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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 33

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Something romantic. ”

  “Then nothing Sinners,” he said, laughing. He continued to possess her with a consistent and relentless tempo.

  “‘G-good-bye Is Not Forever’ is…oh, oh, I’m getting close again. Harder, Sed. ”

  “Nope. This is all you get. ” He sang to her though as he kept the same slow pace, his balls rubbing her clit, his cock filling her deep.

  “Tomorrow was my second chance to make things right but it never came. I’m sorry I never treasured the time we had for those regrets I take the blame. You gave everything you had. I took without giving back. ” Sed paused in his song, feeling ridiculous for singing it to her while they made love. “Baby, you realize this song is about Trey’s dead dog, don’t you?”

  “I don’t care. Sing it. I’m so close. I can picture you up on stage. You’re so hot when you command an audience of ten thousand. ”

  “Fifteen thousand,” he corrected.

  “Yeah. Don’t stop singing. Sing something else if you’d like. ”

  Actually, he’d written a song just for her a couple of years ago. Dare he put his heart on the line and sing it to her now? Why not? “When I first realized that—”

  “Oh Sed, put your finger in my ass, please. I feel so empty there. ”

  “If I let go of your legs, you’ll fall on your head. ”

  She shifted, supporting her entire weight on one hand so she could rub her finger over her anus in a circular motion. “Ungh, I’m gonna come. I’m gonna…” He watched her slide her finger deep inside her back entrance and almost followed her into orgasm as she cried out. She thrust her finger in and out of her ass while her pussy clenched around his cock.

  “Damn that’s sexy, baby. Does it feel good?”

  Her answer was a hoarse cry. She wriggled her finger inside until she stopped shuddering and then pulled it out, redistributing her weight on both hands again. He eased out of her body and she did a somersault off the bed, landing gracefully on her back on the carpeted floor.

  He climbed from the bed and tumbled her beneath him, kissing her skin tenderly from her lips to her breast. He drew her nipple into his mouth and sucked gently. She sighed, her fingers stroking his hair.

  He loved her so much. Was she ready to hear it yet? He feared she’d leave if he brought it up.

  “I’m completely satisfied,” she murmured. “You can let go inside me. ”

  He lifted his head to look down at her. “You sure?”

  She nodded and spread her legs for him. He slid inside her again with no intention of letting go. This one would make five. She had six more orgasms to go. She worked him as he thrust into her, using those amazing muscles inside her body that thrilled his cock like nothing else. She succumbed to the maddening delight first, however, and shuddered beneath him sometime later.

  “You’re still holding back?” she whispered, her eyelids heavy with spent desire.

  “I’m not trying to,” he lied. “Let’s try the love seat. ”

  He bent her over the back of the piece of furniture and thrust his fingers into her ass as he pounded his cock into her pussy. She didn’t last five minutes that way. As her sixth orgasm rippled through her, Sed grinned to himself. God, he loved this woman.

  “You still didn’t come?” she gasped, as he led her out of the bedroom and into the loft.

  “Maybe with you on top. ” He settled into his wide and comfortable recliner and she climbed on his lap. She turned on the chair’s vibration, which felt wonderful on his tired muscles. Fucking her properly was hard work, but the rewards were well worth the effort. She sank down on his cock.

  He’d never felt her work so hard at pleasing him. Her pussy tugged at him relentlessly as she concentrated on making him come. Since she was in charge, he could lean back and count backwards from a thousand. He kept losing his place and gasping in bliss. The woman was determined to succeed. He slid a hand between their bodies and stroked her clit while she rose and fell.

  “You’re going to make me come again,” she complained.

  “We should come together,” he murmured.

  “Yeah,” she agreed. “You’ll know when. ”

  But when she shuddered with release, he still held back.

  “I don’t understand,” she whispered, almost in tears. “Doesn’t it feel good, Sed? Don’t you like it?”

  He hadn’t meant to upset her. “That was seven,” he told her, stroking her hair from her face. “You get ten before I get one. ”

  “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m exhausted. ”

  “Then just lie there. ”


  “On the pool table. ”

  He used his fingers and mouth to drive her to her eighth orgasm as she writhed on the green felt of his pool table. He then led her out onto the balcony.

  “Someone will see,” she protested as he pressed her naked body up against the railing.

  “We’re on the top floor. No one can see us. ”

  He cuddled up against her back and entered her from behind. He suckled her neck and rubbed his hands over her perfect breasts, her flat belly, the flair of her hips. They watched the sun set into the ocean as they mated to the rhythm of the waves. It was twilight before she found release again.

  “One more?” she whispered, obviously exhausted.

  “Yeah. The hot tub should be nice and warm. ” He was glad he’d thought to turn it on before she’d arrived.

  They entered the huge tub and she climbed on his lap, facing him. His dick felt so abused at this point he wasn’t sure if he could come at all. She found energy somewhere and rose and fell over his lap, tightening around him, relaxing. He let himself feel it this time. Let the urgency build. No holding back. Well, a little.

  “Are you close again, baby?” he asked, forcing his eyes open marginally.

  She was utterly stunning, her skin wet and rosy, her breasts rising above and sinking below the water as she rode him. “Yeah. I’m gonna come again. ” She bit her lip and twisted her hips. His entire cock throbbed from swollen head to parts unseen within his body.

  “Good. Good. Oh. ” Release caught him by surprise, his seed erupting from him like a raging volcano. It pumped into her body, the spasms intense, the pleasure incredible. He gasped, still spurting, still filling her body, still blinded by bliss. “Jessica. Oh God, Jessica. ” He couldn’t breathe. Could only come and come and come. Even after his cum was spent, his muscles continued to contract at the base of his cock. He grabbed her ass and held her down, groaning in some abyss between ecstasy and agony. When it finally subsided, he took a deep breath and collapsed against the edge of the hot tub.

  “Did you come again?” he asked her. He’d been too caught up in his own pleasure to pay attention to her reactions.

  “Nine orgasms is plenty, Sed,” she murmured, cuddling against his chest.

  He wrapped an arm around her loosely, drawing her closer. He draped his other arm over his eyes. “Well, next time then. ”

  “Yeah, next time. ” Beneath the water, her fingers gently stroked the skin over his ribs. She kissed his collarbone. If she was half as exhausted as he was, she simply lacked the energy to find his mouth. They sat there for a long time, their bodies still intertwined in the roiling hot water, trying to regain their bearings.

  “Did you miss me, baby? Is that why you called begging for a place to stay?” Sed murmured, his brain obviously not functioning.

  Jessica stiffened, moved from his lap, and started to climb from the hot tub.

  He opened his eyes to look at her. “Jess, where are you going?”

  The look she gave him might just freeze the steaming water around him.

  “I didn’t call begging for a place to stay,” she sputtered.

  Her slick, wet skin begged for his touch as she hauled herself out of the hot tub and darted into the apartment thro
ugh the open glass doors. He sighed loudly and forced himself to stand, water pouring from his body in torrents. He hadn’t meant it that way. Would he ever get this right with her? He honestly didn’t know how and it frustrated him to no end.

  Sed stumbled his way back into the house. When he found her in the bedroom, she was already halfway dressed. Her clothes clung to her wet body, but she couldn’t seem to get away fast enough.

  “Jess, don’t go. I didn’t mean you actually begged. It came out wrong. I’m glad you’re here. ” He had to convince her to stay. Whatever it took. The was no way in hell he was letting her walk away from him twice in one day.

  “I’m going to my mother’s. ” She slipped into her sandals and slung her bag over her shoulder.

  “You’d rather stay with sicko Ed than here with me?” He couldn’t believe she was willing to go anywhere near her perverted stepfather.

  The blood drained from Jessica’s face and she covered her stomach with one hand. “Don’t do that to me,” she said. “Don’t make me feel trapped here. ”

  If that’s what it took, he’d do it. “Your mother is still married to the guy, isn’t she?”

  Jessica nodded, her bag sliding from her shoulder to the crook of her elbow.

  “I bet he climbs into your bed naked while you’re not there. Rubs his body between your sheets. Makes out with your pillow. Plays with himself while he thinks of you and comes all over your mattress. ”

  “Shut up!”

  “Enjoy your family reunion. ” He headed to the bathroom for a towel.

  She followed him. “You’re such an asshole. You’ll do anything to get your way, won’t you?”

  “I’m not sure why you’re leaving. I said I didn’t mean it that way. But go ahead. Leave. ” He wasn’t sure what he’d do if she actually left. Groveling came to mind. So did physical restraint. “I’m sure I can find someone to keep me entertained until the band goes back on tour. ” Lying worked okay sometimes, but he knew her reluctance to go home was his best bet. “And I know your mom and Ed will be happy to see you. ”

  Her bag dropped to the floor. She looked physically ill. “I’ll stay, but I’m sleeping in your guest room and as soon as Myrna pays me, I’ll have rent money for you. ”

  Heh, I win. “I don’t want your money, Jessica. If you insist on compensating me, just suck my cock twice a day,” he teased.

  He reached for her, but she took a step back. She lifted an eyebrow at him, her nostrils flared. “Just when I start to think you’re not the biggest asshole on the planet, you go and ruin it by opening your mouth. ”

  Well, shit. Now what had he said wrong?

  Chapter 25

  Sed clasped Eric’s hand and clapped him on the back. “Did you bring it?”

  “Yep. ” Eric handed Sed a huge stack of guitar music. Music Brian had written while making love to Myrna. The sheer quantity was overwhelming. The quality? Perfection.

  “Awesome,” Sed said. “I invited Jace, by the way. ”

  Eric rolled his eyes. “Why?”

  “Uh, he’s our bassist. ” Sed shifted the stack of music under one arm and stepped further into the condo, ushering Eric inside. “He’s already in the studio. ”

  “If he annoys me, you have to send him home. I can’t compose when I’m annoyed. ”

  “He won’t annoy you. Gush all over you? Maybe. ”

  Eric followed Sed to the spare bedroom he’d had converted into a studio. This would be the first time they’d had a chance to use it. “Got beer?” Eric asked.

  “I always have beer. ”

  “And lyrics?”

  “Some. I’ll show you what I have. We’ll probably need to add to them. ”

  “I brought a couple of ideas. ” Eric fished a tiny wirebound notebook out of his inner vest pocket.
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