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       Rock Hard, p.23

         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 23

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Nestled along his side in the flat-bottomed boat, she wasn’t sure which turned her on more, his deep rich voice as he sang in feigned Italian with their gondolier, or the things he was doing to her clit beneath the coat he’d spread over her lap. There was one thing she was sure about. Sed knew how to work her into an insatiable frenzy no matter where they were. She just wanted to get off the boat and get on the man.

  Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who’d been seduced by his serenade. The instant they stepped through the ride’s exit, a gaggle of psycho fan chicks descended upon him. “Oh Sed this,” and “oh Sed that. ” Jessica found herself nudged to the outskirts of the crowd while twittering females demanded autographs and photos. They had their hands all over him. All over him. He didn’t try to stop them.

  Fuming, Jessica followed the crowd—what choice did she have?—taking note of every foreign finger that touched him. Sed talked and laughed with the women as he eased his way toward the nearest exit, signing autographs without missing a step, pausing in mid-stride with a smile for a picture before continuing onward, as if this was as natural to him as breathing. His fangirls swarmed around him like an army of ants who’d discovered someone’s discarded candy. Only he wasn’t discarded candy. He was Jessica’s candy and she wasn’t ready to discard him. Yet.

  By the time they reached the nearest taxi at the curb, and Sed managed to weasel himself into the backseat beside Jessica without the accompaniment of fans, she was downright pissed.

  “Where to?” the cab driver asked.

  “We should probably go back to the tour bus and get a change of clothes,” he said to Jessica. “Take a shower. ”

  “Whatever. ”

  Sed’s brow furrowed with confusion. “Are you pissed off about something?”

  “Oh no. I like to be completely ignored while you’re fondled by dozens of women. ”

  He had the audacity to grin at her. With both dimples showing. The jerk!

  “Where to?” the cab driver repeated.

  “Mandalay Bay. There are a couple of black and gray tour buses parked behind the events center. Drop us off there. ”

  Jessica crossed her arms over her chest. Maybe she didn’t want to go back to the tour bus. Did he ever consider that?

  “I wasn’t ignoring you, baby,” Sed said. “I could never ignore you. ”

  “Well, you sure as hell weren’t ignoring all those touchy-feely women. ”

  He chuckled. “Dear God, Jess, you’re actually jealous. ”

  “Am not!”

  He grabbed her and had her sprawled beneath him in the backseat within seconds. He kissed her, feasting on her mouth and stealing her senses. When he squeezed her breast, she slugged him in the shoulder. He pulled away to gaze down at her.

  She glared up at him. “Do you always have to be such a beast?”

  One dimple appeared as he grinned at her crookedly. “When you’re pissed and jealous? Yes, I have to be a beast. ”

  “Get off me. ”

  “You wanna be on top?” He shifted her again and she found herself straddling his lap. His hands slipped beneath her skirt to stroke the bare skin of her ass. “Fine by me. ”

  “That’s not what I meant. ”

  His mouth descended on the side of her neck. Her fingers pressed into his scalp, meaning to push him away, but he suckled that perfect spot just beneath her jaw, so she drew him closer instead. God, why couldn’t her stupid body stop responding to him? It was downright annoying at times. She should be very upset with him for being so irresistible to his stupid fangirls.

  The sudden lurch of her body brought her back to her senses. Well, sorta.

  Sed stopped sucking and glanced out the cab window. “We’re here. ”

  Sed paid the cab driver and hauled his large frame from the backseat, dragging Jessica along with him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and let him carry her to the bus. She knew she was supposed to be mad at him about something, but kissing him as he struggled to climb the bus stairs without dropping her was much more enjoyable. She wanted this. Wanted him.

  He set her on her feet near the curtained bunks and tugged his lips away from hers. Drunk with desire, she watched him remove his clothes. Her gaze drifted over his naked flesh. Shoulders broad. Hips narrow. Cock hard. Muscles bulging in all the right places. A shiver of delight snaked up her spine. When her eyes finally settled on his face, he grinned at her. “Like what you see?”

  “No. ” She choked on her own lie.

  Forcing her attention from his distracting body, her gaze landed on the dining table and the laptop sitting there beneath the stack of work she was supposed to be doing for Myrna. Jessica hadn’t thought about it once since she’d succumbed to Sed’s lovemaking the night before. She almost felt guilty. Almost. “Now that we’re here, I should get some work done. ” She looked at him for his reaction.

  Sed shrugged and then turned to enter the bathroom. Alone.


  She didn’t really want to work right now. She wanted him to be as distracted by her as he was by him. Jessica followed him, completely under his spell.

  Sed stood at the sink, lathering his face with shaving cream. She watched the play of muscles beneath the skin of his back and shoulders as he moved. Did the man have any idea how sexy he was? Yeah, probably. As he drew his razor up under his chin, Jessica moved to stand behind him. She ran a single finger down his spine. His body tensed, but he gave no other indication that he knew she was there.

  She pulled off her top and tossed it into the hallway, followed by her skirt. Naked, she moved closer, pressing her breasts against his back, and wrapped her hands around his body. She wasted no time getting right down to business. She took his cock in both hands and stroked him, rubbing her thumbs over the sensitive head until he was rock hard. He had paused in his shaving routine while she’d been stroking him, but when she moved away and stepped into the shower, he continued drawing the razor over his skin. He rinsed his razor in the sink, tapped off the residue, and moved to the next section.

  Why was he ignoring her now? Damn him for getting her all worked up and then playing it so cool. She could play it cool, too. She turned on the shower and wet her hair. By the time she’d finished washing it, she expected him to have joined her. With her arms suspended over her head, he had to be checking out her exposed body—the way her breasts moved and the water followed her contours. So why was she still showering alone? She glanced outside the shower door and found him clean-shaven, leaning against the sink with his arms crossed over his broad chest. He was watching her. His massive cock stood at full attention in front of him, hard as granite, yet ignored. At least by him.

  “Aren’t you going to join me?” she asked.

  “Do you want me to?”

  “Don’t you think you’ve kept me waiting long enough?”

  He stepped into the shower with her. “I’m not sure. You haven’t jumped me yet. ”

  “Is that what you’re waiting for?”

  “Maybe. ”

  She moved against him, pressing her breasts into his chest, running her hands over his firm ass. “Maybe I was waiting for the same thing. ”

  “Seems we’ve reached a stalemate. ”

  “There’s nothing stale about our mating. ”

  Sed chuckled and pressed her up against the wall. He slid her back up the slick surface until she was at hip level. His cock brushed against her thigh.

  He shifted his hips, seeking entrance into her body. God, she couldn’t stand it. She’d waited far too long as it was. She reached between her thighs and directed him home. He slipped inside, possessing her completely with his glorious thickness. He let her slide down the wall a couple of inches to drive his huge cock unbearably deep. Yes. Finally. She gasped in delight and rocked her hips slightly to take him deeper still. Oh Sed. Make that ache go away.

  His hands
shifted to her hips to hold her steady as he started to withdraw slowly from her body. He rubbed his open mouth against her throat and murmured three syllables against her throat that she couldn’t make out.


  He thrust up into her. Withdrew again.

  “Nothing,” he whispered.

  Sed turned off the water and pulled out of her body. She groaned in protest.

  He wrapped her in a towel and lifted her into his arms.

  “What are you doing?” she asked.

  “Nothing but missionary position,” he said. “I’m a man of my word. ”

  She laughed.

  “And I shaved for you. ”

  She freed her hand from the towel to stroke his smooth cheek. “I appreciate that. ”

  “You’re really going to appreciate it in a minute. ” He wriggled his tongue at her and carried her to the bedroom.

  Sed opened the door and stopped short, almost dropping her. They weren’t alone on the tour bus. From beside the bed, Jace glanced over his shoulder at them, his tight sculpted bod and perfect little ass in plain view. When he turned, Jessica tried to ignore his massive cock, but, well… good Lord, he put Sed to shame. Embarrassed, Jessica shifted her gaze to the woman kneeling in the center of the bed only to be even more embarrassed. Aggie was bound by her wrists to the ceiling—blindfolded and delirious with pleasure.


  “Sorry,” Sed mouthed to Jace, who displayed a confidence Sed had never recognized in him before. It must’ve had something to do with bringing his dominatrix to the pinnacle of pleasure and keeping her there. The woman was writhing in ecstasy, her curvaceous body begging for release. Jace slipped something into Aggie’s mouth and waved Sed away impatiently. Sed closed the door quietly.

  So the bedroom was out, but he wasn’t anywhere close to being done with Jessica.

  Her jealousy over his groupies, who he had never given a rat’s ass about, had him all worked up. Maybe Jessica didn’t love him. Yet. But he affected more than her body. He knew he did. And he wasn’t about to alleviate his pressure on her now. Not when she was this close to giving in to her feelings. Even if he did have to garble the expression of his love by saying it against her throat.

  He carried her to his bunk. Twin-sized and enclosed on all sides but the slot that faced the corridor, it wasn’t conducive to their typical acrobatic love making sessions, but it could accommodate missionary position. And if he laid her body at an angle and knelt on the floor beside the bed…

  He slid her beautiful body into the bunk, her head lodged near the far corner, and spread her legs to gain access to her intoxicating scent. Her taste. He kissed her there at the apex of her thighs, his lips suckling, tongue dancing over slick flesh, drawing her sweet fluids into his mouth.

  She whimpered in torment, her back arching. His mouth moved to her clit. He drew the hard nub between his lips, flicking it with his tongue until she cried out.

  “Don’t tease me anymore, Sed,” she pleaded, pulling on his ears as he moved to drive his tongue into her pussy. “Oh. ”

  He swirled his tongue inside her, pressed deep, withdrew, and returned his attention to her clit.

  “Ungh, you’re driving me insane,” she panted.

  He sucked her clit until her body tensed with impending orgasm and then shifted his attention to her slippery pussy again. She growled with frustration. He pressed two fingers against her clit while he sucked at her swollen lips. She rocked against his fingers, seeking release. When a spasm gripped her, he moved away, holding her hips steady with both hands as he kissed a trail up her flat belly.

  “No, don’t stop. I didn’t come yet. ” She pressed her hands against her eyes and shook her head desperately. “Close. So close. ”

  He was well aware of that. He wanted to be inside her when she found release. But first, more teasing. He moved his hands up her sides, his lips to her breast. She clung to his scalp, her back arched, her taut nipple eagerly offered to his exploring mouth.
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