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         Part #2 of Sinners on Tour series by Olivia Cunning
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Page 15

  Author: Olivia Cunning

  “Sed,” she called. “Fuck me hard. I wanna come. I wanna…”

  He thrust into her harder, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pounded against her.

  “Oh. Oh. Oh, yes,” her vocalizations grew louder and more needy with each thrust. Her excitement and pleasure built and built and built.

  Her entire body convulsed as she came. He almost dropped her and had to strengthen his hold as she screamed into the night. She shuddered violently as ripples of pleasure spread from her pulsating core, down her thighs, and up her belly and back. He refused to relent. Kept pounding into her—harder, harder, oh God, yes, harder—until another orgasm shook her and another. She knew she was chanting his name at the top of her lungs, but couldn’t stop. As her fourth orgasm pulsated through her, he thrust deep and held still, waiting for her to regain her bearings. When her body relaxed, Sed squatted and lowered her feet to the ground.

  “You okay?”

  She released the fencing with one hand and rubbed her face. She laughed, somewhat maniacally. “You could say that. Wow, that was…”

  “…amazing. ” He pulled out with a wince. “Can you stand? I don’t think I can hold you that way much longer. I’m getting tired. I guess I need to work out more. ”

  Most guys couldn’t hold her like that for fifteen seconds, much less fifteen minutes. She used the fencing to pull herself to her feet. He stood before her and cupped her face, kissing her tenderly. He stroked the bare skin of her upper arms. “Turn around. ”

  She never minded him bossing her around at times like these. She trusted his sexual inventiveness far more than her own.

  She turned to face the Vegas strip. He moved behind her and pushed her skirt up around her waist. Gripping her hips, he entered her again, this time from behind. He had to bend his knees to penetrate her, because even in three-inch heels, she wasn’t tall enough to accommodate his height. He caressed her buttocks and belly as he thrust into her slowly and rhythmically. As he had yet to come, she knew he had to be dying, yet he still considered her pleasure first, building her back to the pinnacle methodically.

  It was time for her to regain control.

  She bent forward slightly, changing the point of friction between their bodies.

  He groaned. She rotated her hips, and bent further still, squeezing his cock tightly within her body.

  “Jessica, that feels…”

  “…amazing. ”

  “Yeah. ” His breathing became sporadic as his thrusts quickened.

  That’s better. Lose yourself. She bent further, her hair brushing the ground in front of her now. Squeezed harder. Relaxed. Squeezed. “Uhn. Uhn. ” He punctuated each thrust with groans and gasps.

  Come hard, Sed. She clenched her vaginal muscles even tighter to increase his stimulation. Think of nothing but me. She slowly straightened her back, changing their point of friction again. When she stood completely upright, she slowly bent forward again.

  His strokes became rapid and shallow, his breathing chaotic, his groans low and primal. His hands gripped her hipbones, trying to hold her still as he continued to pound into her. Faster. Faster. Harder. Oh, yes. He thrust deep and then paused.

  “Hold still, hold still,” he pleaded. He took several deep breaths and then began to move more slowly. Deeper. Gyrating to increase her pleasure.

  She grinned. There was nothing better than a lover who held back for as long as possible. She put her hands on her knees and rotated her hips to the left and then to the right, grinding him inside her. And there was nothing more fun than trying to make him come.

  “Jess. Jess. ”

  She rotated her hips to the left again. With a primal growl, he grabbed her hair and pulled her upright. He lunged forward and pressed her body against the fence, thrusting into her vigorously, repeating incoherent words into her ear.

  He grabbed the fence with both hands. Metal rattled loudly as he strained against her and shuddered violently as he let go inside her at last.

  “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” he shouted. “Oh God, Jess. Jess…”

  There was nothing sexier than when this man, who was always in command, completely lost control.

  His body sagged against hers, crushing her into the fencing. She allowed him to catch his breath for several minutes before she complained.

  “Sed, I can’t breathe. ”

  “Sorry, sorry,” he panted. “I don’t think I can pull out yet. Give me a minute. ” His lips brushed against her hair at the side of her head. He leaned away from her slightly, giving her just enough room to take a decent breath, but kept himself buried inside her.

  “You have to leave now,” the Eiffel Tower attendant said from behind them.

  Sed sighed and pulled away with a stuttering gasp. He tucked his slackening cock into his pants while Jessica straightened her skirt and pulled her top up to cover her breasts. She tied the strings behind her neck. Sed retrieved his leather coat from the ground and slid into it.

  His naked chest and stomach, which showed between the sides of his duster, drew Jessica’s appreciative attention. Yummy.

  Sed located his hat and crammed it onto his head. Walking unsteadily, he dug his wallet out of his pocket and fished out multiple hundred-dollar bills. He handed them to the young woman.

  “Thanks for your discretion,” he said. “Worth every penny. ”

  She flushed and shook her head. “Keep it. I don’t want your money. I do want your autograph. ” She handed him a black marker and the shirt he’d given her earlier.

  Sed signed the stretched fabric against his thigh and handed the shirt back to her.

  “And can I have a hug, too?” she asked, smiling hopefully.

  Sed glanced at Jessica for approval. She knew he had to indulge his fans on occasion, so she shrugged.

  He attempted a weak, one-armed embrace, but Eiffel Tower Fangirl wouldn’t settle for that. She wrapped both arms around his waist and rubbed her face against his shoulder. The young woman trembled from head to foot and continued to cling to him long after he’d dropped his arm.

  Jessica tapped Fangirl on the shoulder. Not because that pang in her chest was jealousy: no, she just knew that Sed was exhausted and ready to head back to the hotel. “You’re done,” Jessica insisted. “We’re leaving now. ”

  Fangirl’s head swiveled slowly and she glared pure hatred at Jessica. Jessica wouldn’t have been surprised if the petite brunette started spewing split pea soup in her face.

  “No one asked you, Jessica. ”

  Jessica’s eyes widened.

  “Yes, I know who you are. You’re the stupid bitch who broke Sed’s—”

  Sed covered the young woman’s mouth with one hand and chuckled uneasily. “I’ve got to go now. ”

  He pulled free of Fangirl’s embrace, took Jessica’s hand, and stumbled toward the elevator. Once they were inside and on their way down, Sed leaned against the wall.

  “How did she know my name?” Jessica asked.

  He shrugged. “Probably read it in a tabloid or something. Don’t worry about it. ”

  How could she not worry about it? Some demon-possessed fan girl knew her by name and probably had it in for her. Jessica fiddled with the bracelets on her wrists. She wondered how many other Sedric Lionheart fans thought she was a stupid bitch. Because Sed could obviously do no wrong. And why did she care anyway? She knew what a self-centered jerk he was, even if every other person on the planet was clueless.

  Sed wrapped an arm around her shoulders and tugged her closer. “I can’t wait to get you to a nice, comfortable bed,” he murmured. “Nothing but missionary position for the next several days. ”

  She smiled and snuggled closer, her hand resting on the warm skin of his belly. Yes, that was what she needed to focus on. Their sex-only relationship. Not these unfounded feelings of hurt over Sed’s ridiculous fans. Who cared what they thought of
her? “Missionary? I’ll believe that when I see it. ”

  Sed kissed her on the forehead. “You know what I hate about you?”

  She scowled, some strange emotion stealing her breath. “What?”

  “You know me too well. ”

  “You know what I hate about you?”


  “Everything. ”

  “Oh yeah?”

  She nodded.

  He chuckled. “Baby, if that’s how you show your hatred, I can’t wait to see how you show you care. ”

  Chapter 13

  Sed accepted the set of keycards from the clerk at the Bellagio Hotel’s check-in desk. He took Jessica’s hand, his heart already drumming with anticipation, and headed for the elevator. Whatever little game she was playing with him, he was more than happy to participate. That h-word did a number on his heart every time she said it, even if he didn’t believe she really meant it, but he had no doubt he’d win her back. She was slipping already.

  His cell phone rang, startling him. So few people had his private number. Who would be calling him at one o’clock in the morning? He retrieved his phone from his pocket and checked the number on the incoming-call screen. Eric?

  “Yeah?” Sed answered.

  “Hate to bother you,” Eric said. “I didn’t know who else to call. ”

  “What’s wrong?” Sed covered his free ear with his hand and started walking toward the exit for better reception.

  “They just checked Trey into Intensive Care and I can’t get ahold of Brian. Trey keeps asking for him, but I guess Brian turned off his phone. ”

  “What? Why is Trey in the hospital?”

  “He had a seizure right after you left, so I called an ambulance. They did an MRI and he has a subdural hema-something-or-other. They have to drill through his skull to, oh I don’t know, fix it. Can you find Brian? Dare is freaking out and scaring the hell out of Trey. Trey could really use Brian’s levelheadedness right about now. ”

  “I’ll find Brian. I mean how hard can it be? I have no idea where he is and there are only a million hotel rooms in this city. ”

  Jessica grabbed his arm. “He and Myrna are at the Venetian. A suite with a Jacuzzi tub. ”

  “Jessica says he’s at the Venetian. Is Trey going to be okay?”

  “The doctor said he has a fair chance of recovery if they can decrease the pressure on his brain in the next few hours. ”

  “If?” Sed ran a hand over his face. “Jesus Christ. This is all my fault. ”

  “Sed, that’s bullshit. It’s all that bouncer’s fault. You shouldn’t bash people in the back of the head with an aluminum bat. ”

  Sed glanced down at Jessica who was trotting beside him and staring up at him anxiously.

  “If I hadn’t reacted the way I did when I saw…” He avoided looking at Jessica and opened the door to the nearest cab. “Can you take me to the Venetian?” he asked the cab driver.

  “Sure thing, mate. ”

  Jessica climbed into the cab and Sed slid in next to her.

  “I’m off to find Brian at his hotel. You try calling the front desk. I’ll call you back soon. ”

  Eric sighed in relief. “Thanks, Sed. ”

  Sed ended the call.

  “What’s going on?” Jessica took his hand firmly in hers.

  He shook off her grasp. He should have been there for Trey, not fucking Jessica along the Vegas strip. If he’d never seen her in the first place, they’d have never been in a bar fight and Trey wouldn’t be in this life-threatening position. “Trey’s in the hospital. I’ve got to find Brian. ”

  “What’s wrong with Trey?”

  “He had a seizure. Something about brain swelling. I don’t know. Eric didn’t explain it very well. ” He leaned forward to talk to the driver. “We don’t want to sightsee, dude. Hurry up, okay? It’s an emergency. ” He reached for his wallet and tossed several hundred-dollar bills into the front seat.
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