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         Part #3 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 44

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “What are you doing?” Jace asked.

  “Her ass is lonely, Jace. Look at her. She likes it. She wants it. ”

  She did, but only if Jace was okay with it. Eric slid a second finger into her ass, and she shuddered.

  “Do you like that?” Jace asked.

  She bit her lip and nodded slightly.

  “Okay, then. ”

  Eric shifted, and his fingers slid deeper.

  “Oh God,” Aggie groaned, grinding against Eric’s hand and Jace’s cock.

  “I’m on it,” Eric said.

  He pulled his fingers out and moved to sit behind her. He straddled Jace’s legs, sliding right up against Aggie’s back. Eric took a moment to apply a condom and then she felt his cock against her ass. Slippery fingers lubricated her passage, and then he pressed the head of his cock inside her back entrance. She sucked a breath through her teeth. Eric grabbed her hips and pulled her downward. Her body strained to accept two cocks deep inside her. Full. Oh God, so full. She couldn’t breathe.

  Jace sat up, and she sank lower. She cried out, shuddering uncontrollably.

  “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Jace growled at Eric over her shoulder.

  “Sharing?” Eric tried.

  Aggie lifted her hips a bit, and their cocks slid out slightly. Even that little friction had her completely overwhelmed. “Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. ”

  “She is totally getting off,” Eric said. “Just go with it. ”

  “Your balls are touching mine,” Jace said between clenched teeth.

  “What’s a little sac connection between friends?”

  Jace hesitated. “Aggie?”

  “Too much,” she gasped.

  “You heard her, Eric. Pull out. ”

  “You guys are killing me,” Eric said.

  “Deal with it. ”

  Eric huffed, but backed out. Aggie exhaled in relief. Jace’s thick girth was more than enough for her, but she had enjoyed Eric’s long, thin fingers.

  “What do you need to get off, baby?” Jace asked her.

  “Honestly, Jace, I just need you,” she whispered, “but his fingers felt amazing. ”

  Jace and Eric exchanged glances over her shoulder. A few seconds later, fingers massaged her back opening in a firm circular motion. She groaned and ground her hips, hoping to coax one of those fingers inside. She held Jace’s face between her breasts and kissed the top of his head, love welling up into her chest, her throat, her eyes. Her feelings for him were so strong that she thought they might suffocate her. Her Jace. So selfless. So giving. Oh, how she loved him.

  When she released her hold, Jace dropped back on the bed and shifted his hips so she could ride him. She rose and fell over him, driving him deep and watching his face as they shared pleasure. Eyes closed, he bit his lip and gave her total control. Aggie’s gaze moved to the cuff on his wrist. She unsnapped the wide bracelet and lifted his bare wrist to her lips, kissing the scars there. His eyes flipped open. I love you, she mouthed as she continued to kiss his wrist. He watched her as if fascinated. His slight smile brightened with each stroke of her lips.

  “I’m getting bored back here,” Eric said.

  Jace stiffened as if he’d forgotten Eric was still present. Aggie chuckled.

  “Then maybe you should leave,” Jace said.

  “If Aggie would just lean forward a bit, I could see better. ” Eric placed a hand on the center of her back and pushed until he was satisfied with her position. “That’s better. ” Eric’s fingers slipped inside her ass and pressed deep.

  “Oh!” Her eyelids fluttered as attainment of release became her goal. Jace moved both hands to hold her breasts as she rode him harder and faster. He plucked at her nipples until she thought she’d go mad.

  “That’s it,” Eric said. “Fuck him, Aggie. ”

  She could hear Eric stroking himself behind her. She found herself moving to match his rhythm. Jace’s back arched unexpectedly, lifting his hips off the bed and driving himself deep into Aggie’s body. His eyes squeezed shut as he called out in bliss.

  “Jace lost,” Eric said. “He came first. ” He sucked a breath through his teeth. “I’m about to join him. ”

  “If you come on me, I will kill you,” Jace said to Eric.

  He didn’t come on Jace. He came on Aggie’s ass. She felt his fluids hit her skin—warm and thick. “God, that’s hot,” Eric groaned and rubbed the head of his cock in his cum to spread it over her skin.

  “You really need to find yourself a woman,” she said. “Preferably a porn star. ”

  “I’d rather share you with little man. ”

  “Not sure why we let you participate,” Jace grumbled. “I satisfy her better on my own. ”

  Eric flopped down on the bed beside Jace. “Because I’m your best buddy, and you don’t want me to die from a giant case of blue balls?”

  “I don’t think that’s fatal,” Aggie said.

  “Have you ever had blue balls?” Eric asked.

  She grinned and flipped her gaze to the ceiling. “Well…”

  “They’re not just for Smurfs. ”

  Jace laughed and reached up to tug Aggie down against his chest to cuddle her against him. “Wouldn’t that be a constant condition for them?”

  “Poor little guys,” Eric said with a troubled scowl.

  “That probably has more to do with them only having one female in their species, more than their skin color,” Jace said.

  Eric laughed.

  “I bet Smurfette gets a lot of UTIs,” Aggie said.

  Eric guffawed until Aggie thought he was going to pass out from lack of air. After several minutes, he wiped the tears from his eyes, still chuckling sporadically. “You guys kill me. ”

  Aggie snuggled closer to Jace’s chest. Did he see it now? How much he meant to Eric?

  Eric stretched his arms over his head and yawned. “I could go for a nap. Are you going to finish her on your own? I don’t have the energy. Haven’t been getting enough sleep. ”

  Jace rolled his eyes and shook his head. “You’re worthless. ”

  “Maybe,” Eric said, “but at least I don’t have a daisy tattooed on the top of my foot. ”

  “Ass. ” Jace punched him in the arm and received a retaliating blow in return.

  Aggie just grinned. Watching Jace’s walls crumble was the greatest gift he could give her.

  Chapter 35

  Jace removed his sling and stretched his injured arm above his head. There was barely any pain now, but his strength had diminished significantly since he’d been wearing the damned thing. It was time to become proactive in his recovery so he could get back in the show. Screw Jon. This was Jace’s band now. He was fucking sick of taking the backseat, not pursuing what he wanted, worrying about how everyone else felt. Jace left the tour bus and went to find Sed in the back of the equipment truck. Sed could usually be found there lifting weights, especially when he was sexually frustrated. Since he hadn’t seen his fiancée in almost a month, he was bulking up like a Mr. Olympian contestant.

  Jace climbed into the back of the truck. Though it was chilly outside, the air inside was stifling, thick, and moist. It smelled like an unwashed gym sock. Sed was bench-pressing twice Jace’s weight, his bulging muscles straining against his skin.

  Jace moved to stand at Sed’s head and peered down at his red, sweaty face. “Need a spotter?”

  Sed lifted an eyebrow, but instead of pointing out that Jace would make a piss-poor spotter, he nodded. “Sure. ”

  Jace watched Sed do a couple of reps, hoping to God he never actually needed a spotter. With one useless arm, there was no way Jace could possibly hold that much weight, much less lift it off Sed’s chest.

  “Did you come in here for a reason?” Sed asked.

  Jace shrugged.

  “Hiding from your chick or

  “Nah, she’s an angel. ”


  “Nope. We’re cool. ” For once.

  Sed grunted and lifted the metal bar to rest on the bench’s stand. The truck rocked slightly with the shift in weight. Sed sat up and wiped his face on a towel. “Got a problem?”

  “Kinda. I need to build up the strength in my arm. It’s about healed, but…” He shrugged.

  “Aren’t you supposed to wear that sling for two more weeks?” Sed acted more like his father than Jace’s actual father ever had. Jace had always found it comforting. He never wanted to let this guy down.

  Jace ducked his head, disappointment sinking low in his chest. “Yeah. ”

  Jace turned to leave the truck, but Sed caught him by the back of his shirt. “Let’s see it. ”

  He hesitated and then pulled his shirt off his arms and let it hang around his neck. The puckered skin of the scar on his upper arm looked a little less angry every day. He needed a mirror to see the one on the back of his shoulder, but it had healed shut as well. They no longer required bandages. The problem wasn’t the wounds though. It was the loss of muscle mass from wearing that sling so long. Jace could see the difference in the size of his two arms, and apparently, so could Sed. He poked Jace’s right biceps.

  “You should start out pretty light and build up to heavier stuff. We’ll get you evened out, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself by rushing this. We’ve got Jon until you’re better. ”

  Jace pulled his shirt back in place, embarrassed by his puny arm in the company of ripped-beyond-belief Sed. “That’s why I’m ready to get stronger. Now. ” Jace lifted his head, forcing his gaze not to waver. “I don’t want Jon to take my place anymore. ”

  Sed smiled, which always made him look less tough and reminded Jace that Sed really was a nice guy and genuinely cared about people. “I guess it would be boring to be stuck on the tour bus for a month and not get to be onstage. We’ll get you back out there soon. ”

  “I never wanted Jon to take my place,” Jace clarified.

  Sed scratched his head, looking perplexed. “But you wouldn’t have been able to play a month ago. We would have had to cancel tour dates. ”

  Jace’s heart thudded. He knew his next words would make his feelings perfectly clear, and he had no idea how Sed would respond. Jace expected him to tell him to get lost. Permanently. “You did it for Trey. ”

  “But there was no one readily available to take Trey’s place like there was with you. ” A look of realization crossed Sed’s face. “Oh. ” Sed blushed. Jace didn’t know that Sed was capable of blushing. “If you felt that way, dipshit, why didn’t you say something sooner?”

  Jace rubbed the hoop in his earlobe. “It’s selfish of me to feel that way. ”

  “So what. We’re not going to know how you feel about stuff unless you tell us. It doesn’t mean it will change our decisions, but at least we’ll understand where you’re coming from. You’re part of this band, too, you know?”

  Sed hadn’t told him to get lost. He had sort of chastised him though. Jace soaked it up like a sponge.

  “I want back onstage as soon as I can get my strength up,” Jace said, “but I don’t want to suck. I want to play properly. I know I’m not ready for a full show yet. Maybe I can play half of the next show. A few songs at least. ”

  “Whatever you think you can handle. ” Sed went to a rack of hand weights and lifted a set of fifteen-pounders. He handed them to Jace and selected forty-pound weights for himself. “Let’s get busy then. ”

  Sed put him through the ringer with repetition after repetition. The weight was far too light for Jace’s left arm, but he struggled to lift even fifteen pounds with his right. He’d never let Sed know that though. He worked until his muscles refused to contract.
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