michelle’s thigh and drew the skirt of her dress down as he pulled away. “I promise I’ll make it up to you,” he said. “Soon.”

  “You’re as bad as Jake,” she said. “Get me all worked up and leave me hanging.”

  “Is that what he was doing to you in those bushes?” He glanced at Jake and shook his head at him. “You are rather sadistic, aren’t you?”

  Jake grinned. “Maybe a little.”

  Devlin moved to the chair across from Michelle and tucked the biggest, most gorgeous cock she’d ever seen back into his pants. Of course as turned on as she was at the moment, she was probably a tad partial. Devlin zipped his fly and fastened his harness.

  “I think we’ll start the tour of my estate in the bedroom,” he said and shifted the bulge in his pants to one side with a wince of pain.

  Thank God, Michelle thought and squirmed in her plush leather seat.

  Chapter Ten

  Jake couldn’t decide who he wanted to fuck more—Michelle or Dev. He would have to have both of them by the end of the night. No doubt about it.

  His stomach lurched as the helicopter descended at a dizzying rate. He gripped his thighs, not wanting to look like a pussy, but dear lord, he was not a fan of helicopter travel. He caught sight of a sprawling mansion perched atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The exterior lights set the place aglow, but the inside of the house was dark. Dev really was doing quite well for himself. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer—or sexier—guy.

  Jake glanced at Michelle, who was looking at that nice, sexy guy like she had raging PMS and Dev was the only piece of chocolate around for a hundred miles. She obviously wanted to consume him as much as Jake did. When Dev had started eating her out through her panties, Jake had been unable to keep his hands to himself. He could still remember the feel the solid length of Dev’s cock against his palm. The drop of precum that had seeped from Dev’s tip when Jake had asked him where he wanted to come had completely undone him. While Jake usually preferred women, he had fooled around with a couple of men in his past and his attraction to Dev was impossible to ignore. He hoped Michelle wasn’t against sharing. He wanted more than a piece of Dev. He wanted to devour him whole.

  The chopper touched down smoothly and he and Michelle looked to Dev for direction. He unfastened his harness and the two of them followed his lead. The scream of the engine died slowly as it shut down. A moment later the door was opened from the outside and Dev climbed down the steps to the cement landing pad. He took Michelle’s hand and helped her descend out of the chopper. Jake followed, resisting the urge to kiss the solid ground beneath his feet.

  “Thanks, Jim. We’ll see you in the morning,” Devlin said.

  Which meant Jake would have to endure another ride in that flying death trap. Now wasn’t that just fantastic?

  The pilot nodded, tucked the steps out of sight and closed the door. The helicopter’s engine started up again and the craft lifted off the ground before they’d made it all the way down the pathway toward the house. Michelle’s skirt danced around her legs and her long hair blew into Jake’s face as the chopper whirred away.

  “So we’re trapped here until morning?” Michelle asked.

  “Of course not,” Dev said. “You can always jump from the cliff and swim.”

  She lifted an eyebrow at him.

  “Or you could borrow one of my cars and head in that direction.” He pointed away from the cliffs toward the mainland.”

  “Do you want to escape?” Jake asked.

  “Not at all,” she said. “Just asking.”

  “Good,” Jake said, and turned his attention to Dev. “So where’s this bedroom you wanted to show us?”

  Dev nodded toward the house. “Third floor,” he said.

  “Third floor? Christ, I’m not sure I’ll make it that far,” Jake said. He wasn’t joking. “Who needs a bedroom when you have a perfectly good foyer?”

  Dev chuckled. “You’re not the patient type, are you?”

  “Not really. No.”

  “The bedroom will be more comfortable for Michelle,” he said and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, before placing a kiss at her temple.

  Something tugged at Jake’s heart at Dev’s show of affection. Jealousy? Nah, that was stupid. He was just horny. He just needed to put his dick into something and soon. But he couldn’t help but
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