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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Oh God,” she cried. “Sed! Yes, ram me hard. ”

  At least she was a screamer.

  He sandwiched her pelvis between his hands, holding her steady as he thrust down into her and ground his hips. He pulled back and growled as he thrust into her again. Typically, chicks loved it when he growled. He did it when he sang onstage, so it reminded them who was fucking them. This one was no exception.

  “Yes, Sed! Yes! Oh God, your voice is so sexy. ” She played with her nipples, stroking and plucking at them as she gasped in delight.

  Sed used his hands to encourage her to rotate her hips, while he continued to thrust hard and grind deep. She screamed when an orgasm gripped her. Her body quaked and strained against his as her spasmodically clenching pussy sucked greedily at his dick. He grabbed her around the waist and slid her farther up the bed, so that her crotch rested even with the end of the mattress. She relaxed, apparently thinking he was finished with her. Her fifteen minutes were far from over.

  He turned her onto her side and straddled one of her legs at the edge of the bed. Taking her from the side, he thrust into her, rotating his hips to stimulate her clit.

  “Ah, Sed, you’re an absolute god. ”

  He found her to be boring, actually. He glanced at the clock, wondering if she’d notice if he cut her time short. Maybe if he closed his eyes and thought of someone else…

  No good. Jessica actually moved, participated, knew how to please him. She was the one who’d gotten him addicted to sex in the first place. This girl (whatever her name was) didn’t even try to satisfy him.

  When she screamed with a second orgasm, he turned her flat on her back and slid her further up the mattress. Why should he work so hard to please her when she was just lying there taking it?

  He settled between her thighs, his thrusts easy and even. Missionary position brought them face-to-face, but it was easier on his body. She looked up into his eyes. Hers were brown and glazed with pleasure. Jessica’s were jade green, surrounded with thick lashes.

  Fake-n-bake lifted her head to kiss him, but Sed pressed his forehead into her shoulder to prevent their lips from meeting. He hadn’t kissed a woman in almost two years. He certainly didn’t want to get personal with this chick.

  She ran her hands up his back and he shuddered, gasping softly. She’d discovered his most sensitive erogenous zone, but either she didn’t notice his reaction or didn’t care. She clung to his shoulders, vocalizing her pleasure in the back of her throat.

  After a few minutes, he said, “I think it’s time for you to suck me. I’ve got to leave soon. ”

  She sighed. “All right. Can you take off the condom though?”

  “No. ” He pulled out and rolled next to her.

  “I’m afraid I’ll suck it down my throat. ”

  He chuckled. “I don’t think that will be a problem. ” He sighed when she sucked him deep. She wasn’t too bad at this. A bit timid. “Suck it hard,” he said. “Harder. Yeah, that’s it. ”

  He usually fought orgasm for as long as he could, but in this case, he concentrated on coming as quickly as possible. When he let go, it was far from satisfying, but at least it was over.

  She grinned up at him. “How was that?”

  “Tolerable. ” He climbed from the bed and removed the condom, tying a knot in the open end and tossing it in the wastebasket.

  “You’re an asshole. ”

  He found his pants and put them on. “Yeah. So. Is that a problem?”

  She laughed. “Not for me. Can I have my tickets?”

  “I’ll see if Jake has one. ” Jake, one of their long-time roadies, usually distributed tickets and backstage passes to women he thought might interest the band. He had an eye for good pussy.

  “One?” she said, pouting annoyingly.

  “Yeah, one. ”

  “What about my boyfriend?”

  Sed lifted an eyebrow at her. “Do you really think he’s gonna want to come to my show if he knows how you got his ticket?”

  “Of course. He’s a huge fan of yours. He’ll be excited to put his junk where yours has been. ” She scrunched her hair with both hands, eyeing herself in the mirror over the dresser. “Two?”

  Sed tugged a black T-shirt over his head and rubbed a hand over the soft stubble of his short hair. “Uhhhhh… No. You’re lucky to get one. ”

  When he left the room, she was getting dressed and scowling.

  Eric accosted Sed in the corridor. “Everyone is waiting for you. ”

  “Just let me shave. And tell Jake to give that girl a ticket for tomorrow night’s show so she’ll get lost. ”

  “I don’t think he has any left. We’re opening for Exodus End. Not the headliner. ”

  “Then ask Dare for one. He’ll share. ” Dare was Exodus End’s lead guitarist. He was also the older brother of Sed’s rhythm guitarist, Trey. Sed and Dare went way back. Sorta. “Come on, man. I’d do it myself, but I need to shave. You’re ready. ”

  Eric sighed loudly and turned to exit the tour bus, muttering something under his breath about a fucking errand boy.

  Sed hurried through his shave. He’d nearly finished when Myrna, soon-to-be Mrs. Brian Sinclair, came to stand in the doorway. She leaned against the doorframe and watched him carefully draw the razor up under his chin. She wore a trim tweed skirt, purple camisole, and two-inch heels. Strands of auburn hair had come loose from the knot at the base of her neck to curl against her lovely heart-shaped face. Now here was a classy and beautiful woman. Someone Sed could respect. He totally understood why Brian had to tumble her into bed every couple of hours. She had an untouchable quality that heightened a man’s sense of challenge. Too bad she only had eyes for his lead guitarist. Sed’s every attempt to seduce her had met with failure.

  “Promise me you’ll bring him home safe, Sed,” Myrna said.

  He grinned at her. “I promise. He might be too drunk to walk, but he’ll be safe. ”

  Brian appeared in the doorway next to Myrna. He wrapped an arm around her waist and nuzzled her neck. “I think I’d rather skip the bachelor party,” he murmured. “Celebrate the end of bachelorhood in the bedroom with you. ”

  Sed rolled his eyes. “You can’t have a bachelor party with your fiancée, you dumbass. ”

  The couple in the doorway stared into each other’s eyes as if they were the only two people on Earth. Sed didn’t know whether to be jealous or repulsed.

  “I love you,” Brian murmured.

  Myrna touched Brian’s jaw. “I love you. ”

  “You sure?”

  “One hundred percent. ”

  Brian smiled like a lunatic and kissed her. “I love you. ”

  “I love you,” she whispered, her fingers stealing into his shoulder-length black hair. Only inches separated their mouths as they continued to lose themselves to their closeness, completely in tune with one another.

  “Knock it off, you two,” Sed demanded. “You’re giving me diabetes. ”

  “Tomorrow I get to call you Mrs. Sinclair,” Brian said to Myrna, ignoring Sed.

  “What do I get to call you?”

  “My Personal Sex God. ”

  She chuckled. “That’s a given. ”

  Trey, Brian’s best friend and the band’s rhythm guitarist, wriggled between the couple’s bodies. “Isn’t there some sort of rule against the bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding?” He covered Myrna’s eyes with one hand and Brian’s with the other. “No peeking. ”

  Brian punched him in the ribs.

  Trey clutched his midsection with both arms. “Did you see that, Myrna?”

  Myrna brushed Trey’s hair from his face and kissed him on the forehead. “Poor baby. ”

  Trey hugged Myrna’s waist and rested his head on her shoulder. “Hold me. ” He gazed up at her with one emerald green eye. His over-long black bangs concealed the o
ther. Everyone knew his innocent looks were entirely fabricated, but Myrna didn’t seem to care. She wrapped an arm around him and rubbed his back.

  “Get off her,” Brian insisted, shoving Trey into the corridor.

  “We going?” Jace, bassist and token platinum blond of the group, asked. He maintained a growth of dark beard stubble to toughen up his look, but it was his cold, chocolate-brown eyes that prevented most people from fixating on how fucking adorable he was.

  “Just waiting on Sed,” Trey said. “Where’d Eric go?”

  “He’s hunting Jake,” Sed told him.

  Brian had Myrna pinned to his body now, kissing her like he was trying to permanently meld his mouth to hers. Slowly inching her conservative skirt up her thighs, he rubbed her ass and ground his pelvis against hers. They were already enjoying themselves more than Sed had not ten minutes ago. Didn’t seem fair.

  “Trey, do something about your friend,” Sed insisted.

  Trey grabbed Brian by the top of the ear and pulled him viciously from Myrna’s embrace. “Save it for the honeymoon, stud. ”

  Brian leaned over to ease the pull on his ear. “Ow, ow, ow, ow. Okay!”

  Fake-n-bake wandered out of the bedroom, fully dressed now. “Are you guys going out? Can I come with?”

  “No,” the four band mates said in unison.

  Eric stomped up the front bus stairs. “Here,” he said, thrusting a ticket at the blonde girl. “Enjoy. ” He squeezed his lithe form between his band mates to stare at Sed, who was wiping the last traces of shaving cream onto a towel. “Don’t ask me to be your errand boy again, Lionheart. ”

  Sed chuckled. “You know you’ll do what I ask, Eric. No one else indulges your bizarre fetishes. ”

  Eric glanced behind him at the other guys. “Yeah, well, maybe I’m tired of watching you get laid. ”

  Trey and Brian burst out laughing. “Yeah right, Eric,” Trey said. “You ready, Sed?”

  “Let’s go. ”

  Brian kissed Myrna good-bye. “You can come with us. ”

  “To a strip club?” Her eyebrows shot up in question. “No, thanks. I can get some work done on my band groupie project while you’re gone. You have a good time with the guys. ”

  He backed up a step. “I love you. ”

  “I love you too. Now go!”

  He turned reluctantly and shuffled after the other guys.

  “Don’t worry, Myrna. I’ll keep an eye on him,” Sed assured her.

  “Thanks. And could you do me another favor?”

  “Anything. ”

  Myrna tilted her head pointedly at Fake-n-bake, who was watching this all transpire as if it were on Pay-Per-View.

  Sed took the blonde by one elbow and directed her toward the front of the bus. “Come on, time for you to leave. ”

  There was a loud thunk on the side of the bus. “I love you, Myrna!” Brian called from outside.

  Sed shook his head. “God, I can’t believe he acts like that when he’s sober. ”

  Myrna chuckled. “Stay safe. Which club are you going to? In case I need to find you. ”

  He released the blonde’s elbow and stepped close to Myrna, using his height and breadth to its greatest advantage. “Are you being a nag or a drag, Professor Sex?”

  She stood her ground, lifting an eyebrow of annoyance at him. “Which club, Sed?”

  He chuckled. He loved a chick he couldn’t intimidate. “Paradise Found. ”

  Chapter 4

  Sed held open the chrome-plated swinging door for Brian and slapped him on the back as he passed. Brian winced, though Sed couldn’t tell if it was from being knocked around or because he’d caught his first glimpse of topless women. Even the cocktail waitresses treated them to full frontal nudity. Very nice.

  “Sed, honestly. This bachelor party is unnecessary. ” Brian paused on the threshold and raked a hand through his black hair. Tonight, he wore it like he did onstage—lightly gelled and sticking out at odd angles. Thank God he’d gone without his guyliner. “I’d rather just go back to the tour bus and spend the evening with Myrna. ”
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