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         Part #2 of One Night with Sole Regret series by Olivia Cunning
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  He opened his eyes, expecting her to be flushed with pleasure, but found her chewing on the end of her finger, looking uncertain.

  “Relax, sweetheart,” he whispered, his hands sliding over her hips, thumbs drawing upward along her hip bones.

  He thrust deeper and glanced down to watch her hot sheath swallow his cock. His balls tightened. Fuck, he wouldn't last long. He wasn't sure what was about her that shredded his usual control.

  Adam pulled back and plunged deeper, watching her body accept him. He loved how her flesh adjusted to his. Relished how her body was designed to give his ultimate pleasure. He wanted her to feel as much as she gave. Adam rubbed his fingertips over her clit to help her find release quickly. Later he'd tease her. Touch her. Please her. Later. Now, now he just had to fuck her. As he withdrew again, his cock, slick with her juices, was revealed an inch at a time, and then her pussy engulfed it as he thrust forward again.

  Madison grabbed one of the chains Adam wore around his neck and pulled. “Adam!” she cried.

  He tore his gaze from where their bodies were joined in splendid perfection. She wasn't looking at him; her horrified blue eyes were focused on the side window. “He can see us.”

  They were stopped in traffic. The driver in the next car was staring straight at them. Adam knew there was no way the man could see through the dark tint on the limo’s glass. “He can't see us, sweetheart.”

  “Are you sure?”

  Adam presented the dude with a stiff middle finger. The guy's curious expression didn't change. “I'm sure,” Adam said.

  She turned her head to look at him.

  “You're not comfortable doing it here, are you?” he asked.

  “It’s just . . . I feel really exposed. Everything is showing out here in public.”

  He didn’t consider this public, but he didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. He knew she had issue with public displays of affection. She probably didn’t want pictures of her getting intimate with a guy like him showing up in the tabloids. He couldn’t blame her. But when they were alone together—even in a place like a locked restroom in an Italian restaurant—all that shyness vanished. She became an uninhibited, sensual creature who wanted to experience everything he gave her. Must be the windows giving her pause. Even though no one could see in, she could see out.

  “Baby, I promise no one can see in through those windows.”

  “Maybe if . . . ” She pulled her skirt down to hide the spectacular view he'd been enjoying.

  He tugged the fabric back up. “Careful, Madi. You'll get cum on your dress.”

  Her eyes widened. “Oh.”

  She pushed him away. He groaned when his cock fell free of her delightful body.

  “Sit,” she insisted, patting the bench seat beside her.

  He wondered what she planned. He hoped she wouldn't make him put his dick away. It was so hard, he feared it might split its skin. When he settled on the seat beside her, she straddled his lap, facing him.

  “Put it in,” she whispered in his ear. “No one will be able to see that you’re inside me under my skirt.”

  Including him, un-fucking-fortunately. He wasn’t stupid enough to point out that even if a spectator couldn’t actually see that she was impaled by him, they’d still be able to tell what they were doing under her dress. But if she was more comfortable doing it this way, he'd take what he could get. He could watch the action between their bodies after the concert, when they were alone in the hotel room and she gave herself to him completely.

  “Can I fuck your ass later?” he asked as her slick heat engulfed him. He loved the way she responded to being pounded hard in the ass. He was pretty sure she liked anal more than vaginal sex. It makes me feel naughty, she’d whispered to him when he’d asked her why she kept requesting back-door entry. Make me feel naughty, Adam.

  Can do.

  Madison shuddered against him, his cock buried to the hilt inside her. “Don't talk about that now,” she pleaded. “When you talk about it, it makes me want it and we can't do that here.”

  “What else makes you want it, baby? What about when we talk dirty on the phone?” he asked. “When I call just to tell you all the dirty things I want to do to you? Tell you how much I love to ram my cock into your hot little ass until you beg for more?” He knew the answer; he just liked to see her flustered. It turned him on. Just like everything about her turned him on. The fastest way to get her flustered was to talk dirty and try to get her to respond.

  “After you hang up, I get into my bed and hide under the covers,” she whispered in his ear. Her face burned hot against his.

  “Naked?” he asked. When she didn’t answer, he pressed her. “Do you get naked under the covers, Madison? Tell me.”

  She shook her head. “With my panties down.”

  “Do you use the toy I bought you on yourself? Do you fuck your ass hard with it?” He remembered when he’d given her that toy and made her use it on herself while he’d watched. She’d been embarrassed at first and then she’d really gotten into it. Given it to herself so good that he’d come all over himself just watching her.

  “No,” she said close to his ear. “I ordered a bigger toy. The little one you bought me isn’t thick enough, not like your cock.”

  “Do you like a big, hard cock in your ass, Madison?”

  She shuddered as if the thought had her close to orgasm. She nodded against his face. “Oh yes. I love your big, hard cock in my ass. None of those toys feel half as good as when you take me. You fuck it so good. So hard. Until I ache deep inside.” She groaned. “Oh God, Adam, I want you in there now.”

  Damn, she made him hot. “Later. I promise.” He burrowed his face against her neck, his hands tangled in her skirt. “You have to move, baby. I need to come inside you. If I don’t soon, I’ll die.”

  She kissed his cheek. “You’re sure no one can see us in here.” She checked the traffic out the back window.

  “I’m sure.”

  She began to move. She rose and fell over his lap, caressing the entire length of his over-sensitized cock with her slick warmth. Made for him. Her body had to have been made just for him. She fit him so right. Felt so good. Adam wanted to look at her, touch her, taste her, but all he could do was cling to the crumpled dress at her hips and revel in the pleasure rippling through his flesh.

  “Oh, Adam,” she whispered breathlessly. “Feels amazing.” She moved faster, burying him deep, riding him as hard as she could. Churning her hips. Working him inside her. Driving him mad with pleasure. He gripped her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to torment her. She grabbed his hair, fisting it in both hands. “God, yes. Finger my ass.”



  He inched his fingers closer to her back opening, and she squirmed. She rose and fell over him faster. Faster. Grinding her clit against him each time she sank. His pleasure built. His heart raced. He fought release, wanting her to find her orgasm before he surrendered to bliss. He knew slipping a finger in her ass would make her come. It always did.

  His fingers inched closer to where she wanted them.

  “Yes, Adam,” she panted. “I need it.”

  The instant his fingertip brushed her empty hole, her entire body went rigid, arching backward. He moved his arms around her back so she wouldn’t fall and hit her head on the console behind her. Her hot, tight pussy clenched hard on his cock in sucking spasms as she cried out in ecstasy. Adam was so consumed by his own pleasure that he couldn’t force his eyes open to watch her expressions as she came. She made the sexiest faces when caught in the throes of an orgasm. Later. He’d watch her come later. Now, now he let go, calling her name as his seed erupted inside her. Each pulse of release drew a hard shudder from his entire body. Fuck, she always made him come so hard. He was so glad he didn’t have to wear a condom with her anymore. So glad she’d trusted him when he’d promised to keep her safe. He would never break that trust, because being inside her sent him soaring—body and soul
. There was nothing as thrilling as pumping his cum into her receptive little body.

  Madison went limp, and she collapsed against his chest. Her hot, rapid breaths stirred the hairs along his neck. He inhaled her scent—a mix of sweet lilies and sex and Madison. God, he’d missed her.

  The limo lurched to a sudden halt, sending them both tumbling to the floor. Adam landed on top of Madison between the seat and the wet bar. He instinctively cradled her in both arms.

  “Sorry,” Adam said. “Are you okay?” He kissed her collarbone gently.

  “I think so. You’re on my leg.”

  Adam shifted so she could free her leg and then struggled to rise from the floorboard. Still laboring for breath, Madison tugged him closer and buried her face against his neck. “Wait,” she said, holding him tightly, “don’t move yet. I need this part.”

  He relaxed and let her hold him. He’d never admit to her how much he needed this part too.

  A cacophony of loud slaps came from outside the car, followed by the excited yells of what had to be fans.

  His alone time with Madison had come to an end. For now. But later? Later he had a blow-your-mind agenda in store for her.

  Adam kissed Madison’s flushed cheeks and helped her find her panties. She struggled into them hurriedly and located her boots under the rear-facing seat.

  “Rock star hazard,” he joked as the crowd outside became even louder.

  As hands and faces pressed against the windows from outside, Madison shrank against the corner of the seat. Adam rearranged his clothes and fastened his pants. “I’ll go talk to them for a few minutes. You stay here and hide.”

  She lowered her gaze to her hands, which were clutched together in her lap. He touched her smooth cheek with the backs of his knuckles. “We’ll continue this later,” he promised. “I’ll fuck you so hard in the ass you won’t be able to walk. Would you like that?”

  She bit her lip and nodded.

  He moved to the seat closest to the passenger-side window and rolled it down a crack. “Hey,” he said to the crowd surrounding the car. The limo was outside the arena now, so the crowd had guessed someone famous was inside the car. “Are you here to see Sole Regret?”

  “Oh my God, it’s Adam Taylor,” someone yelled.

  The small crowd became huge. Safely locked inside the car, Adam shook hands and signed autographs through the open window. He was glad that no one noticed Madison hiding in the shadows across from him. He tried not to draw attention to her, but her troubled expression as she stared at her hands baffled him. He had to force himself not to ask what was wrong. She wouldn’t want everyone surrounding the car to know that she was with him. He had to protect her reputation. Any woman caught with him was automatically branded a slut, and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if she got hurt because he’d been born an asshole.

  Chapter Six

  Inside the stadium, Madison stood among the stage equipment and watched Adam work with the sound technician. There was too much feedback in the amps, so it was taking much longer than expected for them to get the equipment ready for the show. A heavy black curtain blocked the fans’ view of the stage, but they were already filtering into the arena for the opening acts. They must have recognized that Adam was the hidden guitarist, however, because every time he played a string of notes, they erupted in spontaneous cheers. Madison sometimes forgot he was famous. Not necessarily when they had sex in a limo—who did that besides famous people, horny newlyweds and the occasional prom couple—or when said limo was mobbed by fans and twenty-five security guards had to be called out to control the crowd, but these reminders made her feel even more conflicted about the status of her relationship with Adam.

  In the limo, he’d made sure she’d stayed hidden from the crowd, obviously not wanting them to know she was with him. When they’d dashed from the limo to the back door of the arena, he’d made her cover her head with some security guard’s jacket. Madison’s pride had taken a beating because he hadn’t publicly claimed that they were together, but she couldn’t really blame him. He could have any woman he wanted—certainly more glamorous, sexier and richer women than Madison ever aspired to be. Why would he ever give that up for her? She knew he liked her. Knew they were compatible sexually and that they enjoyed each other’s company. But she also knew the minute she started making demands on his time and required him to be true to her, he'd be gone. Maybe if she’d been a supermodel or a famous actress, he’d consider admitting they were involved. But she was just ordinary Madison Fairbanks, with ordinary aspirations and ordinary looks and an ordinary life. She’d never be enough for him.

  Even so, how much longer could she remain in a relationship where she was the only monogamous partner? Maybe she'd feel better if she found another man to dally with in Adam's absence. She rejected the idea as soon as it occurred to her. She had no interest in other men. No other man made her burn and ache and long and . . . love. She’d have to be completely over him before she’d spread her legs for anyone but her unattainable rock god.

  “Are you waiting for Adam?” Owen, the band's bassist, asked. She hadn't realized he was standing beside her.

  Her gaze automatically dropped to his crotch, as if he'd have his pierced cock hanging out for her to gape at. She really wished she didn't know about that bit of hidden jewelry.

  “Um . . . ” She huffed, exasperated by her crude behavior, and lifted her eyes to his. They were a pretty blue, which went well with his handsome face, and lightly gelled brown hair. “Yeah. He didn't figure it would take this long.” Otherwise he probably would’ve hidden her in a storage room with a bag over her head or made her wait for him at the hotel by herself.

  “Some roadie knocked over a bunch of amps when they were unloading the truck this afternoon. They can't figure out which one was damaged. They sound fine individually, but when they're all connected to the soundboard, it picks up feedback.”


  Owen chuckled. “Like you care.”

  “It's interesting,” she said. “I don't know much about music.”

  “Just how to keep a guitarist captivated.” Owen nudged her in the ribs with his elbow.

  She felt her face flame. “Not really.”

  “He likes you, you know. I've known him for almost ten years. He's never been interested in the same woman for more than a few weeks. How long have you two been seeing each other?”

  “A year.” She shook her head, because that made it sound as if he was serious about her. “But we don't see each other often.”

  “He never misses the chance to see you when he can. He’s busy, right?”

  “He does call when he's in town.” And late at night when he wants to talk dirty.

  “Yep, he likes you. But I have to warn you.”

  “Warn me?”

  Owen nodded. “Don't pressure him.”

  “So it’s not a good idea to force him to pledge his ever-lasting love and commit to me alone?” She was half-joking and half wanted to know the answer.

  “No,” he said, drawing out the syllable for an indecent length of time. “He’d break it off with you if you even suggest it. It’s how he rolls.”

  “I was afraid of that. I hate that he has so many other women.”

  “So don't think about him with them.”

  Madison’s heart twisted. She bit her lip to stop its trembling. Owen had basically confirmed her suspicions: Adam slept around on her. She'd known he did, but she'd been doing a pretty good job of pretending he was hers alone. Something hot streaked from the corner of her eye. She dashed the annoying tear away and concentrated on breathing regularly. She didn't want to burst into racking sobs in front of Owen. That would prove that she didn't have what it took to be a rock star's girlfriend. Because frankly, she didn’t.

  “Oh shit, don’t look so sad, sweetie,” he said, patting her back. “Just remember those chicks don't mean anything to him.”

  “So why does he bother sleeping with them?” she said mu
ch louder than she'd intended.

  Owen shrugged and scratched his head. “Convenience?”

  And that's all she was to Adam too. His convenience stationed in Dallas, Texas. “Excuse me,” she said. “I need to use the restroom.” So I don't bawl my eyes out in public. She couldn’t do this anymore. It didn’t matter how much she loved him if he didn’t love her in return. A one-sided love affair would never be enough for her. Not even with Adam Taylor.

  “Sure,” Owen said, his attention already diverting to someone else.

  Madison was allowed to navigate the backstage area without interference. Both security and the crew recognized her. A few even offered her a friendly nod in greeting, which was baffling. Didn’t they realize she wasn’t famous enough to be here?

  She found a restroom and locked herself in an empty stall. She didn't let herself crumble, only allowed a few tears to fall. She didn't want anyone to know she'd even considered crying. Maybe if she'd been interested in Adam because he was legendary, this would be easier, but she didn't love him because he was a rock star. She loved him despite it. Before she'd been introduced to the band and interacted with the scene that surrounded his professional life, she'd thought of music as Adam's job. But it was more than that. Music was his life. And she didn't fit in that life.

  It was different when they were alone together. During those moments, she felt connected to him, a part of him, and felt he was a part of her, but here, surrounded by the crew and the band and the fans and the press and the hundreds of other people who were necessary to help run Adam's career, she knew their relationship was an illusion. There was no way for them to be together in a normal capacity. She didn't even know if he remembered what normal
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