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       Rock Hard, p.22

         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 22

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  Sed grinned. Yeah, Eric’s antics and some fan lovin’ were exactly what Trey needed. Sed was glad he’d called him.

  “So, where would you like to eat?” Sed asked Jessica as they walked toward the elevator at the end of the hall.

  She shrugged and snuggled closer to his side. Her hand slid discretely over his crotch on its journey to clutch the waistband of his pants. “Someplace dark. With a booth. ”

  Hell, yeah. He was all about dark booths.

  Chapter 17

  Jessica dunked a jumbo shrimp in cocktail sauce and then lifted it to Sed’s open mouth. He bit into it and she dropped the tail on a small plate.

  “How’s that?” she murmured.

  He chewed and swallowed before he said, “Spicy. What is that? Horseradish?”

  She kissed him, touching her tongue to his. She drew away and stared into his sky blue eyes. “I think you’re right. Horseradish. ”

  They were way underdressed for this restaurant at the Venetian hotel, but the hostess had recognized Sed and, at his request, seated them in a semi-circular booth in the far corner. As it was mid-afternoon, the place was mostly deserted and the olive-green leather backs of the booths were high to offer plenty of privacy. Both facts would serve Jessica’s purposes perfectly. She hoped to take Sed’s mind off things for a while.

  Jessica slid her left hand beneath the white table cloth and then the cloth napkin on Sed’s lap. He stiffened when her fingers brushed against his crotch. His cock stirred beneath her fingertips.


  She reached for another shrimp, bit off the tip and offered the second half to him. He separated the succulent meat from the inedible tail with his teeth. Her hand slid over the smooth leather covering his thigh.

  He squirmed. “Do you want to go back to the room?”

  She unbuttoned his pants and slowly released his zipper. “Not at all. Do you?”

  She carefully tugged his cock from his open fly, making sure to keep the large cloth napkin in place.

  Sed sucked a breath between his teeth. “Kinda,” he said, two octaves higher than his usual baritone pitch.

  She rubbed her thumb over the head of his cock, loving how the shaft responded by twitching and thickening in her hand.

  “You sure? We can have a little fun right here. ”

  “It drives me crazy when you’re naughty,” he growled in her ear.

  Jessica was all about driving him crazy.

  Their waitress appeared, smiling brightly. “How’s the shrimp?”

  Sed jumped as if she’d shot him. “Good. Really good. Excellent. Yeah, excellent. I like it. It’s delicious. ”

  The waitress grinned at his over-enthusiasm and lifted a bottle of house wine in their direction. “Would you like more wine?”

  Jessica stroked the silky skin of Sed’s cock with her fingertips and lifted her glass with her free hand. “I’d like some more. ”

  “Yes, more please,” Sed murmured.

  Their waitress refilled their glasses. “Your entrees should be ready soon. ”

  Jessica took a sip of her wine and squeezed Sed’s cock beneath the table.

  “Take your time,” Sed squeaked at the waitress. “We aren’t in any hurry. ”

  The young woman smiled and left them to their own devices.

  Sed reached for his wine, almost knocking it over in his haste to grab it. He chugged it in three swallows.

  Jessica glanced around to make sure no one was watching and then knocked the napkin off Sed’s lap.

  “Whoops. Let me get that for you. ”

  She ducked under the table, hiding beneath the white table cloth. She picked up the napkin with her right hand and, at the same time, directed Sed’s thick cock into her mouth with her left. She slurped him deep into the back of her throat. The china rattled as Sed grabbed the edge of the table. She pulled back, sucking hard, and bumped her head on the underside of the table. Her tongue danced over the head of his cock, stroking and teasing until Sed groaned in torment. She drew him into her throat, knowing he liked hard suction up and down his length, and she gave it to him. Repeatedly. The china rattled above her again. His feet slid across the floor as his excitement intensified and his body motions became involuntary. She sucked him faster, harder, the head of his cock bumping against the back of her throat. His hand burrowed into her hair and he held her down on his shaft. He gasped brokenly as he let go. His fluids pulsed into the back of her throat. She swallowed, sucked more of his salty offering into her mouth, and swallowed again. When she released his cock from her mouth, she blew a cool breath over his wet flesh and then covered his crotch with his napkin again. Jessica reappeared above the table and looked up at him for his reaction.

  Sed had gone entirely still. She didn’t think he was even breathing. Jessica nonchalantly tucked her hair behind her ears with both hands and selected another shrimp. Before Sed managed to draw a deep breath, she’d already eaten two of the tender crustaceans.

  Sed released his breath in a huff. “I can’t believe you did that. ”

  She winked at him. “Yes, you can. ”

  He tugged her closer to him in the booth, his arm around her shoulders. He nibbled on her ear. Goose bumps rose on her neck.

  “You fuckin’ rock, baby,” he murmured.

  “You rock at fuckin’, baby. ”

  He chuckled and his hand slid up her thigh beneath her skirt. She stiffened.

  “Your nipples are hard,” he murmured in her ear. And he would know. His gaze was trained down at her chest. “Does it excite you to be naughty in public?”

  Hell yeah, it did, but she said, “The air conditioning is a little chilly. ”

  “I could warm you up. Suck on them,” he said, his eyes still trained on her beaded nipples. His hand slid further under her skirt. “And lick you. ” His fingers brushed over her mound. “Here. ” Well, that would definitely warm her up, but she doubted it would turn down her high beams.

  Her flesh swelled against his fingertips, craving more than a cursory caress. His breathless words turned her on as much as his touch did. “Later,” she promised. “It’s still your turn. ”

  Her hand snuck beneath his napkin again. When she touched his bare skin, his breath caught, his body convulsed. She began to stroke him, rubbing his softening cock from base to tip with a slow, gentle touch, wanting him hard again so she could give him more pleasure. Sed’s fingers teased the curls between her legs, seeking bare skin. Before he could find any, their waitress appeared carrying their meal and a little stand, which she popped open to hold the tray while she served them. Sed pulled his hand from beneath Jessica’s skirt and clung to the edge of the table, blushing with guilt. Jessica continued to stroke him beneath his napkin, careful to move only her wrist so the waitress didn’t figure out what she was doing beneath the table. Something about the woman being there obviously excited Sed. His cock swelled rapidly in Jessica’s hand.

  The clueless waitress set Jessica’s plate of porcini mushroom tortelloni before her. Sed held his hands out while the young woman served his plate of lasagna.

  “Looks delicious,” he said breathlessly.

  The waitress offered him a timid smile. “Do you need anything else?”

  “I’m good. ” Sed glanced at Jessica.

  She smiled and nodded, still stroking his cock with the same slow, gentle touch.

  “Yell if you need anything. ”

  “Will do. ”

  Jessica picked up her fork and took a bite of pasta. The exotic, earthy flavors bathed her taste buds and her eyes drifted closed in bliss. “Oh God, this is delicious. ” She took another bite and another.

  Sed hadn’t moved since their waitress had left. Jessica glanced at him and found him lost in ecstasy, but it had nothing to do with the magnificent-smelling yet untouched lasagna on his plate. His eyes were closed, lips par
ted, breath hitching in time with her continued slow strokes beneath the table. She shifted her hand to massage the head of his cock, rubbing and gently twisting his most sensitive flesh. Sed shuddered and emitted a low growl of torment. He used to be a lot harder to seduce. He wasn’t even trying to resist her attention. He’d submitted to her power, given her complete control, and she had to admit, she liked having him at her mercy.

  “Did you change your mind about the lasagna?” she asked, rubbing the slick bead of pre-cum over the skin of his cockhead with her thumb. She speared a mushroom with her fork and held it in his direction. “Want some of mine, instead? It’s magnificent. ”

  “That feels so good,” he whispered breathlessly.

  She leaned close to whisper in his ear. “Do you wanna come again? I’ll take you there. Would you like that? To spurt your cum in my hand and watch me lick it off in front of everyone. ” Just talking about it had her juices dripping from her swollen, achy, hopelessly empty pussy.

  He shook his head slightly. “Inside you. I wanna come inside you this time. ”

  That was her preference too, but there was no way they could do that here discreetly. She should let him calm down for now and they could pick this up somewhere more private after they finished eating.

  But playing with him was so much fun. She stroked him faster and kept a sharp look out for any spectators. If anyone saw the look on his face, there’d be no question of what was going on under the table. She could only imagine his expression when he’d let go in her mouth just ten minutes ago. Sed tugged her closer, plastering her body against the length of his side. His open mouth moved desperately against her throat as he tried to stifle his excited gasps against her sensitive flesh.

  Those low rumbling sounds he made… Dear God, she was hot for him now. Maybe she could slip onto his lap, bury his cock deep inside her body, and no one would notice her riding him like a bucking bronco at the dinner table.

  “Oh God, if you keep that up, I’m gonna come again. ” He grabbed her hand to hold it still. “You have to stop. This isn’t fair to you. ” Sed sat there for a long moment collecting his breath, his rough beard stubble scratching her shoulder, his soft lips sucking gentle kisses in one tender spot on her throat as he forced himself to calm down.

  “Okay,” he whispered. “Okay. I think I can wait a while now. ”

  “I don’t think I can,” she said and rubbed his softening cock from base to tip.

  He sucked a breath through his teeth. “Please, don’t. I won’t be able to control myself if you get me all worked up again. ”

  That had been controlled? What would he do if he was out of control? “Promise?”

  He pulled her hand from his cock, lifted it above the table, and kissed her knuckles tenderly. “I want to do highly illegal things to you, right here, right now,” he said in a sexy growl. Her nipples tingled in response. “Don’t tempt me beyond reason, woman. ”

  She could do nothing but stare at him, her heart beating erratically in her chest.

  He released her hand and refastened his pants before shifting several inches away from her. He tackled his lasagna with his usual beastly flair. “You better not sit there and pick at your food for an hour,” he said, taking another large bite. “We’ve got places to go, things to see…” He leaned close to whisper in her ear. “Your body to tease. ”

  Jessica had never been hungrier in her life. But it wasn’t food she craved. She pushed her plate aside and nudged Sed out of the booth.

  While Jessica was more than ready to head for the nearest bed and get right down to business, Sed seemed to think she needed additional public foreplay. He led her to the entrance to the gondola ride that ran through the Venetian Hotel’s shopping center.

  He drew her wrist to his lips and placed a tender kiss over her pulse point. “It will be romantic. ”

  Who could say no to a big, tough guy trying to be romantic? Not her.
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