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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
Page 32

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “You’re so tense, baby,” she whispered, kissing his shoulder.

  Tense? He’d show her tense, but before he could drag her beneath him, she straddled his thighs and began to knead the muscles of his back with a firm, but gentle, massage. She soon had worked him over from shoulders to lower back, turning him into a puddle of flesh, his muscles like melted butter. His dick, squashed beneath him, protested its neglect by throbbing incessantly. God, he was hard, but her hands felt so good he didn’t want her to stop.

  She leaned over him, her long hair tickling the skin along his spine. She kissed and suckled paths over his back. He twitched and groaned, unsure how much more he could take.

  When she’d kissed her way to his neck, she whispered into his ear, “Do you want to make love?”

  He rolled over and tugged her on top of him, seeking her mouth for a feverish kiss. His hands moved to her ass, pressing her pelvis against his so she could feel for herself exactly how much he wanted to make love.

  She broke the kiss and looked down at him, grinning. “Is that an anaconda in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

  “Why don’t you check it out?”

  She slid down his body and reached for his belt. “If this turns out to be a big, thick snake, I’m going to be very upset. ”

  She freed his cock from its confines and planted a gentle kiss on its head. It twitched, desiring more rigorous attention. She wrapped a hand around its base and sucked the rest into her mouth. Her hand gently stroked upward while her mouth moved down to meet her hand. When the head of his cock lodged in the back of her throat, she swallowed.

  His breath caught.

  She pulled her head back, her hand sliding down at the same time. It felt strange to have his cock worked in two directions at once. Strange and wonderful. He tried to keep his body still and his gasps of delight at a minimum as she continued to work him in the same maddening fashion. He didn’t want her to realize how close he was to letting go. He wanted his cum in her mouth. Wanted her to swallow it.

  His lack of obvious enthusiasm spurred her competitive spirit and she stroked him faster, sucked him harder, swallowed him deeper.

  Eyes squeezed shut, he bit his knuckles and held onto the rug with his free hand. He couldn’t stop the involuntary arch in his spine though. She jerked his pants down his thighs and her free hand moved to gently massage his balls, while her mouth and hand moved together, separated, moved together again over his cock.

  It built, the need to flood her mouth with his seed.

  He lifted his head and pried his eyes open to watch her suck him. Ah God!

  It burst. He dropped his head back on the floor as a hard spasm gripped the base of his cock. Jessica gasped in surprise as his first spurt filled her mouth. She swallowed and sucked harder, accepting more of him, drawing his offering deep into her throat. Even after he’d completely spent himself, she continued to suck him to prolong his pleasure until he couldn’t take any more.

  “Ah Jess, stop, please. ”

  “Uh-uhn,” she murmured, shaking her head slightly, his cock still in her mouth.

  He shuddered, slowly growing softer and softer in her mouth. Pausing only to remove their clothes, she didn’t relent until she had him rock hard again. When she released him from her mouth, he opened his eyes, but his vision was so blurred he had to close them again. She crouched over him, her feet planted near his hips, and sank down, taking him into her dripping wet pussy.

  “Sit up,” she urged.

  Still in a stupor of spent desire, he forced himself upright, resting his weight on his hands to hold himself in a seated position. She held onto his shoulders as she lifted up, rocking onto her toes, and then drove down onto him hard.

  “I need it. I’m so hot, Sed. ”

  He could feel her molten heat and her juices dripping down to bathe his crotch. “Take it. ”

  She took it. Lifting up and plunging down on him so hard it had to hurt her tender flesh, but she was relentless. As she slid up, she twisted her hips and then slammed down on him again, rotating her pelvis to drive him deeper, deeper. She continued as such until her legs gave way and she had to drop to one knee. She leaned to one side and drove her body down on his at an angle. “Take it, Jess. All of it. ”

  She rode him harder, faster, until her other leg lost its strength and she had to ride him while perched on both knees. She worked her internal muscles then, squeezing as she drew upward. Damn, if she didn’t stop that, she’d make him come again, and he knew she’d yet to let go. He opened his eyes to watch her. She looked half frustrated, half exasperated and her energy was quickly waning.

  He wrapped his arms around her and flipped her over onto her back. She gasped in surprise.

  “You need it hard and deep?”

  She nodded miserably. He pulled out.

  “No,” she protested.

  He picked her up off the floor and carried her to the bed. He pulled her to the mattress’s edge and opened her legs wide. His gaze settled on the beauty of her feminine folds. Open to him like silky flower petals. Inviting. The flesh swollen, flushed, and slick. He lowered his head and lapped at her juices. So sweet. And her smell? Damn.

  He grabbed his cock in one hand, attempting to calm himself as he relished her taste, her scent, her warmth. He plunged his tongue into her tight hole and she moaned in torment.

  “Sed,” she gasped, her fingers digging into his scalp. The sound of his name on her lips sent ripples of pleasure down his spine. “Sed, I want you. Inside. Please. ” Her fingers moved between her legs and she stroked her clit, trembling with unfulfilled desire. He leaned away to watch her rub herself. She worked that tiny bud of flesh with two fingers, grinding it in a circular motion, up and down, back and forth. Circles again. Her hips moved with her fingers. “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm,” she panted as she sought release.

  He stroked his cock as he watched her, not wanting to interrupt her attempt to get off because it was so fucking sexy to watch. She shuddered and rubbed faster, harder, her back arching off the bed. Her pussy was so swollen, so hot, so wet, so ridiculously empty.

  Sed stood, grabbed her hips in both hands, and plunged into her. Her back arched until only her shoulders touched the mattress.

  “Oh God, Sed. Yes,” she cried. “Fuck it hard. ”

  His fingers dug into her ass to hold her still so he could pound into her.

  “Yes,” she screamed. “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

  He fucked her harder. Harder. She pulled her hand away from her clit and her body quaked as she finally found that elusive orgasm. He thrust into her harder. Yes, harder. Take it, Jess. Feel it inside you. I’m part of you. Part of you. Feel it. She strained against him as he continued to thrust into her like a man possessed. As her tremors began to subside, he reached between their bodies and stroked her clit, mimicking the technique he’d watched her use. Her pussy convulsed around his cock with renewed excitement. When she whimpered from overstimulation, he urged her onto her side without breaking the connection between their bodies and found a steady rhythm inside her.

  He stroked her full breast with one hand, her smooth back with the other. She trembled before him, her eyes closed, lips parted, head tilted back with mindless pleasure. He wondered how many times he could make her come before he let himself find release again. He did love a good competition, even if it was with himself.

  Still resting on her side, she moved her knees together, making herself delightfully tight inside. But this wasn’t for his delight, it was for hers. He eased her top leg up over his arm to open her wide. He thrust deep and gyrated his hips to stretch her in multiple directions.

  “Oh,” she gasped.

  He concentrated on his motions, withdrawing until but an inch was inside her and then thrust steady and deep before gyrating, gyrating, gyrating and withdrawing again.

  “That feels wonderful, baby
,” she whispered.

  He repeated this motion countless times, slowly and methodically exciting her to the brink of insanity. She met his deep thrusts now, gyrated her hips with his, whimpered when he withdrew, gasped when he thrust deep. Giving her a vaginal orgasm took a lot of work and concentration. He knew she’d sputter with release if he so much as tapped her clit, so he was incredibly careful to keep her pleasure focused inside. Finally, her hips buckled. “Sed, Sed, what’s happening?”

  “Bear down on my cock, baby. Try to push me out. ”

  Every muscle inside her contracted around his cock as she tried to force it from her body. She gasped in surprise, involuntary spasms rocking her core. He felt her orgasm throughout his entire cock. “Oh my God, Sed. Oh. Oh. ” Her vocalizations grew increasingly high pitched and louder as she came. He thrust in and out slowly, prolonging her pleasure, until her entire body writhed involuntarily.

  “What was that?” she murmured, in a stupor. “I’ve never felt anything like it. ”

  “That was two. ”


  He pulled out and rolled her onto her belly, before urging her up onto her knees. “Are you ready for three?”

  He joined her on the bed, kneeling behind her between her knees.

  “Three what?”

  He answered her by surging forward and filling her again. Her arms trembled and she lowered her upper body to the bed. He grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her body back upward.

  She cried out, a sound of mixed pain and pleasure. He hesitated. Had he gone too far?

  “Don’t stop. Pull my hair. Hurt me, Sed. ”

  He yanked her hair again, even harder this time. Her neck jerked back at a vicious angle.

  She laughed huskily. “Yeah, now fuck your dirty bitch like a dog. Fuck her good and hard like she wants it. ”

  He almost came right then. She didn’t give him time to collect his wits. She rocked forward and back, urging him into motion. He met her strokes, thrusting hard, pulling her hair with each penetration. He leaned forward and grabbed the globe of her breast in his free hand, pinching her nipple hard between his thumb and the side of his index finger, rolling it back and forth and then soothing the ache by massaging with the palm of his hand.

  “Yes,” she gasped.

  He ran his hand from her breast down to her clit, pinching it between thumb and fingertips, stroking it front and back. He thrust his cock into her with the same rhythm and tugged on her hair. She sputtered as she came for the third time. He released her hair and she collapsed onto her face, still shuddering in the aftermath of her quick and dirty release. He pulled out and pushed her down flat on her stomach. He slid her body forward across the smooth chocolate-brown comforter until she spilled over the edge of the bed.

  “What are you doing?” she asked, catching her fall with her hands on the floor.

  “Preparing you for number four. ”

  “Number four?”

  He entered her from behind again, his hands on her thighs to keep her from falling off the bed. Keeping her hanging upside down over the edge of the bed without sending her toppling to the floor took extreme concentration, but he loved rubbing his balls against her clit with each penetration. She held still, just taking him. Taking him. Allowing him inside her body. Accepting his possession. His domination.

  His balls tightened. Not yet, he thought.

  He refused to let go until he made her come ten times. Ten times in a row. He had to hold back. He buried himself deep and held still, rocking slightly, letting the spasms of pleasure take him, but squeezing the muscles at the base of his cock as his seed tried to erupt in spurts. No, not yet. Not yet. Ungh.

  Jessica held perfectly still, letting him regain control. When he’d forced it back, he began to move inside her again.

  “I think I’m going to pass out,” Jessica said. “I’m getting dizzy. ”

  “Then you better come quick. ”

  “Sing to me. ”

  He grinned, grinding his balls against her again before withdrawing. “Do you have a request?”
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